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Credit: team
TREY: Okay, outside right now it’s snowing, there’s clouds in the sky. Come with us now, lifting up slowly, off the ground. Picture outside this building, thousands, you know, hundreds of miles of clouds over us right now, snow coming down over us cold. Slowly we’re lifting up... You can see up above; looking down, looking down you see the building and the streets going by and bodies of water.

Lifting up, soon you’re going up above the clouds, and there’s no more clouds just black sky and stars in every direction. You start tumbling back through the stars, and we’re all tumbling back through the stars. As we’re tumbling back, we’re going back through time, years tumbling by, just years going by and stars flying by faster and faster. We’re shrieking through life, we’re [sing-songy] shrieking through life, and we’re going back through, back through time tumbling back.

We’re slowly, we start to slow down, and the stars slowing down. You look down, it’s bright blue sky and it’s warm everywhere, no more snow, and you’re coming down. You see this huge mountain down below you, green fields everywhere, and a big forest, and this mountain rising out. Slowly, landing down and you see, Colonel Forbin, halfway up the mountain, climbing up.

He’s slowly climbing, reaching his hand, one hand above the other, slowly climbing, he’s trying to find Icculus, the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus, and as we look down at him, climbing up the side of this mountain, you can start to see it rumble, a little quake, a little rumbling coming around until rocks start to tumble off the top of the mountain, tumbling down the side. He’s hanging on, thousands of rocks falling behind him, and he keeps climbing up. He’s hanging on, the rocks fall at him, slowly they start to leave little craters, that, that look like eye-sockets and a huge nose. The mountain becomes the face of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus looking down at him, the rocks that are his ears, trees, and he looks up at the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. He’s terrified, but he knows he has to hang on, and Icculus says,

“Forbin, I know you, I know why you’re here, and I’m gonna help you...”

And, he calls on the Famous Mockingbird, who comes fluttering out of the sky in the distance, slowly. Flutters around the top of the mountain and lands on the shoulder of Icculus on the mountain. Icculus tells the Mockingbird to fly off to the distance, to the castle of evil King Wilson, steal the Helping Friendly Book, and bring it back to all the people of Gamehendge...

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