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, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by dabpigpen

dabpigpen i dont think this show is getting the credit it deserves. there werent rarities but there was some rare playin. very nice axilla, suprise to us (and prob to the band) star spangled, better than workhorse slave, rockin fluff. good time some nice jammin...a little repetitive...they extended themselves i say 4.25
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by BBFCFNJ

BBFCFNJ Musically, I believe that 10/29 is the best of the three Atlantic City gigs. No, it doesn't have anything noteworthy like the other two nights, and yes, it does contain a few questionable performances (Piper and Timber come to mind), but everything else is just the four of them playing at the top of their current game. Check out the Moma > Cities > 46 Days sequence or the Fluffhead set closer (my favorite Fluffhead of 3.0). You won't be disappointed.
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by Josh006

Josh006 IMO, this show was straight PERFECT. Old-school, funky Phish... Light Up or Leave Me Alone and Corrina came out of NOWHERE, but were pure gems. Jamming was great, lot of type IIs. No too big a fan of Caspian, but the jam assuages my dislike. Sugar Shack could have been a bit more gritty. 1st set highlight for me had to have been the Axilla > Light Up and Rift, Moma Dance... GREAT TRANSITIONS and great energy. Second set was Sand and Theme. Any encore off Exile flies with me... It's gonna be a good weekend!!!
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by leprechaun

leprechaun great kick off it will be a fun weekend
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by Egeffy

Egeffy Posted by dabpigpen on 11/02/2010 12:41 am, attached to 2010-10-29
i dont think this show is getting the credit it deserves. there werent rarities but....

I would have to say that a corrina is a big enough rarity to make a show.. first played in 87 and then only 4 times from 90-11.. that is a rather rare tune but I am not sure how rarities is defined, I know as a deadhead one rare song a show was rather special and would get passed around in a crappy sounding cassette..

just now listening to this enjoyable show but was not there in person
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by itsice88

itsice88 Look here for the best Slave in 3.0.
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO Fairly good show really. Nothing crazy but enjoyable none the less. Definately the weakest of the 3 Boardwalk Hall shows though. Light Up and Corrina in the same show, just like the bust-outs at Big Cypress on 12/30/99- although neither of these versions compare to those two. Especially that SICK LUOLMA in the swamp!

I would say the Moma>Cities>46 Days is definately the highlight of this show.

Straight up 3 stars
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by PhreakingPhishPhan

PhreakingPhishPhan Great Show!! Ending first set with Moma Dance > Cities > (One of the most Explosive jamming I've seen on) 46 Days. This show consisted of some great type II jaming :-) Before the show I sat in the lot and threw on a Taj Mahal cd and was listening to Corinna just before going in. Which was great to hear since I haven't heard it since Feb. 24, 2003 when Phish played with BB. All in All Awesome Show.
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by Divided_Stash

Divided_Stash The Star Spangled Banner: some acapella to begin the show

My Soul: shorter version but some good Page and Trey

AC/DC Bag: great build and peak

Ocelot: Big Red wants to play

Sample In A Jar: very nice Trey

Light Up Or Leave Me Alone: Page’s turn, with some awesome Trey of course

Sugar Shack: here’s Mike

Timber: average type 1 shorter version

Bouncing Around The Room: standard

Axilla: standard

Rift: standard

The Moma Dance: funk time. Unusual segue at the end into

Cities: extended outro makes the switch to type 2 (rare in a 2010 first set) with a spacey wall of sound jam with synths from Page and Jedi pedal work from Trey before he starts up

46 Days: Trey gives one last fiery solo to close the first set

Punch You In The Eye: great way to start the set

Sand: after the typical Trey meandering they break free and find a nice groove and stick with it until Trey ripchords for

Carini: once the jam settles and goes type 2, we get Mike action and the well known early 3.0 plinko jam before getting quieter and spacey with a segue into

Prince Caspian: standard

Corinna: 43 show gap. Nice cooldown

Piper: stays close to the Piper theme before dying down into transition space. Disappointing length but at least we already had some type 2 earlier

Theme From The Bottom: solid

Golgi Apparatus: standard

Slave To The Traffic Light: great patient build to a fantastic peak

Fluffhead: very well played Fluff to end the set

Loving Cup: one last rager to close the show

Interesting night from Fall 2010. The first set is very songy and boring until Cities which is great. Some solid jamming in the second but Piper got cut off too quick. Some great versions of some old songs to end the second set and a rare song in the middle as well. This is a 6/10 show. Highlights are Cities, 46 Days, Sand, Carini, Piper, Slave, and Fluffhead
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by ShawnCuse

ShawnCuse This was my first and only show in Atlantic City so far and it didn't disappoint. The
Boys really started to get locked in this past summer. The rust from the 5 years off
was much less apparent. This was most noticeable in their jamming and group interplay. This show continued to show strides in the right direction.

The Star-Spangled opener wasn't a big surprise considering the enormous U.S. flag awash in light on the coliseum wall directly across from the band. It was a fun way to begin. My Soul then AC/DC Bag we're both nailed and gave the show a late 90'S feel at the start. Trey really shines in this segment. Next comes Ocelot and it contained a nice airy jam with a smooth flow to it. Mike and Fish really led this groove. The acoustics are surprisingly crisp and clear in this venue. Mike's bass really pops and resonates here. Standard Sample follows and then the rarity of Traffic's Light Up or Leave Me Alone. Page delivers as usual on this. Sugar Shack and Bouncin follow and are standard. A dark Timber! Is played in between and is the highlight of the set until the segment of Axilla>Rift, moma dance->cities>46 Days closes out the set. The 5 sons were a blistering end to the set. The Moma>Cities combo was smooth and funky. Set 1 was lengthy and really ended on a high note after a pretty standard start.

Set 2 starts out with a bang with a P.Y.I.T.E.>Sand>Carini trifecta. Sand is the star here in my opinion as it enters some pretty spacey areas. Carini hits on some dark and evil patches too and it seemed like it was gonna take off before Trey summoned Fuckerpants out of the abyss. Thankfu
, attached to 2010-10-29

Review by slappy

slappy Did everyone miss that they played Landlady between Punch You In the Eye and Sand?
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