7-26-97 -- Timber Ho! review

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 10:34:51 -0400
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Subject: My Favorite Jam's #3: 07/26/97 Timber Ho! (Jerry)
My Favorite Jam's #3  07/26/97
Timber Ho! (Jerry)
Here we go again with another review, I hope you enjoy!
Setlist:    South Park Meadows    Austin, TX
Set II
Timber Ho!> David Bowie, Harry Hood-> Blister in the Sun-> Harry Hood->
Free, Waste, Johnny B. Goode  E: Bouncing, Cavern
0:00: Trey starts with the typical Timber chords.  Nice trading of rolls by
Gullotti and Fish here in the intro.  Mike is all over this intro as well.
Page lays down some nice -psychedelic- chords on his synth.  Mike is really
high on his Modulus at the start...great sound Mike!
1:44: jam starts, Trey taking the lead, but in a more funky sounding manner
than we are accustomed to in Timber.  Fish and Gullotti are keeping pace
nicely with Mike right in time with them.  Page bangs away on his keys.
Trey is soaring right along @ 2:30 with some glorious playing.  Some intense
interplay between Trey and Mike at 2:55.  If Phish would ever add another
instrument to the mix it would have to be percussion of some sort, I love
any tape with Gullotti or Perazzo it.  3:25 Trey keeps playing the intense
riff that has -plagued- this Timber from the start of the jam, it's so
intense right now.
4:00:  Trey starts taking this one in a different direction, the
percussionists are the first to catch on to his new lead.  Trey plays up a
little higher on the register.  Fish and Gullotti are ripping up at 4:30.
Page still sounds great on the piano.  Mike drops a few bombs around the
4:40 mark, and really jumps into the mix after this.
4:55: Page starts to lead the jam, when Trey decides to jump in with
his -bird sound- guitar effect from the summer of 97.  Mike complementing
Trey nicely throughout this entire section, possibly even taking the lead
here, as Trey seems to have mellowed out a bit on this solo.  Nice trading
from Mike and Trey at 5:40, with Page on his "ELP synth"
6:00: Now Mike is definitely in the lead here, he sounds great with the
light notes he keeps repeating.  6:20 Trey starts in with some nice riffing,
and Mike continues to paint a VERY intense picture over top of it...it
sounds great here.  Very spooky...with Mike playing these high notes on top
of Trey and Page's chording.
7:04 Mike digs in a little deeper here, and starts to intertwine his notes
better with Trey. Nice rolls from the percussion.  7:30 Mike is still going
off, I can just picture him banging his head like he always does when he
really gets into a jam :-).  He's doing what he wants with this one, and no
one is going to tell him otherwise. He is stretching this one out himself.
8:06: Page starts to climb up higher and higher on the piano, possibly
looking for some room to run, come on Trey give it to him.. :-).  Now we
have Page, Mike and Trey creating a VERY psychedelic sound.  Oh this
is -really- nice here, spacey, but still grooving right along, no break in
9:13: Mike makes it sound like we are possibly headed back into Timber, but
Trey takes us into a different direction, more psychedelic jamming from
everyone.  Mike is still all over this jam @ 9:55.  Page sounds like he has
made the switch to the Rhodes (good choice...which he did around 9:10).
Trey continues to noodle around with this jam @ 10:29....when Mike asks:
should we possibly take it up another notch?  Such nice accompaniment from
the percussion this entire jam (thus my lack of comments about them).
10:49: ahh Page is back on the piano, and weaving in and out with Mike.
11:10 Page adds some beautiful fills on the piano, as Trey works with the
effects loop.  11:26 Trey is back into the picture with some nice funky
jamming.  Mike is STILL there with some very interesting ideas for this jam.
12:14, I can't even hear Page, but finally the drummers are taking us
further, as they push the beat to take this one further into space. Trey
catches up on this move and starts chording differently @ 12:30.  Mike
latches on to Trey and the drummers at 12:40 and here we go again, damn,
they just don't want to end this one!
13:10: Trey takes us up to another level, but that quickly dies out by
13:29, I expect us to probably head back to Timber now, some Timber like
lines @ 13:42...the percussion is moving in a Timber-like direction...but
Trey's effects loop is still cycling through, so we may not get the third
verse just yet.  It sounds like Gullotti with some nice rolls at 14:25.
More BS chording from Trey here, it sounds like they really don't know what
to do...a lot of funky noise going on here.
15:26: Very quiet as all you can hear is Trey's loop....15:41 we are headed
back into Timber, with EXCELLENT work from the drummers and Mike here.
Third verse comes back around at 16:13.  Some space that follows the Timber
ending is quickly washed away by the high hat intro that would be Bowie.
Total time 17:06.
This is out of the -ordinary- realm for a Timber, and it features possibly
one of the top jams of the Summer of 97, right up there with the Atlanta
Ghost, Ventura Bowie->Cities->Bowie, DC Cities, any Gumbo, and the Wolfman's
from the Went...but of course that is just my opinion, so take it fwiw.
Almost 15 minutes of jamming from a song that doesn't usually last more than
7 minutes is really nice.  Not very -energetic-, but this one works on your
mind...very psychedelic stuff.  I really like Gullotti as a guest, a lot
don't like him, but I'd rather have another percussionist with Phish than
any other guest.  This isn't an -overly- popular set, as it really dies out
after the Hood (esp. since it's unfinished), but for the Timber, Bowie, and
the YEM->Izabella, I don't know if there is really enough meat in this set
(or show) to warrant looking for it.  The Timber is more of filler material
Thank you once again for reading my reviews, hell, I think my g/f is
probably going to dump me so I can pursue a full time relationship with the
computer here :-).  Oh well, I really like writing about Phish, and I figure
this is the least I can do.  Take care, and PLEASE let me know what you
think about these reviews, if you think they suck, I don't really care, I'm
still going to write them anyway :-)...if you like them, please tell me so,
I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks once again.