8-15-04 - COVENTRY, Coventry, VT

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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 18:58:38 -0400 From: Rob Kohn Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 well, well, well... † so trey is fucked up on (so far...)coke, heroin, molly, jack, pills etc.† how is this a known fact?† are you all psychic?† i digress. † this band has done more for music, and more for their fans than any other band i know of.† they are human.† they are not machines, nor gods.† this show was not perfect in a technical sense, but in an absolute sense.† i feel for all of you who feel "jipped" somehow.† im sorry.† i can't help but feel that there is a "spoiled brat" element at work,. though.† i had'nt seen Phish since last show pre-hiatus, and i think that's a good thing.† four-plus years is a long time to not see your favorite band, and it was nothing but GOOOOOD to see them one last time.† i don't know, but if those jams did'nt move you, you might be a tad bit jaded.† all good things must end, and it has.† if telling trey to "go fuck himself" is your way of saying thanks and goodbye, so be it.† what loyal "phans".† makes me sad.† see ya, † jeremy
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 12:39:53 EDT From: SUGARMAG5656 Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 I have already posted a review, I just wanted to†openly agree†with Jamie Redda on the 8-14-04 page about the scene.† I haven't been to too many†Phish shows (around†9-10), but I have been to†hundreds of†other shows.† The "stereotype" of the scene is not a stereotype anymore.† First off, thank†you to Clean Vibes, the Coventry Crew,†and ALL of the other people who did as much as clean up after themselves, like normal people.† For all the slope-ass slobs who trashed the highways and everywhere else, take it elsewhere.† I followed hundreds of people in line during traffic who would just opened their doors and dropped their cans and bottles in the middle of the road.† And how hard is it to toss your cigarette butts in one of the bottles that you would be throwing in the road.† The way that this "crowd" is heading, we won't have to deal with things like Coventry again, because they won't be allowed to happen.† And one more thing, you can do the same drugs at home.† Don't flood the scene with them.† If you have to†snort a bunch of stuff or smoke your crack, or whatever you do to enjoy the show, that is just PITIFUL!! † Thanks again to Phish. † Unknown.†
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:37:38 -0700 (PDT) From: Daniel Raznick Subject: Phish show review 8/15/04 I didn't go to Coventry.† I didn't see the simulcast.† I just want to appreciate the contrabution to my life†that Phish has been over the years.† Trey set a standard of musical excellence in that group that took alot of work to maintain.† I'm very happy I got to participate in that.† Trey has shown us clearly a little bit of our potential.† And I think many of the thinking members of the Phish community felt that it was time.† THe rhythm of life is to move forward.† All kinds of awkward and disturbing things happen when we settle for less.† For those who don't recognize this fact, I'd like to remind them of what happens when you wear an old pair of shoes too long-- although they may feel comfortable, they give you back problems.† Again, if you sit on the toilet for too long, you simply get used to the smell.† I think that this was happening to Phish as well.† How many disasterous versions of Fluffhead does one need to hear before they realize that it wasn't it?† Simply wishing for the band to bring it back couldn't justify it if the newest rendering is inferior to what's come before.† We don't need to go back to the good old days.† The present and the future have greater days to look forward to.† Trying to reclaim the past or have it again undermines the human experience, degrades oneself and others,†and offers much to be confused about. † Phish are moving forward.† Phish consists of many many individuals working together.† It is not up to any of us to determine what they will become, where they will go, and how they will develop.† I'm sure if they had come back with a complete and healthy package superior to what they've done before, they wouldn't call it quits. † Last May, I spent three nights at the Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles seeing Larry Coryell perform with his trio.† The music was technical, emotional, exploratory, and downright dangerous at times.† I asked him why it is that so many musicians reach a certain age and start forgetting their songs, lose their technique, and so on; a concept which kind of scared him.† The night before, I'd seen him nail some riffs that seemed downright impossible.† He's 61.† I wanted to know how he's maintained his chops for so many years.† He said, "I don't want that to happen to me." † IN the fan base, and particularly here, there are so many critics and so few friends, it seems.† We milk the band for excellency, pay a load of money, and complain when they don't come through with something great.† At the same time, though all of the complaints, we go to the shows as though it isn't even a choice.† We attend out of some strange obligation deep in our lives.† Why is this?† As an artist, I feel that Trey has been something of a mentor to me.† A mentor is a teacher.† A teacher introduces us to things that we don't know.† He educates us and teaches us something we didn't previously know about being a human being.† It is ordinary that a great mentor would take a responsible action that we would hate.† In the long run, it will all be a great benefit. † It is my hope to see Trey emerge with a new project that represents where he's really at in his life, demonstrate that it's perfectly o.k. to leave the past behind, move forward, start something new and interesting, take a huge risk for better or for worse and offer everyone a great opportunity to grow.† Living in the past offers us none of that.† The end of Phish is truly a good thing, I believe.† If they feel like a reunion at some point, that's their business.† But why live a one-sided life when there's a whole world, a whole universe to explore and enjoy? † TO the band, crew, and all the nameless individuals who have made the Phish organization what it is:† Thank you for all your efforts!† You are truly great!† † In this instance when we have to break out of old attachments in order to live a better life, let's do everything we can to create a happier, more hopeful age.† Without courage, this is impossible.† Therefore, now is a time for courage. † Respectfully, Daniel
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:17:07 -0400 From: Jesse Brady-Davenport Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 Coventry Good day to all... This is my first review, so I'll try to keep it focused and to the point. Just for the record, I've seen 26 shows, with my first being on the top of a parking garage in Pontiac, Michigan in June of 94. That show was in the rain - general admission - and me and my buddies managed to get front row center...cuz no one else wanted to wait in the rain - their loss!!! One of the best concert experiences ever... Anyway, like I said, this is my first review. After seeing the debacle (mind you - on screen at one the theaters) that took place other day, I felt compelled to write this. I was thoroughly embarrassed for Trey, and everyone in attendance. It was a very different experience simulcast on screen. It gave us close-ups that we've never seen before (in attending a live show, anyway). This allowed us to see just how f***ed up Trey really was. To anyone who can't come to grips with the fact that Trey was COKED OUT OF HIS MIND (and who knows what else) - you're completely delusional. I kept trying to tell myself that it was just the emotions, possibly some booze, etc....but he was so out of his gourd, it was truly sad. Phish has given my so many great times in my life, it's hard to recount them all. However, this concert (and the first night of Vegas this year, for anyone who was there) was an outright embarrassment. One can argue that you gotta go out like a "rock star", but that's about it. There's no other excuse. For Trey to tell us all that it's all about the fans is a total lie, apparently. It's obvious he's taken a much more selfish path. Like I said, I think a little leniency can be given, considering the circumstances. However, I'm convinced Trey's drug use is at the crux of why they are breaking up. I think it's why they went on hiatus in the first place, and why they are breaking up now. The other members of the band are trying to get Trey to wake up and get some help...and they're just plain tired to playing with a guy who's NOT putting everything he has into it. The rumors had been circulating for some time - which I tried to deny, personally. But now, it's clear that those rumors were true. This is about the saddest thing in my life right now...a rock god, whom I've worshipped for 10 years is taking the same path that so many other absolutely brilliant artists have before. I feel sorry for Trey, his family, the other members of the band, and the fans. After all we've been through together, it was a complete disappointment that will linger with me for a long time. I just hope Trey gets the help he needs and can continue to do the things that have given me goosebumps of musical ecstasy in the past... JBD
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:21:54 -0700 (PDT) From: Jeff Casale Subject: Phish show review -coventry well ... i made it in there for sunday night and i have to say i left with a feeling of indifference. i hardly moved all night. nothing was moving me. trey used to make me crazy with the way he used to wail on his axe, but all i heard was missed riffs, weak notes and keys being changed with no rhyme or reason. in a way i feel cheated, as i'm sure many other people do. i never wanted trey to go the way of jerry. that the drugs would just destroy what he did best, which was make music. i'm listening to big cypress and i'm listening to a man in command. this band was tight. page, mike and fish are still tight ... trey lost it. he thought he could just rely on his pure skill to rock ... instead he looked and sounded like a tired and lost soul. get well t ... we need you. j
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 03:24:01 -0400 From: Eric Finkelstein Subject: Final Show review and thoughts I fought with the decision for awhile, but thankfully stayed away from Ebay, and watched the show at the movies.† I had seen the IT PBS special and one thing that stands out when I plan my thoughts about what to say, is an excerpt in which Fish notes that the festivals are purposefully out the way for many reasons, and that it inspires the band to play tighter to reward the fans for their travels.† † With that said, I feel absolutely awful for anyone who trekked through the hell hole that was northern Vermont last weekend.† I have been told all the stories, and while fun is always had at these events, the music is the icing on the cake.†† Not this time.† I will write below about the trends I saw in the band, but initially I think the thing that upsets me most, and mind you I didnt go to the festival, was that the boys thought they could pull this off.† Did they really think that after 20 years of performing under the banner of Phish, that they could close if down with ice in their veins.†† Yea right, the emotional baggage was clearly to much for Page, Trey and to a lesser extent Fish and Mike to bear.† This shouldnt have been the final weekend, they shouldve known how hard this would be for them, and not have set the final show on such a large stage.† I think that is the most irresponsible aspect of what musically was a fiasco of a show.† End it one final night at MSG, play a set devoted to the staff, and tell the fans that the show will be more pomp and circumstance than regular phish shows.† To put 70,000 people who sat through days of traffic, slept in mud and rain, and shelled out obscene amounts of money through the anticipation and subsequent letdown of Sunday night was inexcusable, and should never have happened in my opinoin. † Im not going to review the songs, as I have read the many reviews already posted and generally agree with what appears to be the vital criticisms.† I will say this.† Since the hiatus I have seen 7 shows.† Some like 2nd night Deer Creek this summer and IT last summer make my top 10.† So while the consistency may have been in decline, certain shows still held their own.† Trends I saw, where most importantly a real movement away from certain phishy tunes, most of the bluegrass, and alot of the running arpeggio filled compositions that dominated albums like Picture of Nectar and Rift.† For awhile I assummed the band was just trying to get away from their old material and force feed the new songs to their audience.† Now I am more inclined to think that the band, Trey most obviously couldn't play the songs anymore.† And it wasnt just songs like Glide in which a song of the Phishiest variety, slowly faded from the playlist....it was the opening notes of YEM that although played 1000s of times, were becoming rushed, blurred, and rarely crisp.†In the place of older tunes that depended on tight play, was an abundance of 7 below, piper, rock and roll, and Twist.† Of the shows I have seen recently the songs I just mentioned were all†jammed out at one time or another to heights that most other tunes havent reached in years.† These songs are all compositionally easy, and allow the band to explore†without worrying about missing notes in SOAM, Fluffhead, or Ice.† †What I m trying to say is that skill level within the band was sagging.† This in turn precipitated declines in the originality of the sound, the depths of creativity levelled off.††Im not going to play the blame Trey game, I think Trey's role in the band was the most obvious to the fans, and thus is most closely critiqued.† His†leads were the essence of the band, so even if Fish was a beat behind, or Gordon missed a slap, it was Trey's flub†in SOAM that we all heard.††Now†these flubs become commonplace, and reached a disturbing height†in the final two sets†of music at Coventry.† Nerves was a big part, but as many†have said before me this was a not a good show.† At one point in Glide, I turned to my friend†jokingly asking" is this a cover band?"†With the candor†Phish has always shown toward there experiences as a band, we as†fans will soon find out what precipitated the general ideas I have just discussed.† Books will be written, behind the music's will come out, and†the millions of fans who left the field and theaters last weekend will better come to understand what has†happened.† I for one think myself lucky to have the wonderful fortune of†touring, sleeping in tents, scouting out the tanks, calling a song, random meetings,†setbreak adventures, driving and driving, insobriety, CK5, miracles, Tubes, dancing to the move and moving to†the dance,† and ummm Mound on 12.31.02.†† Let the new chapter begin.†† Peace††† Eric
Date: Monday,23 Aug 2004 3:26pm From: Tad Subject: Phish Show Review - 8.15 The radio knows all - End of the world is playing as I write this - Ha Ha ha really. When they gave away the trampolines I burst into tears - then went numb. Rest of the weekend was a blur. Prevailant mistake - yes. "You are not busy being born are busy dying - " if you see this you know who you are. I tried to find you but . . . You live in my heart forever more tad449@localnet.com
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 15:47:17 -0700 (PDT) From: dave Subject: Phish Show Review - 8.15 THANKS to everyone who worked their asses off around the clock at Coventry to make it a success. And thanks to the entire Phish crew. Julian Watkins, Lighting Crew Chief Kevin Brown, Keyboard Tech Brendan Wahlberg, Dry Goods Jason Colton, Dionysian Productions media relations Jason Stenta, Dry Goods Jamie Ingerman, Dry Goods David Rowles, Beth's fiance Adam Wiggin, Dry Goods Amy Skelton Pete Carini, Carini, Phish's drum tech Chris Kuroda, Phish lighting director Brad Sands, Phish road manager Kelly Longfield, Dry Goods Craig McKenzie, Dry Goods Melissa Stoddard, Dry Goods Danelle Miller, Brad's girlfriend Kit Blanchard, Rigger Jill Larson Sam Gibbs, Dry Goods Rob O'Dea, Dionysian Productions Mark Reinke, Stage Manager Eric Larson John Paluska, Phish's manager and head of Dionysian Productions Cynthia Brown, retired from Dionysian Productions Hadden Hippsley, Production Manager Brett Hughes, Dry Goods Paul Ingwerson, Rigger Megan Saver, Dionysian Productions Beth Montuori, Dionysian Productions Karen Drabkin, Dry Goods 35. Nichole Alexander, Dry Goods Elizabeth Meyer, Caterer Lisa Sharpe, "Eat Your Hearts Out" Catering (Phish's catering) Mark "Bruno" Bradley, monitor engineer John Langenstein, Phish Security Director (aka "Head of Security") Bart Butler, Venue Security Director (aka "Head of House Security") Alan Demonbraun, Bus Driver Dominic Placco, Bus Driver Leigh Fordham, Lighting Technician Kevin Shapiro, Archivist Gary Radkovich, Lighting Technician Bryan "Shoop" Dyck, Lighting Technician Roger Pujol, Lighting Technician Tim Ehrlich, Merchandise (Amy's husband) Paolo Rodrigues, Audio Technician Tim Maclarty, Caterer Mickey McFall, Caterer Paul Kennedy, Caterer Peter Luther, Audio Technician Tom Marshall, lyricist Richard "Dickie" Glasgow, Tour Manager Jimi Stout, production assistant Sue Anastasio, Trey's wife Aaron Stevenson, Lighting Technician Languadoc, "soundman" Shelly Culbertson, Dionysian Productions ticket goddess Dina Anastasio, Trey's mom Tavi Black, Lighting Technician Chris Russo, Audio Technician Brian Brown, Guitar Tech Henry Schwab, Waterwheel (formerly Green Crew) Matty Beck, works for Henry and Waterwheel AND Thanks PHISH for being the best band ever, (even if "Glide" was butchered) You will be missed.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:23:41 -0400 From: rotto Subject: Camden to Coventry- add as review for final show all as one thanks Since these last few days have all blurred together into one amazing journey, I have chosen to review these shows together. My friends-bros, left for the Camden show from NE PA at noon on Thursday. We made good time, and after some negotiations made our way into the corporate lot next to shakedown. We partied, met friends, and mingled in the warm sun. As the hour began to draw near, we began to walk to the venue. Camden is one of my least fav spots for a show, but for the last Phish tour, one has to suck it up. Got inside, and began to run into all the friends we had lost along the way, serendipity was already in motion. We found a good spot on the lawn, and began to wait for the lights to dim. The energy level was strong, the night air sweet, and then.....the lights dim, and the boys enter the maelstrom Wilson opener! nice way to begin the festivities...I felt the entire set was well played, sometime tight, sometime loose and funky with exploratory vibes. After all these years they can still open it up to rip or get a little discordant and weird. I remember the first shows I was seeing in 92-94, when dissonance and off beats where common, and this show had a bit of that feeling. We danced and enjoyed it all, I dug the moma, and the yem>ghost especially. Chilled for intermission, found more friends, hit the head to find a sauna...super hot, back to the show...second set...TASTY I thought is was an excellent set, good mix of jams and tight play, the boys were definitely on and having fun. I love Piper, and the Cavern was really sweet. At the end of the set we set off to find the car and begin the Coventry journey. We listened to the fist encore and then began to move to the car. Into the car, drive, escape the darkness that is Camden, on the road.....On to Coventry We enter the Northern Kingdom at about 7AM, thinking we have made great time from NJ, NY, CT, MA, and VT. THEN.....we hit the traffic on I91, a road I am now intimately aquatinted with. From 7AM Friday till 9ish AM Saturday we were on the road watching the cars inch by. At about 3pm Friday our car breaks down and must be towed. Luckily a friend walks by, we see him, and he has room for our stuff about a mile back. When the wrecker comes, we take the basics from our equipment, and move it to the side of the road. Now we are standing in the growing gloom, no car, no shelter, only a bit of fading hope to somehow achieve Coventry. It begins to rain, we rush to set up a tent to keep our stuff dry, it pours, all our stuff is now wet, we crawl into the tent on the side of the road, and pass out after being up for 36 hours. I awaken in the night afraid our friends may have passed us, and treck up I91 in the rain to see with a bro. It is the biggest shakedown, party, sleepfest highway in history. People are drinking, singing, sleeping, fuming mad, hooking up in campers, you name it, its going on for miles, its an amazing sight seeing the line of headlights off into infinity. We find out friend, he has hardly moved in hours. We head back and crash out again, all sleeping in wet and puddles. We awaken the next day, and begin to organize. The cops across the way are swarming in ever greater numbers, but the day promises good things. In 16 hours our friend has moved a half a mile, not good, THEN Mike come on the radio...the announcement of dooooom. We are all stunned, in shock, people cant believe this has happened. Across the way cops with AR-15 assault rifles and shotguns are begining the closure, we rush to get the minimum we need together to walk in the show. Many people are moved before they really wake up and understand they will miss the last Phish shows if they go. We begin the journey to Coventry with the thousands of others who wouldn^“t be denied. Walking.....walking....walking we go from the exit to Coventry airport road in a few hours as the sun shines overhead. We meet many travelers on the road as they all move toward the show. As we turn onto the dirt Airport road, a local guy offers us $5 ride to the show, a bunch of us jump on board happily. We begin to drive again in joy, out first time in a vehicle for may hours, and we all begin to spontaneously laugh as we cruse along...bliss as he lets us off in COVENTRY!!!! We make it! We walk to the entrance, meet some guys in line and they give us some beers, of course we had 7 cases of dank beer left behind and on the way to jersey now, but that miller lite tasted like a Siera. We get into the site, and begin to relax, we plot our perfect point to create base-camp, and move towards it, and begin to get aquatinted with the mud of Coventry. Now I must say I am not a big mud fan, but if your were at Coventry you most likely had a very close relationship with allot of mud and began to understand the ways of mud, from the firm grassy kind, to the soul sucking, my shoe is about to pop off kind. So we found a good spot and began to set up, turns out though it was a great spot. Right next to us was Sally's Alley Bar, run by some very cool friendly people with whom we partied all weekend, and became friends. I ordered a rum and coke for all, we set up, dropped off out burdens, and relaxed ourselves for the show. It was a beauteous day, we had walked many a mile, and we had made it to Coventry...we were worried about our friends as they had left after us, and we thought they wouldn^“t get in, but we later learned that they all got in, some by back road, and two of our friends walked 15 miles to get in, so it was all good. So we got what we needed, and headed into the final Phish weekend. Sat show...Delicious. I read some of the reviews that carped on the boys or on Trey for miscues, but for me this was not only our last show, it was theirs, and to bitch about small stuff seems petty. These four guys from VT have blissed millions of people over 20+ years, and took us on their backs and delivered us to joy so many times, how can one complain. For me, it was blissful, painful, sad, joyous, muddy, fun, and crazy...We were living in the Bitter Sweet Motel for one last glorious weekend, and I loved it all. All three sets were unique. On the way in I was on the plank path over the mud and lost my bros., but I found sweet spots to listen all three sets, and met some cool people along the way. First set was awesome, the interplay was intense, the giving away of the trampolines, the crowd energy...all good. Second set I was in the beer garden for awhile, tending the lemon table as the lemon people headed into the show and asked me to mind the table, talked about Phish and the situation with many, then moved to the other side of the field for the end of second and third sets. I thought third set was rocking, I was with some really cool people, and we all had a grand time. When Trey and Mike got up on the rocks to be closer to us, I thought it was emblematic of the emotion and love they were feeling toward each other and for us. Sweet!!! I made my way back to the camp, through endless mud and trials and travails, but it was all part of the amazing Coventry experience. Got back to Sally's Alley, met friends, chilled, enjoyed the eve, talked about the show and the band, and just enjoyed the night and the warm feeling of friendship and love for our favorite band. The rumor was that the next day would bring downpours and cold weather, alas. Sunday...awaken to warmth and SUN!!! It^“s a beautiful sunny day. We hang, get together, find some food, march through the mud, hang with friends, joke and laugh, and prepare for the final Phish show. Its a hot day, the ground dries somewhat, and then as the time draws near, we walk to our last Phish show, to bid our Brothers hello and farewell for the last time. We get into the venue once again, and find a good spot a few hundred yards back, and await. The first set is sweet, with high moments and some fluffs, but all can be forgiven. This is our last Phish show, but this is their last time onstage as Phish as a touring band, how can the mistakes be anything but forgiven, this is not for us, this is their day, to meet us in the special place in our hearts and dreams, and take us there one more time. From Reba through Taste is electric, sad, awesome, and fun. The second set at Wading where Page just cant sing, it takes the emotion level to a very sacred place, as he looks up and smiles through tears, cant sing, but keeps playing as the rest of the band slips in to hold up the music. The speeches by the band of thanks and reflection, Trey wiping away tears as his voice breaks, Fishman thanking all of us who walked in as the greatest compliment, the blow off steam jam...all of it was transcendent. A couple of times I just had to close my eyes and recover as the emotions rolled over. Third set melted together, and the whole time the band was still experimental, trying new sounds, not a band following the music, but living in it one last time, making up songs for their crew, being Phish, raw, real, and on the edge. Imperfect, sure, but I couldn^“t imagine the effort of will it took to hold it together and keep playing as their emotions swerved from sadness to joy and love for one another; it was a privilege to see and an honor to be there. Finally, after the fireworks, and the jams, the trials, and the joy, The Curtain With closer to end it all, not perfect technically, but a work of art that at this moment still resonates in my soul. Walking back, the music still resounding, memories of the last decade, all the shows and moments shared, the friendship and the miles traveled to meet in the jam. Hang with friends as the night passes, the next day awakens, its time to trek out to the world again. More miles to walk in the rain, a lucky ride to our car, on the road home, laughing, recovering, happy to be alive and to have made it to the show. Was it worth it? Each will come to know as the days pass to the future. For me, it was an amazing journey, and all I can say is thank you Trey, Mike, Fish, and Page for all the jams and for one last glorious weekend which I will never forget. I love you guys, and I know that I am a better human being for having made it to Coventry, is there any better praise than that? Rich Otto
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:08:26 -0400 From: brian Subject: Phish show review 8/15/04 After reading many reviews, I will be brief... † Tickets: thought 150 was a decent price, if you paid more somewhere else, God bless ya, but you know the risks. † Traffic: Don't follow, lead. The bands site listed 91 as the ONLY route from any direction. THINK PEOPLE! This is America, land of the highways and byways. We took the NY Throughway and cut across the top of NY into VT and hit the site from the North and waited 4 hours in an almost constant roll. If even one tenth of the drivers took out a map or asked questions no one would have waited on 91. I am not trying to sound like an automotive genius, I am just shocked so many people who have gone to these things before didn't learn from the last shows. † Scene: Honestly, I am discussed at the scene. Lucky for us we were camped near a lot of families and old time concert goers who were not only respectful but helpful and a pleasure to have a beer and a jay with. The rest of the tarmac was a mess, I mean lets be honest here. I am the first person who would help out someone in need, as we all did, pushing cars out of mud, handing out sandwiches and glow sticks, etc, but I can't and won't help you when your falling all over me, reeking of Jack with powder all over your face, yelling incoherently. Finally when I figured out what he was saying, he was trying to get me to buy some of his coke, and he was getting annoyed that I would not. I am surprised he had any left. Anyway, that was one of several uncomfortable moment with the kids in this relatively new "scene". † Music: Yes, Trey was definitely not on the whole show. DEFINITELY not on but, that's right BUUUUT... he still had moments of Godlike axe playing I Am listening to Character Zero right now, and there is no doubt. The energy was there, it just came in long blocks instead of shorter waves. Yes Trey did seem a tad drunk (at least) at times, I just hope and prey that it was just booze. Overall, it was not the best Phish show, but it was a Phish show which is better than any other live show you can go to for solid rock and roll. † Final note to the band: Thank you boys, hope to see you again sometime. † -Poyla
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:48:01 -0400 From: Alisa McCloud Subject: Phish show review 8/15/04 ††††It was Trey†O.K.††Mike killed...Page killed...Fishman Killed...It was Trey.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 15:56:57 -0400 From: "Claffey, Richard" Subject: Phish show review Date: Wednesday, AUgust 18, 2004 Subject:Phish show review 8-15 I have been to 26 shows now and i must say these were without a doubt the worste i have been to. Its just a shame that phish (mostly trey) didn't put enough into it so that they could end on atleast a good note. Dont get me wrong, I was lucky enough to catch the entire two legs of the tour and it was maybe the most fun i had at any of the shows i have been to. The jams were incrdible at some points, and there were entire sets that were flawless. Not was the band sounding better than even since the hiatus but it seemed as if the people who really appreciate phish for their music and dont just go to the shows to roll their faces off were coming back. The vibes were getting better and better and so was phish. I dont know what happened at Coventry but it definatley wasnt the phish i was listening to the entire tour. The first thing i thought when they came on stage was "wow trey is fuccckkeed up", for the entire weekend he had not one bit of color on face and his playing got to the point where he just stopped and basically said "fuck it", it didnt even sound like notes. Personally i was offended listening to phish butcher every song they played that show, i was offended that i traveled so long and worked hard to go to a concert that if i had another chance i would think twice about going. Another complaint i have is what happened to phish having diverse song seletions and set lists. I thtink the only song that wasnt a repeat from the last to legs was fire which they didnt even play well any way. What happened Guellah papyrus, it's ice, Lizards, Mound ANYthing! and im not going to even mention Fluffhead because im sure they dont even remember how to play it or even know what key its in. I was under the impression from reading the interveiws from Trey that one of the big reasons they were stopping was the fact that they wanted to end on somewhat of a good note, i guess they blew that one. I love phish more than anyhting in the entire world but if thats how they were gonna play for the rest of their musical career im glad theyr calling it quits.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 19:49:19 +0000 From: cal roach Subject: Phish show review -- 8-15-04 in the aftermath of coventry, i've been in a strange state of mind...i almost feel like a part of the past ten years of my life, a part that had come to mean so much to me, was only a dream, and that once phish walked off the stage for good, i woke up, and began to realize that none of it was real all along. i guess it's easy to submit to feelings of loss--for things that phish represented, for things they might yet have done, for things i thought were true but really weren't--for figments of this hopeful and happy dream world that no longer exists. but in the final analysis, i'm glad it's over. it would be worse to keep living that illusory high life than it is to arrive in the reality that the band, and trey in particular, for whatever reasons, just couldn't pull it off any more. going into night two, i hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. trey's performance on saturday night reduced him to a laughingstock by night's end. whatever substances were flowing through him, the phish vibe was not one of them, except during the first set, when he still seemed lucid and in control. i really thought tonight would be better. i missed the opening of "mike's->hydrogen" and walked in to "weekapaug," which was a pretty standard version, but the band was definitely in a groove. "anything but me" is a great song, and it felt good to hear it--the only problem was that trey was singing every line a beat or two behind the rhythm, which was a bad sign--if last night was any indication, that meant he was already wasted. i silently hoped he got hammered before the show and would gradually sober up, the opposite of last night. "reba" was a real crowd pleaser, and the band definitely pulled it off. it's a great emotional jam, and this one didn't break any new ground, or launch us into the stratosphere, but it was a nice, comforting, familiar jam, reminding us that wherever we were, we were at a phish show, and good things WERE to come. i was really happy to hear "carini", even though the band didn't seem to well rehearsed, and again, trey was pretty sloppy. his vocals were slurred and sometimes forgotten, and even his guitar playing was patchy--hard to believe this man, one of the great guitarists of our time, was having trouble with those two little chords. but oh, well, it's not supposed to be a tight, precise song. but then came a pathetic "chalkdust." it was as if trey wasn't even trying. he stumbled through the opening riff, flubbed lyrics all over the place, completely forgot or didn't bother with the last verse, and led the band into a jam that never got above a low roar and petered out after maybe five minutes? not to even finish the final "chalkdust" of all time seemed really shitty to me...again, there were no real segues all night, but lots of disintegrating jams that would sort of make way for the next song. still, "possum" really brought the energy back up. trey's playing somehow really improved for this tune, even though his singing was still behind the beat, and he couldn't hold a note for more than a couple seconds (that's sort of important for this particular song). he played a hell of a solo, though, and the band brought the song to a nice ending together. then came a pretty run-of-the-mill "wolfman's", aside from explaining the meaning behind the song and bringing the moms out to dance, which was very entertaining, actually. but the band didn't really try to take the jam anywhere, so it was time to close the set with "taste." trey was extremely shaky at first, but he came out of his stupor for a rousing jam. his solo reached some stunning peaks and reminded us all what trey can do to a song when he's really feeling it, bringing set one to a raucous conclusion. however, the potential for a meltdown was already apparent; all we could do was hold our breaths and hope trey would pull out of it. we heard the opening strains of "disease" and were hopeful, but trey's singing was terrible right off the bat. to be honest, he looked dead tired, if nothing else. i really love it when they bring "disease" back to its true ending, but i wasn't expecting it...still, i was disappointed in the jam; it started off with a lot of energy but i felt like mike and page were looking to their fearless leader to take it somewhere and not much happened; they all trailed off and went into the emotional high point of the night, "wading," during which page could hardly sing he was so choked with feeling, and so were we. another one of those stretches that brought home the feeling that these moments are slipping away quickly, that we had to hold onto every note before there were no more...it was a poignant piece, and the crowd roared in support of page; it will always remain a beautiful memory. then came "glide," a song i really had been hoping for...but although they sang it very well, trey massacred his guitar part, a real travesty in a song where the guitar part is so essential...so emblematic of how phish guitar sounds. i was shuddering and then trey gave a very tearful speech and it was then that i realized that it wasn't that he didn't CARE; i guess he just didn't know how to deal with the emotions he was feeling about this most momentous of occasions of his life, the breakup of his band, and it seemed to just be making a wreck of him in every way. everyone in the band said some heartfelt words, but trey was more broken up than anyone. still, i feel there's no way to justify getting all fucked up and playing like shit...even though there were highlights yet to come. "soam" was not one of them. another case of trey picking and plucking at his guitar, looking at it as if to say, why isn't this thing making the sounds i want it to make? another jam that went from sloppy to nowhere and disintegrated into nothing...for blowing off steam, this was lackluster and without a spark of heat. and then, they ended the set with "ghost," which just did nothing for the intensity level of festival. they needed to get offstage and re-group, and before very long, they did just that. "fast enough" opened the second set in a way which i felt was totally appropriate and lovely; the boys' harmonies were a highlight all weekend, and this was a great showcase, and a way for trey to sort of ease back into doing some guitar improv, it seemed. "seven below" is one of my favorites and i was pumped to hear them play it, and while it was refreshingly crisp and started off with a nice jam, it descended too quickly into "simple," which might have been the low-light of the whole weekend. i guess i can understand why they would play it...but are the words THAT hard to remember? couldn't they have run through it ONCE quickly backstage? every time trey would fuck up, i'd expect him to laugh, or at least smile; instead, he'd look at mike like a lost child, trying to figure out once again where he was. it occurred to me how OLD he looked...when during set one on saturday, he looked so energetic and full of life. now he looked completely sedated and exhausted. and he could barely coax a note from his 'doc. thank God for "piper." finally, the whole band was able to kick things into warp speed, and trey was noodling up and down, wailing, mingling with his three bandmates, CREATING sound, CREATING energy, making us dance with a frenzy, revelling in our final phish experience. it was the best jam of the night, and it seemed to finally bring trey out of his stupor. what followed piper was a frivolous jam extolling the virtues of various technicians on the phish crew; trey was conducting the band and the audience, just having some fun with people's names and taking a break from playing, for the most part. it was an odd way to approach the end of the final night of phish, a little anti-climactic, although no one could fault trey for wanting to give props to the unsung maestros of the organization. but then the band launched into the final "wilson," thousands upon thousands of voices crying out one more time. it was quite a rush of emotion, and a real sadness came over me when "wilson" was over...i couldn't conceive of never feeling the energy of a huge crowd chanting that evil name again and again. but without delay, the band went into "slave," and i was so happy, having never seen the tune before and ALWAYS wanting to. and as the jam built up and trey was just barely pulling it off but still keeping up, still going strong, still knowing how to build and soar and reach that height of passion where you just feel the song has to end, i never wanted it to end, i wanted them to build that jam up for hours, i somehow felt it would be the last song of the set but i HOPED it wasn't, i hoped it wasn't over...but they ended the song triumphantly, and they bowed solemnly, and they walked away, and the fireworks started, and we all thought, they HAVE to do one more. the song that had been written at the same time as "bowie," the OTHER song that trey felt was the beginning of this new kind of music...i admit it, i thought it would be "fluffhead." i couldn't conceive of them NOT playing it since the hiatus, to end the existence of phish never having played it again. but it was "the curtain with." and what can i even say about it? how can i describe what i felt when i knew beyond doubt, after trey's speech and the beginning of the song, that this would be the last song i'd see phish play? what was going through my head as trey fumbled through the song, missing more notes than he hit? what was the look on my face when he had to stop the band in the middle of the slow part because they were in the wrong key? when playing this song seemed to mean so much to trey, but it seemed as if he couldn't remember how it was supposed to be played? everything up 'til that encore would have been fine. i could go home feeling like it had been a fitting end. but not like THIS. and afterwards i realized that it could only be this way. phish had come full circle in more ways than trey had even realized, perhaps. we've heard those super-early tapes, when the band muddled their way through psychedelic pop songs and a smattering of goofy originals, never HINTING at the greatness they'd achieve. when joking around was the only way they could make it even INTERESTING. the world saw them develop into a tight, almost mathematical musical machine, playing intricate fugues and arpeggios faster live than they did even in the studio, flawlessly. we followed them as the precision gradually gave way to an emphasis on taking the songs on journeys no one had dreamed were possible, laying down a basic framework and then pulling out all the stops, making us come back night after night...they could've played the same songs over and over and we STILL wouldn't know what would happen next. some nights, they took themselves and their audience so high that it felt like they'd never come down. but EVERYTHING has a come-down. now, finally, as the mud dries in vermont, the echoes of what the band became still linger: in the thrill of improvisation, the gambler's delight in the unknown, the lack of rehearsal in hopes that they, PHISH, could still make things happen, they realized that they had to quit before they went in the hole. and at that exact moment, after a weekend of highs and lows, after riding high for so many years, they finally came up even and went home. hopefully, satisfied. because with the stakes that high, to keep playing for 20 years and come up even, has got to be the greatest thrill any gambler ever knew. okay, maybe they came out a little bit on top...
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 03:45:27 +0800 From: mossman Subject: Coventry 8/15/4 Yeah, it wasn't a great show. Near the end of the first set I thought Trey was waking up, tightening up and ready to go for the rest of the night. It seems like Wading, beautiful as it was, took something out of him. The jammier songs were interesting and the flubs were frustrating, but the weekend was obviously about closure and not about one last smokin' show. Nice at lest to get one last fun Possum, and Slave was pretty good too. It was a Bittersweet Farewell (best shirt on the lot, IMO). Life was always better with the prospect of Phish tour on the horizon, but I'm betting that Phish has saved us alot of money, time and disappointment in the future. I'm glad I got in and said thanks and goodbye.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:14:03 -0500 From: tmlplus Subject: Phish show review - 8-15-04 - Trey needs help. I'm angry but I love him. Wow. That's all I can say about the experience of seeing the second day of Coventry by the†cinema simulcast. Sitting in that theatre in Lincolnshire Il, everything was in place to enjoy a show like almost never before. Unlike the Keyspan Park tour opener, the levels were perfect (especially Page, who was suppressed last time).† I really felt like†I was in a much luckier position than the people that drove all the way there, then had to stand for hours, then didn't have the kind of viewpoints and closeness that we got in those theatres. So there I sat, waiting to sip from the holy grail one last time. I was a little cautious, however, to get my hopes up. I just had the XM radio installed on Friday so I was able to hear some of the Saturday sets live, which left me a little underwhelmed, specifically due to Trey's performance, which was topping out at mediocre. I had listened to a lot of the June shows and, except for a solid, tight 2nd night Alpine, Trey's performance throughout has been sorely lacking. So I actually turned off the radio a couple times right in the middle of†Saturday's sets. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that as a guitar player, I have to say that Trey got me into Phish. The first time I heard him play I felt like someone up there finally heard my call, as I've always wanted to hear guitar music played like that. His responsive, intuitive, perpetual motion style was the perfect compliment to the style of music that actually moves like the species its name represents. Undulating, serpentine grooves that even the best of the neoclassical 80s rockers could never keep up with. Neither Carlos, Jerry, Pat Metheney, Robert Fripp, Gilmour or any other could hang in a mid-nineties Bowie jam. Neither Van Halen, Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Navarro, or Slash could follow a 1997 Taste. In the purest sense of 'Jamband', there's never been an equal to Trey in his prime (92-98).† Many would favor Jerry here, but as a fan of rock music, I don't think Jerry was anywhere near as explosive and powerful as Trey could be, so that's my bias. So getting back to 4:30 p.m CST on Sunday... I was still excited to be there, because I figured, Trey delivered well at the only show I attended, so he can give me a parting gift here. My†spirits were kept high when the opening Mike's Groove kickstarted the day like a badass Harley. Very good, very good jams, 90% perfect Hydrogen (its usual succes rate, even in their prime) and a Weekapaug that actually had the old-school ripping flow. Well, that was about it, folks. Musically speaking, it was all downhill from there. Well, to be fair, Mike Page and Fish played awesome all night, all tour, all the time. I've never been at a bad Fishman show, or a bad Mike show, or a bad Page show. Maybe if I was an expert drummer, bassist, or keyboardist, I'd have a different opinion. But these guys are so good and tried so hard to carry the day, but couldn't avoid drowning in Trey's muck. Trey said he was actually nervous for the first time. Was he nervous the whole year? Was he nervous in April? Nervous in Coney Island, Nervous in Saratoga, Nervous first night of Deer Creek or 2nd set of 2nd night of DC? Nervous first night of Alpine? Nervous at Hampton?† Completely forgetting how to play song after song, Trey really embarrased and shamed his legacy as a musician. I will not support his solo career after this, after he completely wasted the time and effort of Mike, Page, and Fish who never failed to do their damn job as long as Phish has been around.† The biggest hint that something is wrong is when Trey is jamming. Whether its Phish, Bonnaroo TAB or Dave & Friends, or whatever, he just doesn't jam like Trey anymore. The huge dropoff between 12-31-03 and 4-15-04 is almost unfathomable, unexplainable, and unexcusable. If it was just screwing up the songs, or forgetting something here or there, that would be one thing. But being completely disconnected from the instrument in whatever vehicle he's involved in can't be shrugged off. I start to think it's something with his hands, like arthritis or something, but he is still able to move his fingers very quickly at times and his right hand still seems able to strum or pick very fast, but it's the inability to flow from lick to lick in the seamless, effortless manner that has always been automatic for him. It's a lot more than simply being unpracticed. I could take a year off playing the guitar and get back to normal in about 3 hours of practice, at least in terms of basic jamming, basic core ability.† If this is a drug thing, which most people speculate that it is, then when has he been doing this? When he was supposed to be hanging out with his family? When he was writing for orchestras?† If he can't play with Phish without needing to dope up to the point of incoherence, then fuck him. This was so unfair to the other guys in the band. It's not fair that Mike Page and Fish don't get to play anymore. This breakup is about NOTHING more than Trey sucking. The other three guys would play together until they died of old age if they had their way. Bands have always taken time off and played with other musicians, so this excuse of being too consumed by the Phish beast is rationalized crap to gloss over the real reason for the end. Anyone listening to either day of Coventry or most of the tour knows the reason for Phish's breakup as clear as day. I doubt that Trey's parts are any more hard to remember and master than Page's Mikes' or Fish's. If they can kick out the jams than there's no reason Trey couldn't have. All his rhetoric in magazines or talkshows have been watered down lies. Lies. All those guys were emotionally choked up, but only Trey was completely unable to remember the songs he told self-promoting stories about. Only Trey was too 'weary and tired' to play them right. Once Mike's Groove was over, Trey played EVERY song poorly. EVERY SONG! † So that's my review, I guess. The other people told you the rundown of songs, or about Page getting too choked up too sing Wading In a Velvet Sea in their reviews. All I know is that between the theatre experience and the†great camera work and soundmixing and getting to see that beautiful Vermont landscape and feeling how special it was, this could have been one of the best concert experiences we've ever had. Instead it was the saddest studies of human decay ever witnessed. Mike, Page, Fish, I love you guys. You guys are heros and role models and shining examples of human potential. Trey is a study of sadness and frustration, but I think he can be saved. † Only one action could ever rectify this situation, whether it would happens seems out of the grasp of speculation. Trey needs to come clean with his problem. He needs to get clean or do whatever to get back to physical or mental health. If it turns out that he does have a degenerative illness or something then I think the fans should know it. If he has a physical or mental illness that can be cured, then after he gets right he needs to commit to at least one more year of Phish to set the record right. Wanting to move on with Phish is not a reason or excuse for the horrible performance of 2004. There is a term for accepting or forgiving this type of behavior. It's called facilitating, and any mental health expert would agree that facilitating does not help the addict, or subject in question. We as fans can only help Trey by making him come clean and helping him clear his soiled name. If fans continue to support his TAB project and go and get their ears pissed in time after time, then†they will also be showing disrespect to the other guys in Phish who were so dissed. Make Trey earn his keep by showing tough love.† I know Page wrote a letter that reinforces some of Trey's reasons, but he's made so many comments about the peace of mind he feels playing in Phish, where he knows his role and is so comfortable with it. Neither Fish or Mike have ever stated they wanted Phish to end. If Trey said he needed to get back on the horse and stay off the "Horse" then the other three guys would jump at the chance to give it one more whirl. If Trey came to practice ready to play like he can, nothing would give the guys more pleasure.† † So I guess those are the choices, Phish and Trey†phans.†Go to Trey shows and facilitate his problem while disrespecting Mike Page and Fish,††† OR Boycott Trey, and write him letters telling†him you will not tolerate†his denial and disrespect to Phish and the Phish audience. † If you think I'm overreacting, then listen to any disc of IT, then listen to any disc of Coventry, then judge. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but we as fans have to do something. We have a vote here. If you love Trey and Phish I trust you'll make the right decision. † Tom Law
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:11:50 -0400 From: Steven Rich Subject: Phish show review 8/15/04 My 1st show was 7/12/91, My last show was 8/15/04, I have been listening to PHISH for almost 14 years now. I watched them turn into something and witnessed there crowds growing by the tours. I think PHISH is an amazing band and I am grateful I got to see them. >From 7/12/91 - 9/12/00 I saw PHISH under the influence of something. In the early 90's it was shrooms & lsd paper or liquid or gels with herb & booze through out, throw some gas in here or there that was usually after the show and then from 98 on molly was introduced and I use to take that and shrooms and some liquid or paper or gels. I never had a bad show, I thought all the shows I attended were pretty sick for the most part. Then The band went on hiatus and just before I died I got sober in September of 01. The hiatus ended and I went to Worcester,IT,Boston 20th anniversary and could not get the feeling I had prior to the post hiatus shows. I thought the scene was pretty lame and I have been to about 40 phil and friends shows sober and have had a blast scene and music wise so it's not the sober part of it. So I was looking forward to GreatWoods 8/11/04 to see if things have changed. I was so happy I went to that show as I type this I am listening to Divided Sky from that show. They were tight and on and the PHISH I'd thought I missed. Now onto Coventry fortunate enough to only wait 16 hours and get a campsite on the tarmac near the RV's. My wife and I went and we have been to a number of shows together messed up and sober. I went to IT last year and I don't remember the scene being as crazy as Coventry was, from all the pharmies to the blow, it reminded me of being in Deer Creek for The Grateful Dead in 93 and this guy trying to sell us heroin then asking us to use our tent to do his fix..... I saw so much heroin that year and a friend of mine died in 94 from in while at RFK. I saw a rubber band thing that you use to tie your arm in the jiffy johns.. and for me how the heck can you enjoy the music being so doped out? I am surprise only 1 person died this weekend I'm guessing of a drug related overdose. There are so many phucked up people out there and yes I was one of them but the scene has changed quite a bit in the past 3 years. There is way more hard core drugs out there. Three kids yes kids in back of us 2 were near passing out before the show started on Saturday and then the snapped out of it and were laughing about coming out of a "k hole" Anyway onto the review, I am just glad this is over for that reason it seems the scene and the music are hand in hand both past it's prime. I Love PHISH and have been reading a ton of mixed reviews this afternoon and morning. I personally think the event was amazing, the scene crazy, but the weather on Saturday and Sunday couldn't have been any better. Yeah there was mud and lots of it but so what, I was there to see one of my favorite bands for there suppose last time. And waiting in traffic and everything else that went on was well worth it just to be there to say good bye. I tried to go into the event with no expectations, after being at Greatwoods Wednesday, I had some expectations which I wish I didn't because that's a set up for failure and sure enough the music I witnessed both Saturday and Sunday was sub par, some of the sets look great on paper but the sound on Saturday 1st set was awful then the 2nd and 3rd were much better but to end the show with Friday come on... This band wouldn't be where it is without GAMEHENGE and there was no sign of it anywhere, oh the Wilson thrown in Sunday 3rd set, no Lizzards I could go on and on but there I go putting expectations on people places and things NO GOOD. I mean the 1st 2 sets Sunday I thought were great and I was saying YES!!! Thank you then the 3rd set was about 65 minutes with encore and I thought and still think the PHANS deserved better much better, I understand it was hard for them and I got emotional at times but people waited 50+ hours to get in and I think and again it's just me that they should have played something a little more wanted from the crowd...After all it is about the phans because without us they wouldn't be where there at.... I have friends that have been to 300+ PHISH shows from 86 on and they felt the same way with the 3rd set. It was depressing and to know they are leaving us like this left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder how many people went into this thinking that this was going to be one of if not the sickest PHISH shows ever and the music they are going to play is going to be the best. I had that feeling that Coventry was going to be amazing...I was wrong. I think Trey needs to get some help, I have been fortunate enough to sit up close probably 8 out of my last 10 shows and his nose is constantly dripping and I don't think its alergies. I am glad I went but if I didn't have The Greatwoods show to fall back on I would be really bummed.... they use to send me over the edgeand let me forget about life for a while and enjoy the moment.... that doesn't happen anymore well not as much as it use to and I guess it's time to move on. Thank You PHISH and I hope in 5 years you guys will do something and remember that it wasn't piper and friday and all this other new stuff that got you to where you were but the old school that started the crowds growing and turned into the Cliffard Ball... Anyway I am venting, I love PHISH but they can disapoint me and I can do the same to someone so that is life and like everything this too shall pass. A grateful Phan that was left with some disapointment but grateful to experience the ending. Steve yahtzeeville@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 13:29:10 -0400 From: Mike Patrisso Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 † To be completely honest, I did have an enjoyable time this past weekend.† All of my gratitude, however, should be directed to the wonderful people around me that kept a positive attitude.† To be frank, the band and their organizers gave us little to work with.† The band keeps saying they simply can't go on anymore.† Coventry was proof positive.† This was without a doubt the WORST Phish festival ever assembled.† Not what any of us were expecting, whatsoever. † Let's start by discussing ticket purchase.† With the show sold out, I know of many who didn't even bother trying to go.† Others paid ridiculously over-priced costs for tickets on E-bay or similar forums (after experiencing the festival, we know now how truly overpriced these tickets actually are).† I heard an announcement on the Coventry radio station, The Bunny, that people were buying counterfeits once at Coventry and being turned away at the door.† I later learned that the band was releasing additional tickets at the gates.† Thanks for letting everyone know *ssholes. † The traffic....if that's what you want to call it, was nothing any of us have ever experienced.† It was hell both entering Coventry and leaving.† "We urge you all to leave on Saturday.† Everyone will get in."† "It pains me to say this, but we have explored every option and must begin turning people away."† Are you F*CKING kidding me?† I know of people stuck on 91 that got there early Thursday.† These are the very people who couldn't get into Coventry for a festival that began music two days later.† What was done at previous festivals that was not done here, and stop putting all of the blame on the weather.† Weather is unpredictable and we must be prepared for everything.† Especially when your presenting a rain or shine event at $150 a head.† Did it not rain at festivals in the past?† Of course it did.† Leaving, it took us 8 hours to move our car 10 feet.† We later learned that the parking staff was cleared to leave earlier that morning and that there were basically 2 people left to direct all traffic merging at the front gates. † Let's get back to the fact that the tickets were $150 a head.† I'm assuming that some of this money could go towards addressing unexpected issued that arose.† At no point was any mulch or gravel spread along the path that led into the venue.† Mud was ankle to knee deep in areas outside the stage area from the beginning to the end of the festival.† At no time did anyone attempt to deal with this.† Why not?† Muddy areas designated as main thoroughfares†always received mulch or rocks during past festivals.† † OK...the music.††I read the reviews on this page and share the sentiments of many.† I didn't need a Gamehenge to be happy.† I didn't need any special guests that rap, dance, or breathe fire.† Rather, as someone else put it on this page, I was looking to celebrate the music of the world's greatest live band one last time.† I agree, the tunes were shaky as hell.† My greatest complaint, however, was the fact that it seemed as if minimal effort was put forth by the band to ensure that the last show would go down in history.† These shows were average, average, average.† Couple that with everything else I've been taking about and it doesn't leave one with much to be happy about. † I did have a good time, though, despite everything I've been bitching about.† Phish has brought a lot of people together and I enjoyed sitting around with these people; discussing music, life, whatever.† Perhaps it really was time for the band to step down.† Perhaps Coventry is "a sign of the times."† Many recent shows have proven to be killer.† I won't even try to explain it.† I'm just disappointed.† Phish gave me so much and, in return, I gave them my greatest years.† How could they leave me hanging like this?
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 10:21:12 -0700 (PDT) From: Daniel Knoth Subject: 8-15-2004 Review I can't believe that†people have written a good reviews.† Trey was absolutely horrendous.† It was painful to watch him.† What a bag of shit he is, whatever he was on was a complete slap in the face to every one who took so much time and effort to go see the show.† Any of you people who say give him a break or he was okay, or whatever excuse you have that the show was good I would like to meet you so I can walk all over you too.† Trey went out looking like an asshole who couldn't play anything on the guitar, if you disagree listen to the tapes.† Sure there were some moments but they were far a few between.† The rest of the band played awesome especially Page and Mike, they ripped it up. Trey should have done us all a favor and†just walked off stage.† My final words to Phish are Page, Mike, Jon thank a million.† Trey go screw yourself, I saw how much respect you really have for your fans this passed weekend. † Dan dknoth@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:14:14 -0400 From: Rob Lennon Subject: Phish show review 08/15/04 Leaving Philly on Friday night we finally hit the line at 3 am saturday morning.† We were exhausted, but in good spirits.† Upong hitting the line, beers were opened and we generally atrsted having a good time figuring this was about to be a great weekend, mud or no mud.† We were miles away from the gate, but we'd been in this position before.† No worries.† We occupied ourseolves with beers, red bulls, and travel yahtzee while listening to the bunny.† When the annoucnement came we were floored.† We couldn't believe it was true.† It just didn't seem possible.† We were too far away and too exhausted to walk in so we bit the bullet and turned around.† Stopped at the nearest truck stop for breakfast, considered trying to find a way in, but we just weren't prepared for the journey.† All f our stuff was kind of loosely thrown around the borrowed van that we had.† We finally decided to turn around for good. † On the drive back I thought about all of the shows I've been to.† So many good times...It just didn't seem reasonable to end it like this.† My friends dropped me of at my parents house in CT on the way back to Philly.† I figured I'd get osme family time in since I was already up that way anyway.† Saturday I was so tired and disgusted by the whole experience that I dind't even bother to try and find a simulcast.† Sunday I headed down to the movie theatre, even though they were sold out.† We walked the lot looking for extras but there were really none to be had.† Finally we talked the usher in to giving us some stubs and a handstamp in exchange for two tickets to the Manchurian Candidate and twenty bucks cash.† We missed Mike's Groove but were in for the rest of the show. † I read some of the reviews on RMP about Trey's condition and playing on Saturday.† I stil haven't heard staurday yet, but I did hear and see Sunday.... † Was Trey fucked up out of his mind on god knows what?† I have no idea.† What I do know is that his playing was some of the sloppiest I've ever heard in 35+ shows.† For anyone who was listening this really isn't even up for debate.† He fucked up song after song after song.† You can make the argument that this was the final show, and that it was more about the emotion than the playing, and you might be right.† But no one can say that he played well, because he played like shit.† It was cool to see the simulcats of the last show and get all of the closeups of the band.† It was very emotional to see Page get choked up during Velvet Sea.† Memories of hundreds of hours at shows and millions of hours of listening at home came flooding back to me throughout the show, but I couldn't get in to that place that they've taken me to so many times in the past because Trey just kept making so many mistakes....This has happened before in the past, but in the past they always had the next show to redeem themselves.† This was the last show ever.† Based on that alone, I feel as though Trey should have done whatever he needed to do to play as well as he could have.† Does Trey owe me anything?† Absolutely not.† He's already given me more than I could ever repay.† But the fact remains that he played like shit for the last show ever.† Unless they play another show some day, this can never be changed.† † In retrospect, I'm glad I dind't get in and didn't have to deal with all of the mud and everything else.† If the music had been good on Sunday, I would have been heartbroken that I wasn't actually inside, but the music kinda sucked on Sunday.† And for me, it has always been, above everything else, about the music.† The lot is fun, the long trips with your firends are fun, all of that stuff is great, but it's the music that makes it all worthwhile.† Quite frankly, the music was lacking on Sunday.† So before you flame me, keep in mind, I'm not making any accusations towards Trey.† I have no idea if he was fucked up or what.† All I know is that the music kinda sucked.† And that is ultimately extremely disappointing to me. † Anyway, it's all over now.† All always have the memories of the many good shows I went to, and I'll alaways have the recordings of the one ones I didn't get to go to.† This band has given me SO much.† They were the soundtrack to what may be remembered as the most important times in my life as far as growing as a person.† Despite my disappointment with the past weekend, I will remember this band fondly forever...
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:10:17 +0000 From: m.v. pagano Subject: phish show review 8-15 Ok, this was a really interesting weekend. As my friends and I who traveled to VT kept saying, this weekend was gonna be an adventure. And it was. Aside from the traffic, the weather, and the mud, this was a great weekend. Those components just added to the general craziness of the moments to come. I have seen phish many times, perhaps too many, as I have become quite critical of the band's direction since the year 2000/hiatus. When they announced they were quitting, I was somewhat relieved as, in my own humble opinion, they as a collective unit had morphed into a band that was a shadow of their former selves. They simply couldn't play anymore. Granted, many phish songs are extremely hard to play, but they had lost that tight edge they used to have. Fast foward to the second set. Specifically Ghost. Great song, great funky bassline, should be able to jam off this for 15-20 minutes. It was horrible. They stuck to the basic premise of the song (the parts that they remembered at least) for about 4 minutes until they went back to a guitar-rock jam that was identical to the one they just stopped playing in the previous song, split open and melt. It was pathetic. I went back today and listened to some young ghosts, specifically 7-21-97 (the 1st one) and 8-13-97. Wow, those were the days. I can't believe how fortunate I was to be able to see them so often during their peak years (late96 through late98). Anyone who thinks that they have been anywhere near those musical levels in the last 2 years is just foolish. Yet, I have accepted this and moved on and agree with Trey's reasoning when he said they were quitting so as not to become caricatures of themselves. Anyway, go back, dust off the old tapes and have a listen. Nostalgia indeed. So this weekend was, musically, the worst Phish I ever heard. Trey was so doped up on some sort of pills during the third set, first night, that he couldn't play at all. It was horrendous and my friends and I were amazed how fucked up he was on stage. Really, the last phish shows were awhile ago, with this weekend being a send off of some sort--akin to the beautiful Last Waltz, but not nearly close to the same standards, musically. My highlights for the weekend were Reba, Jiboo (can't believe they played it), Axilla I, and Curtain With. Curtain with did not seem to be the crowd choice (Fluffhead was a glaring, glaring, glaring!!! omission from the weekend) but was well played. Always been one of my fav. jams, as I was with some of the same friends who had attended 9-17-00 when they played a great version of this song. Was waiting for guelah papyrus, my friend my friend, its ice, sloth, I saw it again, cavern, mcgrupp, meat, peaches, pyite, and the ever elusive fluffhead but it was not to be. On a positive note, it was a great time, maybe the best I've ever had at a festival, the people were friendly and everyone had a positive attitude even with the horrendous organization of this past weekend. I had a lot of fun, and that includes the 24+ hours we spent in traffic. To sum it up, they had a great run, a five year span (95-99) that can rival any other live act ever. Yet this weekend was way below expectations as they only really played a handful of songs well. It was like attending a wake where the corpse is still alive and having a drink was like attending a wake where the corpse is still alive and having a drink with you, yet doomed. Most were happy just to be there and pay their respects to the band. I was, I'll remember this weekend forever, but will try and wipe away the memory of the music with heavy doses of fall 97. I suggest you do the same, it's really hard for me to even listen to any phish after hiatus, it just pales in comparison.
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 23:32:36 -0400 From: Brian Weiler Subject: Phish show review Alright, 58 shows and my first review. I'm not reviewing songs b/c we all know them by now. I just want to talk about the scene this weekend. I thought it was an awesome event. The band was awesome and so were the Phans. My group sat in traffic for 23 hours. I know there are people that waited longer and then those that didn't even make it to the campground with their cars. You know we impressed the hell out of the band, the local people, and the country in showing how dedicated we are as a group. I tip my cap to anyone that walked to the venue b/c I would've done the same in your shoes. This was a "can't miss" moment. As for Trey being wasted Sat. night......let's give the guy a break. HIS band was breaking up after 21 years of living together. I'm sure we can agree that it must've been emotional for him. Along with that, I stood around many of you who were just as wasted b/c you were seeing these guys for the last time. It just happens and Trey has been OUR leader for quite some time. The band is wonderful, but you go to see HIM. He killed it in Camden and he more than made up for it on Sunday. He's a bad ass and doesn't need to stay sober b/c you traveled miles or spent money. This was HIS moment too. Other than set III of Sat, the boys were f-ing AWESOME. The Reba>carini>etc. thru the end of the first set was sick. The Disease to open the 2nd was beautiful (best glowsticks ever) and the moment in Wading when Page couldn't get the words out b/c of emotion was incredible to witness. Basically, those guys let it all hang out this weekend, just as they always did for us. I'm so proud to say I'm a Phan of this band, so glad I was a part of this last run, and can't thank the boys enough for all the moments they've given me. I was with my best friends in Vermont and I will never forget this weekend for as long as I live!
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 03:10:07 +0000 From: Seth Wolfman Subject: Phish show review Coventry 8/15/4 First of all, thanks to my heroes, Phish. The band and the people around the scene have been an absurdly huge impact on my life. I caught on and bought Junta in 1992 at the highly impressionable age of 11, and since then everything I listen to and most of the friends that I have are at least partly attributable to Phish pulling me out from the musical quagmires. It's been great! Tonight's was a tale of two shows. I thought first and second set were top-notch. There were some throwback-style jams that smoothly went all over the place. First set kept picking up. Mikes>H2>Weekapaug was standard but good, Reba was a little bit better, Carini>Chalkdust was very good and then after a quick Possum came one of the best Wolfman's ever. The jam went into several of those Phish-only jam areas, followed by a sweet and rare Page vs. Fishman jam. Trey and Mike were up to the challenge after this and performed an equally creative duet that could only have been played by people who have spent 21 years practicing together. Second set didn't let off at all. DWD had to be played and it was every bit as powerful as some of the '94-'96 DWD's that helped make the band famous. Tough to watch Page in Velvet Sea, but I had already briefly lost it way back during Weekapaug, so I was good for the rest of the night. Trey's guitar playing in Glide was an unfortunate foreshadowing of things to come, however. The loooong SOAM>Ghost was the highlight of the show, possibly the greatest post-hiatus Phish jam. It went up and down and in and out and was generally on point. Boy was I psyched to see what 3rd set had to bring... ... ... ... sigh ... ... I hate to do this right now so I'm going to keep it brief. This was probably the worst set I've ever seen or heard out of Phish. It started out decently, FEFY was fine and Seven Below had a very nice jam to make up for the early miscues. Then the train fell off the track an hour too early. I don't need to explain to anyone here how bad this was, when you hear it you'll know pretty quickly. Simple was an utter trainwreck. I thought The Curtain With was a fantastic and unexpected song to close with! I mean, it's called "The Curtain", it's got "Please me have no regrets..." and it's got epic Phish composition. But Trey obliterated it. Forget the hard parts, he couldn't even remember the chords to the jam so he went into an awful "With" jam and then did the unthinkable by stopping the band mid-jam and telling them, through the mic, to change keys. NO! My god, just fade it out. I think Page, Mike, and Fish might wake up in a cold sweat from time to time for the rest of their lives thinking about this set. Imagine if Brett Favre, longtime heart and soul of the Green Bay Packers, announces this season that he's retiring at the end of the season. He leads the Packers to the Super Bowl, and with 30 seconds left and the Packers on the 5 yard line down by 3 points, he throws an interception. Imagine how he would think about that for the rest of his life. That's how Phish is gonna feel about this third set. Oh well, I think I can be satisfied to remember only the first two sets from tonight and the 3,000 other great sets that came before. Thanks Phish! Wolfman
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:51:16 -0400 From: paul salerno Subject: Phish show review There is no crying on stage...weak.....that was the most embarrassing thing I have ever been a apart of...Lay off the drugs quit whining about the good life..as for the the show it the best and worst show ever...I have seen phish over a 100 times...and was not into going to mess know as Coventry...the movie exp.†was much better.....festivals r not a good musical scene....if the band had their heads out of the rears...they would have not have retired this way....this is the biggest load of crap every dumped on the phans....they hyped up the tour with this retirement crap...then laid a total egg...first day was ok...I feel for Page, I could deal with a little break down...but trey balling like a school girl....WEAK>...whatever the real reason for the breakup is, I hope to hear one day.....Go Piss in your own ears TREY...the show sucked........ † ADAM
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:54:09 -0400 From: Matthew Rowan Subject: Phish show review 8-15 Hey there everyone. So here's the low down. The weekend itself was full of many emotional ups and downs, but for me it was mostly sadness/frustration. Luckily, i got in to the venue in a decent amount of time. (Snunk in on route 14, sorry for those that didnt know about that little jem of a road.) Musically, these were absolutley the sloppiest phish, no actually trey, shows ever. Page and gordo really just kicked ass the whole weekend. Page never ceases to amaze me. He absolutley has the hardest sections to play and nails them EVERY single time. Hes a machine, and deserves nuch more credit. Mike groved really hard too. I talked to many there and he seems to be peaking right now! Groove machine. I cant believe how bad trey was. I was beginning to become really uninspired with the whole thing, but the second set sunday brought me back some. Wading in the velvet sea was definately a highlight. Just pick anything more than simple to play (pun intended) and trey would F--K it up royally. Reba-disaster, Bowie-not even close, Glide-he just stopped playing at some points. If this was the way to go out, then the message from trey was clear---screw it. I think its safe to say that the majority of people there really did care, and especially after waiting for sooooooo long, then having to walk. Maybe it was good that they went out the way they did, b/c im certainly not sad that i wont be seeing what i just saw again. Im so down for a new band with just a new guitarist. And dont get me wrong, i idolized this guy--he changed my life and so many more lives in such a good way, but what went down this weekend was just wrong. Anyway, sorry such a glum report, but the truth has to be said. On a good note, i think that there were still tons of great people there, that really outnumbered the sour ones just there to eat molly and get lost or whatever. All in all, if this was how the new phish was going to treat their audience, then they made the right choice. Goodbye all, is it really over?
ate: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:51:28 -0400 From: Douglas Martin Subject: Phish Coventry Review 8-15-04 Well, the last Phish show of all time....what a disappointment. † Yes, I was one of the loyal (somewhat crazy and stupid) phans who abandoned their car on I-91 and hiked 15 miles into a mud-soaked camp ground.† And I'm not here to review or complain about that hike one bit, what truly aggravated me was the sloppy music Phish played all weekend. † I have seen about 50 Phish shows, my first being 12-29-04 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia.† I've followed them to their musical high point (in my opinion Fall 97-Island Tour 98) and was at one of their biggest and best concerts ever IMO - Big Cypress 2000.† I am a musician and Phish has been one of my greatest influences, always pushing me to become a bette musician and songwriter.† And I am one who sees the bigger picture and is more interested in an incredible grooved-out jam than I am in the band nailing note-for-note their songs.† That being said, the band simply did not deliver ON EITHER ACCOUNT at this festival. † Trey must have been high on something all weekend (perhaps his choked up emotion).† But he simply could not play the guitar at all.† He butchered nearly every one of the incredible songs that he himself wrote.† When he did play them right, he just barely eeked them out.† He lost the key nearly every song.† And I can name songs that he muffed up right off the top of my head - Guyute (yikes, a disaster), Glide, Simple, SOA Melt, The Curtain, the list goes on and on.† And the jams were not inspiring - there was no listening going on.† Trey refused to sit back and let the band develop a groove and play funk rhythm, but instead had his guitar cranked up and distorted all weekend, playing insipid solos thinking he was Jimi Hendrix but was really just Oxyed out of his mind to the point where he couldn't play at all.† It was embarrassing and I felt embarrassed for him.† That's not the way one of the tightest and greatest bands of all time should go out.† They used to NAIL these songs every single time, it looked like they were lost.† The other guys were trying and it wasn't really their fault - I'd put 90% of the blame on Trey.† That's just not fair to your loyal fans who have been following you for 20 years, who walked miles and miles, paid hundreds of dollars for tickets, drove across the country, and camped in mud to see you.† That's not a fitting farewell to just cry up there.† We really came to hear these beautiful songs and jams played WELL one last time, and they just could not deliver.† It really is time for them to quit, now I am positive about that.† I just hate for such a bad taste to be left in my mouth by such a great band. † I felt the same way after the first set of Camden, that the jams were all over the place, sloppy and not really going in any direction.† But they proved me wrong and came out with a tight raging second set which blew me away.† I was hoping after the debacle that was the second and third set of the first day that they would do the same.† But Sunday was just as bad as Saturday if not more so.† There was just no life.† Flubs I can take, but butchering song after song is something very different.† I hope Trey will listen to this show and realize the crap that he actually did "piss" into 60,000 people's ears and realize that this show is not befitting the legacy he wanted to leave. † I had to go back and listen to Denver Tweever 11-17-97 to cheer me up.† Where did those days go???† Did they have to leave?? † a disappointed phan.
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:51:23 -0400 From: Rob_Fell Subject: phish show review Well, I've read some posts critiquing the last shows in Coventry. Also, I've read some posts complaining about the conditions. It's so completely beyond me that these things could even be an issue. This was the last show by, in my opinion, the greatest live act ever. They have no comparison outside themselves. In the past 12 years I have not been able to attend a concert other than Phish without being bored out of my head. Even if they played only my least favorite songs, I would still have the time of my life. During velvet sea I was right there with Page, just crying my eyes out. During FEFY I was remembering shows back in '93 and '94 and thinking that I will never experience something like that again (again, bawling like a little girl). I think the boys went out perfectly. No frills, no special guests, no Gamehenge with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (good one Trey). I think that turning people away was the best thing that could have happened. Only the people that actually wanted to be there were there, and of course the tour rats and dirt surfers because they have nothing better to do anyway. †And all you people that did stay home? Come on, †you didn't think they would release tickets at the door? Anyway, there was no way I was going to miss this, and it ended up being one of the greatest shows I've ever been to. Sure, the musicianship was shaky at best, but everyone was just so happy to be there and the energy and emotion was at a peak. We were all just telling tour stories of the past and remembering the good times. Passing around the good vibe and making the best of things together. If you missed this, then I'm sorry, but you never really got it in the first place. If you want to criticize the musical quality, go see someone who claims to be the best and not the 4 boys who just want to create an experience for all of us. Either way, that's no longer a choice. I'll treasure every note of every show and everyone I have met along this journey. There very well could never be anything like this again. Please, cherish what you had and know how lucky you were. r0b
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:48:45 EDT From: JELLOMAN2346 Subject: Phish show review A lot of people are saying that this was a bad ending.....I agree.†† I don't know what was going on with Trey. Maybe he was just trying too hard or nervous, (which he actually stated he was nervous to be playing†for the first time ever) or maybe something else.† Gordon was always right on!† If they played well it wouldve been great, but they didn't........The organization by the police, law enforcement and everyone else running the show was below par, especially getting into the freaking place.†† All the people who drove up the left lane and cut the people on 91 who were waiting forever suck.† I waited on intersate† 91 for 47hours, and saw many people cut me.†† A group of us did what we could to stop them by throwing gatorade bottles and cursing them out, but we didnt move anywhere for a long time because of the cutters....† The line cutters suck,††† and the people who sold their tickets on ebay at outrageous costs should go to hell!††† I almost didnt get to see my favorite bands last show because of them.††††† But to say that the band has been bad since the hiatus is wrong.†† Miami new years shows were all outstanding if anyone remembers.†† I'm sad its over,† we will not see another band like this in god knows how long..... † thanks phish, ††††††††††††††††††††† J-man
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 13:12:04 -0500 From: John Shepherd Subject: Phish show review-8/15/04 I got home Monday night at 12:30. † I had spent 65 of the last 100 hours in a car. † I came home, I listened to "Velvet Sea" and I wept. † Thank you so much, guys, and we love you. † Phorever thankful, † John Shepherd Saint Louis
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 10:26:33 -0700 (PDT) From: mitch g Subject: coventry review It's hard to review a show like this one. The usual nitpicking at flubs just doesn't seem right. I think in the years to come we will all wish we had a show full of minor mistakes as opposed to no show at all. So, I'm not going to do a song by song just kind of an over all. The first set was musically the best, it was the last Mikes Groove and it was pretty tight. It was interesting to hear some explanations to the songs Carini and Wolfmans Brother. Also I see what Trey was sying now with the last lyric in Possum, "your end is the road." It kind of takes on a different meaning now. Oh and the Mom bump dance was great. (I don't think Mikes mom was too into it though.) Overall a tight and rocking set. Set 2, wow what can you really say about that. When Page broke down during Wading I don't think there was a dry eye in the theatre. This was just a very emotional set. Tough to watch almost. Set 3 for me was kind of a blur sure they flubed simple a bit but who cares. They were all a little rattled to say the least. I think the crew songs were a last fun improvisation for the guys. And I also thought Slave was a fitting closer. For someone just reading the set list The Curtain With might not seem right as opposed to a Fluffhead maybe but with Treys explanation it worked. The got a bit off on the chord structure and Trey had to get everyone back on track. But who could blame them it was a hard night for everyone. And I think that this is an example of the sloppiness they are talking about leaving because of. But I don't care, I'll take slopppiness anyday rather than no Phish. I'll miss the band and the great people I've met through the years at shows. Thanks Mitch
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 15:58:45 EDT From: HNRfunk Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 You'd think after so many years of hard-work and intense practice sessions, trey would remember how to play at least some of the songs he wrote for Phish.† After watching him struggle through almost every minute of this show,†I have a better understanding of why they're ending it now.
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 20:50:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Daniel Tracy Subject: Phish show review 8/15/2004 This was my 51st show.† I started seeing the boys when I was 15.† Thank you Page, Trey, Mike, and Jon.† I take great pride in knowing that I will never see a Phish show with another lineup, I will never see this band become irrelevant.† This show was as amazing as my first show, and some of the best shows in between.† I thank you with all my heart, and could not dream up a better ending to the greatest rock'n'roll band of my lifetime. † There is technical perfection, and emotional perfection, while they were not technically perfect, I have never heard more raw emotion ingested into a Phish show.† The jams had a poignancy, and such a reckless abandon to them.† Their was truly not a moment wasted.† † "Please me have no regrets...."
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:58:54 -0400 From: "Tortat, Inc - Meeting House and ONEO Bistro" Subject: Phish show review Coventry Aug 15th After 22 years, Trey had to catch the biggest buzz and really ruin the final show.† His lack of professionalism and disrespect for the people who traveled far to see them in Vermont last weekend, really shows he certainly does not care anymore.† Good luck Trey, because without Page, Mike, and Fish, you are just an inflated ego amped up on cocaine and God knows what else.† I could have played the guitar last weekend for the band and it would have been less painful to listen too. The only touching momment of the night, is when Page got overwhelmed with emotion singing Wading.† That was special.† Phish will be missed, but they were done a while ago. CZ
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:16:49 -0400 From: Kevin Garvey Subject: Phish show review I'll just go right into the show this time...but i will say that Trey was looking much better today, and seemed to have it much more together. Mike > HYDRO > WEEK - sorry...was late having a safety meeting!!!! Anything but me - great tune, loved this version...you could feel the sadness in the air. Reba - not sure if it was before this or not...think so...but trey said that he had never been nervouse before a phish show until tonight...big cheers...Well Trey...you should play nervous more often...this was the cleanest reba i have heard in a long time...i mean they didn't miss a note...keep in mind i'm no real musician...but it sounded good to me :-) Carini - was so happy they played this...just makes you wanna get nasty. Chalkdust - was a good version...went to some interesting places, thought that trey might do a bit something diff, heard he loves playing it live. Kind of went off and then died. Possum - Just great jammy version. Wolfman - FISHMAN IS THE WOLFMAN!!!! Great version...bringing the moms on stage was fun. Treys mom was all about the booty bumps. Taste - for some reason wasn't real excited about this, but damn i should have been...it was electric...boogie oogie oogie!!!! Set 2 DWD - ROCKING SONG...really was great...have heard it alot, and didn't mind at all hearing it again...really sounded good and kept with the opening song of each set being long and jammy. Some clapping with the crowd going on to. WADING - DAMN YOU PAGE!!! hadn't shed a tear until now!!! Page gets choked up and couldn't get through the opening, trey helped...god bless him he tried two or three times.....WE LOVE YOU PAGE!!! Glide - was really awesome...emotions were high at this point...this was the one time i felt like i was actually at the show...goose bumps...tears...:-( SOAM - took about half this song to get past the emotions, which doesn't seem like much but this jammed out for like hours....anyways...was really good...was just dying to hear more tunes...rocked though. Ghost - GHOSSSSTTTTTT.....i just love this jam!!!! Set 3 FEFY - what the %&#$....was really nice...just a shocker. FLUFFHEAD ANYONE???? 7 below - what the $#%$....HARPUA ANYONE???? Simple - awesome...never really thought that i cared about hearing this one again...but it was great...they were having a good time here. Piper - not again :-)...been played a bunch...but hot damn they rocked it again...was much fun. BRUNO > DICKIE - good bye stuff...made up a song for their monitor man...blah blah...was fun!!! sappy last show stuff!!! Wilson - CAN YOU STILL HAVE FUN!!!! Slave - Great way to end...didnt want it to end...but there is something about the melodies in this that just say PHISH!!!! really great emotional song tonight. ENCORE: The Curtain With - hmmm last song ever not my choice, but not my band either.....but it meant alot to them and they did it right. Well my friends, thats all...Thank you Phish for everything....i hope that love and happiness may follow the four of you always!!!
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 13:22:58 -0500 From: Andrew_Paquin Subject: Phish show review Was one of the worst Phish shows I've even witnessed, can't believe it ended like that.....
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 10:41:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Michael Morris Subject: Phish show reviewview terrible i had hoped there final show would be the best ever but it wasnt. 1st set was good†but after†page broke down during velvet sea it was downhill from there. it was like trey forgot how to play guitar during glide.split was ok but after such a rough 2nd set i wasnt in the mood for a half hour of trey playing feedback. 3rd set was better. the bruno and dickie songs were fun and the set list was great but nothing sounded very tight. i loved hearing curtain as there last song. mike was rock solid all night and page played great†considering that he seemed to be the most emotional about the last show.† fishman has sounded better but i think he had trouble keeping time since trey was always a beat late or forgetting words or forgetting notes. trey was the weak link. after 20 years trey should know the songs unless he' s wacked out on heroin+cocaine. i think mike page+fishman should find a replacement that can actually sing and keep phish alive i will miss the golden years of phish but i wont miss trey holding a note for 10 mins while the crowd strokes his collosal ego or his solos that always sound the same trey was a rock god now he seems headed toward the same end as hendrix,morrison,elvis etc. mabey eric clapton can recommend a good rehab center. so long phish i will miss you
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 08:18:37 -0700 (PDT) From: Glenn Wells Subject: Phish show review - Coventry (from Rt 91) Sunday, August 15: I am waking up at home today instead of Coventry, where I'm supposed to be now, and near where I spent the last couple days parked on Rt 91. I drove up from Baltimore with my 15 year old son, who finally was going to see the band I have been telling him about for years. We prepared for days, buying lots of food to cook, really planning to do it up right. I drove up Thursday night after work that day. We saw the line about 7 Friday morning. I needed to get gas so I got off at Barton and was helped by a friendly policeman. After getting gas we lined up to get onto 91. Over the next 12 hours I'd say the line moved about half a mile. We spent the day and night in the company of many nice folks. Spirits were good despite the rain and the delay. I have seen several shows but had not been to a festival, so it was great to hear Shapiro spinning the archives and enjoy the Bunny's eclectic song picks. I was disappointed by the lack of information aside from "stay in line, be patient, people are getting in." Mostly it poured. During breaks in the rain, people would get out of their cars and party, fix food, enjoy themselves, then the rain would come and people would duck back inside. Tad Cautious on the Bunny said cars were getting stuck inside the site and they were trying to get them moving. A gravel truck and a flatbed loaded with planks drove past heading north. Friday night came and went. Around daybreak a runner came south and tapped windows, saying the line was going to get rolling. Spirits rose as people awoke, got out of their cars, did some whooping and high-fiving. We rolled a hundred yards and stopped. Motors were turned off and we were back in wait mode. Then at 9 Mike Gordon came on the radio. He seemed to hesitate. I could hear emotion in is voice as he broke the news that the fields were flooded, there was no place to put everyone, and all of us on Rt 91 would be turned back. I saw two girls crying together. People seemed resigned. Nobody moved at first. I turned to my son and asked if he wanted to hike in. He said he couldn't make it. We were pretty drained. After about 15 minutes we drove to the turnout and headed south. We listened as the announcement replayed again and again on tape. We were too fried to register emotion. We would need all our energy to get home. Mike said the band was going to "rack our brains" to figure out a way to make it up to everyone who was shut out. Rack 'em hard, boys. This one really hurts. Glenn
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:55:43 -0400 From: Felonius Monkey Subject: Phish show review 8-15-04 DISCLAIMER: I'm not sugar coating any of this review. If you don't like it, then go cry somewhere about it. After seeing that simulcast last night, I'd be aghast to see it go to DVD. When I think about all the time and money I've blown SINCE THE HIATUS to see Phish completely butcher their own music, I can't help wonder why the h3ll I instead didn't just go and buy myself a 24K solid gold T-shirt that says "SUCKER" on the front, and then walk around in the back alleys of Camden, NJ wearing it. Their final show was nothing short of a great example of how Phish has completely checked out, and has been milking their LOYAL fans for every last drop. I can't possibly begin to make excuses for these guys. Whatever I've said in the past to defend the band during a lousy show, like "they're exploring" or "wow, these guys are masters of incohesion", just makes me think of how much dumber I am for having tried to enjoy it. Fishman said last night (something like), "you guys hiking in 15 miles from the highway is the greatest compliment a band could ever have", which really IS a sincere remark of appreciation. God bless the fans who came to hear the band speak their minds. If some fans were satisfied from that alone, more power to them. But after the touching moments, the band continued to play like crap for the majority of the night, except for a handful of good jams, like the one in Seven Below. I found it ironic that they botched "Simple". If I had actually gone to Coventry, and hiked 15 miles to get in, I would have been fuming after a performance like that. I mean, this was supposed to be the big BANG right??? ...the big THANK YOU to all the fans... They prepared very little this weekend for tens of thousands of fans who endured almost torturous circumstances to get there. For Phish to play as they did last night is for Trey to say to the fans, "Thanks for all the great times, and we're really impressed that many of you spent a lot of money and trekked through some crazy sh!t to come watch us screw up some of your favorite songs that we didn't take the time to practice (Trey loves run-on sentences). Oh, and by the way, if I start playing guitar like Keith Richards looks, it's because I'm really broken up about this whole thing. I hope none of you think I wouldn't ever imagine getting too wasted to play for you at our final show." Despite the debacle last night, I'm grateful for all the past Phish experiences that have taken me where I am today musically. I'll never forget my favorite Phish shows. Phish really is the modern day "gateway band", and it's terribly heartbreaking to see them go out as they did last night. TO THE DEDICATED PHANS: You all rule! You've continued to show unrelenting support to a band that has really needed it. Through the rockiest of sets, you've managed to make your own fun, and start some kicka$$ glowstick wars! Sometimes I think the band should have been paying YOU for sticking around and supporting them through a lousy show, instead of the other way around. TO PHISH: Thank you for your contribution to rock & roll, and for decades of great times. You will not be forgotten. -Felonius Monkey
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 10:17:46 -0300 From: Marc Willner Subject: 8-15-04 Coventry -- This could be the last time So ends an era for a brilliant band of troubadours and its loyal fans.† I experienced the last Phish show from the sterile confines of the King of Prussia Regal theater, so I can't comment on the scene in VT, but this ole head (my 1st show: 3/92 @ the Chestnut Cabaret in philly) has a few observations from last night.† The show truly was a movie -- there were poignant moments of pure emotion, daring high-wire acts, pathetic train wrecks, brave rescues of fellow band members,†back stories, wild climaxes, and fun cameos.† There's no good place to start, so I'll give it to you as it comes to me on this morning after when I should be at work.† First, the ballads -- Anything But Me, Velvet Sea, FEFY --were moving, especially†Page in velvet sea unable to get the words out but able to deliver inspired piano work.† Trey†also soared during the velvet sea.† Speaking of Trey, he was the biggest one man thriller of the night.† Never have I seen one man reach such highs and lows on film.† At times during the composed section of several songs -- Hydrogen, Reba, Glide, Curtain With -- he ranged from lost to completely lost, and were it not for the steadfastness of his mates, these songs would have collapsed.† This was sad to see, but†therein lies part of the reason for the break-up.† As Trey explained†in his Charlie Rose interview, Phish was built on relentless practicing and they no longer have the time or the will to stick†to a strict practice regimen.††I also think Trey has some issues.† He's either messed up on†intoxicants or has some serious nervous ticks, but that's typical of musical geniuses and I'd rather see a guy on the edge any day. Extreme emption could have also played a part in Trey looking somewhat strung-out.† That said, this "new" phish is at times more exhilarating and alive than the old, super tight,†rarely missed a note Phish.† I sat there in the theater on the edge of my seat for many, many†hours with not the slightest thought of bailing.† This Phish is more improvisational, free, and wild, as demonstrated by the impromptu and hilarious Bruno jam and other funky improvised tributes -- dicky, dicky, dicky.†† Other inspired moments, in no particular order:† 1) After crashing and burning in Reba, Trey raged in Carini and Chalkdust.† 2) Possum was sound w/ Trey and Mike going face to face†to trade a few licks.† 3) Wolfman's jam w/†Leo laying down a nice funk bump. 4) The jam out of SOAM - a contender for show highlight with its awesome twists and ambient turns.† The whole night had cacaphonous/divine moments of ambient feedback/loop jams, as the band took advantage of the opportunity to strech out and blow off the emotional steam.† At one point Trey†was using his guitar like a divining rod, shaking it†orgasmically. 5) 7 Below w/ impromptu†vocal refrain of "seven below" by various band members (reminiscent of the "back of the worm" refrain of 97).† 6) The four-part vocals were generally on and uplifting. 7) the heartfelt speeches/thank yous and†stories.† After Glide,†Trey, choking back†tears,†humbly thanked his mates for their tireless support (patience), a thinly veiled acknowledgement of his own fumbling.† The 3rd set was probably the best musically, with a very potent Wilson.† MVP honors go to Mike and Fish for keeping a rock solid foundation during†moments of†improv inspiration,†as well as moments, and there were many, of muddling.† That's not to say that the muddling was bad.† In fact, it added to the thrill.† "Will they make it," I thought.†"Can they recover," and they did to the delight of the crowd.† In sum, last night demonstrated†for me all the reasons to appreciate what Phish has done for us over the years.† Last night, like many Phish shows of years past, was an adventure, a high-wire act of grand proportions.† And the humor, Phish's fuel, was still†there.† Also, as†I watched Trey butcher composed sections and the band miss certain lyrics and shifts, I recognized the complexity and difficulty of many phish songs that the boys nailed night in and night out for many years.† I†also saw the love and respect that Trey, Mike, Page, and Fish have for each other, which enabled them to be so good for so long.† It's definitely time for them to say goodbye, and they did so with grace, flair, and human frailty.† Phish is human, they are us.† It was the stuff of great movies.† Thank you all.† Peace, light, love.
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 02:06:36 -0400 From: Brian M. Libert Subject: Phish show review 8/15/04 I would like to start by saying that I've been to many shows and was at It last year. I am not a VERY experienced phan who has been to hundreds or even 50 shows. However, I beleive this makes my perspective a little different than those who have been to more shows b/c I'm just less likely to be as critical. All that said--I was not at Coventry but at the simulcast. I am not going to review the simulcast venue or anything like that. Just going to talk about the 3 sets and the general energy. The Mikes-->Hydrogen--->Weekapaug was good at best. I thought Mike's the Mike's and Hydrogen were very good, Mike specifically. However, The Weekapaug sort of lacked something for me. I guess I've just heard too many other more interesting versions. I thought Anything But Me was pretty tight. From Reba until the end of the first set was really the highlight of the show for me. Reba was amazing, very tight awesome jam too although it did sort of lose its focus temporarily. Wolfman's Brother was awesome especially with the additionally information that the Wolfman's Brother is Fishman. Taste was a perfect ending. It could have been a little tighter, but it lowered the energy level a little but not too much. The beginning of the second set was interesting to me. Fast Enough for You was really great and I was expecting something really amazing to come. And then... Wading in the Velvet Sea--This tune is generally OK, however, the whole band seemed very emotional especially page who it appeared to me was crying. This was something special. Something about phish I've always loved is that they are "real people" and seeing them emotional about the end was just, really reassuring that my support all this time was the right thing. The Glide following that was completeley understandably really sloppy. It was an attempt in my opinion to raise the happiness level...but it was sort of ackward. Split Open and Melt and the jam following it were very cool. Very Very ambient...Just completely in another dimension. Either at the end of Split open and melt or Ghost Trey was using feedback to add to the mix for several minutes which was awesome. The technique being to swing his guitar around...I'm sure you're all familar with this. Ghost was another great ender. It was played well and although a really high energy song might have been nice I felt summed up the set well. I am not going to review the 3rd set in specific save to say once again that it was just nice to see the band being "real people." Being emotional and thanking people...I felt that the band was as hesitant to leave as the crowd was upset they didn't come back out (I presume they haven't played a late-late night set by this time). I felt the encore was interesting choice. However, I would like to sum up by saying that I think this show was more for Trey, Page, Mike and Fish more than it was for the audience. We've been coming to them for all this time asking for them to share this wonderful thing with us and although it is a community, the band fires that. I felt the audience fired them tonight and after all this time, they deserved it. I was glad Trey thanked everyone, but, I never needed to hear it, all the shows and music is all I need. Good luck to you all, (including the band, if they'd ever read this) thanks for all the good times, and memories. Brian Libert -- NY blibert@drew.edu
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