Trey teased Waves before Bathtub Gin. After several glowsticks hit Trey’s rig at the end of Seven Below, Trey’s guitar tech, Brian Brown, had to come onstage to do some damage control, prompting Trey to say some words of thanks. Seven Below contained a Mary Had a Little Lamb tease from Trey. Contact culminated in a Little Drummer Boy jam.
Mary Had a Little Lamb tease in Seven Below, The Little Drummer Boy jam in Contact, Waves tease
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2004 Late Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by JMarks1445

JMarks1445 Hard to believe it has been almost 6 years since I saw the boys in Hampton for my very first show. Didn't know what to expect, but looking back on it I don't think I realized how big the hype was to this late addition show in the Summer of '04. For one, it was their "last tour" and it was The Mothership. It was, and still is, one of the most Phistoric and Phishiest venues they play at. The experience of the show at the time was unlike anything I had seen. One of the most disappointing things now though is how much this show gets hated on by everybody, or at least forgotten. I have heard everything at Hampton (minus the post hiatus '03 run) and understand how read icculusly sick they all pretty much were, but if you go back and listen to this show, I think you'd enjoy it and give it some credit, at least for the first set. The one thing, listen to the second set first, and the first set second. It seems to me that they mixed up the sets because the first set is all jamming, and the second is more like what you'd expect a typical Phish first set to be. The Chalk Dust opener went for 20+ minutes, and gets Type II around the 7 or 8 minute mark. The play between all four members is just beautiful. Page and Trey are going note for note, and Mike and Fish hold down the backbeat perfectly. Probably the most underrated jam of '04/post hiatus #1. The 20+ minute Gin that follows gets off to a slow start, but really starts picking up when the jamming happens. Another Type II, it gets really good after 9 minutes, and Trey starts killing it a few minutes later. Gin segues into a short but sweet Runaway Jim before they start Walls of the Cave. This might be the best version they have done in the short history of the tune, but the jamming is really amazing, especially Trey, who is ripping at the peak of the jam. Loving Cup was a good high energy close to the set, well played, and a good fit to the rocking first set. The second is where people start to really hate on this show. All of These Dreams got the set off to a slow mellow start, followed by solid but standard versions of Limb by Limb and Lifeboy. Crowd Control was uninteresting, but a good song and short. The Seven Below went on for about 15 minutes, and had some goods moments in the jam until Trey had some tech problems. An unusually uneventful Stash followed, which seagued into the always fun NICU. A standard Bug slowed it down again, before Contact. I had never heard the song at the time, but I am big fan of the tune now. Just makes you feel good. Never really liked Character Zero, but it's a pretty rocking version to close out the set. The David Bowie encore was awesome. I think it was like the 2nd ever or something. This one might be my favorite version of the song. It rocks hard. To wrap, the guys played great all night, and the energy from the crowd was there especially in the first set, but the second set just got too mellow, and that's what killed the energy and led to a disappointing show overall for some. But I loved it when I saw it, and I think it gets better ever time you hear it. Only if they played the mellowed out second set in the first, and the jammed out first set second, and kept that Bowie encore, we might be talking about this show as the best of '04, and another classic night at The Mothership.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by pauly

pauly :You know things are amiss when the first set contains only five songs:
-From Above-
that may be the dumbest statement ive heard in along time!!!


drove down from ct.w/long time tOOr friend.

set one was actually pretty good
Rocking Chalkdust to open the set,Bathtub->Runaway Jim was fun..i thought the roof was gonna explode during Walls.Lovin'cup was a great way to close the set...2nd set,couldnt tell you what the hell happened,or what the hell went on backstage at setbreak,but this was the roughest set i think ive ever experienced..the frustration on the band memebers faces is something i wont was fitting since,we did go out to our car to find out that it was towed!
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show is VERY underrated. Phish did a flip flop setlist. You get a total Set 2 for set 1 and Set 1 for Set 2.

The first set is just relentlessly jammed out. I don't know if this was their final treat for the audience at one of their most famed venues, or if they were using the jamming first set as a warm up exercise for their final leg together as a band. But I feel it paid off.

Chalkdust kicks things off huge. It goes into a very Blissfully beautiful jam, Fish picks things up and the groove kicks in, Trey seems of top of it. It has some pretty fierce peaks towards the end. People must've been shitting themselves when Bathtub Gin kicked in, it's a slowed down version. Into the jam Trey steps in front and the guys follow him perfectly, it moves with a nice little groove. Then Jim kicks in, it feels like they get the Jim proper out of the way quick and jam. Trey once again goes off. The WOTC jam starts off similar to the Gin jam with Trey riffing and hacking away. The intensity builds into a fireball, it falls apart going back into the outro. Even Loving cup is a noteworthy version to close this set!

All of these dreams is a very off choice for the second set. And one that to this day leaves a bad taste in many a fans mouth, I can't say I care too much for it myself. Trey goes off (again) in LXL. Seven Below starts off sloppy but finds it's footing into the jam which gets chaotic and eerie it melts into a serene jam. Stash is a pretty evil strong version. The segue into NICU is fantastic! Contact is even notable with a little funk jam in its center.

And a Bowie Encore??? And a Strong Bowie at that!! What a show!
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Kaya93

Kaya93 Not good. Saw them at Keyspan just months earlier and that show was released on DVD. This one was swept under the carpet for good reason. The vibe was terrible. Everyone was like "this is going to be so awesome that Phish added a Hampton show, they are going to murder it tonight!" But too much hype led to many undercovers ruining the parking scene, terrible long lines to get in, and just a shitty experience overall. I think this was a bad time for fans too. Suddenly the band was like we're done and everyone was just like well wait let me get one more fix and no one had any real emotions of what was happening.

Uninspired playing, forced everything, and I was not impressed with the "mothership" or whatever. Thank God they came back and didn't leave this summer as they're swan fucking song.

I love Phish more than ever that I'm sober now. First time was 1993.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by dscott

dscott Clearly this is a show where context makes a huge impact on how it is experienced. For many whose first listening exposure was in the context of Phish's imminent (or recent) retirement, the ugly side of grief undoubtedly filtered their perceptions. Even outside that context, it would understandably be a letdown to attend a show where the first set was loaded with raging improv but set 2 was a patchwork of mostly mellow songs + even mellower jams.

On the other hand, it's an entirely different experience to give the show a fresh listen long after the band's triumphant 2009 return. All in all, it's not a spectacular show, but the highlights (especially set 1) are well worth hearing.

The opening Chalkdust has been appropriately praised - it's huge! The structured portion of the song is plenty intense, and the lengthy jam is both focused and exploratory. A bit of a hiccup transitioning to the reprise chorus is readily forgiven, as this 21-minute behemoth crunches to a satisfying finish. Bathtub Gin is another improvisational monster in the 20-minute realm, but mostly rumbles heavily through the murk with dark and edgy vamping before unexpectedly coalescing into Runaway Jim. The transition serves as an inspiring springboard to an energetic and modestly explored Jim. Walls Of the Cave is the 3rd 20-minute epic of the set, and the closing jam absolutely bursts at the seams with intensity - especially aggressive guitar work from Trey. Loving Cup is a typically strong version to end an above-average 1st set.

The ballads to start Set 2 are a well-executed trio, and Lifeboy in particular is imbued with extra emotion. Not much of a jam to Limby Limb. Crowd Control is scarcely noticeable in its brevity and indifferent execution. Seven Below begins a short and reflective jam sequence, dissipating into an airy space that is interrupted by Trey's praising his guitar tech Brian Brown. Stash is uncharacteristically introspective, with quiet and sinister exploration that skips the customary finish and winds into NICU instead. Solid enough NICU, with heavy-handed repetitive chords deliberately replacing "Leo"'s usual nimble-fingered solo. Bug is a very strong version, delivered with extra gusto. Contact is tightly executed, and noteworthy for Little Drummer Boy jamlet at the end - which becomes progressively more twisted before rumbling into a typically hard-charging Character Zero. Bowie encore is definitely a satisfactory version.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten This has the distinction of being one of the worst regarded Phish shows of all time. For that reason I think it should be on every fan's "must hear" list. I myself am definitely a fan of some of the more blurry passages.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by TimberCarini

TimberCarini This is in my top 5 worst shows that I have seen live. It may even take the top spot... at least as I sit here today, and reflect (8 years later), it was the only time the band's actual "playing of music" ruined a show for me. So depressing to do at Hampton of all places.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Theodore3

Theodore3 My first show although I had been listening for about 10 years. The impending "break-up" got me off my butt to make sure I got a show in before they were gone.

Like most, I think the 1st set was great that night and stands up over time. The size of the CDT and the intensity of the Walls really stand out to me 9 years later. And while not the typical emotional ballad, the emotion during Loving Cup was amazing. You could really look around Hampton and easily pick out the fans who had put in years, shows, and miles with Phish and were now sure it was ending.

The 2nd set - rough. Almost like a sputtering car that you're desperate to get home, to the garage, to the gas station, etc. The 1st set joyful sadness really seemed to be replaced with just sadness.

But for selfish reasons, that 1st set/2nd set high and low really did it for me as a first timer. The 2nd set was like a normal concert but with the emotional heft of everyone wanting it to be as great as the 1st set. And the 1st set was what made me realize how intense, brilliant and beautiful a Phish show can be. It made me grind away online for hours to get tickets for Camden 2009, it made me ditch work on a flimsy excuse for Camden 2010, motivated me to make sure I got to Sunday MPP 2010 after a wedding Saturday night, get to SuperBall, scramble to get Sunday AC 2012 in, etc, etc.

The merits of 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 can be debated to death. I know I'm regretful I didn't advantage of 1.0 and 2.0 the way I easily could have. Hampton 2004 takes a lot of deserved shit but it holds a special place for me. When Phish came back in 2009, it's this show (specifically the 1st set) that is the reason for all the beautiful moments I've seen in 3.0.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Redbonefrancey

Redbonefrancey I was heartbroken walking out of Hampton that night. Everyone's covered pretty much every aspect. However I'm confused why, the absolutely fierce and fiery 2nd set opener, "All of These Dreams," (I do love the song regardless), upset most people. Well, every person I know, and, it seems, everyone here..BUT, it was an obvious decision Pholks! It is practically THE ONLY proper follow up to the 1st set's conclusion, "Loving Cup." Of course, no one can truly know the minds of four Vermontians when making such crucial, yet clamorous, melodic decisions! But if one tries to place him/herself as close as one can to that Phinite alcove, one might find one's self standing next to "THE MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN" and one would clearly see the connection, the transparent reciprocity available in that "PLACE ON THE MOUNTAIN NEARBY!" Therephore (!), in light of the first-line- lyrical-association of these two ditties, the irony of the "mountain," being a possible reason for such an odd decision, can painfully come to fruition in the fall that would take place, from that lofty proverbial spot, where these same Vermontarians fell, only to once again claim that uniquely Phormed ledge after a glorious, and painstaking, reemergence!
That's the best I got! That show was tough. The whole scene/air/energy felt as muddy as the sludgy jams that characterize the 2.0 era. And I, personally, love that shit!
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by frump

frump Set 1.

chalk dust: fluent and high energy. a blast right off the bat. this jam begins hot, meanders and slides around for a while and eventually starts to break through to deep space. Unfortunately, the ending is botched during the transition to bathtub, and it turns into a sloppy outro.

bathtub: a seriously fuckin rockin intro, a monster slop-fest from the get-go, page tears this song to shreds, as trey rocks against the current for a while, and its as though he is just slapping his guitar to a violent rhythm; a strained uphill battle. Meanwhile, mike and fish keep the jam from decaying and maintain the flow coherent. the jam segment struggled to dissolve into type II status (to me), and it hovers at verge of breaking through, a true struggle from start to finish.

jim: a surprisingly smooth transition from the flailing bathtub jam. from head to toe a solid and short jim.

walls: one of my personal fav versions, of one my personal fav songs. it staggers and stumbles along, with an exceptionally eerie beat (even for walls standards). the second jam segment gets intense and culminates into an enormous slap to the face. the intensity wavers and slips around through the cosmos and, for me, becomes a lucid experience.

cup: a nice tight cutesy bow to wrap this beautiful pile of slop.

set 1 tl;dr:
the meat and potatoes; chalk dust, bathtub, and walls are a sloppy heaping pile of transcendent jamming, with a loving cup filler tossed in to please the masses.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Cheard

Cheard Decide for yourself:
Set I:
Set II:

thx to ThePhishJams
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by mthomas4

mthomas4 worst show i ever saw, you could tell it was time for the boys to take a break
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 This show gets hated on for its slow 2nd set and even I admit it isnt a strong overall show.

the first set is very strong. A bit short but 5 very strong songs. I missed chalkdust but heard it was the song of the night besides the bowie encore. The Gin was very strong I did make it in for this and good Runaway. WOTC was a top version and always good to see loving cup in a diff spot the the encore spot (i think we all can agree). The 2nd set starts off slow and makes me wish they wouldve taken 2 slow songs and put WOTC and Gin in the 2nd set. If they did that I bet this show would have better flow.

But Its the only Lifeboy I've ever had and that song is awesome as well as only AOTD. The NICU>Bug>Contact made up for the slow start. And i still feel in NICU page has one of his strongiest wail outs as we all know page always does well in the jamming and techincal side but he really shreds this song almost like a heavy guitar. and yes Zero and Bowie are amazing too.

so even tho the show was not the best. It had strong moments and the Little Lamb tease was tight
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by mcgrupp81

mcgrupp81 I took a 7.5 hour train ride from NYC to get to the show. Nothing doing but the 1st set. I was glad I was able to take a 1 hour plane ride to Boston the next day. Great Woods was lots of fun!
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Cheard

Cheard This was not a stellar night for the band. You know things are amiss when the first set contains only five songs. Impending doom was the theme of the evening. I did, however, enjoy Contact. Give this one a listen, and I believe you will find many painful moments. I had more fun in the hotel room after the show.
, attached to 2004-08-09

Review by Cheard

Cheard :You know things are amiss when the first set contains only five songs:
-From Above-
that may be the dumbest statement ive heard in along time!!!


Proper punctuation and capitalization are your friends.

I'll take the 5 song 11-23-1997 Set II over this Set I.
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