During I Didn't Know, Trey mentioned his prediction from the 6/7/09 Camden show that the Flyers would win the Stanley Cup and announced that Fish would play a voodoo vacuum solo to guarantee that next year the Flyers will win the Cup. During the solo, some fans in the audience then began chanting "Let's Go Flyers," prompting Fish to respond through the vacuum in time with the claps. Reba did not have the whistling ending. The Rover was a Phish debut. Disease was unfinished. At the start of the YEM vocal jam, some fans again chanted "Let's Go Flyers."
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2010 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by Jungleman

Jungleman As of this writing, if you've made it all the way to this review, kudos...

June 2010 has had some highlights, & this 20 Years Later is among them. Anyone who wants to know just WHY Mike is one of the most attentive, creative, & downright Fine bassists ever, check out where he goes here. This is not to detract from any of the others' performances, it's simply worthy.

Peace & happy Phishing!
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by ante_1

ante_1 The first review is kind of comical. He admits to not being there but earlier he said trey looked over at page/fish to cut off Boogie on. In fact, I was sitting right in front of mike and it was mike who cut it off, a phenomenon that was not unque last night btw. I think statements like everyone is ready to extend jams besides trey is greatly exxagerrated.

This isn't to defend Trey, as big red has some splaining to do as well. He seems to often make his way quickly into the jam finale, rather then slow buildup.

Besides that, the show was a diversity show. Where you may come away immpressed with the wide exploration of musical styles, but it just didn't flow very well, anytime they built up energy, they quickly killed it by a shift of style/tempo and overall, most jams we're too short/impatient.
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by PachoDelicious

PachoDelicious Set one featured some solid material. Page came in a bit early on the WITS, the band laughed it off. Boogie On & jam following got the room bouncing. Gumbo was great as well. Reba followed by the first (and only to this date) Zeppelin Rover. The IDK "Lets go Flyers" chant is one thing many will never forget, piggy backing off an improbable Stanley Cup run for the Flyers in 2010 - coming back in the Eastern Conference Semis to win in 7 after starting 3 down to Boston , but falling in the Cup final to the Blackhawks in 6 (Trey's prediction wasn't far off for 11', but dropped a big 0 burger in the Eastern Conference Semis to Boston). Stilllll waiting for that Cup in Philly.

Set 2 opened with the jam vehicle DWD into a band favorite Talking Heads cover, Crosseyed. the Hood>Fluffhead was a real treat, as well as a 18-minute YEMmer to close the set.

Night 1 without a doubt set the stage for a funky night 2, which proved to be a standout show...

Broad Street Bullies.
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by highhat

highhat post-show (walk out) music:

Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by the Delfonics
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by pjon10

pjon10 This was the first show of my phour night run from Camden to Merriweather in summer 2010.

Camden Night One

Boy Man God, Mitch

Set One
Opener- Bowie, Nice way to start the show, standard jam, getting settled in

Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan- One of my favorites off Joy, lyrically and musically, nice Jamming at the end by the Group, led by Trey

Water in The Sky- Probably played because of the huge T-storm earlier that day that rolled right through Philly, the Phils game and S Jersey, nice Page solo

Ocelot- Another one of my favorites off Joy, nice bouncy dead group inspired type jam outtro

Uncle Pen- Nice to see Mike get some mic time, fun song, good day light, mid set song, I hadn't heard it since 8/17/97

Boogie on reggae Woman, this is where this set gets started. Thick soupy funk laid down by Mike's bass and Page's clavinent, really well played by the group, solid solo by MIke

Gumbo, Love gumbo, again, Mike leads the charge with a super soupy funk bass tone for a great foundation, Love Fishmans playing on this song, super tight funky jam, nice page solo ala stride style piano to close out the song, I hadn't heard it a while and knew it, so I went and checked my stats, Gumbo has not been heard by yours truly since 8/15/98

Timber Ho- Love timber Ho, the outtro vamp jam is perfect for Phish, the vamp allows them to change easily change in and out of different modes and make it a hot trippy jam that just rolls over and over the vamp hypnotically, and this one definitely does it, I said to Mitch at the show, I thought I never had heard it live, verified that this was my first timber ever

I Didn't Know- This is the Fishman Voodoo Vacuum Solo Flyers Chant interplay with the crowd, lots of fun and another proclamation from Trey that the Orange and Black will win the cup next year

Birds of A Feather- Flubbed a little on the start, liked the fact that Page played his Fender Rhodes on the intro and the intro had more of an open feel to it because of it, great loose jam, they stretch this song's jam section a little, push the time/bar line(set up by Fish) and get away from the structure and then Trey pulls it back in nicely for the final verse

Bouncing Around the Room- Nice version, I am not a super big fan of this song, But Mitch enjoyed it because he dances with his daughters to it, so it was fun to see him enjoy it

Reba- Again a little flubbed at the beginning, composed sections were nailed, nice Reba jam, a few moments were they kinda drift away from the theme of the jam, mainly set up when Mike plays an open note and Trey gets ambient, no whistle ending

The Rover- Led Zepplin cover, this is the type of song that you hope just comes out of no where at a show when you are there and it did. I heard the chorus being played out of a jam at soundcheck while in the parking lot, I thought it was a Zepplin song at the time from Presence (thanks Les for the correction, it is on Physical Graffiti). Thought there might be a chance they play it (Ok I was secretly hoping they would) Glad to see the guys probably said after the soundcheck, lets work this out backstage and play it to close the set, great job, nice jam out for Trey to try and play like his hero Jimmy Page, good vocals from Page as he was definitely reading the lyrics off his piano probably for the first and last time performing it live for an audience


DWD - I always like a DWD second set opener, usually has nice jam (check) and sometimes leads to the unexpected (Check: Crosseyed and Painless). Nice lead playing about mid way through the jam from Trey with some great runs , that starts a nice interplay between Trey and Fish, Fish is on fire during the jam, playing pretty free, as the jam ends, Fish sets up crossed-eyed

Cross-Eyed and Painless - Jay Rose called for a Psycho Killer, he was close but we got this Talking Heads classic, it starts off a little choppy, but Fish is having fun singing it, then it just completely takes off nicely into a jam based on the structure, with Trey leading the way, mike joining in and Page on the hammond and Fish really laying down a nice groove for Trey and Mike, then ambient space land groove out of the last verse

Nothing - Trey started up Nothing about 5 mins at least to soon for my liking out the ambient groove in crosseyed, bouncy pop type tune with three part harmony sung by Mike, Trey and Page, nice support on the keys by Page on Trey's bouncy solo, Fishman sets up the outtro verse to get out of dodge

Twenty Years Later: Another tune off Joy I like, this just has a great hook and sounds like a Phish song, the outtro/Verse Jam reminds me of a Genesis/Floyd type of open chorus jam based on a rhythmic vamp that opens up big time and the bar gets lost, big Hammond organ from Page and rolling vamp by Mike, lots of spaceyness at the end set up by trey, ambient ending, great jam, probably my favorite of the night

Harry Hood: Number Three in the big Five Played tonight (Bowie, Reba,Harry Hood, Fluffhead, YEM), Nailed composed sections, they are nailing all of the composed sections in the classics this year. Nice tight ride cymbal work by Fishman in the jam who leads the charge out of the jam after laying back for Trey

Fluffhead: Second Fluff of the year for me, nailed the composed section, middle funky section was extra funky, outtro jam had an old school feel and old school tone out of Trey

Julius: thought that this was the closer at the time, great shuffle feel from the boys after rocking and funk play was theme all night, nice to show their range

YEM- Second of the tour for me, screamed Boy, Man, God, Mitch at Mitch during the build up on an impulse and got a great laugh out of Mitch, Trey almost feel off the trampolines twice spinning around, great vocal jam to end the set

Bug- Totally sloppy in the beginning, really until the outtro jam, where the boys really got a nice washy jam at the end which this song lends it self to, Trey sounded lost in the beginning but nailed it in the end. I am big fan of this song, but I always hear it as set closer, I would like to hear it mid set one time to see if it is different.

Overall- Great Show, first of four for me, top three highlights for me:

1. Jam out of Twenty Years Later
2. Boogie On>Gumbo Swampy Funkiness
3. Timber Ho - love the vamp for soloing
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by ThinMan

ThinMan This show was full-tilt phish from start to finish. A true shreader that if you like Phih loud, kranked up and in your face, then this is your show. I love Phish like that, so this was perfect for me. I could care less about 20 minute ambient jams and Spac '04 puts me to sleep. So my oh my, 6/24/10 is where it was at.

Straight through the Timber, Phish did not let up with maybe water in the sky being a quick lull. The Ocelot was much better then most and Trey was really coming through with the piercing solos. The Boogie was the best one they have played 3.0 (i know not saying much), but it had a little extra umph that most '09 versions did not have. Gumbo is soooo much better than The Wedge and Timber was really dark and nasty in a very good way. Birds was short and that still needs to break free, but Reba again was tight and The Rover was pure Phish madness.

The 2nd set was just a straight up rock fest, fast tunes, played loud and the crowd going ballistic. A true east coast monster - some mistakes - sure, some cut jams - sure, but it didn't matter, everyone in the entire venue was having a blast and in the end that is all that matters.

the highlight for me was the 20 Years Later - my third, but by far the best and the darkness was on...9/10
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop Last night's show reminded me very much of the Hampton run last year -- short, tight jams & playing through the structures very well (I agree with this being the polar opposite of 2004 shows). Some nights you feel what they're going to do next; last night was not. It was totally random, but incredibly fun. I'm a big fan of long jams, but won't complain when they take time out of their set to play Fluffhead & nail the friggin' thing. The only long jam I saw last year was 46 Days in Merriweather -- & that seemed to go over about as well as a fart in Church.
So, that being said, I kinda agree with the raging mob of joggers review, but his bitterness I feel can be easily explained. I think he's a Ranger's fan!!
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by neyney77

neyney77 Well I don't know about all that rage. I thought it was a great show. And being at blossom, yeah it felt kinda similiar. I think u have to take it easy and enjoy the music. Solid B plus bad ass bass!
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by mgc5068

mgc5068 sean avery was in attendance this night. a few rangers fans from monmouth county, nj showed him a good time. phish was on fire
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by highhat

highhat 6-24 soundcheck:

Mike's Song (sick jam section)>Uncle Pen x2, Nothing, The Rover (*w/ trey ((attempting)) vocals), Mike's Song (sick jam section> *w/ lyrics to Uncle Pen interwoven)

--there was a monsoon lasting for 10 minutes just prior to check

, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by handjivehippo

handjivehippo liquid jamming out of DWD, a sick crosseyed and painless and a raging first set make this show a very very nice 3.0 effort for the band. oh and hey, trey sounds fucking GOOD on YEM. big red's lettin' it all hang out this year.


1st set: Boogie On, Gumbo > Timber

2nd set: DWD -> Crosseyed and Painless, YEM
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by LumpyHeadCarini

LumpyHeadCarini This show being the second phish show I've ever been to was amazing. The first show I went to was 12-2-09 at msg. That was probably the best setlist I have ever seen so I had high expectations for this show. The first set blew my brains out it was so good. I mean it could have been better without the rover but it was still awesome. The Second set was great as well. The opener one of my favorite songs down with disease was awesome. Another one of my faves Harry Hood was one of the best hoods i ever heard. Of course who could go wrong with a YEM set ender. The Encore was bad. Bug is a good song I just don't want to hear it as an encore
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by Funkydeadfan

Funkydeadfan Great show,,,I don't know where to summit this but they soundchecked with Rover.
, attached to 2010-06-24

Review by remgem1

remgem1 This was a solid show with good length to the sets but not much length to the songs. Lots of changes in meter and style but I felt Trey showed very little experimentation in his guitar playing and seemed content to drone single notes on many occasions. There were several chances to extend his solos and get creative but he left me wondering wtf is he thinking. Mike more than compensated for that void by being an absolutely ridiculous monstrosity throughout the show. He was dropping bombs and made me aware once again that he is one of the best bass players. He also added great vocals and many diverse playing styles. Mike and Page helped bring on the heavy dark funk with Page leaning on the clavinet nicely. Fish added some strong vocals and a nicely processed vacuum solo to the mix. The Zep cover at the end of the first set was one of the the highlights of the show for me. The Talking Heads cover in the second set was good. When the covers are the highlights of the show, there is clearly very little improvisation within the Phish songs to talk about. I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5.0.
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