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TREY: So as you can probably hear in that last song there, we’ve got Colonel Forbin coming through the energy door there, entering into this corridor, and meeting up with this knight, named Rutherford the Brave. As it says in the last song, they’re walking along, and Rutherford the Brave is explaining to him about this place that he lives called Gamehendge. In Gamehendge here, as he explained, there were thousands of years where this place was peace and tranquility, and they had this book, the Helping Friendly Book, that kind of told them the ways to live in peace and harmony with nature until at one point in time, this traveller came along. His name was Wilson. He being from another part of the world saw the opportunity here. He saw how naive these people were so he realized by taking the book he could basically enslave them and empower himself to become the king of this place. So he takes the book away from them and hides it in the highest tower of his castle.

Rutherford the Brave and Colonel Forbin are walking along, and the next thing you know they wind up at this river side. As they walk, Rutherford the Brave is telling Colonel Forbin about how there’s this revolution brewing, underground revolution. They’re going to try and overthrow the Evil King Wilson. There’s all these different people in it. At this point in time, they’re standing by the river. Rutherford the Brave walking out by the side of the river there. He goes out into the river, and he basically started to sink in his armor here, sinks down into the water.

In the meantime, this other person comes running up. This is a woman named Tela. She’s riding on top of this giant multibeast. Rutherford the Brave has sunk. He’s not too smart this guy: he tried to go swimming in his armor. He sinks, he’s at the bottom of the water. Tela comes riding up. Tela’s sidekick of sorts is this guy named the Unit Monster. He’s a huge hairy beast, and he’s got big muscles, he’s really strong. He sees that Rutherford the Brave has sunk, and he dives into the water, goes in, dives into the water, pulls Rutherford the Brave out, puts him on to the shore, and they’re lying there trying to resuscitate this guy.

At this point, Colonel Forbin looks up on this multibeast and sees this woman, Tela, sitting on top of the multibeast, and he realizes that though his whole life he’s had doubts about love, he’s totally and suddenly in love with this woman. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He looks up at her, and sings her this little love song.

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