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TREY: Before we go anywhere, we need to start from somewhere, before you can leave to go anywhere. So the way I start here, before we go anywhere, is basically from where everybody is standing here, the best thing to do is just start off by getting yourself firmly planted on the ground. So if we can all kind of just … The way to do that is just kind of feel your feet, the place they are on the ground, and just kind of concentrate on that for a minute.

So feel yourself with your feet on the ground, and as you stand there feeling that, try to feel the weight of your body leaning on your feet. You’ll start to feel a little bit more grounded, you know connected with everything all around you. Sos we’re all standing now, and our feet on the ground. What you can do now, with your eyes closed will help with this, picture yourself just from kind of right of around your head, standing there on the floor, and kind of raise up above yourself just a little bit,. You can start to see down from above yourself and the person standing on either side of you and what that would look like from up above.

So, you’re standing there and you feel the Earth, you feel your feet on the ground. Just lift, just lift up a little bit [Mike plays pulsing notes]. Now look down, try to see the people standing on either side of you, the tops of their heads. They might be wearing a hat. They might have funny looking hair, a certain colored shirt. As you’re doing that, just start to lift up a little bit more from that spot. Now look down, you might see a few more people come into view. You’re feeling yourself, then a few more people.

Now, slowly starting to rise up a little bit higher out of your body, and you’re leaving your body behind now and lifting up into the air. Now, you can see the whole group of people down below you, kind of a mass; you can see a soundboard from the top, maybe a stage, the four of us sitting up here making this funny sound. You can go higher and higher until you’re right up against the roof of the building.

So now as we’re talking, we’ve got all of our spirits pressed up against the building, and we can kind of feel the outside of the building pulsating to let us through [Pulsing notes still continue] And this going to be kind of… Softly, we start to ooze through the building. Now if you can picture lifting up higher and higher, you can see the building down below you. Now, picture the road leading up to the building, there’s some people milling around the building on the outside, certain people who maybe didn’t get in. Now, they’re going to join us here, outside, and we’re lifting up higher and higher.

You start to see the other field house over there where all the teams play and the main road there. You see little bodies of water coming into view as you’re getting higher and trees and forest. You’re getting higher and higher. The higher you go, the more… Now you start to lift even higher, and it starts to get a little blurry down there until you can sort of see the curvature of the Earth. Just lifting up and lifting up until we’re lifting off and kind of going up, now you can see the Earth drifting off into space.

The whole time your head is up here drifting off in space, your feet are more planted on the ground than they’ve ever been. At this point in time, just in our minds, we start to take that one step forward with our feet that are planted on the ground. As we step forward, we step forward, and [yelling] WE FALL INTO A HUGE HOLE! [cacophony from stage] My god, we’re falling down a hole. This is not like the hole I fell into yesterday so you’re not all going to end up with torn ligaments in your ankles. This is PLEASURE HOLE! [cacophony stops]

Now, we’re drifting down the hole, and it’s just like pillows and feathers. You’re never going to hit the bottom because it’s just a soft falling down, deeper and deeper, falling and falling into the blackness, you’re falling. Instead of hitting and crashing down on the bottom into the cement and breaking your ankle, you fall out and kind of drift off into this black, jet black, darkness.

[music changes shape following deep note from Mike] You’re just drifting, drifting, and over in the distance you see the tiniest little speck floating in front of you. It starts to get a little teeny bit bigger, and it turns into a dot. The dot is floating in front of you in space, and it’s looking like a little ball. It starts to come closer and closer, and it starts to look like sort of a square or rectangle but with an angle. As it comes around, it tilts over until you see it as a plane sort of going off into the distance. You see that it’s bright green.

It’s a bright green plane floating towards you. The closer you get to it, it starts to fill up your whole field of vision until you see that it’s really grass spreading off into the distance with trees and lawn. And then mountains rising up in the other direction over there. You look down and you realize that you’ve fallen through the hole… [cupping mic, maniacal] INTO GAMEHENDGE!

You look over, and you see the mountain rising up in the distance on that side and the trees going over on that side. You look at the mountain, and you see this tiny little guy crawling up the mountain. He’s going up the side of the mountain. It’s Col Forbin, and he’s climbing up the mountain to find the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. He’s gonna ask Icculus to call on the Famous Mockingbird. The Famous Mockingbird is going to come flying down out of the sky and land on Icculus’s shoulder. Icculus is going to whisper into the Famous Mockingbird’s ear, “Go fly to the Evil King Wilson’s castle, steal the Helping Phriendly Book, bring it back to the people of Gamehendge, thereby setting them free with peace and tranquility forever and ever.

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