Simple featured Trey on Marimba Lumina. Squirming Coil ended with Trey, Fish, and finally Page walking off, leaving Mike to take a bass solo to finish the song for the first time in Phish history.

Photo by Herschel Gelman

Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2016 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by Walter_Peck

Walter_Peck I was really feeling the last 5 minutes of this Simple. It was something about the way Mike was playing - like he was pouring his soul into the bass line. I closed my eyes and went somewhere else.

It was one of those "moments" that I think other Phish fans understand. When the music becomes more than music...
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads The continuing swinging of Dick's... what a feeling! Slave to the Traffic Light opener gives a good-time cast to the show from the get-go, with its beatific opening phrase. I love the song proper, but Slave jams don't usually do terrifically much for me. Call me a relic, call me what you will! Say I'm old-fashioned, say I'm over the hill, I suppose! Another finished DWD follows, with Fishman in particular calling some impressive shots and the last minute or so of the jam taking a somewhat dark turn. Maybe inspiring the WTU? that follows. What's the Use? is truly a beautiful song, if you're in the right state of mind for it. I love hearing Page use a more varied synthesizer palette than just relying on his Yamaha; it's something that I've clamored for quite a while now. Maze is tight as clockwork, maybe not an all-time version but you win some, you win some. "Still waiting" for 555 to get its long-overdue jam segment, but that's neither here nor there (though it will be soon... I can feel it in dem bones!) Echoplex-enhanced Wolfman's follows the Farmhouse, 555 sequence, and it's an average-great version, to be sure. I think Trey was waiting to Echoplex. ;) I would've preferred a huge jam to close Set I rather than D. Sky, Rock and Roll, but I'm not complaining with the song selection, if it had to be a songy conclusion to the set.

Fuego was just starting to turn in an interesting direction before the somewhat boffed > into Sand--unless, like me, you kinda really like Mike's syncopated bass in the first few measures--but otherwise this is an average-great Sand. I'm thinking about going back and relistening to the jammed-out Blaze Ons that have appeared so far so as to be able to contrast and compare this one with them... would make for a worthy and enjoyable project, indubitably. This Blaze On jam doesn't cover much new ground, to my ears, but that doesn't mean it's bad; just not something to write home about, for me personally. Firmly Type-II Simple follows, featuring Trey on Marimba Lumina and a very interesting variety of motifs in the jam. I'm a big fan of standalone Simples, and though I like how Phish has been experimenting with sandwiching different songs within recent Mike's Grooves, I am an ever bigger fan of Mike's Grooves with outstanding Mike'ses, Simples, *and* Weekapaugs (Hydrogen is *always* bliss.) To me, that's the classic formula for a Mike's Groove. Then again, I love the 12/6/96 Groove, with its Hood firmly entrenched, so what do I know about partying or anything else? Twist takes a kind of standard rocking approach with a peak that's on the milder side, but I don't often get very excited about a Twist (notable exception: 6/22/12.) Always excited to get a Theme. 2001 gets kind of squiggly (in a good way...) good to see it have some breathing room. The set-closing Hood is a virtuosic display, really reminding me that Phish can do anything when they are on form, which, fortunately, is much more often than not--in fact, nearly all the time! Coil is a perennial favorite of mine, and this is the first time I know of that it's ended with a Mike solo rather than a Page solo. Very interesting.

Like the previous night, this show feels all of a piece. Unlike the previous night, both the big jams don't grab me as much upon first exposure. 9/2 had something a bit more special about it, a kind of energy that was really contagiously engaging, which 9/3 doesn't entirely lack, but the tightness is evident in 9/3--well, it was in 9/2, too, but yunno--to the point that I'd categorize this more along the average-great echelon of shows with just one (Simple) jam that will probably be talked about for years to come, but then again, everyphan loves different aspects of Phish individually as well as together, so you have to factor in the subjective aspect of it, rather than fooling oneself that we can be rigidly objective about a rock concert, Phishy though it may be.
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by User_35223_

User_35223_ Like I said, these were supposed to be my first shows, so it was almost a bit like seeing what could have been, if you will.


Slave oddly opens and DWD > WTU oddly follows. I don't know if you can tell, but those three being in a first set, let alone opening the entire show, is kinda odd. But, they're fairly standard versions, as are the Maze, Farmhouse and 555 that follow, before Wolfman's kicks some ass, getting funky complete with Gordo's slapping before getting more melodic with some lovely playing from Trey before going back to the Wolfman's theme, tying up a nice if compact version. Then, my all time favorite song, The Divided Sky was played. I would have totally flipped my shit if I was there, alas I was sitting on the couch at 4AM. Rock and Roll capped off an overall concise and excellent first set.


Fuego began the second set, which the band have tried to jam out multiple times, especially this year, but frankly it's never worked for me, and one was no exception, despite a nice and spacey outro. Sand emerged from it's depths, and ...did nothing. I feared that we had one of THOSE Summer 2016 sets coming up (i.e one or two attempted jams that go nowhere before the song-yness kicks in), but Blaze On, which in it's short lifespan has had some fine jams, showed that the band was at least going to try and jam instead of petering out with a jukebox set, and boy did they put up one hell of a fight.

The jam started slowly but surely, with Trey using the echoplex, before it became more frenzied and discordant, then getting clearer and more melodic before >'ing into Simple, which, like Roggae, has had numerous fantastic, beautiful and melodic Type I versions this year e.g Syracuse. This version was excellent and spacey, with Trey's effects and Page's grand at the start sounding fantastic, as was the latter's work on the CS-80 as the jam went deeper. Trey hopped on the marimba towards the end, but here it wasn't nearly invasive, obnoxious or annoying, though it did feel a little off kilter, but it pushed the jam into more rhythmic territory, before Trey started up Twist.

Twist was just classic peaking fire. It's quick, but fulfilling unlike a good few peak-y jams as of late. I won't go through it as it progressed, it follows a formula that's tried and tested, but it's still a pretty great version, check it out. Theme followed, one of the first fifteen or so tracks I first heard from the band, so I got nostalgiac and thought about how one day, I'll see them and dance my proverbial socks off. A man-child can dream, right? Anyway, this version is pretty solid: The harmonies were tight, Page's organ work was excellent and it provided a great soundtrack as the night sky outside began to get more blue, when suddenly, 2001 started up. Now THERE'S A SOUNDTRACK TO THE RISING SUN.

Hood capped off the set. The jam section was gentle and the Trey/ Page interplay was delicate and excellent per usual, as was the peak, making for a pretty darn good version. The show encored with Coil, during which the sky outside was red. It was a sight to behold.

OVERALL: This might just be Show of the Year. It flows very well consistently ,even though it may not have the longest or the most out there jams. As an overall show back to front, it is just brilliant and totally must-hear.

HIGHLIGHTS: Simple (version of the year), Twist

RATING: 4.5/5
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1: Slave as the opener??!? Yep, Slave as the opener, and the rest of the set keeps up with that very cool start, peaking with a propulsive DWD (that finishes!) and Page ripping up shit on the clavinet in Wolfman's before Trey takes over and leads the band to a pretty sweet little peak. Nothing quite at the level of the previous night's NMINML, but there's no shame in that game, and it's clear that the musical strength of the previous night is still carrying over.

Set 2: Fuego starts off the proceedings, and it's a typically nice extended affair, never quite breaking the boundaries of Fuego but sounding really nice nevertheless (like an opening Shakedown Street or something). A fireball Sand comes next, and then the band gets down to business with a Blaze On that Trey pushes into a gnarly, dissonant take on the usual Blaze On jam, kicking into some cool repeating motorized riffing near the end on top. Pretty good stuff, if nothing groundbreaking.

Simple pops in next, and rather than travail the paths walked down by the famous 8/29/14 version, the band opts for something different, with Trey moving to the Marimba Lumina as the jam turns warmer and more ambient (shades of the famous Hampton Comes Alive version). The notes that he plays actually works with the haziness of the jam, and Page offers very sympathetic accompaniment on top as Mike flips on one of his trusty filters to add to the delicate nature of the jam. Mike actually takes over and hits on a really nifty bassline as things pick up steam, and Trey finally heads back to guitar to close out proceedings and (seemingly) head into Piper, but instead we get Twist (good thing, too, considering...), and the rest of the set plays out in perfectly good fashion, with a well-peaked Hood at the end (what a good year Hood has had without ever stepping out 7/1/14 style!). The Coil at the end, with Mike taking his bass solo, is a truly heartwarming moment; watch the video of it and just look at how touched and happy Mike is when he bows to the crowd.

Final thoughts: My third favorite show of the run, but *one* of them has to be, and the entire second set (most especially Simple and Hood) is worth your time, as well as the quite good Set 1.
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by tamabar

tamabar I've listened to this show more in the last month than just about any other show of 3.0 so far. There's just something about it. The setlist is playing whack-a-mole with my favorite Phish songs. If they've have played SOAMelt it'd be about my dream setlist.

This show is fire from beginning to end, and every song is extremely tightly played. The only breather in the entire show is Farmhouse, and even that is a pretty stellar version.

Others have provided great song-by-song reviews, so I've just got a couple things to add:

1) Anyone else notice in DWD that Trey drops into basically the same theme as he hit in the New Years 2015/16 CDT, Gin, and Tweezer? The slowly ascending, fuzzy, major-mode build? I love it. I think it was pulled off the best in that Gin, and really became the core of that version, but it nestles into this DWD perfectly.

2) This Hood seriously deserves a spot on the Jam Chart. It's the perfect culmination for this show. Just when it seems they are going to spill over into the closing section, Trey doubles down and the band builds the approach to the peak with such virtuosity it's breathtaking. No other band can do this.

3) Anyone see this image over at Phish From the Road, of Page, Trey, and Fish watching Mike slay the Coil solo? I wonder what Page was thinking watching this. What a gem. />
4.75/5 and now I've got to listen again.
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by SkyTrainWand

SkyTrainWand I thought the Slave opener here was absolutely perfect for this night. Phish captured the vibe of the audience SO well and this was the result. The best evidence I can find to prove that we are a crowd that truly gets back what it puts in. I would not have imagined Slave as an opener in a million years, and I consider myself lucky to have witnessed it. Just perfect.

DWD > WTU? is kind of an old Phish trick, they've done it a few times and they apparently like to do it at Dick's (see 8/30/14) but this one was executed well.

I don't have the energy to make a long review, haha but this was a very fun show and deserving of 4 stars from me.

highlights: Maze, Divided Sky, Blaze On -> Simple, Hood

Do NOT miss this Hood.
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by Philbombs77

Philbombs77 Last time I spoke up in the comments (re: BGCA 7/18), it was to excoriate the band I love for yet another lackluster show. The thrust of my frustration was not that they were playing poorly, it's that they didn't even seem interested in trying to play well the entire tour. This was in the midst of a guaranteed 12-13 song first set and a perfunctory jam on the same 4-5 songs that get them going in the third quarter followed by a bullshit 4th quarter.

At the time, I was planning on selling my Dick's tickets, but as a Boulderite who can't shirk his work duties, Commerce City was/is my only option and I kept the faith.

And now can I just say....'Was that so hard?!"
1. Was it so hard to play a first set like there was a crowd ready to get the fuck down from the opening notes?
2. Was it so hard to make two first set lists that look like you have at least one historical "foot" steeped in the '90s and '00s?
3. Was it so hard to look at the second set as a WHOLE set and not just jam the third quarter while projectile vomiting out the fourth?

Obviously, these are rhetorical questions and I thank the four of you from the bottom of my heart for putting all of yours into Friday and Saturday! I'm so happy right now I'll save my diatribe on Fuego for another time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by moonofjupiter

moonofjupiter There are shows you absolutely love. There are historical shows. And then there are “set aside shows”. These are shows that stand out as different from most other.
This was the show that started with a typical show ending. First slave opener since 89!!!! Then dwd? And already at wtu in the three slot? Whaaaaat?

The rest of the show was very much above average. And then coil encore with the huge long miles bass solo.
This show wil stand aside alone as that. Two big huge different things happened that may never happens again.

Did wonders for the vibe. And that is why the next day (in my opinion) is the greatest since dicks show in history).
Instead of cheering and clapping for encore the crowd chanted “still waiting”.
Only time I ever heard that too!
8/10. Epic night!
, attached to 2016-09-03

Review by aybesea

aybesea I'm still on my tour of outstanding runs from 2016, and Dick's certainly qualifies (in the second spot according to my notes... behind MGM). While this show statistically runs in the second spot, I personally think that it is the least great (no such thing as worst in this run) of the three. The sets are less consistent than the other shows, but still chock full of goodness.

Set 1: Slave-Maze are top notch. Farmhouse is farmhouse... but a good one. 555 still needs to break out... it is sooo ready! DVD->R+R is acceptable to close (though a tasty Mike's Groove would have been insane!)

Set 2: I still haven't contracted the Fuego bug... it's okay, but not in that top tier of jam vehicles. Anyway, this one is pretty perfunctory. Sand, on the other hand, is quite the ripping monster. Blaze On->Simple blast the rest of the set into the stratosphere and this show simply stuns! Even the Coil is seriously tasty.

Superb show that belongs in your permanent rotation along with the rest of this outstanding set.
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