Ghost contained San-Ho-Zay teases from Trey. The long, surreal Mockingbird narration offered an “explanation” for the evening’s lunar eclipse and contained Star Trek theme teases from Page. Mockingbird was played for the first time since Halloween, 1996 (135 shows).

Jam Chart Versions
San-Ho-Zay tease in Ghost, Theme from Star Trek tease in Fly Famous Mockingbird
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by GreenerBlues

GreenerBlues It rained in Raleigh, not like the year before (the famous thunderstorm), but it did rain a little in the afternoon. My phriend and I had seats towards the back of the pavillion so we could see out overhead, and about ten minutes before the show started a huge rainbow appeared directly over the amphitheater! The first two songs with the rainbow overhead is something I'll never forget - such happiness. In fact I couldn't have asked for a more perfect first show, just an all around good vibe. Going back and listening to it brings back that fun and loving time in my life, and isn't that what it's all about?

I will say that I learned very quickly that Uncle Trey tells a heck of a story- something about Colonel Forbin ziplining into a lake of Jello in a lucid dream and eating it(?) and then somehow floating into space and blocking out the sun, hence the lunar eclipse.
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by kmjansen

kmjansen First show, rainbow over the stadium through Water in the Sky and Drowned, lost my sh* a good way. Wondering if DeeperBlues was one of my two Phish companions: Matt or Brad. I think all three of us learned to dance like we mean it at this show.
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by westbrook

westbrook I agree with the other reviewers regarding the up and down first set, but the second set Mike's Groove (almost the entire set) is pretty good. Decent show overall, but not one of the standout performances of the tour.
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by JMart

JMart Happy 22nd birthday to a fun show.
My cousin and I attended the 7/31 show together in Columbus (his home turf) so we figured we’d call it equal if he and his sister drove down for this one. Halfway to the venue my bud remembered he forgot his ticket back in chapel hill. Bummer.
Brief thunderstorm gave way to the opening pairing of water/drowned. I recall good renditions of stash and foam in the first set as well as the big col forbin/mockingbird bust out. I was a big enough fan at the time to know it was a big deal, but not to assess the execution. Thank goodness for @ucpete!
Second set featured an absolutely filthy mike’s jam. Trey went off hard for a minute or two, just tearing up the fretboard.
Bearing in mind they’d played Disease in Atlanta the show before, it was surprising to hear the beginnings of a tease in weekapaugh. It sounds as though Trey caught himself about halfway through the lick and buried it.
This waste is my favorite version of a tune I really don’t enjoy that much. The solo is beautiful.
Listen to the foam, stash, mikes, and paug
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Not bad Not Bad

They stretch their legs a little bit during Drowned, more of an exercise jam than anything. Stash is strong as always. Ghost goes into a nice hose jam that kind of swallows you whole then fades out. Col Forbin .Mocking bird at the end of the set? Huge bustout. Extra long narration that reminds me why I prefer these narrations over Harpua, it's way out there. It's obvious it hasn't been played in a while but hey still a nice treat.

Set 2 opens with a peaky and well played Chalkdust. It's followed by a great filthy Mike's Song that doesn't drift very far, but still some great tone and playing by Trey. Very well played LxL. Fantastic Piano segue into Wading. Weekapaug has some really fierce playing in it and is a great cap (man they sure loved playing full Mike's Groove sets in '98 huh?).

Nothing to write home about with a generic Funky B Encore.

Over all not a very memorable show besides the Mockingbird Narration, but that's something I might go back to in the right space.
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by uctweezer

uctweezer This Mockingbird is almost unlistenable... it's clear that it had been a couple years since they last played it... and it's clear why they waited another two years to play it again! I'M LOOKING AT YOU TREY!
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay maybe it was fatigue, but i had a tough time maintaining myself from start to interest peaked in spurts, but i also sat in my chair just as often. quality songs & jams, but the overall flow was...stuttered, maybe? admittedly, i enjoy listening to the show a little more nowadays 'cuz the actual quality of material is solid...but for the sake of cohesion, IMO the peaks & valleys were a little TOO close to one another...
, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by phishfillet

phishfillet Cool show, tempo of the first set was up and down. So you had a chill Water, smokin’ Drowned, chill Frankie and so on. Stash was good; the Ghost was great in a slow methodical way. Forbin’s – Mockingbird was tight, and the narration was definitely out there!

Second set flowed like wine! Albuquerque & Velvet Sea helped to keep the up and down tempo theme from the first set, but it worked!

And it’s always nice to end the night with a Funky Bitch! Cheers
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