Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones. Trey rollerbladed through the crowd during Weekapaug. Page teased Long Tall Glasses in Love You. Baby Elephant Walk made its Phish debut at this show and contained an All Fall Down signal before returning to Bowie. This show (with the exception of Sweet Adeline) was made available as a Live Phish archival release.

Long Tall Glasses tease in Love You
Debut Years (Average: 1988)
Song Distribution

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill On to Ohio! Tenth show of Fall tour and the only show at Denison ever. Really good energy tonight coupled with a great sounding recording where you can hear a little crowd, and a little stage banter between band members. Of course it's a good show, they officially released this one!

Standard start with a solid Landlady to get things going. Right into a nice and tight My Sweet One. Melt is also good and tight. Nice jam and no messing around tonight. They are really going from one song into another with almost no pauses. Bouncing is pretty standard, maybe a few spots from Page. A little sub-par. Rift is cooking tonight, but still a little loose at times. Not quite tight. Cavern is good but, also has a few spots in it. Fluff is good for the most part but, each member has their own rough spot. Trey says thank you as Fish leads them right into a ripping Maze. Is there any other kind? Page rocks as usual but, there is a little weakness in the hand over to Trey and also Trey rushes the end making it awkward. Adeline was cut from the recording I heard and makes sense with all the shushing of the times. Mike's is good, and has one of the first times I can remember them going to an F in the jam like they are going into Simple! Not to be for a few more years. Hydrogen is better tonight but, still has a tentative feel to it. Very uncertain. Weekapaug starts off with what sounds like Page tuning his piano. I read that Trey was rollerblading through the crowd so that might explain it. Anyway, good jam in Weekapaug and a great way to end a good set.

After a brief discussion between Page and Trey we have a rocking Axilla to start off second set. Still has a little of that uncertain new song feel so far but a great jam even though Page used the piano for his solo. Right into a Curtain which catches Mike a little off guard at first but, ends up being ok. Chalkdust is it's normal rocking self. Not bad. My Friend's intro has gotten better and tonight is a really good song overall. Nice ending, a la Frank Oz. After a brief explanation from Trey, ATR is pretty tight and well played. Maybe just a pinch off here and there. You can hear Trey call out Uncle Pen and they proceed to flub the intro a little. Not too bad, and very up tempo. So you can hear the call out for Llama and Fish and Trey joke about something which causes them to completely blow the intro to an otherwise rocking version. Page then starts the usual HYHU joke to bring out Henrietta! Super swinging, fast Love You tonight. Funny band intros and solos including a great vacuum solo. Page continues teasing HYHU on what sounds like a Casio keyboard before a very rusty sounding Dinner. Really rusty, right into what I thought would be a Bowie but, turned into the first of only two Baby Elephant Walks. Introduced by Trey and again features the Casio sounding keyboard. A standard sounding Bowie follows up and makes for a good set closer.

Only time for one encore tonight and GTBT does the job. Trey rips it, and Page digs in for some soulful vocals. Well done.

Really good show overall, great energy, and like I said earlier they officially released this one so, it must be good right? Check it out.
, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw An extremely well played, yet straightforward show.

It's hard to give a play by play for this show because it is one very typical of the times. Comical, fiercely played, yet very "songy". But no segments or experimentation to really speak of.

Highlights for me are:

Cavern (They nail it)
Weekapaug (Highlight of the show IMO, it's just excellent)
Bowie (so polished yet incendiary)

Keep in mind everything else is very well played. But if you're looking for something unique or different this isn't your show.
, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by EducateFright

EducateFright I'm at a loss as to why this show was released through Live Phish. This is not a particularly outstanding show (from '92 or otherwise); to me, it screams average! The playing is, for the most part, quite tight throughout - which is wonderful - but back in '92 that was par for the course.
Fluffhead sounds nearly perfect to my ears... nearly. Mike's contains a promising, murky heavy-metal excursion after the first breakdown, but Trey is quick to pull in the reins.
After set 1, I was really hoping to hear something jaw-dropping in set 2, but it never came. Love You contains some humorous banter from Fishman: “Are you awake? Just checkin'. Have you been drinking? Thought so.” His overly-flatulent vacuum solo is worth hearing. Baby Elephant Walk put a smile on my face the first time I heard it – I can picture a dumbfounded audience scratching their heads while simultaneously laughing at the absurdity of it all. I will admit that this Bowie is quite good.
If you're interested in this show and pondering whether or not to shell out the cash for the sbd download, you might consider seeing if you can pick up a suitable aud to add to your collection instead. This show would make a suitable introduction to the '92 sound, but if you're already familiar with it, then nothing here is going to surprise you.
, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by MrMurph

MrMurph I retract that statement, they all seem to have this ac/dc jam esque segment
, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ The reason behind this show's status as an archival release escapes me. There are countless unreleased greats waiting in the goldmine, including several from 1992 (April in California!). At first I thought that maybe I was crazy for this opinion, but it seems like the fifty-something phish.net reviewers agree with me on this one based on the sub-4 rating. Of course, all Phish is good Phish, and I'm happy to have more high quality tracks available, but I just don't understand this selection. Alas.

Nothing particularly wrong with the show; like most from '92, the band is tight and executes a loaded setlist well on all fronts. Highlights are a strong Fluffhead, a raging Chalk Dust Torture and Llama, and a meaty Bowie that features some really great full-band riffing. However, even these peaks are fairly mundane in the grand scheme of early Phish, earning no "wow" factor in my opinion. I had a great time listening to it, but don't really feeling like anyone is missing out without having done so.
, attached to 1992-12-01

Review by MrMurph

MrMurph I would like to make a note that there is a small ac/dc bag jam started by Page during Love You's vacuum solo.
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