9-12-00 -- Tweeter Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts

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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 15:08:53 EDT
From: PhishDude9@aol.com
Subject: Review
9/12 Rocked...Everyone has been so critical lately of phans and the band.
Jeese guys chill out...what makes phish so much fun is that everyone can do
their own thing. Phish can play what they want. No one minds if you get
pissed off, but just dont ruin our fun...just stay happy guys. That was a
great show, i loved it.

Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 17:53:51 -0400 From: Allie abgator@charter.net Subject: tweeter center 9/12/00 decent show, second set was sick, GREAT DWD, otherwise nothing special. i need to buy fresh fruit. fruit is good. i like fruit.
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:19:45 -0400 From: "Cahalan, Sue" SCahalan@ensr.com Subject: Tweezer Center 2nd show Short but sweet- That 2nd set was absolutley mind blowing! Thank god for Phish shows...
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 16:55:22 -0400 (EDT) From: andrew cairns apcai@conncoll.edu Well it has been over a year since Phish stormed through Masnfield and I came in to the night with high hopes, having missed Monday. All in all, the lot scene sucked. Too many extra tix, I had a hard time getting rid of my extra lawns. But, on to the music.... Monday's setlist had a lot of my favs in it, so I was pretty anxious to see what we would get. Wolfmans- not my pick for an opener, but pretty tight. Mike layed down some good bass in this one Scent- first scent, fun, nice little duel My soul- allright, I have been waiting for this one. Although this was kind of short, Trey really blazed through the solo and you could tell the boys were hot Ginseng- way too much bluegrass lately, but hey, anything with Mike is warmly appreciated First Tube- standard, not as rocked out as Hartford this summer but tight Divided Sky- awesome divided sky, that is all i can really say Wilson- great set closer, lots of energy Overall, the first set had some moments, but lacked that magical feel that I have been waiting for. It was very reminscent of 2nd night of Hartford this summer. However, I had no idea what we were in for in set 2...... Disease- Yes! This one was pure magic with some intense jamming. Got things moving Heavy things- very out of place, thought we were going to lose it but... SOAM- got things right back on track after a minor mishap. A great jam HYHU-Bike-HYHU as the opening notes of HYHU rang through the mansfield air I knew we were in for a treat. I have been waiting a long time for some fishman magic, and this was way more than we bargained for. Pure mayhem as he ran around the band in circles, kicking beach balls and waving his arms in the air. I love fish. As for the fans jumping up on stage....enough is enough 2001- wow, things kept getting better and better.... Mikes hydrogen weekapaug- Damn, what a way to close a set. This groove was very intense, Tons of energy, much better than standard mikes we have been getting lately E Coil- All I really can say is Page was amazing on this one. Get the tape. Unbelievable. Overall, set II was probably the 2nd best set of Phish music I have ever witnessed (with the first being 11/29/97). There was definately something in the air, and we got what we had been waiting for. See you in Hershey.
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 From: Mike Holt. mholt101@hotmail.com Subject: 9.12.00 Great Woods II I feel the same way about Ticketbastard as most everyone else (that^s some magic, them turning a $30 ticket into a nearly $40 price tag), but yesterday they came through and gave back a little of what I^ve paid in service charges all these years. On the day of a sold-out show they scored me with Section 1, Row AA seats. Sure, they weren^t 5th row center, but as of Monday night I wasn^t going to get to see phish at all. Turned out that I didn^t need the tix, as there were so many extras in the lot, most of them going for $20 and under. A lot of tickets, but not a lot of drugs in the parking lot, which is good or bad depending on what you got and what you want. (Note: Great Woods security still sucks! Out in the lot, the cops were shaking down underage drinkers--out of cups no less--closing down food vendors, confiscating pipes on the lawn. No pat-down at the gate was a nice change of pace, though.) The crowd was much more mainstream than I^ve seen recently. West Coast Fall ^99 was crawling with hard-core heads and way too many drugs. (There^s no reason for 16-year-olds to be strung out!) Back east, I guess, phish is just the thing to do. And as long as the thing you^re doing is digging the music, then I got no problem. All are welcome...you just have to listen. Do you think the guys read that unkind Herald review of Monday^s show? I^m guessing they did, and that^s why they came back on Tuesday with such a raging, high-intensity, well-played show. I haven^t seen phish play so cleanly, so consistently, dare I say so professionally, as they did last night. I think they were out to prove that they are not your run-of-the-mill meander-jam band, that they have untold depths of fire and talent, and that they will not disappoint on what is nearly their home turf. Last night, they performed one of the most enjoyable shows I^ve ever seen them do. Of course they didn^t play all my picks, but not once did I say, ^Oh man, not this one again,^ or ^Shit, this one is fucking up the tone.^ Only one song was arguably out of place: HEAVY THINGS, slipped in between a 25-minute DOWN WITH DISEASE JAM and a killer SPLIT, but it was so well played and up-tempo that I won^t complain. I^m glad they opened with WOLFMAN^S and got it out of the way early. I^m sorry I did a little badmouthing of this tune before the show--not a bad song, it^s just that I^ve heard it five out of the past seven shows I^ve seen--because it was a solid version, a good opener, not too extended; it^s high energy set the mood for, what's this? SCENT! Too bad my friend Jay from PR couldn't have benn there...he^s been wanting to see this song again since his first show in ^94. It was my first time and I was so impressed. Whatever that was they did in the middle of the song was really cool. First time hearing MY SOUL too, and I was psyched to hear Trey just ripping up the blues. (Welcome back, Trey, sometimes I can only hear Mike up there.) GINSENG is always a treat and is always welcome. Here^s when things really started to get going. I thought for sure we were going to hear a FARMHOUSE last night, but I was ever so pleased to hear the unmistakable bass line of FIRST TUBE, like an impending storm. There is something about this song that resonates on a primal level. Like I^ve heard it a thousand times before, like it^s part of my circuitry. Forty minutes into the first set and it feels like it^s starting all over again. Such tremendous energy being transferred from stage to audience and back to stage, bouncing back and forth, gathering momentum and force. Trey^s guitar blistering. And then the crowd simply erupts with the opening chords of DIVIDED SKY. It^s an undeniable favorite for everyone, and such a beautiful song. Trey guitar balladry at its finest. There was a little too much feedback from Trey at the start of his guitar lines, but the second half after the pause was flawless. Long pause. Yes, there is reason for their quiet, and the louder and longer we scream, the longer it lasts, but it^s hard to resist just the same. When people started beating on the seats, setting up some awesome vibrational echoes under the pavillon, Trey began to smile and found his strings again. The WILSON set closer at least maintained the energy that had been building since FIRST TUBE, if not bringing it to new heights. They extended the end with some very cool, ominous grooves. The half-hour break was followed by a near-perfect set. A better one is within the realm of possibility, but I don^t think they^ve played it yet. Mike bookends set II with some fantastic playing: DOWN WITH DISEASE opener and WEEKAPAUG closer. Fatter bass lines have not been heard. DWD is extended to nearly 25 minutes of unbelievably focused jamming...no dead ends or pointless meandering in my estimation. I^ve already gone on record with HEAVY THINGS. DWD>SOAM would have been better, but everyone seemed to really like the radio song: short, fun, and harmless. SPLIT was another treat, played with precision and tons of groove. Next, the FISHMAN INTERLUDE was truly enjoyable and made me laugh out loud. Great fun, if not a bit silly, but that^s what^s fun about it. Next was 2001, which apparently has made nice (necessary?) strides since the messy slop of the Great Went. Compared to that excess, this version was restrained, focused, and way more high energy. They did not lose their way. And now I know what everyone means about the man behind the lights and his unbelievable skill. For people who have only been on the lawn: get down to the floor. The smoke and light combo during 2001 was chilling. And then the MIKE^S>H2>WEEKAPUG triptych closer. Flawless, belted out with alternating abandon and restraint, the sweet lyrical HYDROGEN instead of the distracting SIMPLE, and a tremendous climax. Trey was simply throwing it down and ripping it up the whole time. COIL was a nice encore that found me smiling as I left the shed, a smile a little bigger for Page^s solo performance at the end. I could listen to playing like that for as long as he wants to play. I^m so glad that this, and not Hartford II, was the last show I^d see before their return from the rumored hiatus. It was a solid, kick-ass performance. One of the best I^ve seen them play of this type. (This was not a spacy show by any means, which was fine because I was not tripping.) Rather, it was consistently grooved, with an even tone of high intensity energy. No filler. Expertly executed. There were no definitive versions of any of the songs, but no one can speak against the song selection, the consistency of playing, and the insanely high energy of last night and especially the second set. A final note: stop jumping on the fucking stage A final, final note: the only good thing about the Great Woods name-change is that now someone can paste up a ^Z^ on the highway sign and make this place the Tweezer Center peace
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 18:34:38 -0400 From: rich junta69@hotmail.com Subject: 9-12-00 tweeter center Awesome show. the first half was incredbile but the second half was awestrucking. just when people started giving up on them( check out message posted by Ryan M Cyan on 9-12-00 reviews) they always come back twice as strong even though i havent been to alot of shows this one skyrocketed to the top of list in best phish experiences. i am sorry ryan but i feel that Phish is really show alot of spirit and we havent seen half of it. rich junta69@hotmail.com ps. one tank for thousands of phans?whats up with that? johnny law always trying to stop the phun one way or another.
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 19:05:04 -0400 From: Ryan M Cyr jennifercyr@juno.com I think it is time to take a rest. After Monday at the Tweeter Center I came to the conclusion that Phish should hold off on doing anymore tours or projects together till they can come up with something new and exciting. Whether the jam is 10 years old or 1 month old is sounds tired. This was the 3rd show on tour. Phish really needs to establish a spirit and love for their music.Trey stop this train before it crashes.
From: John Wood jwood_jw@yahoo.com Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 7:29 AM To: dwd@gadiel.com Subject: 9/12/00 - Tweeter Center Five Words: Now That's More Like It!! Perhaps the band realized that Monday night didn't cut it. Who knows the reason, but last night, Vermont's Phinest delivered the goods in an almost "old school" fashion. The only fault I can think of is a few unsteady moments in Divided Sky, but nothing that approached the bumbling & stumbling of the previous night. While the first set was just over an hour, its quality alone made it rock-solid. The band found their groove early on the Wolfman's opener and took their time through a cranking Scent Of A Mule. Nice to see a crisp Ginseng Sullivan capped by an intricate Trey solo, and First Tube worked well where its rave excesses were kept to a minimum. Wilson worked well as the set-closer thanks to a engaging jam in its middle. Mike Gordon, in particular, kept everything anchored so well that he wound up being my MVP choice for the night. The second set rocked throughout, starting with a 24-minute Down With Disease where its big jam went to numerous driving places. It quietly verged to Heavy Things, which seemed out of place, but was bouncy and upbeat. Split Open & Melt not only was soundly executed, but its jam started in a soft, melodic direction before Trey and Mike casully built a powerful crescendo. But the centerpiece of the set -- BIKE!!! Classic Fishman! Not only did he literally live the tune, but Page, Mike & Trey connected on a resounding groove that could have taken a life of its own. The vacuum solo was a hoot as always, but as for the applause and his running-around-the-stage hambone antics, you just had to be there. On tape or CDR, you can imagine, but if you were there, it will be a fun moment to relive. The remainder of the show was crisp in interplay. While none of the versions are the longest, most jammed and the like, each stated its points directly, with not a wasted note. In particular, I Am Hydrogen really *breathed* nicely, as not one change was rushed and the band let the spaces between notes become a counterpoint. Even Squirming Coil, which I've seen Trey struggle a bit with in the past, was dead on. Now That's More Like It...and thank you, guys! John J. Wood jwood_jw@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:29:10 EDT From: Patrick O'Brien p_s_obrien@hotmail.com Subject: Tweeter Center--9/12/2000 What to say, what to say, what to say....first off, the final night of Phish's two night stay at the Tweeter Center was my phirst ever Phish show. I've only been listening to Phish on a regular basis for maybe the past year or so. I had a pretty good knowledge of Phish going into the show because I have a group of friends that pretty much worship the ground that Trey, Mike, Fishman, and Page walk on. Just to keep updated, I paid attention to the setlists of the previous shows to see what they might play. After reading them, I had an idea that my phirst Phish sho was going to be pretty sweet. However, not this sweet as the two friends I went with kept telling me how lucky I was to get a set list like this on my very first Phish show. I made a few simple predictions going into the show. I noticed that "First Tube" wasn't played at all yet on the current tour, so I thought that they would play that off of "Farmhouse." "Wolfman's Brother" as the set opener and out of the group of people I was with, none of us had predicted this as an opener. As soon as the band ripped through this song, I had a clue that it was just going to rock. "Scent of a Mule" was greatly unexpected but a pleasent surpise nonetheless. For a brief second I thought it sounded like "Back on the Train," but this one kicked so much more butt than that. "My Soul." WOW! This song was awesome. A friend of mine predicted that they would play "My Soul" only because they didn't play it the night before and he thought he heard it in a couple songs on the 11th. "Ginseng Sullivan." My first encounter with this song came from a copy from the 8/13/1993 Phish show in Red Rocks. I remember thinking what a nice little song it was. The Red Rocks version was done acoustically and I think it was safe to say that this version from Mansfield, MA was a tighter, better version. "First Tube." Okay, so I managed to predict one song for the night. The first four songs were awesome, but this is where the boys from Vermont really started to open things up. Like many reviews I have read, I agree that this is probably the best song from "Farmhouse." Mike's bass playing was tight throughout this song and Trey was doing his best to play the rock star. "The Divided Sky." I didn't think that they were going to play this, but when they did, I immediately thought that they were going to follow it up with "Harpua." Especially since the two times I've heard this song live from CD, "Harpua" followed it. Boy was I wrong. The whole band was tight on this song. "Wilson." I really didn't predict this song at all. Mike started teasing the crowd with the opening bass line, so I thought this was just a joke. Then the whole place just started chanting "WILSON!" over and over again and the tore through the song without missing a beat. What better way to start the second set than with a blistering, jammed out, trippy version of "Down With Disease." Funny thing is, a friend of mine went to the bathroom and came back like 15 minutes later and they were still jamming on the same song, which managed to impress him somewhat. He was telling me that they jammed out this song about twice as long as they normally do. I really can't wait to hear this song again. "Heavy Things." Bah. I wasn't overly impressed with this song. It sounded too generic and radio friendly. I guess this song was to please the fans who went there expecting to hear all of "Farmhouse." "Split Open and Melt." I've heard this song a few times via various bootlegs and I just wasn't impressed with it. I guess I just like the studio version with the female voice backing things up. However, I think my attitude is totally changed since this song just rocked. This very well might be my favorite Phish song. Up until that point anyway. When the lights dimmed for a few moments and came back and Trey was on drums and Fishman missing, you knew something was going to happen. The went into "Hold Your Head Up" and Fishman doing "Bike." The crowd went absolutely bananas when he brought out the vaccuum and played the much raved about vaccuum solo. Then there was a glow stick war with "2001." I've heard this song a few times and it was nice to hear it live. What followed next made my friend blurt out to me "you know, if they play Mike's Song, you're pretty much a dead man." This meaning I had gotten the ticket from another friend who allowed me to go and see my phirst Phish show. Little did I know that "Mike's Song" was his favorite song. I'd never heard this song before but I think the trilogy of "Mike's Song," "I Am Hydrogen," and "Weekapaug Groove" are my favorite Phish song's of all time, bar none. They closed with "The Squirming Coil," which I am proud to say that a friend of mine said between the second set and encore "I feel a Squirming Coil" coming on. When the opening notes started, he was justified in his prediction. While I am growing to like Phish more and more each time I listen to them, I can easily say I am speechless after last night. My first show and they play an absolute killer set, so my friends say. One friend even went as far to say "I'm jealous of you." I couldn't figure out why since he'd seen them like 10 times. He basically told me "My phirst Phish show didn't have a set list like that...yours just kicked ass." I can't disagree with him. I had an absolute great time at this concert and I can safely say that I am going to be seeing Phish many times in the phuture.
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:28:58 EDT From: David Gray makisupapiggy@hotmail.com Subject: 9/12/00 Review An amazing show last night! So much more rockin' than the previous night. I've seen some good reviews of the music already, so I thought I'd focus my attention to some other matters. When did people stop listening to Phish at these shows? Perhaps I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that people went to Phish shows to hear Phish. Why would you possibly go to a Phish show to call your roommate on your cell phone right in the middle of a jam (as some bitch did near me)? Or why would you want to go to yell at the top of your lungs how fucked up you are? Did it ever occur to some of you that the silence in Divided Sky was there for some reason other than for you to yell at the top of your lungs and bang chairs? Or when Page is closing down a great Coil what makes some of you people do a 4/4 clap that has absolutely nothing to do with the notes he's playing? What make's some of you people get so drunk that you have to fall all over my taping equipment and ruin my tapes? And if Phish wanted you on stage with them, they'd have sold tickets for those spots so stop climbing up on stage and interrupting the show! I can't think of how many times I've heard "heads" say "I'm so glad our seen isn't like the Dave Matthews scene". Look around you! There are just as many assholes at Phish shows these days and it gets worse everyday. It's really sad... I don't want to stop seeing my favorite band, but there are too many people making it really difficult to enjoy the show. I had a good time in Albany, but the crowd at the Tweeter Center was so fucking rude, loud and disrespectful. I am glad Phish is taking a break after this tour. Hopefully the majority of the bad apples will find some other place to talk, get fucked up, trash, and ruin. -Rusty, who remembers how cool it was to actually HEAR the beautiful music that was being created.
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 10:50:57 -0400 From: Jeremy Nickel jnickel@virtual-ink.com Subject: review of 9/12 tweeter Center Oh ye of the Old School, of the trust fund, of the new school, or whatever brings you here, listen up. What happened last night (9/12) at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. was really something special. I went to my first show in 91', and hit well over 100 in the next 9 years, but have taken the last year and a half off. The first show at the Tweeter Center on 9/11 being my disappointing return. Well, let me tell you something, last night was anything but disappointing. Both the 1st and 2nd sets were timeless beauties, that would be appreaciated greatly no matter what year or tour you found yourself on. The first set started out hoisty, but the best of hoist. Both 'Wolfman's' and 'Scent' have come along way since their original introductions. Last night they were a great way to kick things off. Instant energy. With openers like that, who needs red bull? Then off to a 'My Soul'a newer song that still jams out in that old, wonderful, wacky way. And then a true touch of the way it used to be with an unexpected but very enjoyable 'Ginseng Sullivan'. If I had to pick a fave from Farmhouse, it would undoubtedly be 'First Tube', so I was thrilled to hear its smooth and funky rythem cut into the night air. And anyone who has a serious complaint with a set that ends with a 'Divded Sky'/'Wilson' two punch combo can come talk to me. By the time they wound into the insane ending jam of Wilson, I knew that they were on and going to kick our asses with the Second Set. And I was not disappointed. Another Hoisty begining brought to you by 'Down w/ Disease', probably my favorite track off of Hoist, (unless you count the 'Melt' jam at the end, but we will get to that soon enough.) 'Heavy Things' was a given, seeing as it is the radio hit of farmhouse, and I can dig it. I just wish it was a tad funkier, but hey, I aint' complaining. And who could, with 'Split Open and Melt' coming their way. I actually saw a head moved to tears by this rendition. A little over the top in my mind, but hey, whatever works. And then I heard it. That little jam that gets under Henrietta's skin, thats right, it was 'HYHU' time. And just for laughs, I turned to my buddy and said "Bike." The Phish Gods were kind last night, and it was a nice shiny bike that was then unwrapped by one Jon Fishamn, with a lovely Vacuum Solo at the end. Man can that guy suck! I mean, he really sucks! So then they did the whole 'HYHU' Fishman run around, pumping up the audience, hiding behind beach balls, and just generally going bonkers. (note to unkind phans seen rushing the stage: get a clue, and head over to Dave Mathews Band already.) And then, just when you thought that it could not get any better, it did. The funky drum beat of 2001 swept through the crowd, and mass hyseria began! It was awesome. As explosive and powerful as ever! And to follow it up with a Mikes > Hydrogen > Groove, I mean thats gotta be illegal or someting, a guys gotta catch his breath sometime. No, but seriously, that second set made this show one of the best I have seen EVER, and I have seen some good ones. I also always appreaciate an encore that leaves you ready to smile and hit the lot in search of some serious grilled cheese! And thats what they gave us with 'Squirming Coil'. Ahhhhhh, what a show. Thanks guys, and I hope to see you again real soon. Thank You, Jeremy Nickel Virtual Ink Corporation 56 Roland St. Charlestown, MA. 02129 jnickel@virtual-ink.com 617.574.4244 (Direct) 617.905.9586 (Cell) 240.376.6200 (eFax) And dont forget to check out the two Red Sox webzines I contribute to: www.thisistheyear.com and my column called Nickel's Notes www.redsox2000.com and my column called The Wooden Nickel
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 01:22:32 EDT From: Flufhed872@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: No Subject greatest show....so good...i couldnt write a better setlist....except maybe one tune...but hey.....fantastic...it was my girlfriend mollies first show and all she wanted was divided sky... wolfmans......great opener....really set the stage for a great show...the crowd got intpo it and mike rules........ scent of a mule....at this point i decided that mike was gonna get his tonight...and he did...but so did everyone else....the russian dance segment was awesome...wish they dueled it up better.....but this was a real treat. my soul.....love it...everyone can dance and sing along after like the first verse even if you dont know it...i love this tune....not as jammed out as some earlier versions but it was great.. ginseng sullivan....bluegrass tunes rule and ginseng is definetly a great song.... i was hoping for an uncle pen but i love ginseng none the less.....great... first tube....very very nice....rockn and tight...i love this tune...definetly my favorite on the new album....they didnt jam it as much as hartford this summer but it was phat.. divided sky...greatest song ever....molly cried..i was having the greatest time of my life...they jammed the end part out decently...the com posed section was alot better than most later versions...i loved it and i think everyone else did tooo.... wilson.....i wanted a wilson->divided sky....but this was just fine by me....the jam was real good...heavy and strange but it was real tight....a great set closer... dwd.....my brother petee was there and he plays the bass...he'd never seen dwd so he was pumped...he called this for second set opener and i was so happy for him...mike was sick and the jam was phat...i liked this alot and it was a perfect beginning to this set... heavy things.....no complaints but his was very very out of place split open and melt....very very nice...back into the swing of things...this had a nice tight jam...wasnt too long but it was awesome...more good mike songs for petee.. hyhu->bike->hyhu.....fishman rules...as soon as i heard the first HYHU notes i said cracklin rosie...but this was great...bike rules...i was glad all those people being chased on the stage got away...."i only know like two songs anway"....hehehe i love that guy... 2001....very nice...i was waiting for a 2001...some kid in the lot said if they played this he would shit himself...i hope he didnt...but whatever..very nice...lights were fantastic....near the end i turned to petee and called a segue into mikes and then...... mikes.....superfly..i love mikes and i was so happy with this show....i was praying for hydrogen and not simple...not that simple is bad but....hydrogen...and then... hydrogen......awwwwwwww shit..i love this...thats all i can say... weekapaug....very nice....very very nice...petee got to see mike at his best...he was slapping like a motherfucker and it was oh so sweet.... e: squirmong coil....i was pleased with this i must say...the page solo was fantastic...very long and everyone loved it...this show was amazing...bye
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:10:01 -0700 From: "M@" M@Sheppard.net Subject: Tweezer Night II review I was at the Tweezer shows last year and the guy doing the video that shows on the big screens did a MUCH better job. Last year it was pretty obvious they didn't know any of the songs, but this year they tended to be on the right band member at the right time.
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:54:41 -0400 From: Peter famous-mockingbird@home.com Subject: my review for the 12th of September Here is my review for Phish's September 12, 2000 show at The Tweeter Center. In my opinion they had a tough act to live up to from last night, and while I don't think they topped it, they definitely equaled it. They took a different turn as tonight was more group oriented rather than Trey in the limelight. The result was more phunk and constant grooving for 2 1/2 hours. The lights dim, and Phish take the stage. The first song of the evening: Wolfman's Brother. I smile wide as I know that tonight will be good. Phunking us out right from the get go. I was up and dancing from this point on through to the end of the night. It was a nice tight Wolfman's Brother. They stretched it out for a bit. Not as much as they do when played later in the show, but it was just enough to get us into the groove for the night. Mike was heavy on the bass right from the start, something that would recur throughout. After this sweet version to get things rolling they went into Scent of a Mule. This is such a great song and somewhat rare live too. This time Mike was center-stage and Trey was basically in the background. In the middle of the song they started to wander for a few moments. Page played a little solo and then went back and forth with Trey. Then Mike took it back over with the bass riff as the band started to play their version of the Tarantella. Mike and Page stepped back and forth to it as they sped it up. It was really well done. Then they stopped it and Mike hung on a vocal note for several seconds and then launched us into the last verse. This was a great version and really kept us bouncing. After that they ripped into a great My Soul. They were making us dance our hearts out as they now moved from phunk to bluesy. This was a great tempo change and it was at this point Trey took a moment to shine as strummed the blues riffs and then tore into a nice solo. Trey wasn't done with the blues though as next they went into Ginseng Sullivan. This is again a Mike song to sing, but once Trey got hold of the solo the song was his. He played like he was a master of the blues, making you feel the passion in every note. Trey decided, at that point, to make the rest of the first set his showcase as he launched into First Tube. This song is so unbelievable live. To hear those haunting sounds echo through the amphitheatre was downright spooky at times, and naturally, the lights added to the effect. The light show was really hot tonight as the colors melded and flashed their ways through each song and through our senses. After this somewhat extended and brilliantly blistering version of First Tube, Trey strummed the beginning to The Divided Sky and the place went nuts. It was perfect timing too, because as he sang "Divided Sky the wind blows high" I leaned back from the railing at the front of the lawn section where I was sitting and there was a strong cool breeze blowing over me. What a feeling to hear those words as the wind wrapped itself around my body. This was played for a long time as Trey was really enjoying himself. At one point in the song he always stops and waits to start again. Tonight he waited something like 2 minutes. All you could hear was the crowd erupt in waves as we all waited for him to start the notes again. He stood there motionless. As people started banging the backs of the chairs a smile grew across Trey's face and he waited a bit more and then finally started up again. It was like a tension and release and he didn't want to release us. Then he kept us moving as he just played and played on this song. This was an incredible follow-up to First Tube and I most certainly thought, even though it was a bit early, that this would be the end of the first set because there was no way they could follow this. I was wrong. Da Da Da Da---WILSONNNNNNNN Da Da Da Da----WILSONNNNNNNNNN What else needs to be said. And I thought the crowd went nuts with Divided Sky. Everyone, and I mean every one of the 19,900 people were up and singing this one. It was fantastic. Then where Trey usually ends the song, this time he decided to take us on a little dark journey as he started playing some hard eerie solos. The stage was bathed in dark red lights and you just felt you were listening to something scary. They it ended in a flourish and it was set break time. Thoroughly exhausted after this first set I welcomed the chance to rest for a bit. I was on my feet dancing and grooving the whole time, never resting a moment until they went off-stage. They returned about 30 minutes later and opened with another Hoist song AND more Phunk to boot. Down with Disease blared through the night as the spotlight started on Mike and his phat bass riff. They then took us on about a 15 minute journey, which is rather short for Down with Disease, but this one was great. There was no meandering, no plodding at all. Trey had control of this one and he was ALL over it. Laying down licks left and right and not stopping for a second. There was no let up on this one at all. Until the end, when it started to slow down and become drawn out. It actually sounded like they might go into I am Hydrogen, which is usually only a bridge between Mike's Song and Weekapaug Groove, but then that died completely and immediately became Heavy Things!!! Finally, on the fall tour Heavy Things makes an appearance, and oh what a nice job they did with this. It was tight and close to the vest until the solo at the end when Trey stretched it a bit. The phunk factor was in full force tonight and they got a big applause for this one. But they weren't done by a long shot. The next phunky tune was up. Split Open and Melt!!!! They were just hitting all these amazing songs tonight and we were dancing our lives away. This one was full of phunk until solo time. They kind of lost it a bit here and it didn't really go anywhere for a few minutes, but they finally found their way to the fast-paced and rocking part of the instrumental and tore it up the rest of the way. Mike and Page both had their moments in the spotlight and now it was Jon's turn. Hold Your Head Up was played and that always introduces a Fishman song. He brought his vacuum to the front of the stage and got a big ovation for this. He then proceeds to tell us he only knows two songs anyway. He decides to sing Bike, the Pink Floyd cover. Trey moves over to drums as Jon takes center stage. In his usual spot in the song he stops singing and starts playing the vacuum. I've heard on tape some vacuum solos that sounded just awful and were way overblown, but this one was great. He didn't do too much with it and brought out the best possible sounds. He didn't go over the top with it all, which in my opinion, is good. At the end he ran around and started picking up some of the beach balls on the stage and kicking them back in the audience. He drew this out for a good 5 minutes as the crowd cheered him on. Several stage divers jumped up as Jon was running around. The first one was caught for a moment but managed to wiggle his way free and back into the audience. Then it was time for THE SONGS of the night. They launched into Also Sprach Zarathustra, the 2001 main title theme, and laid on the phunk extra-heavy. The lights at this point were the best I have ever seen. So ethereal, moving slowly and methodically. It just felt as if I was out in space. This pumped us up after the comedic relief Jon brought us. But, it was the segue into Mike's Song that really got us moving, as we knew what this meant. Mike's Song was hot as he laid on the bass sound extra thick. I couldn't stop moving if I wanted to, so overtaken by the groove I was at this point. I think they realized we all were and decided to go into the slower and more relaxing I Am Hydrogen rather than the upbeat Simple that sometimes follows. This was great as it allowed us a little breather for what came next. Weekapaug Groove!!!!!!! And this one was HOT. A blistering, solid version of Weekapaug which everyone danced to. Even the people behind me who didn't dance most of the night were moving to this one. How could you not, this was Weekapaug Groove!!!! It was almost too much phunk for one night. Almost. What an awesome second set. My calves were sore from moving all night long. That was obviously the end of set II and we awaited the encore. They came back about 5 minutes later and played The Squirming Coil. This was one hell of a setlist. Again a solid version. nice and tight. It wasn't stretched out until the end when Page took over and played a nice piano solo. He was up tempo at first and then cooled us all down. He brought us to a stand still and finally to silence as the last notes died away. He thanked us all, said good night and bowed to us. The other three having left the stage as Page played, leaving him to take in all the appreciative fans. What a fabulous 2 nights. As I walked out I heard 2 people saying they thought tonight was much better than Monday night. I respectfully have to disagree. When looking at the setlists at face value it might be true that tonight's list definitely had more great Phish songs than Monday night's. However, Monday night Trey was on a mission and he succeeded in my book. Trey was superb, flawless and mesmerizing. Tuesday's show was great for other reasons. It was more of a group effort the whole night. They played a lot of great songs. They kept us grooving all night long. That being said, no one song tonight stood out for me as being one of the all-time great versions, like several did on Monday night. It was still a fantastic concert and I am not disappointed in the least, I just feel that tonight was equally as great as last night's and for totally different reasons. I think that's a good thing. Keeps it fresh. And we all Love Phresh Phish. I know it's corny, but I just had to say it.
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 01:26:02 -0300 From: alan tenenbaum staggerlee1@earthlink.com Subject: Tweeter a Success YO YO YO first let me give big ups to all my homies up in Canada. The meat of tonights show was no doubt the end of the first set with F.Tube>Divided Sky>Wilson. CLASSIC! Second set was also sick with a monstrous DWD and and lick Mike's Week to end it off. You wouldn;t believe hoow many extras there were out in the lot!! Peace out p.s. the scene ain't clean!
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