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, attached to 1999-10-09

Review by whatstheuse324

whatstheuse324 10/9/1999 was my first genuine Phish adventure. It was my second show and my first out of state show, being from NJ. I was a sophomore at Rutgers and was meeting two friends, Melissa and Jukey from Portland, ME in Albany. Melissa and I were friends from Rutgers and she had scored me the ticket. She had moved from Jersey back to Maine to take care of her dad, so I was psyched to see her again and to go to the show. Jukey was her best friend from Maine and a crazy hippie taboot taboot.

Being a young 19 year old with a heightened sense of exploration and adventure, I decided to travel to Albany a day early so there would be no accidental delays that would keep me from seeing Phish. I took the train from New Brunswick to New York and then hopped on a bus from Port Authority. I was in downtown Albany by the early evening on a cool October night. My sister was at the show in Nassau Coliseum that same night, and I was in Albany for the first time, alone, and with no plans. One of my friends I knew from Rutgers, Todd, was from Albany and I was planning on surprising him. He had graduated the year before and was living in an apartment not far from the downtown. I found a payphone at the bus station, (I did not have a cell phone for another two years), and gave Todd a call. "Hey, It's Eamon, I'm in Albany to see Phish and was wondering if I could crash out on your floor tonight?" His answer totally shocked and surprised me. "Dude, I can't. I am having a girl over tonight. I'm sorry man." This was the same guy that our group of friends had ribbed for not having a girlfriend in four years. Damn! "Ok," I said, "good luck."

Anxiety and excitement set in. I only had a little cash and I needed to pay Melissa for the hotel room the next night. I had a walk-man with Rift inside, my backpack, and my sneakers on my feet. I decided that I was going to get a tour of Albany first hand and started walking in a straight direction away from the bus terminal.

I walked around the many streets and side streets for a while and was amused how the crosswalk signals chirped like birds. I was having fun until it started getting a little colder, as it does in New York in the fall. Mound was playing in my ear and I suddenly felt like the old man in the song. I didn't know to behold what the cold frost could do and I had wandered back in circles. I saw the bus terminal again and I was back to square one. During my journey, I noticed a shelter run by a church not far from the where the bus station was. Should I do it and check in? No way.
I marched on.

Around midnight I finally checked into a hotel with vacancy about four miles up the road from the terminal. I had had enough of being cold and busted out the forbidden credit card. The warm shower and bed were worth it. It was a long walk back downtown the next day and I had finally made it to the bus station, but not before I saw a man attack a mailman because his check did not arrive as he had expected, apparently ruining his plans. I was in uncharted territory and kept moving with pace.

Jukey and Melissa came to town around 3 PM from Portland and I was relieved to not be in a strange city by myself anymore, not to mention that they were equipped with heady nuggets from Maine. After some serious mellowing at the Swiss Chalet, it was time to finally see Phish!

Phish still had the set-up with Fishman at the rear center of the stage and we were sitting on Trey's side in the upper level. The lights went down and the apex of my adventure was about to begin. PYITE was rocking and went right into a strong version of Wilson. Guyute came next before the wailing sirens of Ghost emerged. It was dark, powerful, and felt like the perfect song for an October night in upstate New york. Ghost segued into a really cool, spacey jam that I would later find out was dubbed My Left Toe, although it does not sound anything like the version on the Siket Disc. From My Left Toe Trey began the heavy downstrum of D major and Phish cut through the darkness with a solid version of Free. Sparkle and Possum rounded out a really dark and fun first set.

Trey's guitar lick for Limb By Limb started the second set. It was a very good version with peaks and valleys that lasted a little over fourteen minutes. From the Limb By Limb came the defining moment of the show, in my opinion. Fishman dropped the drumbeat to 2001 out of the spacey darkness, and for the next twenty minutes or so the Pepsi Arena was rocking in a deep, dark, funkadelic bliss. DWD kept the party going through the third quarter of the show. Velvet Sea was a welcomed breather and added to the Story of the Ghost vibe of the evening, which was then followed by a very good stand alone Simple. A beautiful Loving Cup closed the set with a beautiful buzz and it was time for the encore. Phish played a very heartfelt Slave to the Traffic Light in the encore, which I found out was played for a phan that was supposed to have come to the show but was killed in a car accident. Apparently it was the person's favorite song.

One of the last things I remember about that night was almost blacking out after the show because I was so hungry and eating really expensive pizza at the pizzeria outside Pepsi Arena. Life was good, Phish had totally rocked, and I made it back to New Brunswick, NJ the next day no worse for wear. Thank you Phish.
, attached to 1999-10-09

Review by Palmer

Palmer A review of Albany Night 1- Fall Tour 99. SET ONE- PYITE, solid energy and solid playing, Wilson hit us by surprise following PYITE, glad to hear Wilson, Guyute and Ghost really were the highlight of the First Set in My opinion, Ghost continues to amaze me at the direction the band takes this, it is like Yem meets Stash, and we get Ghost, My Left Toe, My first.
Free > Sparkle > Possum to end the first set, good placement and well done, keeping that Albany Knick energy pumping into the next set.

SET TWO- Limb by Limb, Always welcomed, seems they are really hitting the Story of the Ghost album in this show, 2001, wow! High energy it continues into Disease, Wow! Set two is really taking off with no direction in sight. Wading in the Velvet Sea continues to calm the masses and really puts a majority of the Story of the Ghost album into play, it's almost Halloween and Phish is showing this, Simple > Loving Cup. What a way to end the show. Really enjoyed these two and really pleased at the angle Phish decided to deliver these treats to the crowd in early October. Encore- I am calling a Gin or Maybe Piper to close this out, We got Slave, seems to be coming back into the Phish rotation. Enjoy it, loved the second set and the Highlights of Albany 10-9-99 for me were Disease and Ghost. Happy Travels Kids.
, attached to 1999-10-09

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Yet another average/above average type show.

The first set version of Wilson is a very heavy one and great. The beginning of theGhost jam although a fairly stereotypical jam is still pretty cohesive. It then goes into a "My Left Toe" type ambient jam which is also great. Out of all the songs in the first set I think Free is the standout in terms of playing, a very inspired version. And as always a strong Possum to close out the set.

LXL lifts us off in set 2 into some very intense heavy jamming, before pulsing forward with some great drumwork by Fish. 2001 is a total dance party but stays pretty much the same throughout. Disease has a fantastic guitar solo that escalates to Trey just destroying it onstage. The piano segue into Wading is spot on and beautiful, and wading is pretty standard but pretty as always.

Slave is a great encore choice and although it's not top tier it gets the job done.
, attached to 1999-10-09

Review by OswegoDevo

OswegoDevo This was my first Phish show ever! I remember it like it was yesterday. We were in 11th grade in high school in Saratoga Springs, and me, Tim B. and Coop all got BOX seats from Coops super amazing girlfriend at the time. This was the only Phish show that I've actually been in VIP seats, and it was pretty sweet. The folks in the box with us knew we were a little younger, but could tell that we knew what we were doing (Saratoga breeds professionals) and could most certainly party, so they opened up the mini-bar to all of us....all the beer, wine, and champaige you could drink was avaliable to all of us 17 year olds which was in itself AMAZING...on top of the little purple gelly things that a few of us may or may not have eaten, certainly provided for a satisfyingly weird, heightened experience!

The show itself was OK. To be honest, I don't remember all of the exact details of the songs as much as I did the actual events and people. The music was good, I was already a phan, but this was not "the" show that people always talk so cliche about that changed their lives, I knew they were capable, but this wasn't "it" for me.......yet. It was for sure a standard issue setlist, that was an exceedinly fun time, especially given the fact that we were all a bunch of highschool kids out in moms car on a school night!
, attached to 1999-10-09

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Punch You in the Eye > Wilson, Guyute: Standard but tons of energy.

Ghost: Has very good energy through 16 minutes and then the rest is ambient. Which Fishman keeps it all interesting. ->

Free: Kind of a typical ’99 Free – which is to say better than most as I have always felt like 99 is where this song was at its best.

Sparkle > Possum: Good energy to round out the set.

First set summary: Definitely a rock-solid set. Has everything I would want, high energy and a really big jam. Big fan!

SET 2: Limb By Limb: Outstanding version, one of my favorites for sure. >

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Total 20 groove fest. There are pieces that could have been trimmed but for the most part this one hits the spot. I do prefer Memphis over this one though as far as this tour is concerned. >

Down with Disease: As has been the case this tour – this tune has been straight ahead Type I ragers, this one is no exception. >

Wading in the Velvet Sea, Simple, Loving Cup: Standard section here.

ENCORE: Slave to the Traffic Light – Supposedly played for a fan that perished in a car crash on the way to the show? Not sure if true, but this version is awesome. Trey’s heavy metal part that leads up to the end of the composed section sounds like 12.7.97. They are patient with this one and peak it extremely well.

Second set summary: LxL, 2001 and Slave all have significant replay value. All in all, this is a very strong set. It’s been likely a couple of years since I have listened to this show in its entirety, and I just don’t remember it being as good as what I just heard. But it is! I would rate this as a strong 4.2 out of 5!
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