Suzy included Jimmy Olsen’s Blues teases (with a lone lyric from Trey) and Reba and YEM included Eleanor Rigby teases. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Before Antelope, Trey explained the concept of the Big Ball Jam to the crowd. Antelope contained several Bathtub Gin teases, a Jean Pierre tease, and a Simpsons signal. Trey teased Can't You Hear Me Knocking and Fire (Ohio Players) in Tweezer. This show marked the debut of Faht, which featured Fish on acoustic guitar.

Jimmy Olsen's Blues tease with lyrics in Suzy Greenberg, Eleanor Rigby tease in Reba, Bathtub Gin and Jean Pierre teases in Run Like an Antelope, Eleanor Rigby tease in You Enjoy Myself, Can't You Hear Me Knocking and Fire (Ohio Players) teases in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Fourth show of the Fall Tour picks up where the third left off. Knocking the rust off and polishing new songs. They are really hitting their stride already and have tightened up their sound considerably. This is a good Page show. Average audience recording.

Nice Buried Alive to open up. Followed by a good Oh Kee Pa>Suzy. Page is on fire already! Fee is ok. The megaphone gets the feedback going so Trey and the band back off to make it really dynamic. Right into a sweet Maze. Page, again, rips it up. Reba is good. I expected a little rust but, nope. Sparkle is pretty standard. Horn is good tonight. No real problems. ATR is great. Very tight and fast. Gin is a nice bust out, though unfinished. I feel like I haven't heard this one in a while. This might be the first Gin jam like this I've heard too. It abruptly gets cut off leading me to think equipment problem or broken string. So into a nice Adeline we go. The crowd does pretty well with the shushing until Trey actually uses the megaphone to say "shut the F up!" leading to laughter. Trey then explains the Big Ball Jam. Then a great Antelope closer complete with Gin teases like Trey wants to finish it. Solid first set.

They blow the opening and ending of Axilla but, it's new. Trey admits the end was his fault. Fishman thought he lost his mind. My Friend is still a little tentative in the intro but the song itself is great. My Sweet One is good. Page, again, rips it! Tweezer brings the funk hard tonight complete with Ball Jam too. Very dynamic showing the direction they are going with their music. Tela is beautiful. I expected more rusty spots in this one. YEM on the other hand has Trey struggling in the begining. The vocal jam is awesome. And then we have another first timer for Fishman with the debut of Faht in lieu of the usual cover song with vacuum. Done with the backing track off the Nectar album. Golgi has some rusty spots from Mike and then an inexplicable exchange between Trey and Fish at the end where again the megaphone comes out and Trey says to forget it until they finish the song. Not sure what the deal was there. Oh well, an ending is an ending. Not too bad of a set.

Great encores. Page absolutely rips Bold as Love! And Trey does too. Way better than the first bust out a few shows ago. Well done. Again the crowd responds well to the shushing and gets the Carolina which was teased earlier before Adeline. Tweeprise is fitting and rocking. Great end to a fine show.

They are really turning up the heat in their playing four days in. Just a few rough spots tonight.
, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by DomDewilde

DomDewilde A couple notes to add:

First, I can't remember if it was directly after Suzy Greenberg or perhaps after they finished Maze, but in a brief quiet moment this dude toward the back yelled, "Put Suzy Greenberg on the back burner!!" to which the band and some of the audience laughed and Fishman clapped with his drumsticks as if to say, "Agree!". It was funny. It wasn't that the dude wanted it off the stove altogether, he just wanted a little break from it....

Also, it took some effort to get the Big Balls back from the crowd, though I suppose that was par for the course at shows where they used them. We get a little rambunctious from time to time hahah.

Though Faht had a backing track for Fish, nevertheless the arena was filled with people playing along, making all kinds of whistling and bird calls during the tune, which was cool. I feel like Fish said it that night, but my memory is fuzzy and it's possible that I read it somewhere else - that the original title was Windham Hell (a goof on Windham Hill Records).

Lastly, a personal note - I learned a very valuable lesson that night... Or, I should say, in nights subsequent to that night. I learned about the total subjectivity of the experience, and how what my mind brings to the table is every bit as important as the notes that the band plays. This was a great show, no doubt about it. But Bailey Hall was the first time I left a show thinking, "Yeah, that was pretty good, but I think with Phish I'm starting to feel like 'Seen it, done it' and may be ready for something else." For whatever issue I had, the show just didn't click that well for me. That was only my fourth time seeing them (!!!).

Now, over 30 years and a hundred shows later, I see how foolish I was. I've had countless peak experiences since then. Full-on transcendental moments again and again. Times that truly inform the person that I've come to be. So the lesson I learned is that I'm not going to always get "there". There are many dynamics that factor into a show, and now I know that on the very rare occasion that I leave a show feeling "ho-hum" about the experience, I never lose faith. I know to come back. Those experiences await me, and Phish continues to surprise me and elevate me all these years later. What a dumbass I was in November of 1992!
, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by postersnutbag

postersnutbag Just heard this for the first time yesterday and I pretty pumped that I did. I really liked the Buried Alive into Oh Kee Pah, for me it kind of started out the show relaxed so the atmosphere sounded pretty informal which is cool. Suzy was wicked tight and Fee put things in a jazzy mood and trey on the megaphone is always classic. The transition from Fee into Maze stuck out to me, I thought it sounded fluid and then they rocked out on Maze. All Things Considered was a good placement here right before Gin and even though it took them a little to work out the kinks in that jam Gin ended up being a really interesting one. Antelope was a spectacular closer, need not say anymore.

Set Two was what brought the house down. Axilla sounded really full and Trey saying Fish was mad at him for fucking up the ending made me crack up. Epic solo from Trey on My Friend, My Friend and then came the Tweezer. Took a while for it too really come into it's own but the Tweezer was out of this world. Literally took me into another dimension. After Tela cooled things down a bit YEM stole the show, especially when Trey busts out the Eleanor Rigby tease one last time and they just run with it for a while. Fish on acoustic guitar for the debut of Faht brought some comic relief before the closed the second set with a Golgi to be remembered for ages. Nothing new or exciting just played really tight and passionate like a good Golgi.

Bold as Love is a tough one for me to enjoy just because I love the studio version by Hendrix Experience but it kind of fit the mood here. Then a neat Carolina came before tying it full circle with Tweezer reprise.

I've almost listened to my 50th show and most of them have been from after '93 but this is a key show to hear for early 1.0
, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by beach

beach DollarBill does a nice job of reviewing the show, so I won't give a blow-by-blow to avoid repeating what's already been said. However, I did want to emphasize the highlights. For me Fall '92 is a very interesting time in the band's history. Some great new songs are introduced and you can hear a marked difference in the band's performance level. It's also a time period that really demonstrates the band's goofiness.


The Maze in the first set is fantasitc. Trey really rips his solo and Page does a really nice job too. Reba has a great jam, which includes a 40-second or so Eleanor Rigby tease. The Gin is also nice and has an interesting jam section where the band seems to break down the music and starts to dissolve into what I would refer to as controlled chaos. The first set is finished off with a raging Antelope that contains a Gin tease.


Axilla is a fun opener albeit a little rough. It's new, so it's understandable. The Tweezer is great and has Big Ball Jam in the middle. I think Tweezer is a good song for a BBJ. It doesn't seem to interupt the flow of the song as much as it does in other tunes and this version is a pretty good example of that. There's a tease in Tweezer that I can't seem to identify and it is driving me crazy. If anybody knows, please post a review. YEM has a rough start, but they really straigthen it out and the jam is very good and contains another Eleanor Rigby tease. Axl Rose makes an appearance for the YEM vocal jam - funny stuff.
, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw What a fantastic show this is! Phish had played Ithaca before this but this is the first and only show at Cornell. Yes not Barton Hall but damn well close enough!

A sleek segue into Maze. Hilarious banter as Trey tells the audience to "Shut the f*** up!" before Sweet Adeline (wish they did that more often). A very unique and jammy (for this era) Tweezer with a Big Ball Jam center. Especially strong YEM (I like the arpeggios over the cymbal section, wish trey did that more) and the first Faht!
, attached to 1992-11-22

Review by DaReba

DaReba The boys played Ithaca a lot at the Haunt. I do believe this is their only show at Cornell and as a Dead Fan its pretty cool to hear them play here. they for sure know the legend of Barton Hall 5/8/77 . if you're not a Dead fan listen to the second set and you will be.
Buried =Oh Kee Pa=Suzy all were high energy.
You can tell Trey is pumped when he starts the Fee verse without the mega phone at first and remembers half way then the band backs off as he sings the verses. nice fee into maze which they've done a few times.
This MAze starts on fire. Trey strums alittle harde and Fish is drumming with purpose. Page's solo is deep and dark with him and mike feeding each other. The whole band is on fire . Their sound is hug then trey comes thru with a sick display of guitar work. He is loud piercing and locked with Fish. Page adding accents and the maze chords makes this a classic!
I love old Reba's becaus ethe song is sooo strange for its time. This is a perfectly played orchestrated part. Trey is loud and clear and those wierd chords are out front and his atonal genius is front and center
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