, comment by Jalynn9 , attached to 2021-08-06
Jalynn9 Magilla tease at 2:36 in Simple! Sneaky.
, comment by itsice88 , attached to 2017-08-06
itsice88 This beast is effortless. Another instance of a jam you could see coming from a mile away that delivers in the finest fashion. You can really hear the experience of the 2017 tour all coalesce through the movements of this jam. This juggernaut is the fruits of the labor of the Baker's Dozen, a run where the band took massive risks at every turn with their catalog, new covers, and most importantly...improvisation. This run brought us things we thought we'd never see: songs that never get jammed like Taste, Steep, Meat, and that 30 minute Lawn Boy that people seem to be overlooking, the grand return of classic 1.0 jam vehicles in Mike's Song and Tube, and just inspiration at every corner.

Songs like Chalk Dust Torture and Simple have provided amazing moments in 3.0 (particularly CDT of course) so it makes sense that they delivered two of the finest versions of the song during this historic run. The 8/6 Simple glides from the traditional jam to blissy territory, than hits an incredibly cerebral and danceable space funk section. This is a band firing on all cylinders...and they're not worried about where they're going next because they have completely surrendered to the improvisational flow at this point. This thing moves with the confidence and swagger of days gone by and eventually finds itself to the mother of all bliss peaks. Seriously...this is IT. The HOSE.

You could feel it in the room when the ambience had faded out into Rise/Come Together. After 13 nights (plus the fantastic 5 nights that preceded NYC) of extensive improvisation you might think that they'd be tapped out. But this was 2017 Phish, at the Baker's Dozen. The experience only made them stronger, and this Simple is arguably the crown jewel of the run.

Oh yeah...stay for the rest of the set, particularly that mid-90s Trey revival in YEM. In my mind, it's perfect.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2017-08-06
n00b100 Really two amazing jams welded together, not unlike the famous 8/29/14 Dick's Simple - a mega-grotty effects-laden groove anchored by Fish deciding "I'm taking the reins on this mofo", and (with some tap-tap-tapping of the ol' woodblock) a bliss jam that goes *fucking interstellar* en route to a really blistering peak. Simple's 1996 is pretty tough to top in its history; with this and the 7/15/17 version, Simple's 2017 decided if it wasn't gonna win that gunfight, at least it'd go out guns blazing.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2017-07-15
n00b100 I would have crapped my pants if they'd actually segued into Timber (Jerry), but I'd say sticking with the jam and giving us one of 2017's premier improvisations was the better choice.
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2016-10-22
TweezingSpaceRanger The band was killing it so hard they didn't need a Woo section in the funky breakdown jam tacked onto the end.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-09-03
n00b100 I'll repeat myself from elsewhere - the anthemic 8/29/14 Simple is what I'll put on when I want to pump my fist and get down to some down and dirty funk, whereas this beautiful and delicate jam is what I'll put on when I want to slap on some headphones, lie down in bed, and close my eyes.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-08-21
n00b100 Not quite the 11/18/96 Simple, but a nice bit of ambient business that gets bonus points for being *the very first song of a three-day festival*.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-07-22
n00b100 One of those jams that you just want to go on and on forever (which isn't the same thing as wondering why it didn't go longer, mind you); @coral_sand_below has it when he calls 2.0 to mind, except 2.0 never had this kind of laser-beam "get you from Point A to Point B" focus (which isn't a knock against 2.0, I should point out). I fell in love with this bad boy the minute I heard it. Sometimes you just know.
, comment by coral_sand_below , attached to 2015-07-22
coral_sand_below Recalls a lot of '2.0' sludge to my ears...the Floyd comparisons are spot on.
, comment by ARigidDesignator , attached to 2015-07-22
ARigidDesignator In the thirteenth minute, a dark and gritty jam seems to be headed for a huge peak, but never quite develops. Still, funky and original playing throughout, and a tasteful Type I jam.
, comment by Thisrozeisntfree , attached to 2015-07-22
Thisrozeisntfree It's a the birds jam !!!!!
, comment by ReadIcculus_ , attached to 2014-08-29
ReadIcculus_ This jam is straight sex. Nothing else needs to be said on the matter.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2014-08-29
n00b100 This bad boy shares more DNA with the Hampton/MSG Carinis (two of their nastiest grooves of 3.0) than something like the Alpharetta Chalk Dust, as there's essentially two ideas here - a driving, churning jam that leads into a superb peak, and (at Page's clavinet-driven urging) a snappy and funky jam with just as much mustard on it as the first jam did (as evidenced by Trey breaking out the James Brown licks). Fall '97 traded in jams like these - find a theme, explore every inch of that theme, find another theme, repeat. Absolutely glorious stuff, and the centerpiece of a darn good show.
, comment by ARigidDesignator , attached to 2014-08-29
ARigidDesignator This jam has it all. Funk, hose, bliss, ambiance, you name it - but what's more important, and what really sets this jam apart from the oh-so-standard 2014 20-minute jam, is that neither is a second spent searching for the next idea, nor is there a single abrupt shift from one type of jam to another. The whole thing builds naturally and melodically; it reaches its peak after such a beautiful, cohesive climb that you won't even notice you're listening to the peak section - it just sounds like the jam keeps on building. Somehow, it manages to go from peak bliss to funk, but you won't notice that transition either.

A jam for the ages.
, comment by howard_roark , attached to 2013-07-13
howard_roark Have always heard a slowed-down, chord-based "Down With Disease" jam in here. Very focused jam with heavy rhythmic playing from Trey.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2012-06-23
n00b100 A nice little ambient piece of the business at the end of this one, part of a truly wonderful 2nd set.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2010-08-06
CreatureoftheNight This version of Simple ranks in my top 5 jams for 2010. Superb communication and deserving of the yellow treatment.
, comment by SPOST , attached to 1998-11-21
SPOST All time.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 1998-11-21
CreatureoftheNight This is my favorite Simple of all time. Gooey goodness all the way.
, comment by Palmer , attached to 1998-11-06
Palmer Dissolves into a tranquil deep space with Trey noodling around until the conclusion.
Very overlooked.
, comment by fhqwhgads , attached to 1998-08-12
fhqwhgads There is an unlisted yet very obvious Ramblin' Man tease (Allman Brothers Band) by Trey audible from 7:54 - 7:58 on the LivePhish archival release! It's just the opening lick from the song. Fits the theme of the show, what with the Ramble On cover, Trey's rambling banter, ramblin' on to Lemonwheel...
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 1996-12-06
Pinhead_Larry There's a lot of mixed emotions and feelings about 1996 in Phish nerd-dom. It was a very stagnant year (save for a few dates, with 10/31 and 12/6 among them) where the jamming never really went as far as 1995, nor as deep as 1997. This is actually more of a tragic irony; just when Phish is starting to tour bigger arenas is when they seem to develop a kind of stage freight, or perhaps their playing was a result of the big changes? Regardless, Phish may have been sterile in 1996, but that's only by Phish standards. I'll still take Phish in '96 over most touring bands in 1996.

Anyway, back on topic; their Vegas stint on December 6th, 1996 was anything but "plain" or "sterile." This is high-velocity Phishy action. But I don't wanna talk about the whole show (may as well just post a show review). I wanna talk about this Simple from this non-plain/sterile show.

Fans of Simple NEED to listen to any/all Fall '96 Simples, because if nothing else, Phish always delivered the goods with Simple in Fall '96. And there's no shortage of Simples from this period! And this Simple is no exception. Starting out in a rather blissful territory that is all too familiar for Simple jams, the jam takes a sharp turn near the final minutes to an upbeat, gritty, almost Type II (Type 1.5?) riffage. Everyone is on-point. And then once the climax is past, the falling action and resolution continue. Simple is taken once again back to a land of bliss, only this part is a little different; more serene I think.

Definitely check this Simple out. And if you have 3 hours to kill, listen to the whole show. Even the encore is worth hearing.
, comment by winterland6977 , attached to 1996-11-29
winterland6977 Love this version. Really upbeat groove develops about 8 minutes in. Infectious.
, comment by frankstallone , attached to 1996-11-18
frankstallone IMO this is just about as good as it gets. The last 5 minutes are just absolutely gorgeous, entire band is locked in and Trey's playing and tone are damn near perfect. One of those jams that is so good its impossible to get tired of, its completely refreshing each and every time you hear it

Find the "Road to Vegas" Bonus Disc for a fantastic SBD of this gem (and many others)
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 1996-11-18
Pinhead_Larry Groove jamming with Trey guitar loops, a mini kit, Page's funk organ, and Mike bombs with exceptional rhythm section-> INCREDIBLE PEAK. It's simple, really. Trey is wailing on a celelbratory guitar lick with everyone else tightly locked in and creating a breathtaking climax to the jam. One for the ages. I rarely say this: but the peak to the jam is worth the jam itself.
, comment by ckess22 , attached to 1996-11-08
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