9-9-00 -- Pepsi Arena Albany, New York

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Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 19:32:07 -0400
From: sjm1801 sjm1801@siena.edu
Subject: review of albany 9-9-00
I hadn't been to a show since Pepsi last year, so you can imagine how stoked I
was for this one.  Now I have to admit, I was definitely let down after Friday
night's show.  I mean it had some hightligths (full respect to Bowie, Ghost,
and Taste which were all tight), but overall it seemed to be a sub-par night.
So I was going into Saturday night with expectations of a much better show,
and better turned out to be a huge, HUGE understatement.
Set 1
POSSUM- Oh yeah!  I was calling Ya Mar, but I love Possum and I don't think
they could have pegged the opener any better, great call.  One of the best
songs all night among a huge list of great songs.  And it got the place jumpin
right off the bat...  yeah, the crowd energy would only get bigger when they
busted out...
MFMF- I hadn't listened to this song in so long that I had almost forgotten it
existed.  And damn!  What can I say, it rocked the place.
GUMBO- This one came out of nowhere, and it was definitely a pleasant
surprise.  Throwing a Gumbo in the mix never hurts, just always a great tune.
MAZE- Ok, all I can say is: Holy Shit!  It was right before this song started
when I turned to my friend and said, "Dude they are just rockin the place
tonight, I've never seen Phish with this much energy before, I mean just look
at Mike; he's actually weaving back and forth, instead of his usual head bob.
I'm telling you they're feeling it tonight, something big is coming up."  And
of course the Phab Phour delivered.  I didn't think they could rock any
harder, but oh my sweet Lord, Maze just kicked it up three more notches.
Everyone was on for this one, and they abesolutely nailed the jam- just
BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN- Booyah!  The crowd really got into this one, and I
just plain love the song.  Pretty, pretty dancing!
ROGGAE- I'm not a huge fan of this one, but at this point I had been dancing
so much for the first five songs that I probably would have passed out without
this breather.  So, all in all, it was a good call.
GUYUTE- I was hoping to hear this one, I LOVE Guyute, and as far as Guyuties
go, this one was top notch.  When they busted out those first four chords I
think it was the loudest I screamed all night...  definitely a crowd pleaser.
ANTELOPE- Alright so at this point I'm thinking, "so far I've danced more than
I've ever danced before and this set is just abesolutely kickin ass, so how do
close a set this great!?!"  Well they answered my question and then some.  Oh
my God- I was hoping to hear this song, and it still took me by surprise.  I
almost cried, it was just unreal.  I was dancing and dancing and just when I
think it can't get any better who walks out on stage buy my man, Tom Marshall!
 I was just in awe.  Everyone was screaming and I was just speechless.  And if
that wasn't enough, after Marshall did his thing, the close to Antelope was
probably the best I had ever heard.  When they started in with the "run like
and antelope" it was one of those moments when you just feel like everyone in
the place is joined in a maddening exctasy, I mean everyone was just going
nuts.  What a closer!  What a set!!!
Set 2
GOTTA JIBOO- Wow, this was this first new song of the tour, and a damn fine
choice.  I like Jiboo, it's fun, it's happy, it's a feel good song.
CURTAIN- This was a first for me, and I was abesolutely blown away.  It was
just an unbelievable song.  I was just speechless afterwards, it was just...
wow, I loved it, I just loved it.
SAND- I like Sand, so I was pretty pleased when they started into it, and
there wasn't really a glowstick war, so when one broke out during the jam it
made the song all the much better.  But Holy Shit, when when Michael Ray came
out on stage all pimped out carrying his trumpet I thought I was going to shit
myself.  I was hoping for some unusual stuff this weekend and I thought a
vacuum solo and Tom Marshall's appearance would suffice, but horns?!? Yes!!!
The rest of the song was awesome, when he started blaring away on his horn,
man o man, what a show this was turning out to be.
MAKISUPA- Another first for me, and yet again, I loved it.  Maybe it was teh
horns, maybe it was the excitement, or maybe just plain and simple this was a
great tune.
CTB- This rocked!  Wow... Page, you are the man, you were on fire this entire
song.  He went abeslotely insane on the organ, and I was dancing harder than
ever.  Tight, tight jam.
FUNKY BITCH- Ok, I had always been a fan of this song, but this was amazing.
In my opinion this was the best song all night, I have never heard Phish get a
place jumping like they did on this one.  Trey and Mike were hot, and did
anyone else see Trey start lashing all over the place?  Wow the whole band,
the crowd, everyone was just really into it, and the trumpet just put it over
the edge to make it my tune of the night.
CAVERN- Carven rules!!!  Sure its a typical closer, but wow, it was just a
perfect end to the set.  So much energy, so many great feelings going all over
the place, and a great song to end it all. Just remember, whatever you do take
care of your shoes.
HOOD- The whole weekend my friends and I were calling for the Hood, and we
were getting a little scared that we would be disappointed.  But Phish came
through in a big way.  Crowd participartion, an awesome jam, a new crazy
outfit for Michael Ray, and oh yeah- Trey pulled people up onto the stage!
Wow!  I can definitely feel good about this Hood, even though they left it
unfinished.  Thank you Mr. Miner, thank you.
Overall all I can say is, I am so greatful to be able to be a part of this.  I
think Phish and their fans have got something so special going on that it
can't be expressed in word.  Thanks for letting me share this with you, and my
only regret is that I won't be there for the rest of the tour.  I wish Trey,
Mike, Page, and Fish a safe and happy vacation, and look foward to being
reunited with all you beautiful people.  Until then, take care of yourselves

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 01:31:46 EDT From: JMWPHISH@aol.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: September 9th review Well as it has been said before, words cannot and will never do this show justice. It was my 12th show and the show the previous nite was a little scattered, therefore we were expecting great things from the boys and needless to say they didn't disapoint. It was one of my friends' second show, and another her third so they were really in for a treat. The Possum opener took a hold of me as soon as the first note was heard, and then My Friend My Friend for some dark and cool jams. It was a first My Friend for me and needless to say the album version does not compare. After these two songs i realized that we were going to expereince something delicious, i cannot explain why but i felt it. The Gumbo was tasty and jammy at points and it was a crowd pleaser- the Maze wasnt long but it mirrored the Bowie from the nite before in that it had a long intro and a very solid and well put together middle part with only about 3-4 minutes of pure jams. The Boogie, Roggae (props to Neil cause we knew we would hear this), and Guyute (which i called seeing as how we had Golgi the nite before) were all just a dope prelude to the antelope. NOw this Antelope wasnt merely extraordinary, it was absolutely ridiculous and at the peak of it all i swear my moment of zen came and i knew that this band would take me places that i could only hope to dream. From the lights, to the raging crowd to the boys on stage just playing as loud and hard as they could it was incredible...and what a treat- Tom Marshall who is always good for a laugh and some lyrics. It took me all of setbreak to just get over this Antelope and convince myself that there was a whole other set to be played. THe second set actually was just as ridiculous as the first From the 25 minute Sand which was jammed out and ever so funky to the Makisupa and the odd Michael Ray, the show definitly was a special event. Michal Ray's trumpet seemed to echo throughout the arena as he stretched my undersdtanding of sounds and tonality. Then another first (besides the Curtain and Sand) a funky policeman, named Makisupa came around much to my delight. This song was so hardcore phish i almost broke my cheeks from smiling too hard. More props to my homies Neil and Hugh cause when that Funky Bitch came around it was a complete re-energizing and re-awakening expereince. So dope! Then a cool Cavern for a closer that took me back to Roseland and the set was complete. Only one thing didnt make sense though- why loeave out the YCFGAH in the encore? it seemed like they were all so tired and just done that instead of finishing the song they just brought 5 poeple on stage and played...which was allright with me but it somehow lacked the final oomph that any show could use. Nevertheless, it was an amazing show and deifnitly in my top 5 of all time. Security was a joke and we all had fun...peace and love to all...see you at Darien, stay safe...THANK YOU PHISH Jeremy, Ithaca College
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:46:29 -0400 From: Gary Nader garyn@cboss.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review of Albany 9/9/00 I am very glad that the boys chose to go back to Albany- what a great venue! I love that the cops block off the front and let everyone have at it! I was at Albany last year and it is a great place. My uncle works for Pepsi- so we were hooked up w/ Suite tickets. This is about my 65th show or so- all from 95-present! I love Phish b/c its a good time, tons of friends and we get to boogie ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! As for the show- WOW! We only hit the second night (and yes I am bummed that we missed Mellow Mood, but what the he;;?) I Posssum, My Friend, Gumbo, Maze, Boogie On, Roggae, Guyute, Antelope II Gotta Jiboo, Curtain, Sand, Makisupa, CTB, Funky Bitch, Cavern E Hood We got in and ten minutes later the madness started- POSSUM opener! Sweet- Right off the bat- Craziness! This Possum was a good, hot version. The band was pumped and so was the crowd. Page was hot fom the beginning! Then- BAM- My Friend! I always hope this is the opened, but 2nd song is even better! This is when my girl, Holly, and I started to get a little loopy! Trey was Raging! Next was Gumbo- not as Funky as Star Lake (7/7/00), it was a little more rock n rollish, then Trey noodled towards the end and finished it nicely. Loops, Noises---MAZE- Yes- This is when I knew that things were going to get a bit out-of-hand! This Maze kicked my ass...... The ending part got all crazy and was so fun! Everyone around me was freakin! Boogie On was welcomed w/ open arms! A nice jam as the set just kept going at full speed! Roggae was placed very nicely! I am a big fan of this song. The ending jam was a bit longer (or at least it seemed to me). Guyute was a placement. Actually I took a much needed rest and drank about a gallon of water. Great ending as usual! Then Antelope- which I have not heard since Big Cypress- and I was an Extremely happy person when the opening chords of Antelope came off of Trey's Langedoc! This Antelope did NOT dissappoint and kicked ass! Then to top off an amazing set- Tom comes out! WOW! The set break was a blast- friends, fun and hanging out! The band came out and started the opening chords of Gotta Jiboo- very jammed out and fun to hear! We started to move around, then they bust out Curtain! I love this song! The band was really having a good time on stage! I love to look up and see smiles galore- and thats what I was seeing. God, I love Phish and all that they stand for! After Curtain ended...they started a small jam and I thought that they were going into 1st Tube, but it proved to be Sand- Yes! This jam was pretty and long and went some places. Honestly- I really like this song, but time when I've heard it- the jam does not seem to go anywhere, but this Sand was good and quite entertaining! It was much sweeter b/c Michael Ray came out! I saw him w/ them at Jazz Fest and I knew that this was going to get better! I have also seen him at a few clubs in New Orleans- great guy and he kicks butt on the trumpet! After Sand ended, up came Makisupa- Schwag- what- how about more Heady Niggets like Columbus!! This Makisupa was pretty cool, interesting jam that involved MRay quite a bit...nice touch to the show! I told my friend, Andy, that after I saw MRay on stage w/ them that we would hear Cars, Trucks, Buses... and we did- it was a great version w/ MRay going off. Funky Bitch kicked ass, as it always does! Then of course, Cavern closer! The last two songs rocked the house! All in all one of the best shows that I ahve seen in a while! My favorite part of the ride home was when my girl told me that she was bit by the Phish bug! I was bitten again!!! I hope that the craziness continues tonigth in Darien Lake, I bet it will! See you at Blossom and 2nd nigth of Chicago! Take care- Gary nothing I see can be taken from me.......
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 06:30:59 -0700 (PDT) From: "MacDonald, Brent" brentmac1@yahoo.com Subject: 9/9/00 review I am not one to look back upon a show and overanalyze every single aspect like an ESPN analyst so here goes.. First set: Non stop energy from the Possum opener, My Friend ^2.. right through to a hot antelope with Tom. Smokin'. Second set; Jibboo a nice start...Phat sand..Michael Ray!!..just a great vibe start to phinish in Albany. Hood encore, what better to end two nights of musical bliss. Side note - dug the cowboy shirt Trey was sportin' Enjoy the tour - Brent
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:46:51 GMT From: Josh Cohen joshcohen4@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Albany- Sept 9, 2000 Thank you Phish for the best sweat of my life.
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 03:54:01 EDT From: Jake Cohen jakecola@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Re: 9/9/00 review Here's a review for Saturday night's show: OK, I felt that I didn't really have to say anything about the first of the two Albany shows. It was decent, with a few surprises and a new use of the vacuum by Fish. All around a par show - but I was expecting an over-par show for the tour opener. I wanted something memorable, with some crazy shit going on too. I guess I just wanted Saturday night's show to open it. This second show was, in my opinion, one of the best I've heard in a while (although I missed a good deal of summer tour) but this could be the one they talk about all tour long (kinda like second night deer creek). Anyway, onto the show: Usual horrible Albany crowding problems when trying to get into the venue (Providence and Hartford have the same problem!). Unlike Friday night, where I completely missed Mellow Mood, I walked through the door as the build up to the opening chords of POSSUM were going. This was just a fun Possum (it's always awesome when they open a set with a normally "set-closing song"), with some great rock jamming from Trey. He didn't fuck around - he skipped all the quiet blues noodling and went straight for the hardcore "Funky Bitch" style blues lead all throughout, building with intensity and volume as the song went on. MY FRIEND, MY FRIEND came out of nowhere and I was psyched to hear my first one. Trey flubbed it a little (as he did with Glide and NICU the night before) but it was nice to hear. Standard version. GUMBO started and was a fun, not too funky and kinda rocky version. During the a cappella chorus, Mike was just slapping the shit out of his bass!! Dropping bass bombs on every beat - sounded extra-dank! Some great jamming from Trey before getting very chill and then kinda dark and empty. The emptiness led into the hi-hats and bass drum beat for MAZE!! Yes!! Psyched to hear this one again!!! You always know you're getting some sick Page soloing from a Maze, and tonight's was no exception. Page ripped it up on the Hammond, the organ sound grinding and getting intenser until it finally exploded and settled into some equally ripping Trey soloing. Maze ended as usual (fun!), and BOOGIE ON, REGGAE WOMAN came on. Yes! The fourth reggaeish tune of the weekend (NICU, Mellow Mood, and Windora Bug being the others) starts up and the entire place is grooving along with the funky reggae beat. Lots of audience screams on the "you can make me scream" line. ROGGAE is a beautiful song, nice breather - very well placed, especially given what was coming up next. GUYUTE was it's basic self, Trey wasn't hitting every note of the fast section, but it was still great, and Kuroda makes the climaxes in this song so much more explosive with the lights. The best was that right before the "I'm bouncing like a newborn elf" line, the band just held that spacey, dissonant chord, and Trey put that little strumming that he does in there on the loop pedal, and then goes over and plays his keyboard, adding to the space. This goes on for a good minute or so, then he comes back, sings a line with Fish on the scary voice, and goes back to play his keys again! This goes on until he finishes the verse, and they end the song in its usual grand style. Antelope starts and this was just raging. They took the energy from the set and from the audience and definitely put it all into this Antelope. Kept building and building until you figured it couldn't get any higher, and then stops on a dime - every time! (how do they do it?). Anyway, as soon as the chill section starts, who else but Tom Marshall appears onstage to sing his lyrics (spliff, mon?). Second set starts with the first new song of the tour, and of course it's a set 2 opening JIBBOO. But since I didn't see much of the summer tour, I was happy to hear it start this one off. The Jibboo was tight, and Trey had some really nice jamming in there - less groove and more Type I oriented, pre-'95 style Trey jamming. Led into what was in effect my first CURTAIN, since I missed the first two songs of 12/30/99 set 2. This was great, very well played, not a note missed, and clean too. Chris made it amazing with his flashes of lights timed with Fishman's cymbal crashes. I was hoping they'd do a Curtain With, but then Fish started playing the drum beat to First Tube, while Mike played the bassling from SAND. Trey was still playing with the feedback from the end of Curtain, so he wasn't helping, and Fish actually had to stop playing to hear which bassline Mike was playing, first tube or sand. I guess Henrietta is human after all - although I believe he still has many godlike qualities. Anyway, Fish starts the Sand beat, and pretty soon Trey starts his chords too. After some groove-oriented jamming that went in many horizontal directions (different colors, rhythms, waves of sound) but very little volume or intensity changing around, Michael Ray comes out onstage!!!!! All done up in headdress and full '70s funk clothes. He comes jiving up on stage, pumping his horn in the air. Then he takes over, and let me tell you, this Sand is the reason to get this show in your possession ASAP! Ray's soloing on Sand is absolutely phenomenal - it was very funk oriented but not necessarily major or minor, it sounded like he was definitely drifting into some modes, which gave this solo a great sound. He also did some crazy trumpet sounds, like making it wail while jumping an octave - some of the most complex sounding and difficult playing you can do on a trumpet. After his solo, he just stayed onstage and funked around, dancing around completely insane, it was great! Then he soloed some more and they finally went back into the Sand theme. When they went back into the main riff, Ray teased First Tube, but the band finished up the sand and started up MAKISUPA. So danky!! Ray is going nuts onstage - dancing around rasta style while the boys reggae it up again! Trey summed up the way everyone felt that morning with "Woke up this morning, schwag" since it was such a crummy day. Ray soloed a little on Makisupa, but mostly just danced around. They finished and started the organ bass line to CARS TRUCKS BUSES. This was awesome, since Ray had obviously practiced with the band and had learned this song's melody line, which he played along with Page. It sounded so nice - the trumpet gave everything such a new, crisp and funky sound, really a lot of fun and great music. After some Page, Trey and Michael Ray soloing, they finsih CTB and head straight into FUNKY BITCH! Now the entire room is going nuts! Ray is still onstage, and he takes some solos along with Trey. They finally build up the blues jam so hard with Trey and Ray both playing these loops of notes on their instruments - there was so much energy and intensity in this part! They ended it with a huge bang, and then Fish started up the drums to CAVERN. Unfortunately, Michael Ray left the stage as Cavern began. Cavern was fun, especially since there was a Miller Lite sign over the bar across the street that read "Welcome Phish Phans. Whatever you do, take care of your shoes". The four boys came back on alone for the Hood encore - which Trey began singing by himself and without harmony or lights for the first "Harry!" - and then when the jam started Michael Ray came onstage with his trumpet, and he was accompanied by 5 random kids. They just looked like random heads that were pulled out of the crowd. They sat on Fish's drum riser, looking out from the stage, and just had a good time! One of the chicks got up and started dancing with Michael Ray, which was funny and entertaining to watch. The band jammed a nice Hood, building to a great YCFGAH section, but instead of singing the jingle, Ray started playing his trumpet. They went into the song ended craziness and Trey thanked Ray and the people who cam onstage to keep Michael Ray company since he wasn't going to be playing until the end of the jam. They just ended the show like that - no singing, but it was an amazing end to and amazing show. Multiple guests, a second set with trumpet for the majority of the songs, some choice rare tunes like My Friend, Curtain, Makisupa, and some all around ragers like Antelope, Maze, Possum, Hood, Funky Bitch. Get these recordings at any cost, you will thank me later. Hope this wasn't too long-winded, just wanted to give everyone a little glimpse of how epic this show was. And as always, I have to say that even though I've seen it so many times, the light show keeps getting better and better even on songs where the lights are always the same (like Guyute). I must complement Chris and his team for what they do, because they get you as close to a natural psychedelic experience as you can find without drugs. Hope everyone had a good weekend and we'll see you at Great Woods (I refuse to call it the Tweeter Center). My $.02, -Jake
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:28:33 -0400 From: Kristen Hurd Kristen_Hurd@umit.maine.edu To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: my faith is restored.... YES! YES! YES! BEST FUCKING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Unreal, just unreal. You had to be there but the energy was amazing, i am truly blown away. I had so many of those perfect moments that I thought my heart would burst. You know those moments when you just feel so connected to everyone in that room? When there is so much positive energy flowing through everyone that you feel perfectly in tune with the phlow? Words do not do justice to feelings I had last night, absolutely mind boggling. That said, here's my play by play: POSSUM: fantastic opener, this set blew me out of the water from the get go. We were down in front tonight, 20th row, and this one put me in mind of the energy I felt at lemonwheel. This is the one I was singing when we got back to Jeff's at the end of the night....totally jammin out from memory, I love this shit! MY FRIEND: 1st time live for me, very nice. I was hoping for the space to hear the crowd chanting "my friend, my friend," but fab nonetheless GUMBO: he, he, he, he, he........so happy, sooooo happy :) MAZE: I will never get out of this phase, as long as there are shows I will go. period. BOOGIE ON: you know, i really love how when a set is on, a set is on. I feel like they can read my mind, not necessarily in terms of exact songs, but in terms of what mood and energy is needed next....phenonmenal. ROGGAE: Great breather, shit I needed a breather right then. And I love the undulating tones and shapes that unfold through my body....just drowning in the music. GUYUTE: my mind just melted, thank you very much. ANTELOPE: Ok, can I quote myself? Something like "Shit, no shit! Shit!!" Even sitting here, 24 hours later, I am speechless....tight jamming, soaring up, and up, and up, and up...I swear, they love to tease us, they eat that shit up. And then, Tom Marshall. What a treat, it was just so sick and incredibly tight and then to top it off with that....ecstasy, pure ecstasy baby. Lastly, CK5 overall: Antelope has to be one of his favorite songs, it's just a huge playground for him!! Overall on Set I, I'm going to quote my exact set notes: "My faith has been restored, awesome fuckin set.....completely speechless." Set II: JIBOO: ahhh, i feel something in the air.....10 minutes of Jiboo and then..... CURTAIN: blessed, we are truly blessed this lovely evening. SAND: was bummed this summer when I missed this by one night and a few hundred miles......but oh, was it worth the wait. By far, one of my fave's off Farmhouse. Mellow glowsticks and Michael Raye (sp?), man can he dance.... everyone clapping along, utter bliss, but then, when he started to play?!?!?! No shit, this set is fucking fabulous! 20 minutes of this totally funked out, heavy Mike, killer trumpet....I am in heaven!! MAKISUPA: PFLM, you should be happy about this show. Heavy bass throughout the whole show but very evident on this one. More MR, this is just too good to be true, "Schwag," how appropriate..... CTB: play it page baby, play it......it's shit like this that actually makes me stop dancing and just watch. Magic rolling off fingers, unbelievable groove and connection with the rest of the jam....he, he, he, he, he,......I love it when they make me giggle with joy. FUNKY: Mike, mike and more mike......this is just sublime. CK, you are truly devine some times....i just love that green, gold, blue and purple mix. That musical duel between MR and Trey at the end was a blast! CAVERN: predictable closer...killer tune but I've heard it in this slot way too much. But I was really happy they played it because it was my friend Dave's first show and he LOVES this tune!! HOOD: "Thank you mister miner" I know it was unfinished, but shit, Trey was hauling people out of the crowd onto the stage...can't top that for me. And then, those moments when MR and that woman were dancing......I was just overflowing with the beauty and magic that is a phish show. Never forget how incredible it is to be a part of this, never. Overall: WORDS DO NOT DO THIS SHOW JUSTICE. Thank you Trey, Page, Mike and Fishman...you bring me more happines than I can ever express. And thank you to spirit for thinking you four up and bringing you together so that you could bring all of us together!! I am well stocked up on energy to get me through till they decide to come tour again. I have utter faith that this rest will be good for all of us. They need to recharge, and we always, but particularly these days, need to be reminded of how precious these moments with each other are. Sweet dreams and summer laughter, let that be all that is this space that we create when we come together. I envy those continuing on the tour - be safe, dance hard, laugh and love and live.... nothing I see can be taken from me..... your sister in love and light, Kristen
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 19:18:56 -0400 From: Ann Nirenstein akroush@together.net Subject: Albany shows(9-9-00, in particular) It has been four years since my last "experience". I became disillusioned during the mega-concerts and disapproved of the many people that were spoiling the scene. I will never question the musical ability or wonderful use of music to create a mood by this band. The first night nearly brought a tear to my eye... the second night delivered one of the best shows that I have ever seen. Mind you... this is not my first or twentieth show. I have realized that the scene can offer a great deal of uncompromising love for complete strangers. I have to thank a small posse from UMASS Boston for the reassurance that good people do indeed exist (special thanks to Dave, Dave, Dave(birthday-boy), Joe(afro-boy), Allison, Josh and Matt). No that my love has been reaffirmed, I fear that the unknown tour plans will give me an ulcer. Thank you all, especially PHISH, for an unforgettable and spiritual weekend. I look forward to the next opportunity. Enjoy Every Fucking Moment!!!! Keith
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:00:34 -0700 (PDT) From: David Jones dklinemcgill@yahoo.com Subject: review of albany 2nd night This is not really a review per se, but a quick story bout me and my friend's experience at the show saturday night. first off, we were lucky enough to be hooked up with 3rd row tix, thanks to some cool guy at ticketmaster in Raleigh NC who told me he'd keep trying till he scored good tix. then we were lucky enough tobe taken to the wrong seats by the usher, so that were were placed 3rd row, right in front of trey rather than being leaned up against the boards with a view of only the guy with the soundboard at the side of the stage. sure we felt like geeks, but how often do you get that close? so we decided to make a sign for my buddy's fave song of the one's he hasn't heard in his 30 something shows: My Friend, My Friend. So they come out, he holds up his sign, no one notices, they rage possum, then during the possum jam, he holds up the sign again as trey's eying the crowd in our general direction, and trey clearly notices the sign and gives a little nod. I thought it was possible it could all be just in my head, was trey really nodding at my friend's sign? then VERY NEXT SONG, they bust it out. needless to say, our little section was going nuts, everyone was taking picutres of him holding the sign during the song etc. it was great. I guess it's possible that it was an insane coincidence that they play his first MY FRIEND MY FRIEND at the show in which it woulda been tough for trey to miss the sign right in front of him. but that would be a huge coinkidink, no?? anyway, the rest of the show was incredible. Awesome Antelope, Trey was actually flawless on the guyute, whole MRAY thing in 2nd set was great, and then the hood....ahhhhh it's a very good indication of htings to come for the rest of the tour... Dave
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 19:21:23 -0400 From: Sean Alexander seethezoo@hotmail.com Subject: 9/9/00 Albany My turn to write a review: First of all, Friday was a great show. So I expected Saturday to be good too.... I had no idea. However,the place was packed. I'm convinced these shows are being over-sold, or a lot of people are getting in with fakes. Whatever, as long as I'm in, I don't care. Set 1: POSSUM- great way to start a show, that's all there is to it MY FRIEND- how many shows have i seen, and how many mife's? the answer to both is "not enough". i was going nuts GUMBO- again, not enough gumbo's, i loved it. and going into... MAZE- normally not a big fan of maze, but they blew it up this time. long hallways, sharp turns, a couple dead ends. i'm a changed man. BOOGIE ON- please. play this song again and again and again. just reach out and milk the funk. ROGGAE- it was good. could have easily interupted the flow of the set, but didn't. it made me that much happeir when they went into... GUYUTE- who doesn't love guyute? it is the victory anthem of rock and roll pigs. great version too. ANTELOPE- how does this song keep getting better and better. it was loud, long and f*cking awesome! and Tom Marshall too, way to go, you are a rock-star! After a relatively short break, Set 2: GOTTA JIBBOO- obviously, no energy leaked out of the arena during setbreak. it's not a choice. when it's that strong you gotta jibboo too. THE CURTAIN- i always want to hear curtain. it just amazes me everytime. page goes up as trey goes down and everyone in the place is screaming the lyrics. incredible. SAND- that phat phunk from the summer is not gone. i love it when they jam so long i forget what song they're playing (i wonder if that happens to them). Michael Ray tears it up with a trumpet solo, and dances around the stage. So good. MAKISUPA- that's right! CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES- jamalicious. throughout all this Michael Ray is still dancing all around the stage. I'm not sure when exactly, but somewhere, Page goes off! Michael Ray dances over to the piano and grooves out to Page, bowing with his hands in the air (i'm not worthy-ish). Understandable. He looks so nice, but Page is an evil pianist. FUNKYBITCH- i mean, FUNKYBITCH! i think they got my letter! FUNKYBITCH! CAVERN- it's so good. and it's a true story. two thumbs up! Encore: HARRY HOOD- the best part about the encore was that Michael Ray put on a different wacky cape and headdress, but forgot his horn! i can't believe that trey pulled people on to the stage, and they sat down! dance fuckers, dance! and, they didn't finish the song! one reason i love hood is 'cause it's got three major parts (movements?) and i get to dance three different ways during it. but they cheated me out of the "feel good" part. that's the best part! it's like i have to sneeze, but it's stuck. Oh well. It was still one of the best shows, ever. It's nights like that that let us know that they love us. -Thanks guys, back at 'ya.
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 17:14:47 -0400 From: Mark Maynard moemaynard@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/9/00 Albany Review Oh what fun it can be to be at one of the better Phish shows in recent memory!! AFter seeing the first night, I knew that in all likelyhood, we would get a much better setlist on Saturday. That was just the case..... The street in front of the pepsi was packed at about 7pm.. and I mean packed. We waited for nearly 45 minutes to get in along with at least 5,000 people out front. My friend was lucky enough to score a ticket at the last minute for a decent price (not face but "decent" :-) just before the gate. I lost track of all my friends b/c security wasn't letting anybody wait once they got past the checkpoint... can you say Bullshit!!!!! After being herded quickly into the arena I ran half way around the top in search of a Molson Canadian Vendor since they were the only decent beer in the place for a decent price. Possum started as I was in line and everybody was jamming out in the aisles and in line. I got to my seats in sec 104 just for the start of My Friend ^2 and was pleasently surprised we got to hear it. I am not one to do a play by play and idiotically scrutinize the band's placement of songs so I'll just mention the highlights!!! The whole show WAS a highlight I have to say but the curtain, antelope, sand, jiboo, funky bitch were all top notch. The crowd down in front was going nuts jumping up in down and I mean,,,, GOING NUTS in front of trey and this spurred trey to give us some high gear playing!! The energy levels were remminiscent of new years shows from the Mid Nineties if you can picture that. Very cool crowd for the most part. I met so many nice people inside and in the lots. Thanks to the crowd in the parking lot under the highway for putting up with all us wild frisbee throwers on Saturday!!! We all had a blast.. Til Next time, Keep your wings low, Mark Maynard
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:23:59 -0400 From: Robert Hack waitomo@banet.net To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 9/9/00 Never been a huge Phish fan but this show may change my mind. Feel damn lucky to have been there. Kind of like the St. Stephen show I was fortunate enough to see in 1983 before that song vanished from setlists forever. I honestly knew only 1 song the whole night and it didn't matter worth diddly. Danced that mess around. Could kiss my cousin for providing me with a ticket. Darien Lake here I come? -- Rob Hack waitomo@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 08:09:10 -0700 (PDT) From: Blane Harvey embassyinternational@yahoo.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-9-00 comment Hey, won't bother to review since a million people already have, but needless to say, it was killer. I thought I'd write in and mention that they did indeed start 1st Tube and switch to Sand. Fish and Mike kicked it off, then Fish stopped, Mike changed the rhythm of the bass line (which is pretty much exactly the same in both tunes) and then Fish came back in with the Sand groove. An excellent choice if you ask me! See ya in Darien! Blane ===== Check out my page at http://members.xoom.com/scentofamule/home.htm my dat/cdr list is now at: http://www.phishhook.com/lists/Unitmonster
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 14:27:34 -0400 (EDT) From: Joe * Uncah-Joe@webtv.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-9-2000 I'd like to submit my annual Phish show review. Unfortunately finances prohibit me from making more Phish shows than I'd like to but I am glad I was able to make the trek to Albany to catch this weekend of shows. Friday night's show was nothing worth writing home or to Phishnet about, but Saturday's show totally made up for the lackluster performance given the night previous. Coming into Albany and the Pepsi Arena was really easy with no traffic to speak of. From what I saw of the city, it is really clean and contained nice architecture, including "The Egg", otherwise known as the Albany Performing Arts Center. We got into the venue and climbed for days to get to our seats in the upper reaches of the nosebleeds. The air was thin up there with a touch of snow on the ground. Fortunately, I had my oxygen mask with me. Getting to my review, as mentioned previously, Friday was not what I would call a good show, with several musical and vocal miscues and flaws. Something must have happened overnight because the show on Saturday was virtually flawless with kickarse music. Set 1 From hearing every song from the last 3 albums the night before, I wasnt expecting anything spectacular when we got to our seats for the second night. I was pleasantly surprised with the selections for this show. I had never seen Possum open the show. It was a great start to a great night. Possum glided into My Friend, My Friend which slid into a funky sing-along Gumbo. Phish definitely came to play tonight. After reflecting on snowbound mice for a while, we sailed into a Maze which we're never gonna get out of. The reggae women were dancing and Phish promised to do it till we begged for more. We didn't have to beg! Going to the farm to see that ugly, dancing pig Guyute was certainly a fun journey because while on the farm, we also saw an antelope running out of control. During Antelope, Tom Marshall came out and treated us with his lyrical and vocal prowess. Setbreak was people watching time and there was a crazy gentleman climbing up to the nosebleeds, pretending he was climbing a mountain, binoculars and all. After numerous failed "wave" attempts, the lights finally went down again. During the setbreak, I started singing Jibboo because I felt one somewhere in the thin smoke-filled atmosphere of the arena. Wouldn't you know what they opened the second set with! I was so psyched that Phish was so in tune to my mind. Jibboo traveled into Curtain! and I knew that the first set's explorations were hardly done. Going to the beach and playing in the Sand was an excellent choice. Sand slowed down and then the stagehands set up another microphone on the stage. Michael Ray came out, festooned in island Indian garb. After stirring up the already pumped up crowd, he started playing his amazing trumpet. What ensued was an hour of the most incredible music I had seen to date. What is a beach without a Policeman to keep the order? The "schwag" smoking cop floated around the room for a while to ensure everything was on the level. After the cop was sure it was cool, we got into our Cars, Trucks and Buses to pay a visit to the Funky Bitch. Michael Ray bid us goodbye and we went down to the Cavern. After the incredible music we had witnessed, Trey thought it would be cool to drink a nice big glass of Hood milk. "Got Milk"? Phish certainly had an overabundance of dairy products and for the next 15 minutes we were treated with the journey of the milkman whom everyone knows. During Hood, Trey grabbed 5 people from the audience and backstage areas and had them dancing on the stage. Harry faded before the finale because the venue's curfew had been exceeded. All in all this was a fabulous show and I am glad I had the opportunity to introduce my fiance to the nuances of that band called Phish.
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 21:52:23 -0400 From: soxphan soxphan@netzero.net To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: pepsi 9/9 Hey all, just a couple thoughts on albany. I love shows at the pepsi arena, it's always a chill atmosphere mixed nicely with anticipation and excitement for the shows ahead. Ya you still get some of the sketchy characters in the lot, selling drugs I wouldn't force my worst enemy to consume (to the kid who offered me herion...just go away, far away, and don't come back). You know who these kids are...pitbull on leash in one hand, empty beer bottle falling to the concrete from the other. Is it that hard to throw trash in the trash? Sorry about that, to the show. I'm not gonna go song by song, but there was some really special moments, like the first set for starters. When you hear My friend, My friend in the first set you know it's gonna be a great show, not to mention possum, MAZE, a absolutley raging antelope, with tom marshall ta boot, and a deep, heavy, funky,saturated with sweat gumbo.... oh ya don't forget boogie on reggae woman. Man what a great set! 2nd set was full of surprises. The curtain...such a great song, and to listen to the band play this song so tightly is pure joy. what I thought started out as 1st tube turned into sand, and the surprises continued...Michael Ray came out with horn in hand, and played with the band, and the crowd. He was dancing up a storm which really got the crowd going. Ofcourse Page was the man on cars trucks busses. So much going on and before you know it the set was over. I remember thinking how bummed I was at that moment, realizing that this was my last phish show for well... no one really knows how long, and then Harry Hood. Absolutley perfect...trey invited some fans on stage, and michael ray came back out to enjoy a beautiful harry hood. A great moment that capped off a great nite of phish. Last nite was my 50th show since 94'...modest to some, extreme to others, but regardless of how many shows you've been to, or when you started. If you really enjoy phish and really respect what phish is about, then you would have left last nites show with a little bit wider of a grin than usual. thank you phish for so many great memories. when your ready to get the show on the road again i'll be waiting. Everyone enjoy the rest of the tour, and be good..lets end this chapter on a high note.
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 12:24:10 EDT From: JM (reba616) To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Albany reviews 09/09/2000 Pepsi Arena - Albany, New York Set I (73 min): Possum, My Friend My Friend -> Gumbo > Maze, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Roggae, Guyute, Run Like an Antelope* Set II (80 min.): Gotta Jibboo > The Curtain > Sand%^ -> Makisupa Policeman^#, Cars Trucks Buses^ > Funky Bitch^, Cavern Encore (17 min.):Harry Hood^+ * With Tom Marshall onstage to say the "Marco Esquandolas" part % with glowsticks ^ With Michael Ray on trumpet # Keyword was "schwag" + Unfinished; also, after the "thank you, Mr. Minor" part, 5 people were taken out of the audience to sit on stage to keep Michael Ray company, since Phish didn't want him to play until the last part of the song. Trey thanked "Michael Ray and the Michael Ray Chorus". Post-show music was the Bee Gees' "More than a Woman" Possum- SWEET opener. I wanted to hear a PYITE, but this was just ten times better. Set the mood for the night, this song alone tore every song from Friday night apart! My friend my friend- Definitely cool to hear. Rarity. Gumbo- I was groovin. Funky jams. Maze- not one of my favorites, but a great version nevertheless, energy filled. Boogie on Reggae Woman- YES!! Stevie Wonder cover, thrilled as hell when I heard the opening chords to this one. This one proved Trey was on, he didnt flub the lyrics or the lick. Awesome. Roggae- A breather. Guyute- Awesome version, near perfect. I was grooving the whole song, but not nearly as hard as when they started the opening chords of.... ANTELOPE!!!- By far my favorite song of the night, killer killer version. I had never danced so hard before, the crowd was going nuts when big goofy Tom Marshall came out to say the words right before the gear shift. Blew away every song in the first set, but Possum and Guyute came close. *~SETBREAK*~ Just chilled out, stayed in my seat the whole time, waiting patiently.... Gotta Jibboo- Called this one. Wasn't all too thrilled they opened with it, but I was still grooving. The Curtain- NOW WE'RE TALKING! Never thought they'd play it. Sand- Usually don't like this one, but the funk was too deep not to dance my ass off for the 20 minutes. HUGE glowstick war, I've never seen anything so cool in my life. This big guy comes on staged dressed all fruity to play the trumpet, this guy could dance! Got the crowd going without a doubt. Makisupa Policeman- Alright! The reggae theme continues, the crowd goes nuts again, so nuts I couldn't hear the keyword, which I found out later was "SCHWAG". Cars Trucks Buses- There was some pretty serious jamming during this song. The trumpet player was going nuts on this one. Funky Bitch- After Cars trucks buses, I called Cavern to be the set closer, but they played this, which was damn fine with me! Energetic, it was a great version. Thought it was the set closer but... Cavern- I called it, but called it too early! Cool version, Trey didnt mess it up once! Could have done without it, but it was still cool. ~*ENCORE*~ I wanted a Loving Cup, or a Rock and Roll, thought that Tom Marshall would come out for the encore and bust out a new cover but we got... HARRY... HOOD!!! HARRY... HOOD!!! WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT?? I would have never called it for the encore! It was great, but they didnt finish the last part, which is my favorite. A bittersweet ending to these two nights, considering they were great shows, but it will be about two years before Phish comes around to Albany again.... Take it easy- J.M.
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:33:33 -0400 From: caitlin murray cmurray@HWS.EDU To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Albany 9/9/00 It has always been a struggle. A fight to get better. The reasons for fighting were once so plentiful and obvious that few would rest in contentment and settle for less. Today life is easy. Most of the world lives in comfort and convenience, and there is no great evil starring us in the face. There are still problems but one must pay close attention and even search a little to recognize their severeness. Still with our growing knowledge and technology we have not gotten much wiser. However, there is much greater progress towards awareness of our outer world then within the human mind and spirit, our inner worlds. Curiously, we lend ourselves to dullness inside. Most moments are obstructed by fear and we are unable to truly live them. Artists have forever held the fight against this, screaming Carpe Diem at the top of their lungs, drawing our attention towards life, our emotions, and reality. Last night was the Quintessential artistic/spirtual experience. United, we became aware of the moment with a profound perception of reality. The moment stood alone with a such-ness that we could all feel. That alive-ness is a state of mind reached by a high level of awareness and focus. We can all live more aware and thus more a part of the moment and divinity. The more we experience the moment the more we add to our memories and our lives become richer. Thank you Phish for helping us get to that place. Neil 9/10/00
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 12:28:06 -0400 From: Trevor Rogas trogas@sover.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-9-00 review Possum - great, well-done and riled up the crowd. My Friend, My Friend - fast, crowd interaction with the chorus part at the end -> Gumbo - amazing song, played great -> Maze - wonderful to hear again, Trey did an amazing solo Boogie on Reggae Woman - they entered a Hampton phase, and this was great Roggae - not a great version, some confusion about the words Guyute - long version, good solos Run Like an Antelope - TOM MARSHALL!! This was amazing Overall, Set I was good, it was lacking some slow stuff, but the band was loving the energy in the room. Gotta Jibboo - This was great, first song off Farmhouse on the fall tour -> The Curtain - good, some confusion about the transition into the song -> Sand - Michael Ray was amazing, coming out with an Indian headdress and dancing around while he was not playing, glowstick war was weak -> Makisupa Policeman - good to hear this song again, well-done Cars, Trucks, Buses - I heard a First Tube tease in the beginning, then Fishman stopped and slowed it down and it became this, maybe I'm wrong -> Funky Bitch - AMAZING!! Trey had an awesome solo, and this just pumped the crowd up so much Cavern - Great!! This plus Funky Bitch before it almost made me pass out, the energy was unbelievable. Trey fumbled some words at the beginnings of verses, but got them eventually Overall, I would say Set II was better than Set I. It had more variety and the end was amazing. Harry Hood - great, Michael Ray came back and danced for a while, then went to find his trumpet (techies had moved it offstage). When he returned he brought 5 fans up with him. After the song, Trey kissed one girl on the cheek, and hugged one of the guys. This was a perfect song, people had been talking about it all day. This concert was amazing, lots of variety and unbelievable energy. GO SEE THIS TOUR!!!
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 14:08:22 -0400 From: J.Rennie Hamilton hamilton@norwich.net To: "'dws@www.phish.net'" dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/9/00 WWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Phish is ON! Friday night was like an old diesel truck that hadn't been started up in a while,the gears were grinding and the engine was sputtering. Second set the rig was getting warmed up! By the time Saturday night rolled around that "gear shift was in HIGH GEAR and the boys were at full speed with the cruise control on!!!!! Hands down the best phish show I have ever experienced!!! Top to bottom every tune was phenomonal!!! TREY, PAGE, MIKE, JOHN, ------> THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! P.S. It is tough to review a show like this because it is one of those deals where you just had to be there!!
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:59:57 -0400 (EDT) From: Iii William F Luke iluke@Oswego.EDU To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/9 Review Possum Opener, My Friend, Antelope, The Whole Second Set, Hometown Show, Micheal Ray,The Whole Second Set(I know i've already said that, but it was just that good). SEE YOU ALL IN DARIEN!! DANK YOU PHISH
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 04:05:23 EDT From: DiamondDdiamond@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: ridiculous second night in Albany I have seen many good Phish shows at the ''Pepsi Arena" over the years, but tonight had to take the cake as my personal favorite. The show got started on the right note with a rippin' Possum followed by the all to rarely played My Friend My Friend. Way to go on this number boys. It was extremely tight even though I can't remember the last time I have heard it. The rest of the set matched the intensity, and blew both sets from the night before out of the water. After a long set break, one knew what was to come in the second set. Just another absolutely ridiculous set of music played by mine and yours favorite band. Gotta Jiboo and Sand have been set regulars over the past couple of tours, and it seems every one just keeps getting better. I felt tonights were the best Phish has ever produced. The jam out of Sand was moving to say the least. The rest of the set was great too with a higher than average energy level. Hood was probably the perfect encore for Phish to close out one of their favorite close to home venues. I think this tour is going to be so special because of the extended break coming up. I cannot wait for Geat Woods and everything else. See you on the road kidz! Mikey O
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 10:14:46 -0400 From: majik@tradewind.net To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Albany Saturday night Wow! What a great show! Friday night was fantastic, but they definitely saved the best for last here in Albany. Went with my cousin who called "My Friend" in the first and "Jiboo" to start the second. Energy was very high, no police/security problems...and no "Guy running around in underwear" from night before. "Makisupa" is always fun. "Possum", "Guyute", "Run Like an Antelope", "Funky Bitch", and "Cavern"....all just explosive. "Sand" had a great groove happening. This was the first show that I could give someone a miracle, and I did twice, so, hope you enjoyed the show girls! - Joe
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 04:03:42 EDT From: KEN785@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: (no subject) let me tell you this was one of the best shows i've ever been to. i was front row, on the rail 10 feet from trey. i was standing right next to the kid, and if you were in albany and saw the newspaper he was in the paper. possum...short but, raging. it really got me dancing. a classic. my friend>gumbo>maze...i've never heard this combination before, but i liked it. pretty standard. boogie...great yet again, if you can't move to this song then you've got a problem. guyute...this was great. as phish started building for the climax of the song, trey was mouthing to everyone in the front "you want some more?, yeah?" while swaying back and forth in tune with the highs, then he started jumping up and down. it was great. antelope...this was great to see at the front of the room. when tom came out the room exploded, i saw tom w/ trey in binghamton, so this is my second occasion seeing the pair on stage. after marco esquandolos, tom says "me to smoke spliff wit you mon" and points to the kid next to me. it was great. later in the show i was along the edge of the floor and tom walked by with his wife(?), i shook his hand. then he walked by me again. it was great. in binghamton he walked right by me and my buddies too. always great to see tom on stage then in the crowd. second set....i guess you had to be there. sincerely yours, ken
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