9-24-00 -- Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 16:32:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Matthew Tabaka taba0012@yahoo.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: 9-24-2000 review
The phish at the target center, made me happy for the
second year in a row.  After skipping minnesota for 97
and 98, phish is back!
My 19th show, since my first in this same building in
Floor the whole show.
Mellow Mood: was really nice,  Since it appeared on
albany's setlist, I was hoping for it.  Trey sang with
great presence, "cause I got love!"
Set a perfect mood, Chalkdust was rocking,  Back at
the chicken shack was very enjoyable.  Page had some
nice solos.  Sparkle was the Sparkle we all know and
love.  The sloth kicked things into overdrive, and
continued what would be the theme of the night, ROCK
or RAWK.  Sloth was well played throughout, page was
kinda reserved in the solos, but still a great
performance that was a 1st timer for me.  Divided sky,
was clearly the set highlight.  The opening notes rang
through the arena, accompanied by the euphoric
approval of the audience. Divided was flawless I have
just listened to the tapes today and It is pretty much
note for note with no noticible flubs.  Trey had
excellent tone and sustain, no feedback like on
hampton comes alive.  Improv section was reflective.
As a side note this show was reminicent of Earlier
minnesota shows in terms of the song selection, Just
think about fall 95.  Roggae was nice and fit well
right after the sky. !st tube was rocking and tight
very well played.  PYITE was good and entertaining as
always, but I beleive the version from 10-2-99 is
supierrior. Sample closed this fun set in familiar
fashion.  Set II Cities, yes my first since the great
went.  The jam was funky, dark, soft and beautiful and
long at least 15 + minutes.  Free folowed, very well
received and funkily jammed into Ya MAr.  An
unexpected placement, but remember it's phish "expect
the unexpected" .  Yamar was great and as it wound
down the thundering chords of carini crushed the
This was heavy metal at its best folks.  So powerful I
was almost scared, "I saw you with Carini and that
naked dude" reminding us midwesterners of madison 98.
Very fucked up tweaking out section of solos by trey,
Like a freaking combo of pete cosey and tony iommi.
LAwnboy cooled us all down and we danced as page
crooned, nice bass solo by mike as always.  HYHU>love
you, my third fishman song of my career and all habe
been syd barret songs Bike twice in 98 and terrapin
this summer. Nice performance although not as heart
rendering as that beautiful terrapin from deer creek.
A pause on the stage for at least 15 seconds.  "gee
guys what should we do, hey we haven't played cool it
down since halloween, lets freak 'em out!  My god was
I estatic, but no where as much as I was the next
night!  ANyway this rocked, was funky and made alot
freaks happy the jam got finky and the lights changed
purple to the exclamation on my tape>David Bowie, my
inspiration in a song.  Welcome back to minneapolis,
why it was almost 6 years ago that this song reared
it's 34 minute unparreled improv.  As the highhat
splashed, the mood was stunning.  They kicked into it
and rocked another scream from the crowd "fucking
beautiful!" from a female on the floor behind me, she
captures the general feeling with this statement and
it fits nicely with the jam.  Great climax again a
nearly flawless performance.
Phish bade goodbye for awhile to minnesota with FIre.
again see '95.
overall a great performance that is up there with the
rest of the tour I think.  Very interesting generous
sets.  Mellow mood indeed.

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 12:06:10 EDT From: Volebrew@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: review of 9/24/00 target center show mellow mood: this was decent, i don't really think this is a good song for phish to cover. vocals were ok, crowd seemed to like it. chalkdust: contrary to every setlist i've seen so far, phish DID do this song, and it was really hot. trey did a really good job rocking out on this song. back at the chicken shack: this was pretty standard, but again the crowd liked it. sparkle: standard sloth: trey tore this one up. a very solid version. divided sky: this was done really well. glowstick war during silent part where band froze. roggae: this is one of my favorites of the newer songs. not as long as others i've heard, but still a solid version. pyite: good but it had a longer and more drawn-out ending than others i've heard. sample in a jar: kind of a snoozer and a disappointment to me to close out the set. the first set as a whole was decent but too short and not enough jamming. the boys seemed kind of lifeless. not really much to say on the first set. II cities: excellent choice for an opener. very smooth, fantastic jamming afterwords. there was a cities jam and then another 15-minute jam that followed which didn't have the cities theme but had a nice little groove to it. seriously, this jam was the highlight of the show for me. free: pretty standard, has a newer ending, good jamming but somewhat short. ya mar: i don't really like this song, but the crowd seemed to. shorter than others i've heard. carini: this was an excellent version. trey went nuts at the end repeating "carini had a lumpy head" for a few minutes. killer ending. lawn boy: again, not on some setlists. page stood up and crooned for most of the song and didn't play any keys. mike did a good job with the middle part of the song. hyhu>love you>hyhu: this was great fun. fishman actually tried to sing the song and did some scat-type singing before getting into the vacuum. trey seemed to really enjoy playing drums. vacuuming was decent; at the end of the song fishman ran around the stage several times and thanked the crowd for its applause. very humorous. cool it down: the jam after the song was far better than the vocals. wow! another really smooth lengthy jam that makes me excited to get some tapes. only the 2nd time played ever. david bowie: pretty standard version, but david bowie is such a great song that everyone was rocked. the second set was amazing to witness live. totally made the show for me. i highly recommend getting a tape of this set. fire: pretty forgetable.
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:29:37 -0400 From: Eric Stiens estiens@macalester.edu To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: review: 09/24/00 Target Center solid show from the boys last night. Luckily I had floor tickets so the extra dance space and much better sound quality helped (the target center has horribly boomy sound--moreso than a lot of other arenas) and after 3 1/2 years of living up here I finally got to get a hometown show (was out of town last year when they came through) after having gone to cincinnati a few nights earlier for a returning home show (grew up there) :) Mellow Mood: fun opener, although I like Marley too much to really get into covers of his songs. Consider this a warmup, get those muscles loosened up for..... Chalkdust: fairly standard as far as Chalkdust goes, but already there were signs that there was A LOT of energy on the stage for the evening Chicken Shack: I always forget what the name of this song is and last night was no exception--mellow but tight Sparkle: What can you say about Sparkle. It's Sparkle. I happen to be a huge sparkle fan. Really got the energy up....laugh and laugh and fall apart get ready for The Sloth: this is where the boys really started kicking it into high gear. I thought Trey was going to rip a hole in his guitar. Easily the best and hardest version of Sloth I've heard. Trey was throwing dirty ragged licks left and right and the crowd was luvin every second of it..... Divided Sky: ohhhhhhhhh.......Junta was the very first album I ever heard by Phish and Divided Sky was the first song I ever really really fell in love with (well that and icculus ;) ) so this song has some special meaning for me.....I haven't heard it since Deer Creek '98 and it brought tears to my eyes.....the silent jam part was pretty much replaced by a loud glowstick war, which was cool in its own right and I must say that a phish show is the only place I know where thousands upon thousands of screaming heads will become silent as soon as a chord is struck......it was standard as far as Divided Sky goes, but Divided Sky is hardly a standard tune........ Roggae: I like roggae a lot but it doesn't generally leave much room for any kind of craziness, which is fine, because its a nice little ditty. And it fit in behind Divided Sky rather well I thought. So that was Roggae. First Tube: This is one of my favorite new songs. Some especially nice dark jamming on this one I thought. Grrrrrrr. (this is missing from the setlists too I think) PYITE: I'm a huge PYITE fan and after he earlier display of craziness during Sloth I thought we would be in for a rather rocking one. We were. The boys ripped it up and down and all around with more jamming at the end than usual. Sample: IMHO the set would have been much better off ending with about 5 more minutes of jamming out PYITE as I don't like Sample all that much. As far as Sample's go it was relatively standard, although with a bit more energy than usual from the crowd. I thought the first set seemed longer than usual, but time becomes very relative without a watch so I could be all wrong...in any case I was ready for a rest and looking forward to what promised to be an excellent second set. A lot of people I talked to after the show thought the first set was about average as far as first sets go.....i disagree.....get the tapes and review for yourself....the absolutely nailed to the wall Sloth and beautiful Divided Sky made it an above average first set for me......Another fringe benefit of thos floor seats was our own private bar near the backstage area went back, sat down, had a beer, checked in with a friend of mine who was seeing his first show, relaxed, avoided the sometimes edgy hallways of indoor venues at setbreak and got ready for............... Cities: fuck yeah. Its been over 2 years since I've heard this song. TONS of energy and tight tight jamming, mike throwing in big rips here there and everywhere...wonderful choice for a second set opener, everyone back in the show and dancing their asses off.....some great jamming out of cities that kept weaving back and forth going with a little riff for awhile and then slinding into something else.... Free: When Phish is in an arena rock mood they do arena rock well. Free kept up with the more than normal energy from the band and they really seemed to get into it. Always a crowd pleaser, last night was no exception. No extensive jamming here, but what was there was loud and proud. Ya Mar: Standard Ya Mar. Seemed rather odd coming after Cities and Free. Fun little song. Nothing too special or crazy Carini: it only took 26 shows, but I finally got my Carini, and might I add that this was no standard Carini. The highlight of the show. The boys absolutely tore it in half and put it back together again. Very hard frenetic jamming. (very hard frenetic dancing). Long extended ending with Trey screaming 'Carini has a lumpy head.' Great lightwork by Kuroda culminating in the white swirley lights. Unreal. Very Dark. Very Dirty. Very Very Very good. Lawn Boy: Where would we be without our Leo? Page came down in front of his keyboard to croon to us all about olfactory hues. A chance to catch our beaths after the previous songs madness, A chance for Mike to show off some nice nice work in a little solo and who can complain when Page sings? HYHU>Love You>HYHU: Now that I've actually gotten into Syd Barrett I tend to appreciate these interludes as more than a chance to laugh (still waiting for a 'Baby Lemonade' debut)....singing, vaccuum, a couple laps around the stage to the general amusement of the audience and the band of course and then Cool it Down: ahhh the VU. Having been fortunate enough to be in Vegas when they did Loaded, this brought back a lot of memories. Cool It Down is a great song and phish did it well. Some nice long mellow jamming at the end. The Long Boy, Henrietta, Cool It Down triad provided a nice contrast to the first half of the set which was marked by sick Cities and Carini jams. Of course, you know they have to end it with David Bowie: not the longest Bowie I've ever heard, but it was the perfect choice to close quite a rocking second set. Feets don't fail me now we've still got some dancing to do. Nice 'slow down' jamming at the end. Fairly standard Bowie fare, albeit with that extra little bit of energy that seemed to characterize last night.... the crowd was positively thunderous waiting for the encore. We were hoping for some craziness or at least a nice long beautiful jam for the encore. I was personally pulling for perhaps a Hood or Rock and Roll or at least some acoustic action (the Driver/Inlaw duo perhaps) instead we got Fire (the exact some opener and encore as the first night of tour in Albany). It was nice to get back inside again (been 2 years since my last indoor show) and perhaps that was some of the reason that I felt so much energy coming from the band, although I still maintain the the Sloth, Cities, and Carini were off the hook. CK was the man on the lights as per usual and it was nice to see his lightwork up close and personal again. An incredibly solid show I thought, much better than the Cincy show (or at least the second set) from a few nights earlier. Security was extremely chill and other than a few token cops outside occasionally making someone dump out their beer or turn off their stove, the lots were in full swing (Although the fact that you can't buy alcohol in Minnesota on sunday made scoring the obligatory after show cold one a harder than usual task) As we get closer and closer to the impending 'end of phish for awhile' i think they will continue to crank it up just that extra notch. This show was a keeper. I'd reccommend the whole show although for sure second set. I'm catching my other two shows of this tour in Vegas this weekend (assuming I find those extras) stay tuned...............
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 17:37:32 EDT From: JW610@aol.com To: dws@gadiel.com Cc: JW610@aol.com Subject: 9/24/00 Target Center, This was probably my 10th Phish show, but I have to start by telling you that I do not look like the average Phish phan. I am a 38 year old lawyer, and with my beard and grey hair, I guess I look the part. So if you all don't mind, I'd like to start with one little complaint - Would you phans stop bothering us old pholks!?!? No, I'm not at the show with my son/daughter; no, I don't know how to get your father into Phish if he was into the Dead, and no, I'm not going to help you buy beer. Before the show, I had an extra, and when I tried to trade it for tunes, I was treated like I was undercover for the FBI. So, I ended up giving it to a t-shirt vendor for a "Roses Are Free" T - and this was a FLOOR TICKET. So, he wins. You judge the old man by his appearance, you get to stay outside. Now that I got that off my chest, I can say this was a GREAT show. I thought the 2nd night at PNC was excellent, and it was, but the energy level of this show cannot be understood by merely reading the setlist. By the way, everyone must have been smoking the good stuff at this show, because I never saw more songs left off the setlists, or more confusion about what songs were actually played. I know I was, and by the way, some kid comes up to me as I spark up my pipe, and says that he always wondered where us "way older guys" get our pot. I told him from other older guys, of course. But then he packed my pipe for me, and thanks man, that was great stuff. Of course, then he has to add, "Its where the kids are at!" I'm not going to do a song by song analysis, but the first set's chalkdust, sloth, and especially the Divided Sky (my first!) were awesome. My wife got a Sparkle, her favorite song, but I agree that the real fireworks were in the second set. I've always been a big phan of Bowie, and this one did not let me down. And during Lawn Boy, my wife and I were the ones slow dancing on the floor on Page's side, and I'm sure he saw us, because he looked our way with a big smile. The vacuum solo is what it is, a bit of silliness, much like the Meatstick dance. But that's not a bad thing. So thanks to the boys for another great show, and enjoy your break - you earned it. And kids - be kind to us old pholks - if you're lucky, you'll get there yourself soon enough.
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:33:20 CDT From: Tim Bradley timbuk30@hotmail.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 9-24-00 Target Center Hey all: I totally agree with all said above about the show - what a second set! However, I have been noticing that chalkdust, first tube, and especially the landlady tunes have been left out of a lot of setlists. Didn't trey and mike bust out with the dancing at one point? Can't remeber what song they put that in - during the middle of the 1st set I think. Anyway, kudos to Phish and all the Phans for being so great (ouch to Mike's hand...sorry!) and really made the target center fun! (except for the shitty sound) Peace. Tim Bradley
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 13:22:09 EDT From: Oats99@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 9/24/00 review FIrst Tube was played!!! First of all, HELLO PEOPLE...doesn't anyone remember that they played First Tube in the 1st set?? It was either right before PYITE or right after it. Anyway, I've seen A LOT of incorrect setlists for this show most of them missing First Tube, Chalkdust, and Lawn Boy. There are also a few segues to note: namely Cities->Free and Cool It Down->Bowie Most of the first set was fairly standard. Highlights of first set were the nice Sloth, Divided Sky classic combo and a very jamming First Tube (which everyone seems to have forgotten about). Chalkdust was also very well played. Set II is what this show is all about. Cities->Free was super sick! Cities led way to an insane jam that slowly turned into a very ambient/trance jam and then going right into...FREE! Free was nicely played with some good bass work by Gordon. Carini was probably the "rocker" of the entire show giving way to some nice light work by CK5 and some really intense guitar work by Trey. Cool It Down was a pleasant surprise and that led nicely into a standard, but very well played David Bowie. Fire was well played as an encore, although I would have rather heard something else such as Hood. Overall a good show and worth getting the tapes esp for Cities->Free My next show will be Shoreline!! can't wait -Todd
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 17:56:20 GMT From: MATHEW ASHLEY mathewashley@hotmail.com Subject: T Center Review Well this was a GREAT show. I have been going to shows since 1994 and this show was still a treat. New tunes old tunes. I mean a Sloth Hell ya. The scene was okay, Cool phriends no hassles. Warm vibe lots of kind faces. I was in the floor which ruled sounded great. T center is not that bad of venue if you are on the floor. Well no song by song reviews here as I can hardly recall all the tunes but some highlights: Mellow Mood great opener, And Chalk Dust rocked even though not mentoin in setlist???, Chicken Shack was kickin as was Roggae great newer tune, Also loved Divided Sky great fist set all in all, PYITE ruled thent o follo with Sample Ass shakin good time BUT the 2 nd set I was expecting a slew of tunes from Old Phish, well what I got was some new I had never heard before tunes Carini Rock out and Cool it down, Great 2nd set missing a sond or Two but what the hell, Great Show not the best I ever seen still Oswego 99, but a rock out show and has me wanting more See-ya in Irvine and Shoreline, and think GAMEHENGE, OUT
Date: 25 Sep 2000 21:28:17 -0000 From: DaveVincent@mail2go.com Subject: 9-24-00 -- Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota WOW! What a show! This was my 9th show and it ranks as one of the BEST! Mellow Mood.. a new one for me.. but good. Chalk, Chicken, Sparkle, Sloth, divided, Roagge, 1st Tube, then... PYITE and Sample in a Jar!! WOW!! WHAT A SET!! Much thanks to Mellissa, who ever you are from St.CLoud for sharing your herb, and your welcome for the Beam.. I enjoyed the groove.. MUCH THANKS! then you left.. oh well.. second set.. a bit less then what was expected. Cities, free, YaMar, Carni.. i like this tune. then lawn boy.. I felt i needed either a martini or a Sniffter for some good congac.. AWESOME! Hyhu, i love you, hyhu.. Fishman... hrmm.. Vac. Hrmm.. tasty..cool it down..kinda stumped me.. like it. David Bowie: WOW! I love this tune.. also great. the encore.. i think is a bit played out.. I needed a differant one.. but FIRE is ok.. the light trick at the end was mean.. and the crowd boo'd. but it was great show over all.. I love Minn and I LOVE the target center.. no hassles.. not worries.. jsut good fun! I did wish i could talk to Mellisa a but more.. but its ok.. unless someone knows her.. tell her to e-mail me :-) enjoy.. see ya on the winter tour! -Dave
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 17:05:39 -0500 From: Reid Wixson wixson@stolaf.edu To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: review 9-24-00 09/24/00 - Target Center - Minneapolis, Minnesota I: Mellow Mood, CHALKDUST, Back at the Chicken Shack, Sparkle, The Sloth, Divided Sky, Roggae, Punch You in the Eye, Sample in a Jar II: Cities, Free, Ya Mar, Carini, Lawn Boy, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Cool it Down*, David Bowie Encore: Fire Hey there phans! first off, a little setlist correction, the boys played Chalkdust right after Mellow Mood, no biggie. I am a student at St. Olaf College, so the trip up was great. Very easily parked, although we had some confusion as to get out of the lot :-), sorry guys...The lot scene was great, lots of cool stuff. Some in my group took advantage of the special cookies, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Anyway, we made our way in to the Target Center around 730 and we were in our seats by about 8ish. We had first balcony in the corner, Page side, good seats, especially for seeing the light show! (way to go CK!) anyway, on to the show.... Mellow Mood -- Great tune to get the crowd hazzed up. I always like it when they open with a cover, I dunno, seems pretty classy to me. They played it straight, as far as I am remembering it. Then, Trey slammed out the intro to Chalkdust and my best bud went crazzy, he likes the Trey-rockstar jams. Chalkdust -- a little down tempo, but that made sense since theyjust got done with a Marley tune. The jam was tight, but not too lengthy, but the note came and they crowd got pumped. Chicken Shack -- wow, this definetly took by surprise. My buddies were saying that it would be cool if they played "Jesus Left Chicago" cause that would be really funny, but we did some nice blues anyway. Page was especially dope here. I can't remember much of Trey's solo... Sparkle! -- I love this tune, I love Rift. Always fun to hear, the boys were definetly having tons of fun. The accelerando was perfect as were the voice parts. Great job here. Sloth! -- they played this one very tight. The call/response vocals were great, but i had a hard time hearing the Page/Mike response, but that might have been the crowd noise. They this straight through and led to my personal high point of the set: Divided Sky!! -- This was my first one live, and so I was psyched as hell. When Trey strummed out those first few chords, the place went nuts. The whole package was laid out. There seemed to be no solos, but rather the whole band blending into one. The icing was set on the cake with Ck's lights. He did great stuff with the sun theme and wow, it was cool. When the break happened, the crowd just let it all out. Glowstick war ensued and on stage, spotlight on Trey, all was happiness. Trey just stood there smiling happily. They paused for about 2 and a half minutes. Let me interject again -- DO NOT THROW GLOWSTICKS AT THE BAND!! why does this happen? poor Mike got hit in his left hand and one hit a floor tom. This should not happen. Sorry, my emotions took control theree... Roggae -- kept the chill mood going ... Great playing my Mike here... PYITE -- Standard version, not anything different that i can recall from Alpine last July. I had a hard time keeping up with the lyrics, maybe it's just me though. this got everyone rocking for a nice closer in ... Sample -- Great closer to a tight set. The crowd was digging in, singing at the top of their lungs. Pretty good "rockstar-Trey" jamming at the end and off to the intermission just about 40 minutes for the set break and in to ... Cities -- all my buddies thought that we would get some improvised lyrics, though they did say "Twin Cities" ... great ambient jamming. Like Divided, they seemed to blend real well here. This faded into Free, Free -- Very funky. Mike had some awesome fills that got people pumped. The vocals were tight and the groove made for some great dancing! Ya Mar -- This song is great, but it seemed to me that it didn't realy go anywhere. The best part was when the brought all down for Trey's solo, but he didn't seem to go anywhere. The vocals were tight and everything, but it seemed the low point of the set with me. Carini -- Fear not though, they brought the energy WAY up with Carini. They kicked it hard core here, lots of angst that i really didn't understand seeing as how they opened with such a light-hearted tune. Anyway, this got the crowd going again and the jam was unbelieveable. It seemed a little confused between angry and rockstarry (is that a word?) but tight nonetheless. Lawn Boy -- Great placement for this one! Page stood up and acted like Frank Sinatra, Mike took a wonderful, lyrical solo and those jazzy chords just gave such a great vibe. Nice time to just chill and admire how great and creative these guys are. HYHU>Love You>Hold Your Head Up -- When Trey took off his guitar, I thought that he was going to grab the acoustic, but i was wrong...silliness took over. Fish was crazed, running around like a maniac. Simply undescibeable. Cool it Down -- A great tune from VU, they played it well, and the ambient jam into Bowie was really awesome. They put a definite Phish twist on this cover tune, in contrast to Mellow Mood. They really grooved hard here, Mike and Fish were listening very much to eachother. David Bowie -- Yeah, they boys were having so much fun. The composed part was flawless, as was the chaos at the end. wonderfully jammed and my personal highlight. ENC-- Fire, great tune played really tight. But, I have to say that a five minute encore is what you get when we pelt them with glowsticks. Sorry that I am cynical...Fire was great though, the vocals were awesome. All around, this show was great. I would have liked to hear more of Page though. We heard a lot from Trey. I was happy though. I thought that this show was better than last year at the Target Center, but that was also a great show. One last bit of cheese: thank you to phish for giving up so much and for caring so much. The break is well deserved. thanks for reading Reid Wixson
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:09:47 -0500 From: Kevin Swenson kevin.swenson@neicoltech.org To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Target center review Since there isn't one up yet I thought I would chime in, here we go The scene was alright dispite the rediculous parking prices, the security was laid back, the target center sounds horrible but enough with the yadda yadda: MELLOW MOOD: Nice opener, definately fit the description of the mood, lots of kind stuff floating around then CHALKDUST: The setlist says Chicken shack but it was chalkdust, good chalkdust nothing spectacular, had some nice work by trey and the crowd was eating it up. SPARKLE: Its sparkle, you either love or hate it, really got the crowd into it nice short sweet then the meat of the first set begins: SLOTH: First sloth for me Really nice love the song but pretty standard, but completely rockin DIVIDED SKY: I am in heaven....great divided sky complete with glow war in the pause, during the pause the crowd goes completely wild and the glowsticks begin to shower down onto the floor. While glowstick are cool to look at why do people throw them up anto the stage??? Anyway this was a great divided sky danced the old arse off ROGGAE: Time to sit back and enjoy this breather, really nice but a pretty standard roggae PYTE: Back to the boogie, the crowd was really eating up the enegry and they had a lot to feed on a nice PYTE thought it was the set closer but on to SAMPLE: Nice, eventhough this isnt a really a closer or a rager the crowd seemed really into it and I thought it was great, but yet another standard version, but whos complaining?????? Set break was standard 40 min, no harassing by security that I saw, but back to the music: CITIES: NICE, mike laying down the thick lines and they went into a nice spacey jam that was pretty long. Great work by CK5 really nice lights, the jam begins to wind down and out emerges FREE: Nice free, the crowd is still in full force along with some nice trey work then out comes a rocker CARINI: I love this song, great rockin tune, more great CK5 stuff here LAWN BOY: The highlight of my night, page was like old blue eyes himself. Playing to the crowd it was great, walking out in front of his piano and doing some great work. HYHY>LOVE YOU>HYHU: Nothing much to say here, fish beeing a dork and the crowd eating it up, complete with multiple trips around the stage for Fishman COOL IT DOWN: Eventhough I like this song it didnt do much for me with the placement, even though its been 2 yrs since they played it I really thought the placement was horrible, the end comes with fishes hit hat and then BOWIE!!!!!!: Great bowie, nothing spectacular but a great bowie. Really rockin, some really nice work at the end by the band. FIRE: Well I was hoping for something with a little more subastance, and not the 5 min fire, but it was a good show, weak encore but the high enegry prevailed. This was a pretty good show, nothing to scream about but the band played really well and the crowd was great, the venue sounds bad but i can't think of a better way to spend a sunday than at a phish show!! Peace and love Kevin
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:06:23 EDT From: MTutts1@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Target Center Review GOLLY!! Had a great time...this was my 4th show. This was the 99th show for my friend Matt...he called the opening 4 tunes as we were walking into the show. I think maybe he is spiritually connected to Trey somehow. Many highlights, but the "Tube" was amazing. First time seeing Henrietta on the vac...highly overrated. "Fire" was also a throw away. Another great highlight was the beautifu girl running naked through the corridor of the arena during Divided Sky...she truly was beautiful!!! Wish I were on Tour... MT
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:13:17 -0500 From: guyincogneato guyincogneato@msn.com Subject: 9/24/00 Target Center I was at the Deer Creek shows earlier this year & if I had to pick a favorite Phish show it would have been 7/11/00, BUT that was before last night. DAMN !! I don't even know where to begin. They were phantastic. I had some friends with me that had never seen Phish before. Man, whatta first show. I may be somewhat biased, as Minneapolis is my home, so I had a complete worry free show, but DAMN !! It was evident to me that the boys were having a ton of fun, & as you know, if they have fun, so do we! Punch U into Sample ! Free ! Lawnboy ! First time I've seen them just freeze onstage when the lightsticks are being tossed about ! Henrietta on the vac ! Fire was incredible! I am still pretty much speechless. Last night was simply amazing & I had a fuckin' blast !!!
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