House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV - Trey with Frog Br.

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Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 20:41:39 EDT
Subject: Les Review
Since nobody else has taken a stab at it, here goes...
Walking to the Mandalay Bay from the Thomas and Mack I didn't think I had a
chance in hell to get in, but after sitting around for close to two hours, my
miracle came through.  I'd already seen Mike and Trey in the Casino, so it
seemed as if the rumors were true.  After walking downstairs to the actual
venue ( which was right outside the casino floor) I grabbed myself a beer,
and Les Claypool came out for the final set.  Claypool refrenced how fast the
show had sold out, saying, you guys weren't expecting someone else to show up
were you??  And out came Copeland and Trey.
 The whole evening is kind of hazy, so musically, I"m not going to get into
details, but I do remember just trying to suck it all in, because these three
had such a unique sound going up there.  Much heavier than anything you'd see
Phish play.  Trey wasn't playing his Doc,  but a darker colored guitar I'd
never seen before.
In the middle of the last song, (well into it) Les set his bass down and
walked off.  Trey gave a confused look, as the rest of the band finished up
the tune, and Trey left his loop going, and the houselights stayed down.
After about 5 minutes, the lights came up, no encore???  Not too sure what
went on there, but Trey looked like he was ready to keep jammin as did the
rest of the band.
That's what went down at the House of Blues the best I can remember, and I
wasn't dissapointed.
Ryan Gallagher

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