9-30-00 webcast -- Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 19:11:27 EDT
From: Jake Cohen jakecola@hotmail.com
To: dws@gadiel.com
Subject: Re: Webcast review
So I wasn't there. For all those phans who couldn't be at Vegas b/c of the
Jewish holiday (like me), a shana tova and aren't we sorry we missed it?
Anyway, I figured I'd write a review since this is the last show that I'll
see in a while, and b/c there's just so much to say.
Precursor: All weekend I was walking around calling a Forbins>Mockingbird
with a narration/Icculus in the middle.
Lot scene: As usual, very full. University parking sucks. Got my Bass Ale
and my heady T3 going early. This is the greatest thing in the world,
watching a live show from the comfort of your very own swivel chair. 11:30
rolls around and the band takes the stage.
I knew it was either Rocko William or Walfredo, since they were playing
different instruments, but as I've never heard either, i had to wait until
they screamed WALFREDO to know. Fun song, it was really cool to see the four
guys playing different instruments, especially Page on drums! Mike can
actually solo on lead guitar too! Fun to hear. My connection was a little
choppy, so I heard the opening to THE CURTAIN WITH 3 or 4 times. But it's
all good - a slightly sloppy but still quality version. I was hoping they'd
play the original With section, since I saw it at Merriweather and have been
dying to hear any version again! The Rift part was well played and smooth.
But then the Reba jam took off, and really did some nice building very much
in the same vein as when they do this in Reba - a clear beginning and
gradual build to a screeching climax, and then mellowing out back into the
blue lights and the slow melody. The space at the end of Curtain provided a
very cool intro to MAZE as Fish kicked in the drum beat. Maze was nice and
raging as usual, with a great Page solo featuring some very fast, circular
licks repeating in a very cool time signature. Guitar was nice, Trey was
really into it, we've decided that after hearing about his dream he was
definitely tripping face this evening :). ROGGAE was a nice break, although
Trey messed up a couple of the big chords. I DIDN'T KNOW was a fun little
song providing a very humorous Kid Rock reference from Fish..er, Joe C.
MIKES SONG kicked in and was lots of fun, a great jam that really followed
the patterns of older Mike's, this one featured a little bit of groove with
a whole lot of Trey cutting it up. They badly segued into SIMPLE, they
should at least all know that it's coming as opposed to just hearing Trey
play the Simple line while the rest of the band is playing the Mikes chords.
Oh well. Simple had that nice soft jam as it would were it to go into
Hydrogen. When they brought it down slow and soft enough, I thought they
were definitely going into Hydrogen, but then Trey begins softly playing the
chords to I SAW IT AGAIN. The rest of the band picks it up and they rage
through this. Great rock and roll. Then Phish drops the bomb and pulls out
ESTHER, although a badly played version, still an amazing surprise. This is
when me and my boy Jeff started screaming and regretting missing this show
live. Oh well, at least we got to see people getting an Esther. Trey messed
up a lot, but hey, they haven't played the song in two years, they're not
gonna be perfect. And, more to the point, IT'S FUCKIN ESTHER!!! You can't
help but smile! Trey forgets the last verse and just says "she's dead,
died". Very funny! a smokin WEEKAPAUG wraps up the set with some quality
groove and type I jamming.
set II started with a bang as the entire crowd managed to all light their
lighters and sing happy birthday in sync and key with one another!!! Amazing
what phans can do for this band. Trey was obviously impressed that we pulled
this off, and treated us to a nice but kinda short TIMBER HO!! Love this
tune, wish I could've heard the drums better on my computer. We were now
just getting what looked like a slide show of still pictures of the stage,
our connection was clogged up. Oh well, damn napster users ;). The AC/DC BAG
showed its metallic head, and kept it at a constant level throughout the
entire 10 minute jam or so. Then they broke it out, the FORBINS!! Holy
shit!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, even if he didn't hit every note --- wow! Great to
hear, me and all my friends singing along in the room, going nuts!! As close
as I've ever gotten to feeling like I was at a show without actually being
there. Really regretting not going to Vegas. Trey starts talking, thanking
everyone, and announcing that this is not the end, just an extended break.
Go another 17 years!!! I hope so. The dream is rediculous, that's what you
dream about when you party in Vegas :). MOCKINGBIRD was fudged at the
beginning, but then Trey's fingers seemed to remember, and they played a
very clean, heavy and raging Mockingbird. The soft parts were beautiful and
melodic, but when they got into the heavy minor section, they really ripped
it up! Amazing. The TWIST was basic, and the SAND was a nice long,
Trey-on-keys groove that just kept getting better as it went. So nice. The
first A DAY IN THE LIFE in a while gave us some great Page singing, and they
build that so well.
To be quite honest, I really wasn't a big fan of EMOTIONAL RESCUE. I've
never heard the original, even though I've heard tons of Stones songs, and I
didn't like how unenergetic and weird sounding it was (Mike's singing that
is). Oh well though, even though the encore didn't live up to the show, this
was the best show I've ever (almost) seen. The band played with a ton of
energy. The Mike/Trey duel at the end was really weird, and fun to watch on
the webcast.
And so that's it. I hope that in the future, when everyone has ridiculously
fast connections and there is no such thing as network congestion that Phish
does this again. Being on the east coast, having seen most of the east coast
shows, and now getting a special "live via satellite" performance, this
capped off the last Phish tour of this era in their careers. I am enormously
envious of anyone going to any of the next 6 shows. They will rock, I'll.
We've still got Harpua, Lifeboy, Mound, Tela, Llama, and Weigh coming, and
after last night's setlist, I'm pretty confident that they'll break these
out. To anyone who missed the webcast: Get your hands on a copy of the
broadcast ASAP. I'm sure it'll be out there. See ya'll after the break.

Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 15:08:55 -0300 From: "logowriter@hfx.eastlink.ca" logowriter@hfx.eastlink.ca Subject: 9.30.00 Couch Review Well, A Phish show in my bedroom. The first of many I hope. Before I get down to it I just want to extend a little appreciation for the fact that this webcast went down - a sign of wonderful things to come ... as a buddy of mine put it: WAAAAAAYY better than checking the setlist the next morning ... That being said, here are my feelings about the actual show: The first set overpowered the second for me. After the previous nights breakout bonanza, the Walfredo opener fit right in. Enjoyed the Spock's Brain? The Dinner and Movie? How bout a nice little throwback now to some early Europe 97. Seems so long ago now .... The Curtain With though, was where it was at for me on this night. I can't express how happy I am that they've brought it back. Curtain has always been that wonderful elusive tune which always kind of ends. Usually, the first few minutes are an exhilirating thrill, but then, it's clockwork and its over. Now though, with the old-school version, we get some really nice rifty instrumental and Reba-esque jams that, given last nights expriments have some major potential. It was not a straight ahead Reba jam by any means, it was tight, exploratory and sick. Mike layed down some heavy grooves on this one. Many more listens are in order. Look for this one at least once more before tour is over ... the meat of a second set maybe? My word for the Maze is fresh. Trey as tight as I've heard him, with some direction taboot. Yes - unwanky, energenic and fresh. Roggae too say some new life breathed into it ... a different pace of a jam, with Mike and Page creating some nice thick layers for Trey to sail over. The Jerry parallels here were quite evident for me at least ... The funky Mike's jam saw me a few of my buddies, getting down, late at night out on the east coast in my bedroom. It was strange at first, but no one was in my seat, and everyone was having a good time ... I love webcasts ,,, this jam definitely deserves another listen. As does the Simple. Esther was classic Phish ... including Trey's "She's Dead!" as filler for the completely flubbed last verse, and the Weekapaug filled out an excellent first set. At setbreak we watched some Simpsons tapes. First time I ever did THAT. Second set wasn't as good for me. Timber was nice choice for an opener, but it didn't really take off and I think that mindset stayed with the boys for the rest of the set. The Bag was good, no doubt, but not really that exploratory - not what I was looking for in an early second set Bag. The long awaited Forbin'->Mockingbird, amidst the Trey-talk was fun, and I couldn't help feel a little closer to the show when he seemed to be addressing EVERYONE. A good feeling. Not a huge Twist fan (although the 6.14 version has been sitting in my CD player for a while now) and as late as it was out here, started putting me to sleep. Sand did the same. Now I'm a huge Sand fan, but Trey couldn't find the grooves he wanted on the keys, and the jam just kind of lay there for a while - he needed Page to throw some whack sounds in, but none of them seemed into it. Hadn't realized it had been quite that long since the last A Day in the Life - but it seemed an apt tune (maybe not to close) at the time. Another birthday, another show, maybe not the best, but does it really matter? Emotional Rescue made a nice encore, although where was Page's vocal contribution? Before the song Trey seemed to be giving Mike a bunch of directions. Not for the tune selection, it turned out, but for some classic phishy nonsense to end the show ... An excellent first set and a fun second ... I was happy just to be able to see it. Look for a handful of sick highlights before tour is over ... Phil in CA? 20 minute Mound? When's the next webcast - tomorrow? andrew
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 17:34:24 EDT From: IronChef3@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review Let me review the show from a very different perspective: from the net. Unfortunantly, I was unable to attend the show, being 2,000 miles away at college. Yet, after a night of raucous partying, I was able to catch the second set LIVE via the net. So, maybe it isn't the same. No, there were no glowsticks in my room, nor were there people lighting up, yet Phish seemed to be able to transmit there energy and vibes so powerfully over the net. The opener of the second set was a very nice surprise. Everything was very tight and smooth. AC/DC Bag was kicking as usual, and I felt the need to get up and groove. It was around 3 at this time, and I knew I needed to wake up at 6 for a frisbee tournament, but sleep was sacrificed so I could experience the show from the comfort of my own home. Forbin's was awesome, as was Fly Famous. Then, something truly magical happened, Trey's glowing words touched me even from a distance. Really soemthing special. I did think they were going to play Gamehenge, but alas, I was wrong. The closer, A Day in the Life was amazing, truly a sweet treat. The encore was great as well. My computer provided me an early morning treat here in Boston, and i can't wait until they begin touring again
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 17:21:37 -0500 From: Brad Petit bpetit@tulane.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-30-00 Well let me begin by saying my school's network absolutely sucks. It'll cruise along one minute, then stop dead the next. The Vegas webcast suffered such a plight, but I was able to get a decent enough stream to enjoy the show. The music... Walfredo: I knew what this was, and knew it hadn't been seen in a while. Amusing, with better-than-expected guitar work from Mike. The Curtain With: It seems like this one's being played often. IMO, they should play it less often to keep it special, but if it opens up new jam opportunities, I won't argue. Maze: Yeah, Page was hitting the Hammond with a purpose. Trey's solo was better than I thought it would be. This is a good dark song, maybe my favorite off Rift. Roggae: I like this song a lot, and I'm always a little disappointed when the jam segment seems to go just like every other Roggae jam, but this one was a little longer and -- dare I say it -- beautiful. I love that bouncy, echoing sound Mike gets on this one. I Didn't Know: I love it when Phish harmonizes. Very nice. Fish's vacuum solo was pretty good. Trey's lucky Fish bailed him out by saying "Just call me Joe C." I don't think Trey knew where to go with "Robert..." Mike's Song: This seemed shorter than it reportedly was. It stayed hard rocking pretty much the whole time, walking the line between evil groove and straight rock, but not deviating much from it either. Simple: Again, I thought the change was kind of abrupt, as if they decided to give up on Mike's. You have to love Page's work in the beginning of the jam. I Saw It Again: More hard rock. Trey soloed for a while at the end while everyone else kept screaming the "I saw it again" line. Esther: Always nice to hear, especially after such a long absence. Yeah, Trey messed up the last verse, finally opting to sum up Esther's fate: "She died. She's DEAD." Then he had some trouble with the solo. But Esther's Esther, so no problems. Weekapaug: This one stayed pretty standard, in spite of Page's attempts early on to funkify it, which were admirable to be sure. He then moved back to the piano and organ and Trey hit the wah. The jam seemed poised to head into some funky territory, but the guys (Page and trey esp.) just couldn't sync up. This is still a solid Weekapaug, of course, as basically every Weekapaug is. Set II Timber: Yeah, standard stuff. Not so much jammed but rather extended. AC/DC Bag: More straight hard rock. Trey was wanking pretty hard, if memory serves. Colonel Forbins Ascent: What a great song. This song is great no matter what, and was made even better by Trey's interesting narration. Where he comes up with these strange metaphors and whatnot I have no idea. His dealer might... Famous Mockingbird: Yes, another beauty. I was impressed by Trey's job on the tough guitar stuff. Twist: This one stayed standard. Mike broke free of the standard bass line at one point, and I thought maybe the jam would take off, but then he came back to it and the song winded down. Sand: Trey tried some stuff on the keys, with mixed success. It wasn't as dark as PNC's, darkness seeming to be the recent aim with this song. A Day In The Life: Very welcomed. Great song, great vocals by Paige, great performance. Emotional Rescue: Mike's vocals were very amusing. This song featured less jamming than in its first appearance, Hampton 97. Trey and Mike did an extended sword/gun fight with their axes at the end and then a little dance-type thing, while Page and Fish made some noise to accompany the feedback loops. A good show, but mostly due to the breakout appearances of songs like Walfredo, Esther, Col. Forbin, Mockinbird, Day in the Life, and Emotional Rescue, each of which had been on the shelf for 142 shows or more. The jamming had its moments, hit some snags, and mostly never quite made it over the hump. An overall entertaining, enjoyable show however.
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 08:18:31 EDT From: Mollusk74@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: vegas webcast What can you say except happy birthday trey? Normally, I would call this a terrible show due to all the awful flubs of vocals and guitar solos, but the birthday factor makes it really cool. The first set sounded great, besides the flubs (many flubs) in Esther. The second set I still beleive was meant to be Gamehenge until Trey realized that he had butchered almost every lyric and solo up until that point. Very funny and fun to say the least. It's almost like he was just too damn wasted to try these songs he's not used to playing anymore, so they just broke out Twist and Sand which sounded great. Great setlist. Lots of fun had by all it seemed. Sour notes left and right by Trey, not to mention awful harmonies by him. Suberb, though, nonetheless. Happy birthday, Trey, wish I could've been there to celebrate. Instead, I listened in my living room with a 56K connection, laughing my ass off the whole time at Phish's wonderful antics. I hope all the Vegas kids had a blast, sure sounds like the boys did :) Jason
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 11:40:12 -0700 From: Jeffrey Klein jklein6@uswest.net It isn't the same as being there, that goes without saying. But it was still awesome to see the boys live. The cast worked out really well, after a few minor kinks for me in the first set I had perfect audio and video for most of the show. It was a lot different to be up so close and see their facial expressions, and what chords trey was playing, etc. the lights seemed really amazing too. I am sure the people at the show couldn't see as well as we web viewers the craziness that happened after Rescue. It is difficult to describe, but basically Mike and Trey were doing weird shit with each others instruments. Holding em and swinging em over their heads, putting em on the ground and jumping over em, dancing with each other, screwing with security in the front row with em, having a fake gun fight, playing with some birthday hats, all to this crazy feedback with page and fish still playing. I hope we can somehow get a copy of this on video. Esther's Dead.
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 10:28:56 -0500 From: Michael Gagliano mgagliano@home.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: las vegas 9/30-webcast review Watched the webcast and must admit I was overly impressed with both the video and especially the audio. Unbelievable camera work. I have a cable modem and had no problem watching using the 300k hook-up. A few video shutters, but other than that, kudos to the webcast production team! On to the show............................. Walfedo - what an opener. Page on drums, Trey on Piano, Gordo on guitar and Fish relegated to bass. Rotation in full effect. Well played also. The Curtain With blew me away. I had seen this at Deer Creek and loved it. This was just as good. A little slow in building up towards the Reba-like jam, but when they got there, Trey took off. Maze is one of my favorites and the boys didn't disappoint. Tremendous energy on this one with Page really spanking the Hammond. Roggae would follow and they pulled this one off without a glitch - great lights on this one! I could do without I Didn't Know. The set continued with a blistering Mike's Song. Jammed out pretty much with the obligatory transition into Simple(knew it was coming). Simple was kept pretty tame and was shocked Weekapaug wasn't next (that would have been about the normal 65 min set these days). But no! We got a rocking Saw it Again and a pretty Esther. Trey had his share of problems nailing the Esther solos, grimacing as he missed a few notes. No problem because Weekapaug was next. Trey did make up for it with a great jam that was pretty long. Great set 1 that was close to 90 min. After a long set break, the second set opened with a short Timber Ho! Well played, but a tad short. Ac/Dc was awesome. Crowd seemed really into this one. The ending jam went on for about 10 min with no straying from the theme and climaxing with the classic windup ending. Now most people get all worked up for Col Forbins>Mockingbird. I'm not one of them. I know it's a rare treat, but I'm not much into Trey's rapping shit. He never really makes sense(if your sober) and he seemed to dodge the "HIATUS" situation after he brought it up. I really think they're done for good after Shoreline. His tone of voice was one of sadness. Yeah Yeah they'll recharge and last another 17 years. I'm not quite so sure. I'm hoping for the best though! The Mockingbird portion was well played and had a beautiful piano solo by Page. Twist was Twist. Nothing special here. Sand however had it's usual liftoff with Trey dabbling with the keyboards. Great bass by Gordo keeping the train chugging along. A Day in the Life is not my favorite. Let alone to end a good show. But it was cool to hear it nonetheless. The encore of Emotional Rescue was outright craziness. You can read the set list and get the description there. Can't compare it to anything other than the Theramin "sword" Trey sometimes does at the end of sets except Gordo was going at it as well. Simply Awesome. Can't help but think the boys are bored. To break out all these covers and bustouts makes me think they are getting tired of the same old songs. Let's hope it's just a hiatus. Gags
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 01:32:51 -0700 From: Christian Allen lcalle01@athena.louisville.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-30-00 review Its just not the same on the Internet!!
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 02:30:19 EDT From: Rornal@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: geekin' on the net some people might have better things to do than sit in on a saturday night and watch the boys rock in vegas, but not me and my homies!!
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 01:43:22 -0500 From: mark mechaney@artsci.wustl.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: can someone plese help me? my review of tonight's webcast: can anyone say genius???? help me my face is melting. Roggae
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 04:00:40 EDT From: Continuousbeing@aol.com Subject: 9/30/00 review!! welpers...all this time I thought that I wasn't going to be able to see any phish during 2000...but behold!!! the internet!! I must first say that this was the coolest thing I have ever done on the internet before...it kicked ass!! lol on to the show... the scene...shitty computer...fudge rounds...very sugary iced tea...and choppy phish... walfredo: never heard this one before...it was great to see everyone switched around, i was psyched!! the curtain with: never heard this before either...pretty sweet...however a big theme developed...flubs... maze: let page play dammit!! normal solid later phish years maze... roggae: ick...awful composed part...however the jam was nice and extended, I loved it, i love this song very much, and to hear it somewhat taken out was quite nice : ) i didn't know....huh?...oh yeah that's right...i didn't know... mike's: sweet, first set mikes!! nothing too crazy here.. lots of rock guitar trey, but enjoyable--> simple: awful transition here...more flubs...not to mention, but there were flubs in every freakin song...yikes!! nothing too spectacular, went right into--> saw it again: cool little tune...lots of noise and feedback...good ole fun esther!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit balls!! i was waiting for this and had a feeling it was coming tonight...awesome awesome awesome...lots and lots and lots and lots of fuck ups....trey botched lyrics..."She's Dead!!" lol it was great!! weekapaug: mmm...sidenote...esther DID NOT segue into weekapaug...welp...this was definitely the highlight of the show for me..jam wise...nice groove, and the best jam in the show in my opinion Timber Ho!: AWESOME!!! only timber i have ever seen before this was the sound check at new years...this had WONDERFUL potential..but didn't move...oh well...put a smile on my face... AC/DC Bag: nifty!!! had some good moments...normal bag if you will.. Forbin-->narration-->mockingbird: fucking awesome despite all the flubs...great to hear from the band on what is happening...and might I add that they truely TRUELY need a break, why do you think the applause was so loud?? : ) neat dream from trey... twist: mmm...there it went...ummm...okies... sand: twist did not segue into sand either...but oh well..interesting sand...page was playing nice..trey was toying around...not bad, not great...fun--> a day in the life: ending the set??? doh!! cool though.. encore of emotional rescue....sweet nuts...little fight afterwards...sweet and salty nuts...now i am going to go on a rant...don't get me wrong i am not trying to say that this show was awful because it wasn't...it was a fun fun show..but personally i have never seen the band, forgive me, as boring as they were tonight...trey needs a big break and to start practicing or something, i mean come on now!! isn't he supposed to be a professional?? i sure as hell don't see many pros fucking up as much as he is, not that it is terrible or anything..but if that were me, i would certainly wipe my ass and pay attention a lot more!! thank you very much phish for the webcast and the big smiles you put on my face tonight, take a rest, we all need it!! oh yeah...still to come...tela, lifeboy, HARPUA, llama, MOUND...and some others..i believe they are coming!! thanks again!!
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 04:05:52 -0400 From: Matthew A. Scaramastra mxs513@psu.edu Subject: Sep 30, I am not lucky enough to say I am in attendance at the show tonight, (it is setbreak). however I am lucky enough to have a modem fast enough to watch the webcast of the show in my room. You may scoff at my reveiw saying "dude, you weren't even there, how do you know what the show was like. You cant feel energy over a computer...all digitallized and shit." To you I retort "I do not claim to be a valid judge of show or scene energy, I merely am assessing the show itself, the music. I may even be able to do this in a more accurate way because all I really can experience is the sound, the music with no interruption." I also took advantage of my desk by taking detailed notes during the show, something no mortal dancer can do... So here we go, oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREY!! Wolfredo I thought this song was retired first off. Then I noticed that Trey was on Keys, Fish on Bass, Mike on the Languedoc and Page on Drums? Yep. It was fun, and about as tight as you would expect. Mike actually went on a few nice solo leads too. Fun. Curtain What a great song. This one was fantastically tight. All the vocals and changes were FINE. Everyone was doing great, n0obody hiding out/everyone playing out. It slowed down abruptly at the end and segued into that...WITH part that sounds just like Rift but slow. The jam seemed unnatually slow and sped up until it sounded like "(Rift + Reba)/2" Maze A very spooky intro led into this Maze with weird echoey guitar effects. Very cool. Page sounded like a psychadelic freight train. Tight and Pounding, with Mike just laying it down. Page solos like a madman, quickly and with meaning. Here I realized that tonight is going to be a pretty big night. I cought a glimpse of Page, see the RealPlayer has rough video also, and he looked so focused...almost emlightened. I remember the days when Page looked tanked onstage, and did not play much. I'm glad he woke up. Roggae I beleive the first of the tour, this one came at a perfect time. Everyone was a little more active than usual, but no faster. Probably becasue they were all pretty pumped up. I can't beleive my CPU hasn't frozen up yet. I am learning new patience for "net congestion" which causes stuttering and pauses. I thought I heard a Harpua tease...but so do a lot of people, and way more often than Harpua is really played... THe end got sloppy but so what? I Didn't Know Good and accurate vocals. Fish got up...Trey began to introduce him as "Robert..." and Fish interjected with "Just call me Joe C. Just call me Joe C." and began his electro-luxurious magic. Mike's song This one really was all Mike's. I even yelled woohoo at my computer screen. I thought I heard Mission Impossible theme teases while MIke was stomping around. Trey was just going NUTS. I've never been so pumped not to be at a show before. Mike's abruptly segued into ... Simple They seemed to have trouble mellowing out enough to play it right, but it is understandable when contrasted with the MIke's that preceded it. Settled nicely and thoughtfully. >I Saw It Again Trey was still going pretty crazy and Fish was screaming. Good version. This ended the Groove. ESTHER??? Oh yes, it could be. So its gonna be that sort of night eh? very fun. Trey completely flubbed the last verse of Esther, and I beleive he said, instead of "tranquil and motionless.." he said "She's dead." laughing it off. >Weekapaug A nice segue into the funktified intro that MIke just spread on. A very good ending to a good set. Clocking about an hour and forty minutes. There are certain advantages to being at home while watching a Phish show. For insdtance I finished a homework assignment. Drank Dank beers that weren't warm from smuggling. Ate food. Oh all sorts of things. Add to the list...play Tekken during setbreak, smoke a cold waterpipe, play guitar. *So I tuned back in , maybe a little late during Timber HO Maybe this is the opener...luckily I caught the beginning...still a sweet rarity. It got spacey a for awhile and kicked back into the specond verse quickly and powerfully. AC/DC Oh yeah , I'm trying to wrutie this in retrospect (you'll see why I rush later) , look it just fuckin rocked Ok? Pumped up and fiery, toward the end Trey kept speeding Phish up and then jamm out and the band would sort of slow down and funk it and Trey would just speed it up w/ powerchord riffs and solo again. Speed gave way to Funk smoothly and a smooth end... C O L O N E L F O R B I N UNberebable, is this Gamehenge going on here? I'll try to get this all here: Trey goes on a rant as normal and begins talking about how thankful he and the band are for us and for the crew. -Mentioned their "first extended hiatus in 17 years" and explained the very Webcast I watched tonight. I am more thankful however, I really am just realising how I watched a Forbin's Mockingbird in my home as it happened.... Ok, his Dream from last night. After a long night, in Vegas, when we're all just waking up...." In this dream he was in a field of flowers and felt very good on a good day. Then he was approached by these people who offered him an apple as a peace offering. He went to eat the apple, to show his friendliness, and discovered he had no teeth. Then one tooth grew from his upper gum, and grew very large, sticking out his mouth. Trey realised that you can't eat an apple with only one tooth, and began to sort of panic. SO at this moment the earth began to move very close to the sun, which of course, caused the Earth to shrivel up like a raisin.... The Earth had huge wrinkles in it just like a raisen, but wrinkles were like mountains. People were in huge piles. Everything became very vivid and intense. LIke a raisin is more intense than a grape, you see. Everything was in brighter color and Everyone all full of love. Senses became vivid. "Everyone was a groping love pile, and all full of goo." "And Thats when I realised, ...that Gamehenge is a State of Mind." and Trey backed away from the Mike. He then finished off nonchalantly saying he felt he had to tell everyone the secret he'd found out. And found the Famous Mockingbird, whispered her the secret of...and I quote, "The Secret of the Earth, Raisins and Goo." You decide, I've got my own theories.... Mockingbird N/A ) Sand Slamming Funk, Went all spacey and spooky...Great though, and real spooky...I typed through it...in retrospect, a baaad point of WebCast...bad... A DAY IN THE LIFE wow this was a great time. Day in the life was a favorite song in my pre phish days. Before I listened to tapes very much, my Sister and I had a great trip together a the Bryce Jordan show of '96. A favorite, of all-time memory, This one was puurfect, ahhh, and the culminations,,... the peaks and stuff, especially the last one, it built and held, sort of like a formless apace jam, except charged with energy, And just slammed down. TremendousEnd.... So What do you encore with...I guess for me it should have been obvious, being what day it is and all, and in especiall need of Emotional Rescue....Give me faith! Dancin around, hoo hoo-hoo, hoo hoo-hoo, hoo? Mike was flawless, and pretty pretty, actually. Very groovy & I can furthur say that watching a WebCast is a really great experience. A live show you can see while it happens at home....its a lot of fun. You can see well and hear pretty much what you want, in the comfort of home. You're not there, at the scene, which has some good points, some bad. But seeing Phish shows is something that I've come to love. I mean really love. Something there, in the music, and what it is trying to say and the way things should be, like Gamehenge for instance. Being somewhere you can just let it all hang out without getting your feet stepped on. Respect and fellowship and just overall greatness in everything. thats what I think it is all about. Music and mind-expansion and friends. And memories and the good times and even a few bad ones that are worth looking back on. ANd knowing that the future has more of this! A year ago, actually to the day, I lost Dirtboy, a real good friend in an accident, but he's still in the music, man. Everytime I see a show with my friends he is with us. We're there together. Every time. All of us, we're all here together. ~ScaryMonster
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 03:32:06 -0400 From: Christopher J. Leone cjleone@acsu.buffalo.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9-30-00 review Sounded like a DAMN good show to me...wish my computer was louder... I only caught from the end of Twist on, does anyone know in more detail what Trey said about the haitus??? That dream sounds wonderful, states of mind rock! A Day In The Life was an extremely pleasant surprise, I wanted to start cheering right here my room but i was attempting to dub the low quality sound with my handheld recorder so I refrained. That last song Emotional Rescue was weird, Mike's high-pitched vocals were great, I've never heard it before though, does anyone know who wrote it? Oh yeah and then there's the dancing and horsing around by Trey and Mike at the very end of the show, great stuff! Looked like they were having a blast...I sure was watching it all...Wonder if that security guy had any idea Trey and Mike were doing all that stuff behind him...He didn't seem to notice...Man, Phish rock...
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 03:24:04 -0400 From: doueverwonder0@juno.com To: dws@gadiel.com i totally agree...I'm sitting at home ...watching webcast...and then looking at the set list....i can't imaging...in my wildest dreams what happened tonight....welll i can imagine...i felt it....i feel it i want to experience it and be there breathing it all in....I'm here with you all...have a great time....Thank you trey, mike, page, and jon....and my phellow phans...you've shown me a strange yet beautiful path...i only hope i have the strenght that you have to follow it. Thank You so much. ;) Peace and Love Laura
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