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TREY: Well, it’s true what you hear, and it’s true what you read tonight, people because just like the sign says up there: Forbin does indeed live. I wanna tell you all what’s going on right now here, I don’t think all of you know. We’ve been kind of working with this experimental gas and some experimental stuff here that Paul back there on the soundboard in his free time, you know he’s an intuitive and quirky little guy.

So, he’s been working on this gas, and I don’t know if you noticed those little holes on the side there and these little jugs over here. I might as well explain that the gas coming out here has probably taken effect. We’ve done about three or four songs so it’s probably started to take effect right now in your brains. What this gas is gonna do is that, right about now we’ve kind of planned it out so that just about when the gas is starting to take effect, there’s one more little thing here we will do to click it in.

I’ll explain to you what is going to happen is you’re going to kind of go into this space for a little while where we’re gonna be able to control things with you, but when you leave the concert tonight, you’re not going to remember any of it or you’ll kind of vaguely remember it but you won’t remember if it really happened or not. It’s going to basically put you in a trance. It’s really a subtle thing the way this stuff works. When Mike and I do the “Vibration of Life” right now, we’re going to do a quick “Vibration of Life” right now, at which point you will start to feel the gas starting to take effect in your head.

So, if, Fish, you could just bring it down there on the drums there, let me see if I can... Just let me to explain to you here that the way people philosophize about the Vibration of Life is that basically it’s a universal wavelength. Everything is moving, you know particles and everything is moving, and there is a wavelength that’s supposed to be somewhere about 7 beats per second, which is basically supposed to be the wavelength that holds the universe together. There’s lot of different scientists, and there are people thinking about it. So, what we’re going to try do here is get the wavelength, the Vibration of Life, happening here. This is going to vibrate through your body, you’ll hear it coming through the bass, and it will start the effect of the gas working in your head so…

[Band performs “Vibrations of Life”]

That should be triggering right now so that everything happening from this point on for about the next fifteen minutes you’re not going to remember anything. Actually, what is going to happen is we’re going into a sort of time continuum now, it’s going to last for hours and hours , but when you go home tonight, it’s going to feel like it only lasted for about ten seconds. Paul, you ready? Ok, click it in Paul. He’s pushing in this thing right here now. What we’re gonna do, is we need actually to get some sound effects here.

So, we’re taking the building. Paul’s rigged the building on a huge pole on the outside. So, what is happening right now is you’re feeling your feet and your feet are basically pressed against the floor. If you could just feel your feet press against the floor. If you can just hold on with the weight of your feet, your weight going through feet into the floor and your hands are hanging, all your weight is going down because right now Paul is starting, I can feel it, he’s tilting the building upside down.

Just make sure you keep feeling the weight of your body going through your feet into the floor because he’s tilting it right now and we’re almost upside down. Ok, now we’re there. We’re hanging upside down, hanging by our feet so make sure you keep your feet because we wouldn’t want anybody falling down to what used to be the ceiling but what’s now the floor. Now that we’re hanging by our feet, Paul’s gonna start the wobbling back and forth button, shaking the building back and forth and it’s just kind of letting everything fall out of your head. You’re hanging by your feet and we’re all just jiggling from our feet.

As we’re standing here, there’s sort of some force from outside the building now. You’re hanging by your feet from the top of the thing. We’re wiggling. We’re hanging. We’re hanging by our feet. We’re wiggling. The bottom of your feet now, where the floor is, is starting to sort of become transparent and all around you, you can see New Brunswick. You can see up in the sky there New York, over here Philadelphia and Trenton. What’s happening is your bodies are starting to stretch out through your feet. So your feet are pulling and stretching out.

Paul is jiggling the building for us to help us stretch out. We’re stretching out more and more and more. Slowly our heads start to leave and we’re going up into space by our feet. As we hang, we’re getting long and thin, stretching more and more. And you can look down. If you look down, you see New York kind of spreading out over there in that direction. Philadelphia and Trenton and the whole thing. Getting a little higher, you can see the ocean, and now Paul’s taking us out over the ocean. We’re hanging upside down by this thing over the ocean, jiggling around, and he starts to swoop down by the ocean, swoop a little lower. Then he starts pulling up even higher now. We’re lifting up higher, lifting up higher from our feet. As we lift up higher he starts to tilt it back over again because we’re going to be standing up on the thing again.

Now, we’re basically on this sheet of glass, going out over the ocean. We’re lifting up so that the whole Earth starts to get smaller and smaller as we go away. We’re basically kind of surfing through space on this sheet of glass. And you can see going higher and higher slowly the Earth starts to disappear and the moon. You can see the whole solar system getting farther away, the galaxy. We start going so deep into space that there’s no planets, no more stars existing off until it’s just sheer blackness and we’re just floating in blackness now on this sheet of metal.

Since we’re now floating in space, we can now disconnect our feet from the thing, and this sheet of glass just starts to drift away, sets us free now floating in space, floating in space free. But we’re kinda… any gravitational pull from our body is holding us together. We slowly start to drift, just drifting through space. Off in the distance we see the tiniest tiniest tiniest little speck.

This is kind of like, you think about Horton Hears a Who, you know the Dr Seuss thing, it’s just a little speck, insignificant right, but when we start to get closer to it, just drifting towards it, it starts to look like a little ball now. And then as we start to get closer, it looks like a little amorphous blob of something with this kind of greenish haze around it. We keep getting closer and closer now. As we get closer, we see that it’s huge. It’s a huge massive, massive thing floating in space, filling up our whole field of vision now, but we still aren’t up to it, we’re getting closer and closer.

Now it just becomes green and like an atmosphere. We’re going into this green atmosphere, and we look down. We’re floating in, we’re floating in, coming down closer. We start to see some kind of land down underneath us, and we look down at it. We see a green field drifting off into the distance as far as we can see on one side. We see a huge forest going off in the other direction as far as we can see and a jagged, an enormous jagged mountain coming up out of the thing with clouds all above the top of it, so high it’s up in the clouds.

Floating down we realize that we’ve come to GAMEHENDGE! [long moaning scream while Mike and Fish play space]. We’re in Gamehendge. We look over at the mountain and we see this little guy climbing up the mountain. We know that it’s Col. Forbin. Col. Forbin is climbing up the mountain. We know in our mind that Gamehendge used to be inhabited by these peaceful people that were taken over by the Evil King Wilson. Col. Forbin is climbing up the mountain right now to try and find the great and knowledgeable Icculus, the god who lives on top of the mountain, and he’s going to get the Helping Friendly Book.

The Helping Friendly Book is in the castle so in order to get the Helping Friendly Book right now he needs to call on the Famous Mockingbird. So, we start to see the Famous Mockingbird fly out of the sky. He’s coming down, flying down, and you hear him. He lands on Icculus’ shoulder, and Icculus sends him off to get the Helping Friendly Book to bring it back to the people of Gamehendge.

So, thank you for coming with us. You’re still in Gamehendge now, but when you go home, you’re just going to think this was some story I told because of what the gas did to your head. But, really, it actually happened. Here comes the Famous Mockingbird now... is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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