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TREY: Let me start by taking this opportunity, a couple of little, uh, things I just wanna say that, um… We’ve got about six gigs left on this tour and, um, the four of us were talking backstage and I wanna take this, sort of, speaking opportunity to thank a couple of people before we go on what’s gonna be kind of our first extended hiatus in about seventeen years. Um… [crowd cheers]

Oh, you’re pretty happy to see us… (?) Fair enough. No really, it’s kind of a cool thing right now. Actually, you might have seen some cameras floating around. They’re doing an internet feed from this show so it’s an opportunity for us to use this feed into the internet to kind of speak to you and all of the other people that have supported us so much over the last seventeen years via, you know, cyberspace and all that. So, let me just say that it’s what we’re planning on doing -- so that you get the message clearly from us right here -- is taking some time and writing some music and kind of getting our home life back together you know. And then before we recharge so we can hopefully get another seventeen great years… [Crowd erupts for a long time and Trey trails off inaudibly]

And… So, I will say this right now, just to all of you and to all of the people that have supported us and kind of given us this opportunity to do what we do, and we do love it… Thank you all so much for everything that you’ve done for us. We appreciate it so much. Like I said, we have six shows left on the West Coast, and then we’re gonna go back home. I will take this opportunity to draw attention to our crew. We have, without exaggerating, the greatest crew ever assembled in [crowd cheers] in the history of music. And, I mean that.

This is a chance for them to take a little breather too, as it’s coming up… But, I do wanna from the four of us just thank them, and… No, it’s, it’s… A lot goes into this. It’s not just the four of us. It’s a whole big family kinda team thing so… Let’s just have a hand for the crew. Thank you guys. [Crowd and band applaud and cheer]

Okay, that being said, what I wanted to do was tell you about this very strange dream that I had last night. And, when I say last night, I mean, you know, because of the fact that we’re in Vegas and everything, I’m sure everyone has been up late. I know we’re all just waking up right now\ so we’re just kind of getting going right now and we’re gonna play you a lot tonight and you know… But, I did have this dream last night and it’s sort of related to this whole Colonel Forbin thing.

Here’s the dream. So, I’m sitting in the middle of this field. In my dream there’s just clouds drifting by. It’s a beautiful day, flowers, you know… wildflowers and the whole thing. What happened was suddenly I saw, sort of in the the periphery of my vision, people started walking towards me. First it seemed like two or three people over there and then another two or three over there, until eventually I saw that there was a whole army of people surrounding me in a big circle coming in.

And they all came towards me in the middle, and everybody sat down. What they did was they took this apple. One of the representatives of this group of people took an apple and handed it to me. Hang on, let’s get a little apple feel music… So, they hand me this apple and they say, “What we want you to do is eat this apple that we’re sort of giving you as a gift.” So, when I opened up my mouth to eat the apple, I realized that I had no teeth so I couldn’t eat the apple.

In the dream I suddenly started to feel a strange sensation in my upper gum. What happened was one giant tooth grew out of my upper gum until I had a huge enormous tooth sticking out of my mouth, and, I tried to eat the apple. What I found is that you can’t eat an apple with one tooth. So, there I was in the field, and I started to get really nervous in my dream that the people would be disappointed that I wasn’t eating the apple because I only had one tooth. There was a moment of real panic in the dream, and what happened was, luckily at that moment the Earth flew closer to the sun than it had ever been before in the history of time.

Being that we were sitting on the Earth, this had a big effect on us. In flying close to the Sun, my first thought was that, oh no, you know, the Earth is gonna burn up and that’s gonna be the end of everything. But, instead of that happening, what happened was that the Earth acted in the way that a grape acts when it’s hit with a lot of sunlight. It basically shrivelled and turned into a raisin version of the Earth. So the whole horizon kind of collapsed in on itself until all the ground wrinkled up. These wrinkles were basically created, sort of, mountain sides sitting around all of this field with people, and we all got crushed together into a big pile.

And, like I said, only moments before I had been sort of panicking that I was supposed to eat this apple and that I couldn’t because I had one big tooth. But, in being crushed together in a big pile I found that when the Earth became a raisin, all of my senses became much more vivid, in a way that a raisin is more intense tasting than a grape. Everything on Earth became more vivid. So, suddenly colors were incredibly vivid and sounds, emotions, you know? Love…

And just as the Earth was becoming a much much more rich and vivid place, I found myself in this pile of people. Sitting in between two wrinkles in the raisin that was now the Earth. What happened was, it became a huge pile, a big groping pile of love, in my dream and a slithering, a slithering, groping pile of goo.

It was at that moment that I realized that, that Gamehendge is a state of mind. You don’t have to really get there physically. So, what I did at that point was I decided that every, all of the other, everybody in the whole universe needed to know about how simple it was to suddenly turn yourself into a big seething pile of... goo.

So, I called on The Famous Mockingbird, my friend, whispered this secret into his ear and sent him out across the universe to spread the Word of planets turning into raisins and goo... is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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