This show was night seven of Phish's Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and consisted of a cinnamon donut theme. Donuts with a cinnamon glaze were given to fans arriving at the venue. Approximately ten minutes before lights, a voice came over the PA, reproducing some of the phrases spoken at Woodstock over the PA concerning "brown acid," only substituting "donuts" for acid: ". . .to get back to the warning that I received, you may take it with how many, however many grains of salt you wish, that the brown donuts that are circulating around us are not specifically too good. It's suggested that you do stay from the brown donuts. Of course, it's your own trip, so be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok? Do not eat the brown donuts. Lewis Pittman, Lewis Pittman, your brother is at the WaterWheel table."  I Am the Walrus included Shipwreck, The Unsafe Bridge, The Birds, Your Pet Cat, Martian Monster, and Runnin' with the Devil quotes. Dirt and There is a Mountain were teased in Harry Hood. Cinnamon Girl was last performed on July 31, 1997 (631 shows).
Debut Years (Average: 1996)

This show was part of the "2017 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by Tomjenkinsman

Tomjenkinsman This was my first ever time going to a show the other night and it was also my first time listening to phish lol. To say the least Phish changed my life. imn 18 years old and I Honestly never knew that i could have that much fun just listening to music with people. the crazy part is my whole life Ive grown up listening to trap music and rap. and ever since saturday night i havent stopped listening to these guys. It amazed me how so many strangers could just come together in the middle of new york city an JAM THE F**K OUT. My whole life ive also been a super anxious kid who wasnt very open and pretty shy but when i was there everyone was so nice and open with eachother that it just brought me out out of my shell that whole night i had a smile ear to ear just dancing non stop which is something i never used to do. i had taken the train up from the jersey shore an went by myself, had a blast at the show, and then saw dopapod for my first time too at a after party! i ended up making friends with these two girls an after the show we went to hoboken grabbed a pack of rolling rock an watched the sunrise on her roof. Shout out to the whole phish community for being so amazing and welcoming. Yall just gained another memeber to the community for sure

, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by n00b100

n00b100 A show that perhaps does not quite reach the giddy heights of the best of the Baker's Dozen, but has no shortage of pleasures and would stand out in many a tour/run that isn't, y'know, the one it's in. You've got spaced-out dark jamming in Wilson, really nifty and unique versions of Ya Mar and Water in the Sky (!) that make excellent use of Page's synths, a sprightly I Am The Walrus that ends with Page having a flash of inspiration and approximating the fabled sound collage that ends Walrus proper with his CTSOTHH samples, Blaze On leaping out into the beyond in inspired fashion (as described in the jam chart), a surprising and fun AB > LTJP > AB in Set 2, Meatstick serving as the middle chapter of the "Weirdo Darkness Trilogy" with the 7/23 Waves and 8/4 Caspian before neatly resolving into Dirt, and a truly fabulous Hood that smoothly shifts moods en route to the usual Hood peak. Do not miss this show when returning to Baker's Dozen highlights; you will find a lot to like here.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by Jaybp30

Jaybp30 This show was a nice show. I'd say a 3.99999. It was a tad songy but a lot of them were the once/twice a year songs people chase. Two very cool, well played covers in Cinnamon Girl and Walrus. A nice little extra outro jam to Wilson set one and two really good jams in set two. Ok, that Blaze On jam was a little more than "really good". Had a pretty unique, for 3.0, dark, double time thing going on. This run has definitely had more darker jams than what's been the norm these days, which compliment the blissy major jams common to 3.0, but I digress. If this show wasn't in the context of the previous 6 I think that Blaze On would be a major "thing". Definitely worth the price of admission tonight. You know, as I reread this review I think this show deserves to be bumped up to a solid 4.0 rating. I am the walrus.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads I'm glad to hear Llama back to "fast" mode (though I appreciate the Raleigh Llama, too.) Wilson got a little bit of a jam, and I read that it's the longest version of 3.0. I really like the segment to end the first set: Water in the Sky, Vultures, Train Song > Horn, I Am the Walrus. That's just what I call good song selection. Perhaps I could've preferred a big jam to knock 'em down, but if it has to be "songy," that's one good way to do it, in my opinion. Blaze On to open the second set is one of the top-tier jams of 2017, I think. In part, it takes the bliss-jam template, and executes it in a way that provides some freshness to that type of jam. Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues is always good to hear, and Meatstick is phun. Harry Hood gets pretty dark pretty quick, and the show closes with Cinnamon Girl (with Layla teases at the end, to my ears.) I'll definitely reach for this Blaze On again.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by _kung

_kung Not sure why this show isn't getting a higher rating than the 8/01 show, so I gave it 5 stars. The 7/25 show was definitely the top show for me this tour. But this show is in 2nd for me. The song choices and flow were magnificent and if there are no 30+ min jams that does not immediately qualify the show as a top show. When Phish is playing at this level, the song choice does come into play, cause they could just Jam out aaaaa...... eg. (The Lawn Boy)! and Crosseyed just happened to be that electric. Song-wise this show has my favorite song by Phish and one I've never seen, Vultures. The first set is no slouch either, even though I used to not like "The Line" cause it had no intro is actually growing on me, and that's the first time I've said that ever with Phish, its either I don't like it or I do. More of the latter.
Blaze on is also my favorite "new" Phish song. They jam so well to it and this version crushed my favorite from Lockin' this past year. As a huge Allmans fan I was happy to hear a Mountain Jam tease in the Hood. I was the one in Pittsburgh screaming "Whipping Post" from the floor... In about a month I wont be able to call Blaze on a new song since they've been busting out originals and bustouts like its '98 again! I love this Band. PHISH: play Whipping Post for Gregg
I am the Walrus,
Cinnamon Girl,
These are songs I wish I can hear at every show and could be played on repeat and I would still love.

Came in to give some love to this show

, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by nesta

nesta Disclaimer: This is my first review of a show. I’m writing this in the comfort of my home with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face still. I enjoy reviews of shows that engulf me in the storyteller’s tale, not necessarily a note and chord breakdown; you can get that on your media of choice and frankly I don’t even know enough to register. I did go to Night 6 and 7. This is the story of Night7… the cinnamon glaze night. The boys delivered BIG on Night 7 of the Bakers Dozen run at MSG. Every night has gotten ever exponentially “insert expletive here” awesomer … I know that. I watched each one. When I got up Saturday morning I saw the SOLD OUT on the marquee. BANG! The Garden was swamped with people looking for an extra, I know I had an extra, some people got lucky and got into the greatest show on earth; I’m sorry to the dozen I had to turn away as a flipped my ticket for some extra fun. Anyway, omens were all around, the great big city we were in, that this was going to be something special. Except for the losing of the wallet and having my stumbling buddy try and fight me out of a NewYorkCity street exchange. First, a shaolin monk hooked me up with some inner peace outside my breakfast stop, and next the LEGO store had hotdog keychains, so I grabbed a couple for the kiddos; they love Meatstick. Finally, I actually picked a Coke bottle with the name…Wilson..on it from the pizza shop back home about a month ago. I started this Instagram #whilewatingforthebakersdozen where I personify the bottle as Wilson and take you on a journey as we waited throughout the summer. We rolled in a little after 7pm. Security was lax, a metal detector and you’re in, grabbed the donut patch, refreshments, and our seats. It is funny they would not sell me a blue cup with soda in it; they forced me to drink beer to get the cup. So I did, only 1, it was $15. Then the announcement to NOT EAT THE BROWN DOUGHNUTS came over the PA. WTF? This day is getting weirder or “phisher” by the minute.
It was funny, on the way up the escalators my buddy and I were heavily influenced by the exchange on the street I made earlier and I blurted out Llama, and then I said I don’t know why I just said that. Well, you smell what I stepped in…Llama opener! I nice way to open the night, slap you in the face, Oh-oh, da-da…da-da…. Wilson. My friend, we will call him Boss, and I along with the 20,000+ other patron would bask in the glory of those two notes like it was the last two notes on the planet until BIG RED kicked into gear a Stealing Time that squealed like a greased Alabama hog. Always enjoy a StealingTime, then came the Ya Mar I have been chasing for a bit. Mike and the melody of this bopping tune is certainly a toe tapper. On the way home from the train station this morning, we were listening to the XM replay and right and a stoplight Ya Mar came on, and we starting singing to the crowd eating at the sidewalk café. They were looking like we were aliens, hopefully one person got it. Ok, Tela, she was tight, not as social as the other ladies, so the Boss and I knew we are watching the boys weave a Technicolor set 1 Dreamcoat. TELA what can I say, listen, download, whatever you need to do , do it. The Birds into The Line kept the section grooving hard. Next song was Water In The Sky. I like this song it is saying something emotional, Trey is sharing. Vultures, this version made me a super fan of this jam, slipped into Train Song and Mike the conductor took us on a hilly ride through the jamtryside, CHOO CHOO!!!! The opening riff to Horn set me free. You can too, you can be free. Set 1 closer was I Am The Walrus, you have got to be kidding me. They had the heavy custard flowing on this one. After the set was over, Boss turns to me and says, ”What the !@#$ just happened?”.
Yes someone said Jukebox PHiSH, no song over 10 minutes. You know what that means.
Deep Breath.
After a short intermission, we can see the flashlight coming down the darkened hall and the lights go down. These duders are here to party tonight. BLAM-OH! Glaze On opens up the set 2. We have been wondering when Blaze On would be played and we all agreed it would be Glaze doughnut day. As Donald T. so eloquently said during last year’s debates…”WRONG!!!”. PHiSH basically glazed our faces for the next 20 minutes or so, I don’t know song timings yet but it was heavy, with load after load being spread about the arena. It was so thick with glaze in there I could even see annoying broads who were talking the whole show anymore. My mind was glazed over when the groovy groove of Twenty Years came through. I was at the Reading show where they bleeped your face with that version so I figured we were still in the running for a neck breaker. It did not disappoint. AluminBlues>LetterToJimmyPage>AluminBlues, bleeping awesome. Just those words strung together look cool on paper, let alone having the Last Jedi performing in such a fun manner. They were conversing with other all night. You could see they were enjoying themselves and it showed in their song choice and process.
The jam dissipated and, personally the next 15 minutes of music was my Babylon, Trey trumped the night with the opening bounce of MEATSTICK, I hugged the Boss and after the high fives were delivered I began to realize the freedom to which these four gentlemen bestow upon us. Each time I see these dudes I become free from stress, relationships, money, burdens, and I am able to live in that moment. I become emotional, usually once a show. Honestly, I was getting teary eyed with joy. I love Meatstick and the Boss and I jam that song at work very loudly and frequently, so when I heard that opening I was in disbelief. Boss say, “Meatstick, baby”, and the band is off. This song is a building bouncer, I mean c’mon man. It shocked my brain the song is true. I loved it and so did the other 20,000+. The place was bananas. The next 15 minutes of music was the most pleasurable and beautifully sounding I have heard to date. I saw the Jerry and the Dead and all those people, but for pure unadulterated bliss this was it. Then my world exploded. Dirt is my favorite. I never would have ever put those two together but here they were. By the time Mike’s bass solo came, tears of ecstasy were streaming down my face. Call me what you will, but I was there and I was in heaven on Earth, and a pal of mine was next to me, a time that will always be in my heart and ears. The Dirt was perfect, except for I little flup, the Dirt was perfect. The Meatstick>Dirt was a wet dream and it was now a reality. How many times does that happen? Be honest. As the tightest, sharpest guitar work was winding down, the Boos and I were hit in the stomach by a HARRY HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extraterrestrial … the spaceship has landed, we all got on, and now we cannot get home again. The glowsticks were slinging, the garden was lit like a disco circus on LSD had a baby with 20 police sirens. I cannot say enough the set list speaks for itself. Anyone who was there that night will never be the same, we just witnessed the pinnacle of party rock live. Oh yeah, and they encored with Cinnamon Girl, kicked us in the ass one last time, huh, Trey? I was breathless, after 20 years, they rocked the poop out of that composition. When anything will ever get me down I will just say, “yeah , but I was at 7-29-17!”
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by GenoTreyBall

GenoTreyBall Just gotta say this is show of this run i wish i was at. Sounded great on Phish OD. Was at final 3 nights, but the way they opened and closed each set was just perfect. Llama is ALWAYS a great way to start a show and the solid performance within both sets were perfectly punctuated with amazing playing of great songs in Walrus, Blaze, Hood and Cinnamon Girl. This show had flow baby.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by FrontMan

FrontMan If the first word that comes to mind for saturdays second set is "nice" you should probably check your pulse. Last night kept the heat on high...
Big, patient multi- layered Blaze jam. Dark, wailing and extended 20YL. Old school rocker fun Alumni followed by a super beautiful Meatstick. Love it when they extend the melodic refrain jam here. Fire on the Mountain frequency fluffernutter imho.
For those in the moment at that point, the gentle dirge like wade into Dirt was a grab on the gold ring.
Then we get the BAkers Dozen Hood. 17 minutes of pure pleasure and peaks. This set had flow.
Then back to the donut thing to close. While not a dancers tune, I can be happy the rest of my life with that cinnamon girl.
Trey's still going for IT and sat night set two served yet another heaping helping of awesome phish magic.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by Honeywatermelon

Honeywatermelon This has less to do with review and more to do with context.
So a few minutes before the show started, someone made an announcement over the loud speaker warning the crowd "not to eat the brown doughnuts, If you eat the brown doughnuts please report to the Waterwheel table". Now this got a great laugh and cheer from the crowd and then I didn't really think about it.
The boys come out and play the first set. Set ends and my buddy next to me days that he thinks they are playing with the trippy brown doughnuts (acid) theme. The water in the sky had some synth effect, I am the walrus was very trippy indeed and I thought "yeah that could be it". Then comes set dose. The blaze on got very weird (and beautiful) at times, the meatstick had that very odd ambient jam. CK5 have everything the treatment as always. Anyways, I think that has something to do with it.
, attached to 2017-07-29

Review by themayor

themayor Hello all, I am a new phan as of a year ago. The last few weeks I have really been getting HEAVILY into Phish. But for the past year I have on and off been enjoying their shows. But I keep a journey spreadsheet of all the shows I've listened to. I am journeying through the Baker's Dozen. N7 has arrived. I am eager to hear it.
We opened with a Llama that was introduced with a parody on a speech that was made over the PA at Woodstock about brown acid, except acid was changed to donuts because of the theme. The song ripped.

And then we went into Wilson which went really deep and weird really early. Before finally going back into the stings and chanting. It had really ethereal jamming but not too long.

STFTFP was unfamiliar to me, but I liked the jam on it. It was 8 minutes long, and I liked the song.

Ya Mar was kind of bubbly and experimental, but it was what it was. It was nothing too special. I enjoyed it though.

Tela was quite nice actually. Pretty jam.

These tracks with the Disney narration always weird me out so much, but maybe I should stop being high when I listen to them. Anyway, the jamming is great, but the narration parts are wack to me.

I liked The LIne it had a nice jam on it. And the composed part was really good, I think that song is really good 3.0 music.

Water in the Sky goes into a good synthy jam and then into a piano section.

Vultures is an awesome tune that has a real old school prog rock feel.

Horn has such a fucking great riff that I love so much. Rift is the best album.

They closed the set with I Am the Walrus. It was a good cover.

It opens with Blaze On. A common 3.0 song that was inevitable in this run. This is a nice version with good jamming at the beginning with crazy drumming. It goes to a nice piano led groove towards the middle section. By the end it picks up to a great energetic section before settling into a slower groove to end the song out.

We then go into Twenty Years later with Alumni and LTJP included in there. We pull all that around to a nice >

Meatstick has a nice melodic jam section. It gets crazy spacey at the end.

>Dirt was nice. I love that tune a lot. It was simple and it went into Harry

Hood begins very naturally. It goes into a very synth ridden mellow jam, and then builds up to a nice climax to close out the set.

Encore is a cover of Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl to establish the theme tonight. Not quite as good as Type O Negative and Peter Steele, but hey, its a great tune. Fun show closer! Overall, it was a good show, but not the best so far. Maybe the worst show yet honestly. Not too much to come back to. But they can't all be masterpieces. That would be asking a lot. N8 hopefully comes in with something better!
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