Lengthwise was played for the first time since October 20, 1994 (291 shows). Contact was performed “Mexican Love Style,” as Trey dedicated the song to a couple he met who had fallen in love.
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez this is one of my all time favorites. this is a really odd ball show, even on compared to many other odd ball shows in 1998. nice little version of emotional rescue gets this one going before giving way to a good but not other-worldly down with disease. this leads nice into a deep funky moma dance. then we get tela. holy crap, what a hot start! surely they'll take a breather here...nope! sneaking sally gets nice and funky before a very cool it's/length/ice. sparkle kept the energy up before a rollicking funky bitch closes the set. this first set could pass as a very good second set. holy cow! rarities and good playhing galore in this first set.

a rare, for the time, wedge kicks the second set off, before poor heart gets the crowd romping again. the mango song is well played before they drop into the oh so rare brother. trey plays really well on this brother. contact was played "mexican love style," and this one is worth giving a listen. normally caspian anores the piss out of me, but after killing for a set and a half, they can play their caspain. yem closed this one out in style. gordon was hot, and this one was appropriately explored before coming to a close. after all the crap they had already kicked out, they gave this kansas crowd a camel walk>coil encore taboot.

this show provides a great collection of well-played versions of rare and lesser played phish songs. the second set is good, but the first set is sooo damn good that you don't get that typical increase in intensity between first and second set. i must say, this could be the best first set the boys ever played. i'm thinking this one, halloween 96, dayton 97, 2nd night hampton 97.. hmm there's a few more up there but off the top of my head, i can't think of a first set i like better.

emotional rescue, sneaking sally, tela, ice/length/ice, funky bitch
brother, contact, yem, camel walk
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by CreatureoftheNight

CreatureoftheNight This is one of my favorite shows that doesn't contain any serious jamming. A great set list, plenty of variety and each song played with conviction. I was given front row center tickets from mail order, still the best seats I've ever had. I spent half the show in the back of the pavilion while others got the chance to be on top of the action. Sandstone was a little more than half filled and a laid back feel was all over the place. This is the kind of show you can put on and let it fly.
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by highhat

highhat 7-28 soundcheck: (as is published in Pharmer's Almanac)

Ficus (2x), Shafty, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Sunshine On My Shoulders> Jam
(Fishman says "..you're not vegetarian if you eat the placenta..)

Facts: Page was the 1st member to step on stage this evening and began by peeking and smiling from behind the curtain (House Right/Stage Left). Incidentally, was also last to exit concluding The Squirming Coil.

-Sneaking Sally Thru the Alley did most definitely contain "vocal jamming"; albeit, in subtle fashion.

Fishman sang verses of Lengthwise into his Electrolux.

Trey thanked Rich during Funky Bitch "..for paying the bar tab.. Thank you, Rich for paying the bar tab."

Funky Bitch contained a Moma Dance break down.

Down w/ Disease and Poor Heart were both "flubbed" musically: Disease contained one less bass refrain prior to initial vocals. (Trey laughed)
Poor Heart: a tempo hiccup during intro (provoking Fishman banter)

The vocal jam in YEM resembled Pink Floyd's "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving w/ a Pict"

A true rarity: Of the 9 song selections in the 1st set, each member is featured twice or more on lead vocals.

Review: Blistering.

Post Show (Walk Out) music: "Crazy" by Patsy Cline
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by Lucyspaw

Lucyspaw Phish always seemed to enjoy playing in KC and this show was no exception. Aside from the early memorial hall shows this one stands out as being one of the most powerful shows from my home town. It was a perfect evening in KC and Sandstone Amphitheatre is a nice outdoor venue that isn't near as large as some other regular phish stops. The band opened with a hilarious Emotional Rescue. Everyone was in high spirits and getting into the groove. Funky Bitch was the perfect closer. The great song choices didn't cease there. Wedge opened the second set and got us all bobbin on the surface. Then they broke out into Poor Heart and Trey was shredding his frets so hard that he took control and ripped all the way through the part where Page would have had his solo. I was kinda set back cuz I love any moment in time when Page touches the keys, especially on Poor Heart. No worries, The Mango Song highlighted Page and made up for any lost stage time. THEN BROTHER! The only time i've ever heard this song. I don't have a recording and don't believe i've heard it at any other show and that makes me sad! I would love to hear this again, I remember it being intense and mind blowing. I need more. All in all this show was a rocker!!

Live phish needs to release this show. 4.5 stars!
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by chrismcguire634

chrismcguire634 This version of The Moma Dance almost makes me not miss Black-Eyed Katy...... Almost. Unfortunately, 1998 is a year that is often eclipsed by the groundbreaking music made the year previous. It's shows like this one that remind me of the amazing and inspired "laid-back" groove approach that is seen all throughout this period. If ever I'm in the mood to relax, reflect, read or study, a show from this era fits perfectly. Anyway, check out this show and definitely take note of Moma Dance.
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO I saw all 8 two set shows of the Europe '98 tour. I then came back to the states and was able to catch just one show of the US summer tour. At this show, Bonner Springs, I saw 11 songs that they didn't play the entire European tour. Wtf?

Good show. Not Grate. But good. Lots of rarities all in one show. They always make ya pay for the show you skip and a lot of people skipped past this one from the 3 TX shows on to St. Louis and that MONSTER Gin.
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by mcgrupp81

mcgrupp81 The vibe I get from the tapes is FUN. Anytime you see something as bizarre as It's Ice>Lengthwise>It's Ice, you have to be intrigued. Enjoyed the 1st set a lot.
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat Old school as h***. Funny that coming off a show where they played 6 covers, this show breaks way old school.

Not sure if they were in a rut, getting bored, or what, but this is the second consecutive show where the setlist wasn't "normal" at all. (This break from the norm is better than the cover orgy.)

It's Ice, The Wedge, Mango Song, Brother... these songs weren't getting played at all leading up to this show.

Really cool, makes for some good listenin' if you happen to be working your way through the tour. Curve balls all over the place.
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by Capricornholio

Capricornholio On paper, this show looks like I wouldn't like it (lots of songs, nothing especially long save YEM). In practice, this show is absolutely fantastic. Interesting setlist choices and great flow throughout. Highlights of the first set include a straight-forward (rocking) Disease, a very funky Sally that benefits from not going full-on vocal jam, an Ice with lengthwise in the middle, and a funky bitch that gets very funky indeed (with the funk breaks that they did all time in 97-98). The second set features an atypical Contact with Mexican love style jamming (whatever the fuck that means) followed by a great version of Maze that goes on a little longer than usual and features excellent, and far more jazzy than usual, comping by Trey during pages solo. For the second show in a row, they played a little bit longer than typical version of YEM. So many weird song choices and the energy was just high level the whole night.

This show is a winner. 4/2 / 5 A- Phish
, attached to 1998-07-28

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show has quite a bit to offer, as long as you can get past the lack of jamming.

You get a rarity in emotional rescue to start. The segue into DWD is quick and excellent. Probably a little too good because they fell apart for a second shortly after. It also has one of the most well played versions of Moma Dance I’ve heard, very tight. Sally is a really nice treat and is also played well, the little jam after is great too. Cool It’s Ice Lengthwise It’s Ice segment as well.

Second set has a strange selection. The wedge is pretty solid. Poor heart is super sloppy. I really enjoy this Mango Song as well as Brother (although it was a little flubby and off). Caspian is especially powerful and the ending portion is fantastic. YEM is also very solid.

Cool encore selection to end the show.

1998 is truly a great year.
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