Trey teased Apostrophe in Steam. Page teased Dave's Energy Guide at end of Carini. Character Zero contained Flash Light teases.
Apostrophe tease in Steam, Flash Light tease in Character Zero, Dave's Energy Guide tease in Carini
Debut Years (Average: 1999)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2018-08-08

Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed I had said in my review of Gorge N3 that Melt was my favorite Phish song... more on that later.

S1 has tons of playful fun. General “Theme” for the night was to go intricate rather than predictable. Everything well played and great exchange between the band members, esp Steam and Theme. But the first set is made impressively better thanks to this Everything’s Right thunderous closer. Bravo!

It’s not often S1 has the longest jam of the night, but it does sometimes happen. No 15+ or 20+ jams to speak of, but they micro jammed the crap out of this set. Carini and SYSF were a decent compliment (albeit I wouldn’t have complained if they stayed within Carini during this time). My first SASS so a huge joy for me. They did SASS proper too and it brought the thunder here too. Even the Wingsuit and Waste had purpose as appropriate breathers between ragers.

I erupted when they broke out Melt. Jam length aside, I’ll take this Melt to my grave. What a riot and joy to experience 5 years after my previous (and first) Melt. Im bound to see as many songs from 2013 that I haven’t seen since. Zero got funky in S2 close ( a la BD Powedered Donut).

I had been asking for a Suzy for years. Hadn’t seen it since my first show (like Hydrogen last night). Brilliant!

If you value deep and extended jams, this isn’t your show. Tight, intricate, driven and well played music? Eat it up... Indeed
, attached to 2018-08-08

Review by gratefulphishy

gratefulphishy Coming into this show I had really high hopes after not being super impressed with the previous night. There were a few jams that shined through but I was expecting something big for Wednesday night.

I’m a native to this venue. Seen a lot of shows here but never got to see phish. Personally there’s nothing too special about the venue itself. With one of the biggest lawns around there is plenty of room for chomper heaven. This show was full of them too. Although I can’t complain because there were minimal talkers. Other than the mom (which was probably her and her son’s first show) that was taking videos with her flash on the whole time, the crowd was rather good tonight for being on the lawn. Eventually the mom was dancing and having a good time, was glad they enjoyed the show.

The first set immediately kicked off with Moma. And let me tell you the crowd was going nuts. Even the security guards were dancing. Right then I knew the band was going to be locked in for the night. Free comes next which was pretty standard but had me really focusing in on mike. Where I was standing on the lawn might have just been one of the best spots for a very well balanced sound. For the whole night I would be locked in on Mike. Undermind got me excited, I’ve never been let down by the song and this one kept that streak going. Nothing super big but a solid, tight jam. Tftb was nuts, trey started raging the place and I knew he’d be on fire for the rest of the night. Almost no flubs from him so far in the show (he’s getting old I don’t blame the guy if he does). My sweet one is always a pleasant surprise. Can’t complain there. Steam is always welcome in my book, this one wasn’t great but a good jam. Train song is just the usual train song and they had to throw a slow one in there somewhere. Now Halley’s is always one of my favorites basically due to it having two of my favorite jams of all time. Everytime they play it I have high hopes of a 20+ minute jam but alas we just get a standard one. Now I’ve seen several everything’s right before this show. Everytime it plays I always think ugh, then mid way through the song I get a guilty pleasure and start to enjoy. But then the jams always come and this one was no joke. It might be up there in the talk of one of the jams of the summer. An absolute rager that had almost every person jumping up and down by the last two minutes. This one will be on repeat over and over for me.
First set gets a 4.5/5. Overall it was a super tight set. No flubs from Trey and the band was locked in. The crowd was left extremely satisfied.

Before the second set I was fired up. I was ready for several huge jams. But, of course Julius starts it off and I think uh oh here we go. The crowd goes fucking nuts for this. I’m ready to get it over with, then carini hits. Carini being the mvp of the tour, I was ready for the jam to take off but we only get a 10 minute one. Nice little jam but nothing worth relistening to. Sysf isn’t too bad for one of the newer songs. Again, was expecting a big jam but nothing took off. Wingsuit got some groans but the jam was beautiful. Not super long but impactful. Scents is always welcome and not too shabby but short jam. I’ve seen waste a gajillion times so nothing super special but the crowd ate it up. Now SOAM was the highlight of the set. Just screeching evil tones from trey. But the mvp of this song was CK5. The lights were perfectly matched. I was in awe. Not one I’d go back and relisten to all that often but the live experience was unbelievable. They end it with zero and of course I wasn’t too happy. But I was hoping we’d get a nice encore with a rarity. Nope we got Suzy and that completed the chomper fest.

Second set 3.5/5 overall had lots of tight playing and decent short jams but not something I’d go back and revisit.

The show itself gets a 4/5. The first set was awesome. A great live experience. The second not so much. But I have to say, if someone has never listened to phish before this show is great to show them. Full of the “hits” and not too long of jams where they could get bored if they are new to the jam scene.

I’m have a good feeling about what’s to come at merriweather. At least we know the chomper hits won’t be there.
, attached to 2018-08-08

Review by Koa96

Koa96 Set 1: [Moma, Free] was a nice funky way to open us into this show, Mike's has no qualms leading us through Free [Theme] as always this beautiful song builds but in particular, Trey soars and I'd say the highlight of S1 [My Sweet One] Page absolutely DESTROYS this one!!! You can literally hear Trey yell multiple times YEAH! as Page rips thru much energy in Mike's singing too...a really great version of this song [Everything's Right] continues to be a great jam vehicle at the end (or beginning) of sets...I love how Trey is really trying to finish all songs, and in this one come back to vocally EVERYTHING'S RIGHT at the end.

Set 2: [Julius, Carini] was a rocking, energetic start to the second set [SYSF] is a new favorite, I love how this song starts, super funky [Wingsuit, SASS, Waste] was a beautiful section of S2 and they do a complete version of SASS this time unlike SF before they hit us with [SOAM] which barely hung in there thru the jam and was thought to be the end of set but they hit us with a [Zero]!

2018 - It's the Summer of Everything Soul!
, attached to 2018-08-08

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish This show improved leaps and bounds on last night's performance. Energy is the name of the game and this show brought it heavy. Every single song, from the opening notes of Moma, felt fresh and played with purpose. This show was super tight and had amazing flow. In comparison to last night, which had a pretty decent DWD and an awesome Light jam to my ears, but had no flow, tonight didn't take anything deep but took everything to the top. See Theme From the Bottom as a perfect example of this. Solo was just absolutely scotching. The Everything's Right was the jam of the night. The boys took it up a notch with a nice, type one jam to start it off. After a moderately high peak, Page keeps it going and brings the jam down to some dirty, dark playing. Trey links up with Page and Mike here and brings the jam to the stratosphere. What a first set.

The second set was just has high energy as the first and definitely saw some type 2 treatments, but nothing mind boggling. I thought, probably like the rest of you, that the Carini was really heading in a nice direction before Trey abandoned it for Set your Soul Free. I was disappointed, but the jam out of Set your Soul Free did not disappoint and made me quickly forget about that pesky rip chord. Even this Wingsuit was well placed and peaked nicely. As I've said before, never complain about at Scents and Subtle sounds in this spot. Waste was definitely needed before the mind bending that happened during this SOAM. Holy crap this jam got effects-laden and dark. While I also agree that this could have been a 93 jam, I would say it would also fit right in 03 as well.

Overall, this show just brought the heat and energy. I highly recommend listening to this show that is sure to be lost in the scuffle of a deep jam summer tour. Phish always delivers at Camden.
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