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TREY: Colonel Forbin is perched up on a rock high above the forest of Gamehendge below him along the side of the mountain, gripping onto twigs, just barely hanging on, with the wind whipping in his face. He’s been climbing for hours up the side of this mountain. Down below, he can see these trees stretching off in the distance. As he climbs up the mountain, it begins to quake all around him, little boulders falling down all around him, but he just keeps trying, going and going, he’s climbing up the mountain. Down below him, he sees the trees, and he sees at the edge of this vast forest, the fields stretching off in the distance, and a tiny little black spot, the Rhombus, off in the distance in the field. He’s climbing up the mountain, trying to find the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus.

So, here he goes up the mountain; as he climbs up, the mountain is quaking, tumbling around him. These little teeny boulders start to catch other boulders until the rocks become bigger and bigger, tumbling. He’s hanging on as much as he can. As the rocks start to fall above him, little bits start to fall off and start to form an enormous face in the mountain. He’s looking up, pieces fall out, forming a big crater which is an enormous eye. Then, it starts to twist, and another eye starts to tumble out. Then a mouth until the whole top of the mountain becomes this enormous face of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus.

Icculus looks down him and says, “Colonel Forbin i know why you’re here and that you want to get the Helping Friendly Book back so i am going to call on my friend the Famous Mockingbird. He’s going to fly off into the distance.” Out of the sky comes this mockingbird and lands on the tip of Icculus’ shoulder, out of the mountain.

Colonel Forbin is looking up, and he tells the Mockingbird to go off into the distance across the fields, into the city, and steal the Helping Friendly Book from Wilson’s tower and bring it back to the Lizard people of Gamehendge so that they can live in peace and harmony with nature.

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