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TREY: Oh….. What a night! Oh, what a night! You know, I know a lot of people in this room, because I lived in this town. So, I wanna say hi to all my friends. And, I also know a lot of people in this room because so many people have been out on this tour, and this is the last stop of the tour. So, I just wanna say from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much and, really, we had such a wonderful time. There is no better place in my life for this tour to end than right here in Saratoga. I have a lot of people in my life, so… Like I said, I’ve got a lot of people here. I’ve got my buddy Bruce out there somewhere. [Crowd chants “BRUUUUCE”] I’ve got my buddy Cam somewhere… Bruce, yes. A little singer, songwriter from New Jersey is out in the audience there.

Anyway, I met a guy named Jimmy that used to live down the street from me. Today is a wonderful day. Like I said, the spirit is wonderful. I can feel the good vibes. I’ve gotta say that some days in all of our lives -- this has certainly happened to me -- are not as good as today. Our friend Jimmy, though he’s gone through lots of great periods in this story, this story is an ever-evolving, living thing. So, at one point he was dancing with Elvises and at one point he was watching comets crash into Jupiter. But, tonight Jimmy is at a low point in his life.

He’s in his little house, and he’s got his cat, little Poster Nutbag. And… Poster Nutbag, his cat. He’s sitting in his house, and he’s experiencing a quandary. He doesn’t know what to do about this perennial blues that has overcome his body, his spirit. He’s down. He’s in the dumps. He’s very blue. He’s bluuue… Jimmy is blue.

So what he decides to do is, he decides he’s gonna sit and he’s gonna call on the Great Spirit Guide. His Spirit Guide who he calls on once in awhile. He’ll sit down and he’ll start this sort of meditating thing, and It’s an amazing thing. He puts on some new age music, Jimmy, and this is how he gets himself out of his funk. He’ll sit and put on some new age music, and he’ll light a candle. He’ll start to, you know, “oooohhhhhmmmmm.” He’ll say little mantras and stuff. And eventually what happens is out of the ether he’ll start to see his Spirit Guide coming down. His incredible all knowing, all powerful Spirit Guide.

He’s gonna come into the room and spread the truth into his mind. This always works for him. The crazy thing is though, these Spirit Guides you know, as you all know they come in many forms. When they come often times, they will speak in a sort of parable, or like a, they talk in questions. Or, the truth is hidden inside their message. So on this particular day, he’s sitting cross legged, and he starts to see his Spirit Guide coming nto the room. And his Spirit Guide is a funny little man. He’s a funny little man wearing a dress. He comes down and he appears in front of Jimmy, and he speaks. He speaks, and inside of his words are the great truth. The great truth of all time comes out of his mouth.

Here he comes now, I can see him. I can see the Spirit Guide coming to spread the truth. I see him. [Music grows more ethereal] Speak the truth O Spirit Guide.

FISH: Oooooooohhhhmmmmmm...

TREY: Guide us with your truth.

[The band plays Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” followed by “HYHU”]

TREY: That didn’t work on so many levels. When your Spirit Guide is a middle aged man in a dress singing a song about kissing a girl and liking it, you know that the words of wisdom and truth of his speech are… It felt so wrong.

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