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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 00:18:04 -0500 From: Peter Runge Subject: Phish show review - 8-15-04 Well, I was only able to catch Coventry at the SimulCast in Lincolnshire, IL (Theater 10); but I would still like to share my opinion on the last Phish performance. First of all, I am by no means a "veteran phan." I have only seen the boys 4 times (Alpine Valley 03 and 04) so I can't say that Phish is something that I've dedicated most of my life to. I can however say that since I was introduced to Phish in January '03, my life changed and it has indeed been the best year and a half of my life. I love Phish almost more than anything and I would have done anything to go to Coventry (unfortunately, my grandma had to have major surgery that weekend). On to the review: The energy before the show was incredible, IN THE MOVIE THEATER. Wow. It still hadn't hit me that this was really the end of Phish yet. I felt good because I had snuck in about 20 ticketless 'heads on accident (I opened the backdoor for em). As soon as they stepped onstage Mr. Anastasio busted into Mike's. Very cool! A fiery old-school style Mike's. Hydrogen was NAILED; very good sign of things to come. Weekapaug was hot. Things were looking up. Trey stepped up to the mic and said something like "I was just talking to Page and well, I've never been nervous before a show; never. But today I'm a little nervous. So thanks for all coming out here." I wasn't sure what to think of that so I just cheered at the screen along with the rest of the theater. Anything was a very nice breather and I loved watching Trey's solo up close on the SimulCast. Cool. I turned to my friend Matt and said "has to be Reba." 3 seconds later, bam. Wahoo! Prior to this tune, just about everyone had been sitting down (much unlike Saturday when the theater was bouncing) and I was far past antsy so I jumped up and claimed a little territory over to the left side of the theater and pretty soon lots of people were dancing with me! Neato. The boys were ON and Reba smoked; very beautiful. WHISTLING! Haven't done that since IT. A treat. Right after that they stomped right into Carini! Yeah, it was sloppy, but they really tried to jam it so I was really happy with it. CDT! Trey was a little wobbly but I don't mind. Everyone just has to look past these little mistakes and stop taking Phish for granted. I thought Chalk Dust was really fun. Sure, Trey skipped a verse and the jam wasn't quite ripping it up, but they got past that and started getting spacey. Just recently I have begun to LOVE spacey, exploratory, "spaceship Phish 2004" jams. They really are spectacular. This one was great! And a wonderful segue into Possum. Your end is the road, indeed. They all nailed the jam. Wow. Wolfman's started up and the theater was jumping! FUNKY. Page started getting really cool sounds so Trey and Mike went out and got their mothers and did the "sexy bump dance." Hilarious! Then they brought out Paluska and double-teamed him. Funny stuff. Trey and Mike then had an amazing duet before they all brought it back to the Wolfman's ending. > into Taste. Trey stumbled a little on the intro but it wasn't bad. Taste was beautiful; flaming. GREAT way to close out the set. I had an amazing time! I don't know if you want to read about my personal mishap during setbreak so if you don't care, skip to the next paragraph: As soon as I left the theater I checked to make sure that I had my ticket stub (cause you needed both your stub and a hand stamp for reentry). Unfortunately, it was gone! Well, that didn't bug me much because I knew I wouldn't have a really hard time sneaking back in, but I still complained to the woman at the door to the theater. She said that I could not reenter even with the stamp. Luckily, a kind man named d'Phillip (if you ever read this, THANK YOU! And give me an email ( who works at the theater said that he would get me in once the woman was gone. Once Al, Matt, and I had gotten some tasty subs at Potbelly's, we returned and we had an easy little plan to sneak me in, no problem. But when we came in, d'Phillip was there and he said he would get me my own stub. This WONDERFUL man got me the other end of a stub and personally told all of the women outside of BOTH doors that there was a kid with the wrong end of a stub but to let him in anyways! Thanks man, you're great! Anyhow... I was REALLY happy at this point and I was pumped for whatever Phish was going to play. I was predicting a Tweezer set II opener. Mike however had different plans. He started creating those beautiful psychadelic waves... DISEASE! I snuck in some more guys through the back so I was feeling great. Mike pounded out that line we all know and love and the guys all jumped in beautifully. I was loving this! Everyone was singing along and jumping around and dancing up a storm. A great moment. The chorus applies perfectly in this situation. Trey blazed through the ecstasy lick and we in Coventry a glowstick war erupted. Trey caught two mini glowsticks and used them to play his guitar for a REALLY cool jam that lasted a while too before he ripped back into the ecstasy lick for a few go-rounds before blasting us into outer space. The Disease jam was SPECTACULAR. I absolutely loved the feeling of exploration and the space. Out of one final space jam came Wading. Page nailed the opening and everything was rolling along really well until the verses began. Page tried to sing the verse but he broke down and cried and Trey had to help him out. I was in shock. It still hadn't hit me that this is really the end and I was having such a great time. It really brought me back to Earth when Page got so emotional. I was just numb. Tears came to my eyes but I really felt no emotion. Now whenever I have heard a Wading since, I just break down and cry. This is when it started to hit me. Trey got the solo just right and Page was sooo determined; tears were pouring down his cheeks. I was kind of dizzy and lightheaded. I was sort of overcome with emotions so I was happy when the crowd started a Page chant and he said thanks. Glide was definitely a good choice. I loved seeing it broken out at Alpine and I loved seeing it here. Trey flubbed the lick at first and we all had a good chuckle. I didn't care. During Glide, d'Phillip came into our theater to watch. I was so glad to see him! I ran up to him and said "Thank you so much! This is incredible!" And he just smiled and said, "no problem." After Glide, each member of the band (Trey then Page then Mike and then Fish) all said their thank you's. It was really touching. Trey took the mic again and started to talk. Something like "thank you all so much. I remember when we started to play... way back before we knew this is what we wanted to do for life. We all thought we knew so much about music... and, and about life. (Trey started to cry about here) I'm sorry, up here we're all going through a lot of emotional ups and downs and confusion as I'm sure you are. What we need to do now is just blow off some fucking steam." The crowd erupted into cheers and people yelling "we love you!" It was at this moment that I realized just how big Phish and this music is. So much bigger than any of us; so powerful. I remember d'Phillip looking both severely depressed and outrageously happy at the same time. That's how we all felt. Fish kicked in the SOAMelt groove and we were on our way. The standard Melt jam raged and was really cool but the boys took it into Type II mode and we had ourselves an INCREDIBLE jam! Just an emotion rollercoaster; just blowing off steam. Fish was crying during the jam. What drive these guys have, eh? Wow this jam just took the cake. And Trey's feedback jam at the end was amazing. Ghost was exactly the same way as SOAMelt; an emotional rollercoaster and blowing off more steam. It was really exploratory too. This 2 song, 45 minute + combination is, to me, what Phish is really all about. That musical exploration and the highs and lows and the incredible peaks, the beautiful space, and all the rest. YOU MUST HEAR THE SECOND SET. Setbreak everyone was full of emotion; really sad but incredibly excited at the same time. I forgot what we did, I think just hung out. On our way back in we saw everyone had glowsticks. Saweeeeeeeet! On Saturday there had only been 3 glowsticks and the cops had taken em; so much for that. Before the set Al, Matt, and I talked to d'Phillip some more and also a kind girl who wanted a red Skittle. It turned out d'Phillip was a former deadhead and he told us how lucky we were to have Phish ending like this. d'Phillip's first Phish show was in '87. Wow! He said he remembers seeing Peaches En Regalia and thinking how much potential these guys had. He also told us that he had brought one of the kids in the theater to his first Phish show when he was just a toddler and how he had held the kid above his head during Divided Sky and how big of a moment that was. What a cool dude! As my 4 favorite people in the whole wide world (except for God and one other person) took the stage for what would be the second last time EVER, a wave of emotion swept over me. All of a sudden, they just started up Fast Enough. It caught me completely off-guard and I loved it. It was like they were talking to us. "It's what I was afraid of, I stumbled into view. But it isn't nearly fast enough for you." It was emotional. Then the broke into 7Below. Just recently (after the phenomenal Alpine '04 version) I have become a huge fan of this song. Everyone (at least, the ones who were standing, about 1/2 of the theater) was jumping around and dancing. At this point, everyone who had brought glowsticks let 'em loose. It was CRAZY! So much fun!!!! I never thought I would ever see a glowstick war in a movie theater, but here it was! The cops tried to stop us, but there were too many. It was incredible! There were lots of the glowsticks too! And when d'Phillip (who works at the theater, remember) threw 'em back at us, we all went nuts! I don't even remember what the music was like in 7Below, I just remember it being ambient and spacey nice with Trey yelling "SEVEN BELOW!" Incredibly fun in the theater! When the jam landed in Simple, the theater erupted. Everyone was jumping and singing along. Sure, the boys flubbed the lyrics pretty badly, but they put their hearts into it and we LOVED it. The jam was beautiful and quiet. Just how I like my Simple's. When this jam wound down, Trey started up Piper. I LOVE Piper. Riding the worm! The verses came and went quickly and Trey just SMOKED the jam. I mean, he ripped it up. This worm was groovin'! They got into a really cool groove and stuck with it. Trey started talking about the sound guy no one knows about... BRUNO! The Bruno dance was really funny; turning the knobs. I loved it! Trey thanked the rest of the crew and then started the Dickie Scotland song. MAN this was great! The crowd loved it. Once the jam wound to a close, Trey made a comment and kicked in Wilson. THE THEATER WENT WILD! They really played as hard as they could. It was incredible. > into... SLAVE. Hose. That's all I have to say. And the boys took a big bow out front and left the stage. Fireworks. Very cool. As they entered the stage for the VERY LAST TIME, I was numb. I couldn't feel any emotion. I had predicted either Fluffhead or The Curtain With as a closer (on the contest) but at that point it really didn't matter. Trey made a great speech. Turns out the last song ever is.... The Curtain With! I was still numb. It was a beautiful version. And then they left. I was still numb. There was no postshow music. Just cheering. Thousands upon thousands of people who had placed this band at the top of their priorities for years. We were all confused, lost, sad. But what an incredible way to go out. THANK YOU PHISH
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:08:33 -0400 From: Christopher Kelley Subject: Coventry Simulcast Review I have seen Phish about twenty times over the years. I'm no "expert" like some of you here, but I can give a fairly objective report on a band I've enjoyed for fiftteen years.The first time I saw them was in a tiny nightclub. The last time I saw them was at Big Cypress. They were always one of my favorite live bands, consistently delivering the high-wire compositions and telepathic jams for which they were so well-known. I went to the simulcast with high expectations... Firts, let me say that the production values of the simulcast were incredible. Multiple split-screens, swooping camera shots of the crowd, perfect surround sound mix, etc. That was where the fun ended, though. I had to work both days, and only caught the last set of the last show. For the first few minutes, I was really digging it. The sound, the crowd, and the excitement combined to convince me that I was in for a good time. Then I started to notice how off Trey was. Flubbing vocals, playing weakly, stubling around. I suggested to my friend that if Trey could keep his hands off his nose for a few minutes, he might actually be able to play a solo. Sadly, he just got worse and worse. By the time he came back for the encore, he was trashed. Itchy, heavy-lidded, rubbing his nose, and babbling like an idiot. I stayed until the end, but I don't know why I bothered. It was a sad end for the once mighty Phish. For those of you who think that Trey's behavior was fueled by "emotion," all I can say is that you're naive, or stupid, or both. Trey obviously has a very serious substance abuse problem. I thought it was incredibly selfish and insulting to his bandmates and his fans that he made such a fool of himself and ruined the last show. What a missed opportunity to go out on top. Thanks for the chance to let me be heard lovecraft p.s.- Trey, for the sake of your family, please get the help you need.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:24:02 -0700 From: Tom Smare Subject: 8/18/04 † I've been a fan of Phish since 1993, seeing all my shows on the West Coast over the years. I've never written a review before, but after seeing the final show from a movie theater 3000 miles away and reading the early reviews, I am compelled to write one now.† † As a long time fan of the Grateful Dead I watched that amazing group wither from their true greatness of the late 60s†& 70s into the bloated, drug†addled "Grateful Dead Show" they became the last 10 years of their career. After seeing 8 post-hiatus Phish shows it was obvious to me that something was not right and I was certain that the same thing†that happened to the Dead was going to happen to Phish, so even though I was sad when Trey announced the breakup, I†was also†proud that this band I love had the foresight to see what was happening and the balls to do something about it. † As for the final show, I thought the first set was mostly the band I have seen the past two years. They looked and sounded tired, with slips and mistakes throughout the set. With the pressure the boys must have been feeling this was understandable and was what I expected. It did seem that during Carrini Trey relaxed and I thought Chalkdust Torture was fine, but everything else was just there. † I thought the second set was where it happened. The band hit the stage with a fire and intensity that showed they were now face to face with the bands mortality, and the Down With Disease opener was a ripping reminder of what this band could be at their best. But when Page was overcome by his emotions and couldn't sing the words to Velvet Sea, this show became a classic. This is a song that for me has always represented the worst of Phish, a sappy ballad with silly words that I have always made jokes about or used to refresh myself at shows. On this night however it was an amazing example of how true emotion can take people to their highest. Now I will always love this song because of the was it was played that night. † After the band made their individual good-byes and Trey fumbled through an emotional attempt to explain 21 years in 30 seconds, he said, "Let us blow off some steam" and the band put their heads down and showed us all one more time what made Phish the awesome, truly serious musical group they were. There were no trampolines or vacuum cleaners, no silly choreography or nuttiness. Split Open & Melt and then Ghost were played in the best tradition of Phish. I've seen them play this well and much better in the past, but with all the baggage attached to this performance and the emotion of the moment it became some of the†greatest Phish I've ever seen. When the set was over there were 300 people in a generic movie theater in Dublin, CA on their feet cheering and applauding the band we all love. † I thought the third set was well played, and the final song was performed with the total class these boys have always shown, but for me the second set of the final show is what I'll remember. † For those of you who were there it sounds like†the event†was a major hassle, and your reviews seem to show unrealistic expectations. We always want to make our heroes into Icons that will come through perfectly for us†every time, but there is a reason this band is breaking up, and to expect them to suddenly put on a show that would live up to "THE LAST SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!"†isn't really fair. These could not have been easy shows for them to play and I thought that considering the pressure, intense emotions and distractions they must have indured they played better that I expected.† † To all Phishheads, let's not be sad for what we've lost, but be happy and eternally grateful for what we had. These kinds of bands don't come along very often, how lucky are we who got to experience this phenomenon called Phish? Thank you Jon, Page, Mike & Trey, it has been truly great. And a personal thanks to my friend Randy for†working hard to turn me on to these guys 11 years ago. I'm much the better for the experience. † So now there's just one question remaining... who's next?
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:38:18 -0400 From: "Cameny, Joshua" Subject: Phish show review Coventry Simulcast I attended the simulcast in Marlborough Mass and I would like to say that the sound and video quality was excellent.† This was my first phish show ever after years of attempting to make time to see one and I was splendidly impressed.† On another note I would like to say the horrible reviews that I have read are a disgrace and an insult to the Phish community.† We should be happy for the years of everlasting music that this great band has given us.† I now truly understand why Phish is breaking up and congratulate them on a great career and wish them happiness in every aspect of life. ~Josh~
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 06:31:09 -0700 (PDT) From: Chris Peterson Subject: 8/12 Camden & 8/14 Coventry Simulcast I never thought I would ever write a review here, but after reading the crap some of these spoiled, angry, and selfish people have written about Trey and Phish in general I can't help myself. The fact remains that Phish has given it's fans more in the last 20+ years than any band ever did or will, ever. PERIOD. Because of a few flubs (or even many flubs) people are writing that Trey has a substance-abuse problem? Are you kidding me? Honestly? I was at the Camden show and I thought it rocked. Sure, they didn't hit every note, but the overall energy was amazing, and I just don't see where people can complain about the quality of this show. As far as Coventry goes, I was at Saturday's simulcast and yes, the 3rd set was definetly lacking as far as hitting every note in the composed sections of the songs, but the energy and emoition was there big time. To say that you feel cheated by Phish, and by Trey in particular just sounds wrong to me. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect that people's thoughts and feelings are all different, but to attack Trey personally is just plain wrong. Who are any of you to judge him and say he needs help? I'm sorry, but after reading some of these attacks on Trey I just had to write. Did any of you who went on and on about how Trey ripped you off and blah blah blah even stop to consider that maybe he wasn't drunk, or high, or anything like that? Have any of you ever been in his position? Perhaps he was just exhausted and nervous for the first time in 20 years. No, that never crossed your minds did it? All I know is that IF (and I know that's a BIG if) they do ever come back, I hope all of you who are so ready to say fuck you to Trey and accuse him of all these reasons why he didn't hit every note will stay home and save all of us from listening to your whining. Thank you Trey, Jon, Mike, and Page for all you've ever given to us. The world truly is a darker place now that you're gone. -Chris Peterson
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:32:16 -0400 From: Kevin Ginsberg Subject: Phish show review Twenty-somethingth show (this one simulcast from Garner, NC), first attempt at review. I always have the context for any show that whatever they do is perfect and I don^“t have the musical background to give much technical critique anyway. They can hum on a kazoo or burp the alphabet and I love it. That said, I^“ve never seen but minor errors before, and this show was filled with major flubs. And THAT said, I didn^“t and don^“t care, whether it was my first show, or their last. Jerry flubbed up much worse and much more frequently in his last couple of decades and still breathed out brilliance. I have remarked to some that my grieving process with this has been more difficult than with lost grandparents or my dog, Stogie, who died two weeks ago today (lost a dog and Phish within 10 days). Those I told that to all told me not to tell too many people that. So I^“m posting a review. The reason though is that they (grandparents and dog) were all real old and it was their time. And they are actually dead. It^“s hard to get past the denial stage when our foursome are barely 40 and still kicking. THAT said, I continue to create the context that it is all perfect, and, as Mike says, to give up resisting and let be what will be, and I love the new sounds they are coming up with in their own respective endeavors. Trey particularly has some great songs and I like Vida Blue^“s and Oysterhead^“s sound, too. Set 1 Mike's Song -> A predictible opener. Mike seemed to be repressing his emotions and in need of a cry early, but that might just be me. He^“s always got a freed up stoicness to him, but this time it wasn^“t freed up. I wanted to see him cry like a baby. Maybe that^“s just what I needed to do. I am Hydrogen -> I am glad they returned to this the last however many times they played Mikes-whatever-Weeakapaug. One of their beautiful melodies that along with YEM, Divided Sky, FEFY, Guyute (already done by Trey) and many, many others would make a great purely orchestral CD. Weekapaug Groove -> I^“ve always rooted for an entire show sandwiched by Mikes opener and Weekapaug encore or final set closer, maybe with a Tweezer second song and Tweezer reprise second to last song, and a gamehendge set in between, but nothing wrong with this Weekapuag groove or placement. Anything But Me -> One of the nice newer songs that will never see it^“s full potential. Reba -> Didn^“t expect this in last show. This one became more special after they shelved it for about a year. My friend/cousin who had only been to one show before (New Orleans Jazzfest) didn^“t really like this one but couldn^“t believe it was the same song when they started to whistle! Carini -> Another one not expected in last show, but one of their ways of playing tribute. Chalkdust Torture -> Some word flubbing in here. There are so many freaking words in so many songs for them to remember. Possum -> Just such a brilliant song. Wolfman's Brother* -> Fun introduction by Trey, explaining that Fishman was the Wolfman^“s brother and saying who Liz was! jam (the sexy bump)** -> Fun. Wolfman's Brother -> Taste -> Nice set ending. Set 2 Down With Disease*** -> "Waiting for the time when I can finally say, ^—This has all been wonderful but now I^“m on my way^“" took on new meaning. Wading in the Velvet Sea**** -> All of a sudden, I love this song after seeing Page choke up in emotion over his solo. This is a great song that a lot of phans including me didn^“t love at first. Am glad they kept playing it if they liked it even if some phans didn^“t. Glide -> Fun. [band speech] Split Open and Melt -> Hate that I just had to go to bathroom during some of this. One of the best songs to get down and dirty with. jam (blowing off steam) -> Ghost -> Whatever happened to Dogs Stole? I thought that was a great song from this album that they never play. Set 3 Fast Enough for You -> Great rendition. I play this on my newborn son^“s digital photo album. Seven Below -> Another great newer song that would still be growing and evolving. Simple -> One of the ones I picked for a final ever song. Major lyric flubbing and some musical flubbing, too. Piper -> No slow build-up on this one, but great jam in end. Bruno***** -> Very fun spontaneous seeming song creation as tribute to crew. Dickie Scotland****** -> See Bruno. Wilson - You knew this was coming next. Awesome. Again, "Can you still have fun" took on new meaning. Slave to the Traffic Light - Technique-wise, the best song of the night. My cousin had never heard it before and was very impressed. [fireworks] Encore [Trey speech] The Curtain With - More flubbing with Trey stopping the band to get in right key. Great finale. Didn^“t/wouldn^“t have guessed it but in retrospect the right choice with the "have no regrets" lyrics. I figured at that time based on songs played the last two nights that Squirming Coil or Divided Sky was the last song. Had Sanity or something crazy like that as the dark horse possibility, but The Curtain With was right choice. By guys, and thanks for a great ride. You taught me how to be in the moment and how to move my body to the groove. † † † † Kevin Ginsberg
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 01:30:51 +0000 (GMT) From: tbincali Subject: Phish show review - Aug 14 ----------------------------------------------------------- I couldn't make it to the show and the simulcast theaters were sold out so I got myself a portable XM radio. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a warm Saturday afternoon (and into the evening), I sat down by myself and listened to my favorite band say good bye. Musically, the show was poor. I had a vision of Trey as Marty McFly playing at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. I felt like he was literally fading from the stage. The other three seemed to play very well and it sounded as if Fishman was working extra hard to keep things going. At times, even he couldn^“t keep the show together. That being said, I was very glad to be a part of the last show. Without any images of the show to look at, my mind wandered over the last 10 years of my life as a fan and as a person. I revisited long road trips with a barely audible Phish cassettes crackling through my car^“s speakers. I went back to Vegas and was engulfed, with a euphoric grin wiped across my face, by the best arena ^”wave^‘ ever performed. I went back to Limestone and watched a fire orange sky accented by a white glider looping through the foreground. As time passes, I won^“t remember Saturday^“s show musically, but I will remember the emotion Phish evoked in my mind^“s eye that day and the thousands of hours they have in the past. That feeling will never end.
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:43:30 -0500 From: Peter Vickerman Subject: Phish show review Coventry 8-15-04 † I watched the last show via simulcast and like most was disappointed in much of the way Trey played and sang (worst Glide and Simple ever).† At times he was unbelievable though and his work with the glowsticks on his guitar was one of the most amazing things I've seen.† Most of the jam was played with glowsticks, at times sliding them around, other times picking, and other times rhythmically hitting his guitar (like they were drum sticks).† It may have been hard to see at the show itself, but in the theater it was truly one of the most outstanding moments Phish moments I have ever experienced. † Peter Vickerman Hopkins, Minnesota
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:23:27 EDT From: VivianSmare Subject: Phish show review I've been a fan since 1993, seeing all my shows on the West Coast over the years. I've never written a review before, but after seeing the final show from a theater 3000 miles away, I am compelled to write one now. As a long time fan of the Grateful Dead I watched that amazing group wither from their true greatness of the 70s into the bloated, drug riddled "Grateful Dead Show" they became the last 10 years of their career. After seeing 8 post-hiatus Phish shows it was obvious to me that something was not right and I was certain that the same thing was going to happen to Phish, so when Trey announced the breakup I was sad, but proud that this band I love had the foresight to see what was happening and the balls to do something about it. As for the final show, I thought that the first set was mostly the band I have seen the past two years. They looked and sounded tired, with slips and mistakes throughout the set. With the pressure the boys must have been feeling this was understandable. It did seem that during Carrini Trey relaxed and I thought Chalkdust Torture was fine, everything else was just there. The second set was where it ALL happened. They hit the stage with a fire and intensity that showed they were now face to face with the bands mortality, and the Down With Desease opener was a ripping reminder of what this band could be at their best. But when Page was overcome by his emotions and couldn't sing the words to Velvet Sea, this event became a classic. This is a song that for me has always represented the worst of Phish, a sappy ballad with silly words that I have always made jokes about or used to refresh myself. On this night however it was an amazing example of how true emotion can take people to their highest. Now I will always love this song because of the way it was played that night. After the band made their individual good-byes and Trey fumbled through an emotional attempt to explain 21 years in 30 seconds, he said, "Let us work some things out" and the band put their heads down and showed us all what made Phish the truly awesome, serious musical group they were. There were no trampolines or vacuum cleaners, no silly choreography or nuttiness. Split Open And Melt and then Ghost were played in the best tradition of Phish. I've seen them play this well in the past, but with all the baggage attached to this performance and the emotion of the moment it became some of the greatest music I've ever seen. It left me physically and emotionally drained, and when the set was over 300 people in a generic movie theater in Dublin, CA were on their feet, cheering and applauding the band we all love. I thought the third set was excellent as well, and the final song was played with the total class these boys have always shown, but for me the second set of the final show is what I'll remember. For those of you who were there, way to go. To all Phishheads, let's not be sad for what we've lost, but be happy and eternally grateful for what we had. These kinds of bands don't come along very often, how lucky are we who got to experience this phenomenon called Phish? Thank you Jon, Page, Mike & Trey, it has been truly great. And a personal thanks to my friend Randy for turning me on to these guys 11 years ago. I'm much the better for the experience. So now there's just one question remaining ... who's next? Lance Newberry
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:57:10 -0400 From: "Jost, Lane" Subject: Phish show review - 8.15.04 8.15.04 Coventry, VT (via Union Sq. Theaters, NYC) † We all felt ambivalent, but fortunate to be seeing the last show from a movie theater.† After expecting there to be somewhat of a scene outside the theater near Union Square, we were all left a little bit disappointed, as there was just one sole hippie chick (more on that later) perusing Broadway.† Once in the theater, the vibe was a little lackluster-people munching on popcorn as if preparing to see some painful Hollywood film (I just suffered through Collateral). † The video feed was on as I walked in, with the familiar sight of the stage, the burning candles, and of course Trey's vintage Languedoc guitar hanging next to his rig.† Very shortly after we arrived, the lights dimmed and the camera panned to the band walking towards the back of the stage.† This is where the benefit of the close camera angles became apparent.† Before the band even stepped on the stage, you could get a sense of their mood as they strode nonchalantly towards the stage.† Trey was rapping with Fish, Page was sucking on a Bud, and Mike was straggling behind.† He actually had to jog to catch up with everyone else, which elicited applause in the theater.† Once onstage, it was almost like any other opening set moment-Trey methodically picked up his guitar and dropped the opening lick to Mike's Song, without as much as a word or a gesture to his band mates. Set 1 † Mike's Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Anything But Me, Reba, Carini > Chalkdust > "Evil Trey Jam 1" > Possum, Wolfman's Brother > "The Sexy Bump"> Taste † After a rousing Mike's Groove, replete with a smooth "Hydrogen" and a very melodic "Weekapaug," the band started up a very slow, almost motown-like number, which ended up being "Anything But Me" - a song much deplored by headies.† This was the first moment of the night when you knew it wasn't just any other show.† Before singing, Trey acknowledged to the crowd how nervous he felt walking out onstage, and how it had been a long time since he had ever felt that way at a Phish concert.† Fighting off the tears and the butterflies, he made his way through the thoughtful ditty.† Putting the requisite contemplative number behind him, Trey then led he band through some more familiar prog-rock territory, with "Reba," "Carini," "Chalkdust," before settling in for one final pass at the southern fried boogie of "Possum."† As with many of the band's more composed pieces on Sunday night, "Reba" suffered from multiple missed notes and just plain botched phrases.† Many "phans" have probably already weighed in heavily with their righteous criticism and disdain, but I just don't feel the same motivation to rail on band for missing changes.† Sure, it's sad to see this happen, but just all the more confirming that it's time for them to hang it up.† If they wanted to keep playing, then they could go back and work through the many intricate phrases of "Reba," but since that drive no longer exists, let them play it one more time with heart.† The jam was its usual pulsing self, with Page laying down some smooth tones on his Rhodes.† † After working through some more composed material, the run from "Carini" through "Possum" gave the band the chance to play some straight-ahead rock and roll over some more traditional changes.† There was a palpable collective sigh of relief from the band when they launched into the Zeppelin-tinged metal of "Carini" and segued into a very explorative "Chalkdust."† After one verse, Trey abandoned the structure for some just plain odd ideas, complete with all of the effects in his arsenal.† My buddies and I were talking last night about when we began withdrawing our interest in Phish in 1997, when Trey began dedicating so much time to his delay loops.† Well, this jam was not without its reliance on odd electronic sounds.† However, given this was the LAST ever Chalk, you had to admire them for pushing it to the limit, and not merely settling for a standard run through one of their only conventional rock songs (which no one would have minded!).† "Possum" was solid and "Wolfman's Brother" was very heartfelt as Trey announced that Fish was the Wolfman. † Closing this very solid set with "Taste" was an interesting move, given the band's struggles earlier in the set with some of their more complicated material.† However, this was one of the musical peaks of the show, as Trey and Page really shined during their respective solos.† The climax back to the outtro jam was powerful. It reminded me of the epic "Taste" from Raleigh in 1997 during a frightening lightning storm, when the band was really clicking on all cylinders.† Trey thanked the crowd and promised a lot more music to come.† I don't think any of us were left wanting after this 90 minute plus first set. † We grabbed a few brews at Heartland Brewery, did a Cuervo shot for the band, and scored a quick smoke from the aformentioned hippie chick.† All in all, an efficiently orchestrated setbreak, which had us all in a celebratory mood for set 2. † Set 2 † Down With Disease > Wading in a Velvet Sea, Glide, Band Speech, Split Open & Melt > "Evil Trey Jam 2" > Ghost > "Evil Trey Jam 3" † † One thing I always admired about Phish, was how they could almost always fool you right when thought you could call an opener.† With the exception of opening the second set with "DWD," this show fooled most of us. † The powerful opening rock-funk proved to be a worthy choice, and the band grooved ferociously through the outtro with Trey's familiar riff leading the way.† Lots of smiles here, especially from Page, who presence was really brought into focus by the cameras.† Again, as much as we were aching to be there, the video shots were thrilling.† An impressive glowstick war began during the beginning of the jam and Trey actually began using one as a pick and another as a slide.† As a virtuoso and a performer, it was fun to see him indulge in some guitar hero antics.† So, he played what amounted to 10 minute glowstick tap solo, that probably went on for about 5 minutes too long, but hey, it's his band.† After the distorted fog of the glowstick jam waned, Trey brought the band back the DWD finale before settled †into a smooth blues funk groove.† This was raging and radical departure from the usual DWD jam.† This was an `ol fashioned face melting guitar session, where you could really see the Santana influence on Phish.† † The subsequent ebb into "Velvet Sea," was very reminiscient of the shift from "`Paug" to "Anything But Me" in the first set-a powerful rager followed by a heartfelt ballad.† I have read so many reviews over the years that have ridiculed the band for shifting moods, suggesting that it kills the set's momentum.† I wish people would realize that this is another one of Phish's subtle talents. The peaks and valleys in the song selection are emblematic of the band's personality.† I won't lie and say that I have been listening Phish to hear "Velvet Sea," but you have to appreciate the diversity in repertoire.† Like the "Velvet Sea" at the last show before the hiatus, this was very appropriate.† However, it was here when the entire band just completely lost it. † When Page began to sing the vocal line, his chin began to quiver and he erupted into tears.† Those of us in the theater had a very close portal into a man bursting apart.† Page just looked at his band mates and shook his head.† This was an astonishingly powerful moment and the turning point of the evening.† Shaken and exhausted, Page clawed his way through the song and Trey played a very touching solo over the outtro.† The crowd erupted into cheers for Page, who was still struggling to keep back the tears. Fish then began the drumbeat to "Glide," which was perfectly placed, as a an appropriate salvo for the fans.† Trey struggled mightily through all the sections, but it was clear that it was not simply out of rust, but just raw† and unresolved emotion.† After "Glide," Page chimed in and thanked the crowd before Trey piped in just as Page began to lose it for the 3rd or 4th time.† Trey explained in an almost desperate whimper that they were having some very strong up and down moments on the stage, just as the crowd probably was.† He spoke about his three friends and how much he had leaned on them for 21 years.† Then he cried some more. Mike then chimed in (in a rare instance!) saying very calmly that it had been "a wild ride" and thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart. Fish jumped in and thanked all those fans who abandoned their cars to walk, saying it was "the highest compliment" before literally trailing off.† It was at this point where I really thought the who was over.† The band was just appeared to be physically and† emotionally finished.† It really didn't look like they could go on.† † Somehow, Trey pulled himself together and explained that what they had to do now was "blow off some steam."† So, after a couple more moments, of what had been an unusual and stunning interlude, Fish began the drumbeat to "Split Open & Melt."† The rest of the set was really just one jam even though they did run through Ghost.† The music they created, which all derived from the odd minor key pulses of "Split," had a furious edge to it.† It was another fitting choice, as it was clear the band wouldn't have been able to slip into the silly bombast of "Cavern" or "Bouncin."† They just had to explore and play their little hearts out through a series of eerie passages and smooth dark funk grooves.† By the end of Ghost, Trey was in full guitar effect rock star mode, his body twitching as he channeled the tones and emotions through his guitar.† The set-closing crescendo was a series of digital loops with a rock-solid bass foundation established by Mike.† I would say that some of the playing is this set certainly matched some of Phish's very boldest moments.† It was a lot of good and ugly, but it wasn't short of power.† Epic set-probably the peak of the night. † We had to collect ourselves a little bit during intermission, and we headed out for some air.† Knowing that this wasn't going to be a long break (though it turned out to be about an hour), we headed back in early not wanting to miss a second of the last set. † Set 3 † Fast Enough For You, Seven Below > Simple > Piper > "Bruno" > "Dickie Scotland" > Wilson > Slave to the Traffic Light † Encore: Trey speech, The Curtain (with) † † Just as methodically as in set 1, the band strode and Trey began strumming the opening chord to FEFY.† This was yet another unpredictable choice for set opener, but continued the dark and pensive mood from set 2.† It wasn't until the band began "Simple"(my only criticism of the night was playing 7 Below here-didn't quite work), that the joyful mood of the first set returned.† The band had at that point worked out all the bad air, and triumphantly returned with some of their zany happy music.† "Simple" was a near vocal disaster.† No after the saxophone verse, no one could remember the lyrics and the band strugggled through the ending making several passes at "skyscrapers/beebop/saxophones are grand."† It didn't matter though---I think most were just pleased to see Page smiling again!† Piper was scorching---just straight ahead tension and release.† Musically, this was tight and maybe another part of the show that will be remembered.† I was never a huge fan, but they it was played was inspiring.† Great last set call! † Now, I suspect the latter half of the set will prove to be the most controversial, with all the band musings on "Bruno" and "Dickie" two funk vamps spontaneously performed for the monitor engineer Bruno and for the tour accountant Richard Glasgow (who someone got the nickname "Dickie".)† But, this was very lighthearted and Trey was gushing about who great these guys are and how no one knows how much they have contributed.† Actually, "Bruno" sounded like a pretty deep James Brown groove.† Anyway, see unheralded people get there due is nice, not to mention seeing the band play a round a bit.† It was basically like band practice, as Trey kept directing them to switch keys from C to Eb to C minor, etc.† Trey then asks the crowd to help them song another one for the last time, and we knew it had to be "Wilson."† The last "Wilson" did not fail to reach all its peaks and Trey was yelling emphatically at the end about how "you can still have fun" (presumably without Phish).† The raucous "Wilson" flowed into a very quiet intro to "Slave."† This was another excellent decision in a long night of difficult ones.† "Slave" has the gorgeous ascending progression that, like Harry, stays the same but still allows the band with a lot of ideas.† This was a beautiful, tear-jerking version that was played with so much spirit and precision you couldn't stand it.† After some very deep bows and even a group bow hands held, I thought this was going to be it.† Trey looked spent. † My concerns over the lack of encore persisted when the fireworks began.† Kudos to the movie crew for giving us amazing shots of the crowd with the fireworks.† The fireworks were nice, but anticlimactic from a movie theater in Manhattan.† I was still hearing the ending to "Slave" ringing in my ears, so I was hoping for one more. † Well, after the fireworks ended, the band returned and Trey starting talking about meeting Page, getting kicked out of UVM, etc.† He then explained that one summer right when the band "was just a germ of an idea" he rented a cabin near Coventry with his then puppy Marley to write music.† It was there where he first wrote this "next song" and we though it would be appropriate to end close to where it all began.† So, after a few more thank yous, the band began "The Curtain."† We knew it had to be something off of Junta, and there had been the speculation about a Fluffhead encore.† However, I gotta say, that even though this may have seemed like a quirky choice, I think it was brilliant.† "The Curtain" has all the elements that make Phish Phish---tightly composed interlocking melody and countermelody, key changes, and of course, room to improvise. Of course, the "please we have no regrets" chorus as well as the "as he saw his life run away from him, thousands ran along" verse are additional vocal elements that make it fitting, but Phish was never about lyrics. † Trey actually interrupted the song before the jam, saying he wanted to play it in its original key of Eb for the sake of purity.† The band obliged one more time.† So, there it ended after a long a drawn out jam that just gorgeously mellowed before Trey held the last chord and slowly switched off his volume pedal.† The shots of Trey's pedals in the theater were remarkable. † The band bowed, and Trey went over and gave Mike a huge bear hug, before the two of them crawled off the stage together.† Fish and Page drifted off on their own.† † If you left this show without feeling like the band gave everything they had, you somehow didn't get it. † Bravo Phish.
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:58:14 -0400 From: Kevin Garvey Subject: Phish show review Well let me start off by saying that I was not able to be at Coventry, and that i had to see the phinal shows in the MOVIES....TOO WEIRD!!! All in all though not bad....this will be hard for people to believe that didn't get a chance to see brookyn or coventry in the movies...but the sound was GREAT...i mean really true listening almost better than being there live. I mean the surround sound was unbelievable, it was like hearing the the music with head phones...i was truly impressed. As far as the vibe of being at a Phish show....SUCKED!!! There is just an energy that you feed off of from the crowd when you are at the show...well that was non-existent....SUCKED!!!! Anyways on to the show for the people who could not be at either...cause if you are like me...i was pounding the refresh button non stop to get reviews for the first few shows. Set 1 TREY WAS TORE UP FROM THE FLO UP :-)!!! Walls of the cave - was alright...thought the version in Deer Creek with the DWD teases was better, and also wierd way to start. Runaway Jim - Great song, was dying to hear it...tell you what though...have no idea what happened at the end...they just went to unknown places....Trey just seemed to be WAY out there by the end, kind of set the tone for the night. Gotta Jibboo - Saw this song so many times in 2000...but it had been awhile...nice version. YEM - what can i was a YEM...nothing special..just YEM. Tramps were given to the crowd, which were torn apart in about 30 seconds...nice touch. Sample - Loved the old tunes...just had the ring of phish to it. Axilla - rocking..not real long...was nice to hear. Poor Heart - YEAH...i guess...set philler if you ask me...i do like the tune though. Antelope - Was fun...high energy, TOM came out and did his thing. Fire - Was the blowing off steam comment. Good first set....TREY WAS TORE UP!!! Set 2 AC/DC - Really good song. They just rocked it out. Seemed like the first song of every set was this epic jam...went like this all weekend. 46 Days - I have gone both ways with this song...good and bad...thought it was great tonight...not to crazy long...just right. Halleys - had everyone smiling...pretty damn good jam too. Ya Mar - Great great tune...MIKE IS THE MAN...he was on fire...he just could do no wrong, which may let have shadowed Trey's buzz. David Bowie - Trey stumbling over his own words as he tells a story about this song. Really was excited about playing it...good version...nothing special. Character Zero - WOW!!!! I mean WOW!!! i mean they have played this song sooooo many times, but damn they killed it....was soooooo good...rocking..had everyone going nuts....WOW!!! Set 3 Twist - on with the never ending set opener jam...was good but they could have cut it a bit short. Wedge - the wedge Stash - do i say this...trey was tore up!!! went to crazy places...i really don't have much else to say...get the tape!!! Free - WOW!!! another great tune...once again probably one of the highlights...mike tearing it up again...trey and mike kinda duel in this of the best phish moments ever...loved free for me since the deer creek free in 2000. Guyute - now we would like to play the ugly pig for you...great song...trey still seemed a bit off though...and he should know this song in and out. Drowned - this song was good, but it didn't even compare to the great jam that followed....this was really one of the best jams i have heard them play...really stemmed out of no where...had nothing to do with drowned i'll tell you that. Friday - pfft...for the birds!!!! all this ten year olds knew this song really well...more like nevermind instead of undermind...hate to sound like an old timer that is not accepting of change...i like undermind.. its growing on me...but there is just no real time to really fall in love with this song...its the last show wanna give me a waste or billy please!!!! ENCORE: Harry Hood - was a good version, not the best was interrupted by trey and mike climbing on front of these rocks in front of the stage so that they could be closer to the crowd...something about the rain making them move the stage so they couldn't see the front row that trey went on and on about wanting to see if them being 15 ft closer if that would make a difference. Good Show....hard to believe only one more at this point....!!!!
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:46:09 +0000 From: Phil Jackson Subject: 8/15/04 Simulcast Review my phinal wow, fucking, wow! it's still hard to believe that it's over, although there were parts of last night that made it clear it's time. i was shut out of saturday's simulcast due to lost charge record, so i consoled myself by picking up the gd's closing of winterland dvd, which although primitive visually was something musically (i have the fm show on vinyl, but it ain't even close!). however, i wasn't prepared for how much of an interesting comparision piece it would make... the show in arlington, va started off with an unplanned return to the "silent jam," as the sound failed at the outset and the first few minutes of mike's were missed. in comparison to the dead simulcast i'd watched the night before, this was like night and day. the intimacy of the camera work made it seem like we were there, although i wish they could have done more daytime shots of the venue to take it in. i also think more split screens of all four members hands would have added to the effect, although getting to see the eye contact between members was very cool. for three sets, i felt like i was at a private show and the sound was worlds better than thursday at camden. plus, no slithery pit to the port-a-potties! so many of the songs just soared, and the jams were flat out ridiculous - the second set in particular. the only clunker of the night was the anything but me, but everything else went above and beyond. they were absolutely on fire, particularly when trey decided to blow off some steam! the parallels between jerry 12/31/78 and trey last night were disturbing to me. despite gorgeous and often inspired playing, it's clear that garcia was beginning the turn into that decades long slide of substance abuse, which slowly cost him his playing ability and ultimately his life. his hair was a mess and he is clearly just wasted. unfortunately, that was true with trey last night - his playing was inspired (what was that ridiculous ending to ghost?) but he was clearly fucked up, and not because he was having a good time it seemed to me. he seemed like such a shell whenever he wasn't playing. it's clear that the end of phish is his choice, and perhaps a drug-induced one. i hope that trey finds what he's looking for and that it doesn't cost him any more than it already has. whatever demons he thinks he has to confront, i hope he does it sooner rather than later.
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 10:54:49 -0400 From: michael e stritz Subject: Phish show review I didnt get to go to the Coventry however i did see it on screen and it was still awesome. The first night was a little shakey but the second night was awesome as they kicked it off with Mikes Song to Hydrogen. All night as i watched i had cold chills running up and down my spine. The whole time i watched them i thought to myself how sad it is that i wont ever hear my favorite songs live again and how i wont ever get to experience such a moving activity again. Sure there are other bands but no one compares to Phish. Seeing them go is like losing a best friend. As the last set was played i found tears running down my face as i was going through all the wonderful memories from past shows in my mind. I dont think I can ever be moved in such a deep way by anyone else. Not only are these four brilliant guys musicians, they are also leaders with great strategy and leadership and most of all unity. Phish will always be with me in my mind and my heart. I guess i just want to say Thank You to them for everything they (and the fans) made me realize. What a wonderful time it was while it lasted! Once again thank you and I love you all forever! Keep Smiling :) Rachel
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 10:57:54 -0400 From: Jim Houck Subject: Phish show review: Coventry Simulcast Columbia, MD During a summer stretch in which I†was uncertain which encore would be my last live (brooklyn?, spac?, hampton?, camden?), one thing was for certain...On this night, the 15th of August, I would see my last encore, one way or another... † The theatre at Columbia, MD was nearly sold out, but there was still comfort room throughout...Glowsticks, balloons, and dancing were the raison d'etre of the crowd...the music was the raison d'etre of the band...Having missed set one due to a prior engagement,†i rolled into the theatre's parking lot during first setbreak and enjoyed†a couple beers amidst a very mellow and looseknit crowd...Then, it was onward ho' to set two...and the party loosened up with the first notes of "Disease"...The crowd†was able to fully enjoy themselves...Security was where?...There was none, save a couple officers hanging outside the theatre...The "Velvet Sea" that followed was a heartbreaker with Page unable to sing--he was so damn choked up...So was "Glide," as Trey visibly couldn't pull it together...The "Split>Ghost" had us in awe...And this is why Phish is one of the best...During an obviously very emotional time, they were able to compose themselves and create some very intense music... † Set three was an all around blast musically..."Fast Enough For You" and "The Curtain With"...Wow, what a bookend to a great last set of music from these guys...I'm tellin' ya, anyone who got to see this show live or simulcast will have those last 5 minutes of†the slow-tempo†"Rift/With" section†in your head for a very long time...And the midset hysterics of improvised nods to both the sound and fiscal members gave us some good laughs...Also got one last laugh from Trey who joked that the Boston Symphony and Chorus (or something like that) was backstage preparing to perform a full symphonic rendition of Gamehenge with the band (this being joked about†just prior to encore)...Getting to see the band close†up†on the thier final performance via excellent camerawork was, perhaps, a godsend to those of us who†missed the boat on Coventry tickets...A great time no doubt (and yes I do know what I'm talking about)...
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:38:49 +0000 From: Abe Philip Subject: coventry simulcast review both nights OK, these here are just thoughts and a song by song review. i will tell you my highlights. thanks for reading. my girlfriend and i bought tickets for the festival and then realized we could not afford to go so we gave our tickets to another friend who went and she had a blast. we, in turn, went to the movies to see phish. and im glad for the fact of seeing everything up close and being dry and not stuck in mud and close bathrooms, yet i actually was not there. and i know we had a strong vibe in the community in the theaters but i cannot imagine what it must of been like there. san diego (the first night) was great. great theater, great theater manager. they even roped of a section outside for smokers so they didnt have to keep running in and out and show there ticket stubs. they let us bring water (from outside) in and even though it was not full, almost everyone was dancing. the second night in nazi germany, er... i mean irvine, so different. very very strict. no outside waters but "we are free to purchase them inside for $4.00." as they told us. the theater had less dancing room. they had cops standing in the theaters at all times. theater managment walk up the aisles and just stand there like bouncers looking at us freaks. oh well. in irvine, everyone was sitting. weird, until the end of set three that is. ok, they opened saturday with WALLS OF THE CAVE: now i dont usually like this song that much, but i welcomed it and it formulated into a very nice jam. then onto RUNAWAY JIM: nice, not stopping the excitement and energy. i really was grooving at this time, and to prove their point went into GOTTA JIBOO: this song was such a great jam, i just wished they had GCHorns play. i love the horn arrangements. YOU ENJOY MYSELF: nice version, weird knowing that this was the last time i'd witness this miracle of a song. everyone should know, trey looped his guitar at the end of the tramps segment and gave them to the crowd. nice gesture. um, the vocal jam was good but by far from the best ive heard. thought they might include references to the last shows or goodbye type things but, hey it was still PHISH. then no stop and into SAMPLE IN A JAR: good song and weird placement but it fit. AXILLA: good energy. POOR HEART: now i love this and it was great to see mike sing. and fishman's yells. standard though. i dont remember ( i have yet to re listen to this show) but i think only page had a solo, skipped the guitar solo and back into verse. ANTELOPE: great version. high energy. at that point i was thinking wow, YEM and ANTELOPE first set first day. tom marshall came out and did his bit in the song. FIRE: what a jam. set two AC/DC BAG: mixed feelings at the time. why? soon as i heard it i knew it meant NO GAMEHENDGE. but it had a wild jam, very long and intense. 46 DAYS: very very short version. HALLEY"S COMET: Always welcome and a good solid version. YA MAR: excellent. no PLAY IT LEO! but a PLAY IT CACTUS. and did he ever. oh mike is wonderful in this bass solo. DAVID BOWIE: smoking version. intense and dark and jamming. CHARACHTER ZERO: solid version. set three TWIST: another nice version. great themes in the jam, i like how this song had become a better jam song than when it started. THE WEDGE: very welcomed. absolutely love this song. STASH: UNFORTUNETLY, the live feed cut right, and this is true, right when i felt the jam was taking off. killed all of us. and the feed cut in perfect timing right at the beginning of FREE: great version. excellent mike jamming. trey and mike are locked in. GUYUTE: standard version DROWNED: very good. mike does the vocals beautifully. JAM: started very slow and choppy. didnt know what to think of it. but it started raging at the end. but then they instantly finished with FRIDAY: encore:HOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. not the best version but nice. lots of crowd interaction. lots of banter on stage and speeches which i wont go into. 8-15-04 MIKE'S: intense jamming at the end. they seemed a little nervous HYDROGEN: beautiful WEEKAPAUG: groove!!!! then trey said that he was nervous. ANYTHING BUT ME: great song, really poignant. weird placement though. REBA: awesome, nice composed sections and a great jam CARINI: lots of energy CHALKDUST: high high high energy. intense jam that never stopped (to my recollection) to go back into the last chorus. instead wound the jam up a little and into POSSUM: very nice, just reminded me no gamehendge. But none the less, great version. WOLFMANS:nice jam and trey said mid song that the wolfmans bro was fish. weird, i used to be called the wolfmans bro, (if you saw my old liscence, youd know why.) then mike and trey brought their moms out for the sexy bump. high phish humor. nice to see the smiles (huge on the screen) on their faces. TASTE: good version jam at the end was very nice. set two DWD: powerful version, waiting for the time.......lyrically and the jam, powerful VELVET SEA: now, i was about to leave, cause ive seen this song so much and blah blah blah, but page couldnt sing and i ran back to my seat. it was so emotionally intense. he literally couldnt sing the verses and to see his face close up was so sad. GLIDE: very nice tribute to us. they all said their piece after this and it got highly emotional. but then they brought out SOAMELT: ripped us in two. then they decided they were not done pummeling us, so GHOST: and let me say, at the end of this ghost, i was floored. dark, long, fire breathing version. with, trey as a jedi, using his guitar like a saber to produce those screaming feedback noises at the end. everyone left for setbreak from another state of mind. set three FEFY: nice, weird opener. SEVEN BELOW: love this song, heard it go many places before. this one was fairly nice, loved how it went into SIMPLE: hugged my beautiful girl. we were dancing and grooving. by this time everyone in the theater was grooving. simple has such a nice outro. PIPER: standard version then into impromptu phish jam and humor BRUNO>DICKIE SCOTLAND WILSON: standard version, but very much enjoyed. SLAVE: thank you. such and emotional jam. really, very intense. nothing to do at the end but give them our full attention. shed a tear. ENCORE, THE CURTAIN WITH: please we have no regrets. overall: what can i say, that was it, the last time for these four guys who took me to other places and beyond. selfishly, i can say, i hoped for more bust outs and crowd favs like FLUFFHEAD, and MOUND. but, i am just so happy to have seen them and to have been there with the love of my life, and to have shared PHISH together with her and everyone we ever met at any show. years after they are gone, we are all still out there and must continue to musically explore and be kind people to one another. be good. thanks to daniel schar who let us all air our beliefs for different shows all this time. thanks to all the people who dance and shake their bones, and know what we are going to be missing. thanks to my girl who loves and understands me and shares this life with me. and thanks to page, trey, fish, and mike for doing what they do. and doing what they did. much love. AandD
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:08:47 -0400 From: Ted Kupchik Subject: Phish show review 8-14&15 Dear Phans, † XM RADIO REVIEW † I was not able to get up to Coventry for the last show.† I was very sad, but I was able to listen to the show on XM Satellite radio.† † I don't know about Trey playing like crap, or being drunk, or anything like that.† All I know is they were great.† Yeah, they flubbed a few lines, and Trey messed up a little but all in all, it was awesome.† It sounded so good coming through my speakers too.† I thought the emotion was incredible, and the Ghost jam was nasty.† The Split Open and Melt was off the hook, and actually the last 2 sets of the last day were very special.† Do yourself a favor and listen to the downloads of them.† But now that it is all over...... † There are 3 types I will not miss now that it is all said and done: † 1)Comic Book Guys.† Shut your mouths.† Go watch your shit bands and hold them to the standards you hold Phish.† If you weren't happy with how the boys play, you will obviously be completely boycotting every other live act out there. The worst Phish show is better then anything else out there, period!††If many of you did not feel that way, then why the hell did you go see them so many damm times?† † 2)Deadhead Vendors You pieces of shit.† Sell your fucking tye-dye Jerry crap at Dead shows!† Why do you follow Phish?† Why must you insist on playing exclusively Dead music in the lot?† It is not a Dead show!† Jerry was amazing, but this again was not, and never was a Dead show. † 3)Heroin Junkies Fuck You † † Now that is said and done, I invite anyone who ever did a review good or bad to email me in 6 months when they have seen all these bands that can't hold the guitar pick of Trey, can't sit on Page's chair, can't ride† Mike's go-cart, can't hold Fish's sticks.† Then maybe people will re-think how they heard these shows. † Till we get to hear the Fish Vaccum†Solo again, † TK1
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 11:23:53 -0400 From: Philip Marion Subject: Phish show review 8/14-15 Coventry Simulcast. Scalpers wanted too much $$, so I went to the movies. I loved every second of the show. Every tear, every flub, every joke, every jam. This was MY PHISH doing THEIR LAST SHOW. I will keep this short and simple, as I believe my sentiments are shared by many. PHISH is not a machine, they are 4 hard working people, actually playing music live (with great passion) for a passionate audience. For all of those who have nit-picked the flubs and accused Trey of being high - I ask you this: Is it THAT hard to believe that when emotions run high mistakes will happen? The raw emotion of Page and Trey's tears (and Trey's admission that he was nervous for the 1st time) should have been MORE than enough to satisfy the critical fans. I must admit that I am disgusted that people who apparently love PHISH so much would choose to project their own pain, fear, and frustration upon Trey and PHISH. The insults I have read on the two review pages and truly saddening. It makes me think that PHISH may be breaking up just to shake off fair-weather fans like yourselves. Do you really wish you just hadn't gone at all? After reading your reviews, I wish you hadn't. Go listen to your favorite show from the past on a cold, dead CD, and leave the passionate living fans to enjoy the trials and tribulations of other humans. Then look at yourself on the mirrored side and ask yourself: could I have done better in their position?.... -Jake The Prophet
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 07:50:08 -0700 (PDT) From: Ash Patel Subject: Phish show review 8-15 Let me preface this by saying I was not at Coventry and saw the show at a simulcast down here in Houston. Also, the sound in a small theatre was very crisp and clear. I'm not saying that it was any good, but you could hear the actual music very well. † I've been to 87 shows. My last show was Shoreline before the hiatus so I have never been to a post hiatus show. I am now beginning to think that's a good thing. This whole weekend was a debacle in evey way. † Let me say that I do love Phish. Their long, trippy, spaced out jams were one of the reasons†I traveled clear across the country or to another continent to see them. But these shows were at times just "good", sometimes tolerable, and by and large hideous. That 3rd set from saturday?? The Twist, Stash, Free & Drowned jams were as loose, wayward and†generally "bbllaaahh" as†ever seen or heard. Trey†spent more time muddling around, playing with his pedals, creating feed back than he did in say 97. Half the time Mike, Page and Fish were just staring at him with that -"Where you going with this Trey look." Is this really how they wanted to go out. † For him to go and get obliterated and make†an ass out of himself on stage was pathetic. I would rather that they not say†a word about disbanding and just go out there and rip it. Like they did 10-7-00. After every jam the†crowd stood in†awe at the energy and cohesiveness of the jams. You can easily listen to any jam and say that it has to be 1 of the top ten versions ever. No messing around, strictly business. Just solid grooving and the there gone. We don't need the good-byes cuz we know its happening. Take a look at new years 98.†Three sets of pure ripped up energy. Start to finish. †Is a half way decent show too much to expect now a days? If so, its a good thing they're calling it quits. † I could go on...and on...but what's the point, its over -right?† † Dan Carter Houston, TX
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 09:48:58 -0400 From: Geoffrey Frost Subject: Phish show review 8-15 I was at the simulcast and have to say that I left because the show was so bad. † I felt especially sorry for the staff at the theater. They had to be wondering why all these people came to see this terrible band. I'm not sure they were in key for more than a couple seconds. It sounded like the bad audition shows of American Idol. † Trey needs to detox. He has been blasted out of his mind at the last 5 shows I saw and they all were average at best. † It was time for this to end. Now go get jobs hippies.
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