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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 03:12:49 -0800 From: pitallo Jose Subject: sat, Aug 14th Unphreakingbelievable......I've seen 21 shows since 1995 (not exactly a vet but enough to know the mediocre from the elite--ie. Dec 1996 at the Aladdin) and this one was the best. From the Divided Sky through Tweezer Reprise the energy and innovation and antics were sizzling. Though I've been bummed about missing Coventry, I can't think of any better show to keep close to my heart until the inevitable reunion tour down the line. Props to the greatest live band in history.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 17:51:30 +0000 From: cal roach Subject: Phish show review - 8-14-04 it's kind of a bummer--i was one of these total phish geeks, scouring the web for setlists, statistics, and reviews, and i love the average show ratings on setlist.com; i had this need to see how other people's opinions compared to mine concerning this musical phenomenon that i'd come to care so deeply about. but for some phish shows, each set is like a completely different show, and the first night of coventry was just such a show. the current average of 3.54 doesn't really tell the tale, and i can't even bring myself to vote. it was like three different bands came out to play that night; or rather, three different treys. i remember the feeling after the first set was over--i had a buzz not brought on by any foreign substance. "walls" was an unexpected opener but they took it on a very nice run, segueing beautifully into "jim" the way only phish can do. you could see that old, exploratory look on trey's face, just going with the music and letting his fingers fly. "jibboo" has never been a favorite of mine, but they really rocked it out, keeping the intensity level left over from "jim" very high. trey began to show some signs of rustiness during the opening segment of "yem", but it wasn't unexpected--it's become increasingly rare for him to pick those notes crisply, and it didn't detract from the sweet jam that preceded the vocal madness, but i was shocked that they were pulling this out in the first of six sets! hadn't trey once said that he felt like "yem" was THE ultimate live tune for phish? and then the handing out of the tramps brought a lump to my throat...this was the LAST time they'd ever need those tramps...the LAST a capella vocal jam...it still hasn't REALLY hit me. "sample" has been a bit overplayed in recent years, but it's easy to see why, if only to just let trey wail away at the end and wrench the guts out of his guitar. i still love the tune. they followed that with a FIERCE "axilla", no letting up at all; the music electrified the air around us. then "poor heart", gettin' folks movin' like always. but the highlight of the set, and the night, was "antelope". i've never heard an "antelope" i didn't like, and if you have, don't tell me 'cause i don't want to hear it. that said, this was one of THE most RAGING 'lopes i've ever heard. i swear i heard a "chalkdust" tease during the jam, too. they've really found their way back to blasting off with this tune again. at least two amazing versions (haven't heard tweeter yet) for the final tour. this was the LAST one EVER, it HAD to be good, and i collapsed in my girlfriend's arms after the climax. just out of control. then they blew off some steam with "fire" to close out the set, which descended into a wicked wall of distortion and noise before being ressurrected and FINISHED (i like it when they FINISH the song sometimes...) with a bang. i also heard a couple of "chalkdust" teases in "fire." what a great set. i felt a rush of hope that this would really be a weekend for phish to show what made it phish all these years, to go out like a bolt of lightning... the second set started with the predictable opener of "ac/dc bag," which jammed for quite a while, nothing particularly fascinating but a good jam, and trey segued pretty nicely into "46 days," which they rocked on for a while but ultimately it was going nowhere so trey told mike to start "halley's," which was typical, and jumped into "ya mar" before long; again, nothing spectacular, but energetic and pretty smooth. then trey gave a brief explanation of the importance of "bowie" prior to completely butchering the song...his fingers couldn't keep up with his brain, apparently. the composed section was bad, as i sort of expected by now, but the jam didn't improve things much. the band in general was a bit sloppy, and it turned out to be a pretty bad version, but it was still "bowie", so it ended up getting me moving anyway...then they managed to pull it together for "character," not really a tough one for trey to play, but he really did wail; the energy was palpable and it sounded great, a saving grace for a mediocre set. "twist" opened the third set, and it really wasn't bad, but it was becoming clear that trey didn't really have it together. his face was looking haggard, and there was little energy in his eyes. he wasn't really trying to take the song anywhere, and so it got spacey for a while, and page played a terrific jazzy piano interlude, but otherwise it really didn't go anywhere and they never finished it. i wouldn't really consider any of the transitions between songs to be segues in this set. "wedge" wasn't bad; they've been shying away from RIFT so much lately that i was pleasantly surprised to hear this, and the harmonies were nice. then came "stash," a truly horrendous version. i was already nervous, thinking about the sort of intricate instrumental bridge, and trey massacred that, followed by a jam that went absolutely nowhere and trailed off into nothingness. trey must have figured he could manage "free," so off they went, but trey was a beat behind on every word, and even on this relatively simple tune, he was having a tough time. the song was almost saved by a cool little trey-and-mike jam in the middle, but then it seemed like trey forgot how the song was supposed to end, even though the rest of the band covered pretty nicely. then came a delerious little speech from trey, who was slurring his words and apparently didn't realize that he looked and sounded like a complete ass; i think even the rest of the band was laughing at him. i just felt embarrassed for him. when he said they were going to play "the ugly pig", i cringed--there's no way trey can pull off "guyute" in whatever state he's in. unfortunately, i was right. the build-up before the end was pretty intense, but it was the rest of the band kicking up the intensity, not trey. he was hardly playing for much of the tune, and when he was, it often sounded not unlike a dying walrus. "drowned" again featured page trying to cover up trey's sloppiness, and he really rocked out, although he couldn't hide trey's woeful obliviousness. then trey started a random jam that was absolutely pointless; it sounded for a little while like fish was trying to take it back into "twist", which would have been cool, but i doubt trey could comprehend any of what was going on by then. he just started playing simple chords and occasionally doing some aimless noodling. this jam trailed off and went into "friday", an appropriately bad song for trey to further ruin the set. i thought he was going to collapse on stage, and the song couldn't have sounded worse if he had. when they came back out for "hood", trey made some speech basically saying how he couldn't see the hot chicks gyrating in the front row and that's why he was playing like shit. so he made mike (clearly against his will) stand on the rocks in front of the stage with him for the jam. i thought, how does he figure they'll sing the end of the song? oh, well, what does it matter? the band was clearly playing along with all of trey's ridiculous whims just to try and make him look less a fool. trey and mike tried another duo-jam, but it really wasn't working too well, and by the "end" of the tune, trey belatedly motioned for the audience to sing "good about hood", which kind of takes all the wind out of the song...one of the greatest things about phish has always been when they all KNOW when to come in with the closing words of a song, or a change in the jam, and trey stole that from them, as if his horrible playing weren't detrimental enough. i felt so bad for page, mike, and fish. what could they be thinking? just let trey have his fun? who cares, it's the end anyway? or is trey just so out of control that he won't even respect them? or maybe they thought, as i did, TOMORROW he'll control himself...it's the LAST show EVER. he HAS to care more about the music, he HAS to respect the fans. honestly, the show was worth it for the great first set...i wish i'd gone to bed after that. i guess maybe they had to get "yem" and "antelope" over with before trey was too wasted to play them. but i still walked away thinking, tomorrow will be better...
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:46:15 -0500 From: Doug Sims Subject: 8-14 This show was my 39th.  Let's face it the music was awful.  I can't say if it was the pressure of the last shows, the amount of hooch Trey had to drink, or the overall vibe of the place because of the elements.  Regardless the show was possible the worst show I have ever seen.  The sound was incredibly quiet, the quietest show I have ever been to.  Mike & Page both seemed to be trying to steer Trey back on course to no avail.    I will re-listen to the show & can only hope I find a needle in that haystack of muck & swag.   Although I walked away pretty disappointed with the show I do feel lucky I was there & I would do it all over again.  I compare it to going to a going away party for a dear friend.  The party is always a bummer, no one ever walks away 'happy' but you are glad you had a chance to say good-bye no matter how hard it is to sit through.  I am thankful that the band didn't dissolve because of a death or because every show turned into this sort musical breakdown.  I would have been happier if the band would have just decided to end things with no official "last show".  The expectation level wouldn't have been so high & the let down so great.    Either way I don't regret the 27 hour drive to sit in 17 hours of traffic, to trek through the mud, to say goodbye to the music, the scene, the boys, the friends...  because like a good friend I will take the good with the bad.
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 00:20:48 -0400 From: paul salerno Subject: Phish show review As bad as the second show was at points the first was equally as great.  Walls of the Cave, nice start well played, Runaway always good early song... other than the Jibbooo(WHICH SUCKS) sorry hate that song..it is the epitome of the lazy 3 chord band phish was becoming, at times...the first set was good warm up for the best set of the weekend...A/c D/c Bag>>>46 days>>>Halley's comet>>>Ya Mar...speaks for itself all well played...Bowie and Zero nothing special but good versions...3rd Set was a little more up and down but, overall good song selection inspired playing excellent show...cya tomorrow night...why is this band retiring??? the next night tells u everything u need know....EGO+DRUGS=bad decision's ...is trey John Lennon...Roger Waters...no just a loser who let success ruin him...I hope he get's help...because I love the musical work he has achieved and the band that floushired for so long..I think they will be back..but who's how long any of us have...Let's try to hate on the boys too much ...they've earned a pass in my book for fluffing up the end to a brillant carrer....think of show's like 12-29-94....(or any run from the garden) or Worcester....     Adam
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:25:07 -0400 From: Jamie Redda Subject: phish show review 8.14.04 Well I want to first say something to the scene. The way you all left all that trash in the highway was disgusting. You all should be ashamed thats someones town. Sure we were all annoyed by the traffic and everything but please... the people who did that have no passion for the scene. 2 to the band....How can you tell 50,000 people to just turn around and still continue to have your final concert. thats messed up. Yes I went to the show, yes I walked over 30 miles this weekend, and thats because I have a passion for Phish. This was my 38th show and the worst ever. The emotions from the band like Page crying and even the thank yous were nice, but musically this concert was a drag. Sure I saw a bunch of songs that I love, and I will still download the show, not from Live Phish though I will not pay for this one. The first set was good and I could even say that the first night was OK as a whole. BUT the second days music was just OFF way OFF and I understand that they had a lot of emotions but come on Ive seen off nights better than that. Also my last 2 cents..... The scene is DONE or someone needs to say it OUT LOUD. There are a lot of cool people out there I hope I dont offend....... but as for the freeloaders, the scum bags out to make as much money as they can, or the ones who get so spun they are oblivious to everything. Its not about tripping out to a show anymore its about dropping mad pressy's, molly, sniffing K or coke, its about the gas, its pharmies and all the other crap that depresses our scene. This has been getting worse since 99 or so. Last but not least Phish I love you guys, Ill miss you and even after this horrable show I still have my passion for you and your music. Thanks for all the shows and music. Love, Peace & Harmony Jamie
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 15:46:11 -0700 From: Corey Kamerman Subject: 8/14/04 This was the first show I had seen since 99. I was disgusted. I am the biggest phish phan in the world, but let's not kid ourselves! Very little to no energy... and Trey can't even play his guitar anymore. It is very sad. Corey
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:43:43 -0400 From: Lake Murray Hardware Subject: Phish show review Coventry 8/14 & 15 Too see Trey drunk and slurring his words and butchering his parts after I drove 1000 miles and spent over $1000 dollars to see my favorite band one last time could not be any more foul. He showed no respect to any of us and our efforts. Sloppy, drunk, slurring, song-ruining jackass. What a waste of time and money and emotion. We got screwed by the weather, then screwed by Trey.
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 00:29:41 -0400 From: Jeff Subject: Phish show review/ 8-14-04 Well this was my last show and my only review.  The show was great.  I have to say everything played tonight was top quality.  After the Sky I turned to the guy next to me and we both concurred...this show has potential.  The Suzy was rocking with a false ending then a little jam that slid into Disease.  I was so pysched; I love the way diseases start.  Anyway it rocked and near the end of the jam my new found friend turns to me and calls the Caspian. At that moment it wasn't really what I wanted to hear but after the song was done it was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear.  Now hear is a little side note, I can be one of those annoying drunk guys that dances a little to...crazy...annoyingly...in other words I tend to fall into people and bang my head like I'm some kind of metalhead;-)  Well thats just what the music (and a little too much drink) DOES!  If you allow yourself to really FEEL it then it will move you and phish moves the shit out of you...actually they try to floor you...which is why I love them and why I'll miss them.  After the hard core buzz I usually settle down...a little.  Anyway they go into Scent which I was happy to hear and have fun with it.  Wot with the Tears song and girl up on stage and all, they were having fun!  Its great to see these guys have FUN.  Can you still have FUN!!!!  Mexican Cousin was great and I sang it to my new friend...who was touched.   Set break my buddy and I go in search of the $8 fat angel and I pee in the bushes.  Standard stuff.   2nd set.  Yes it was Antelope, I heard it right off but they never finished, they skipped the best part of the song(which I ga-run-tee is coming in Coventry).  In the middle of the jam they go into 2001 which was actually excellent.  Trey caught hold of some funky little riff he kept toying with that made the song really fun.  There's that word again...sums up the show.  Into old school Golgi which I love into new school Waves.  I was at the SPAC shows and the Waves here was a little more rocking, lively...however the SPAC shows RULED!!!  Into a funky Tweezer, veeeery phat, had me pounding feet into another FUN segment of the night..Fishman Terrapin.  They spent some time bantering here in the manner of mid 90s, picking on Fish and then Trey wished to do a mock rhythm devils  which was up to snuff!  Brought back some Dead days.  Here they seguay into Timber, which I was more than delighted to hear.  In fact I freaking out because I really wanted a timber and was screaming for one the night before, which would have been wasted because this was the time for it.  The previous night's show just would not have done it justice.  Here it was the cream cheese, the frosy filling, the clamey hands...well you get the idea.  It ripped as usual but I'll never forget that Sugarbush 95 bustout.  Sample was a great closer... "...simple smiles and good times seem all wrong!!!!!!!!"   At this point I left, encores are overrated, imo, and I had to get home, much to the dismay of my new found friend...but when you have to go...Wot???    NH Jeff
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:59:34 -0400 From: Robert Francis Subject: Phish show review Coventry was my 30th show and I have never written a review before, so here is a few things: Phish making mistakes on stage - This is one of the things I love about Phish. If you don't like the mistakes, then go on tour with a band that plays the same set the same way every night. Go find yourself a well produced and choreographed show like Prince or Madonna. The traffic - I was able to leave Atlanta at 6 p.m. on Friday night for a flight to Boston and was at my campsite in 9 hours. Yes I was one of those people driving down the left lane to exit 27 (the next exit), where I found a local who not only let me park my car in his yard and drove me to the entrance, but picked me up at 4 in the morning after the show and took me back to my car. Now while driving past 22 miles of traffic on 91N, I received numerous fingers. Here is the point. I did not break in line. I cheated no one in the opportunity to go to the show. I had a ticket. I used my brain. I supported a local who would not normally have made any money since the route completely bypassed his town (Newport). The shows - They were great. You could tell that they were there to play some serious tunes. It was all about the music. They were there playing the songs that made us love them. As much as I love the crazy things they do sometimes (Fishman songs, Harpua, special guest, BBFCFM, crazy covers, etc..), I don't think this was the time for that, and neither did they. If you go to a show where the sole reason is to see these things, you shouldn't be there. I think that those who truly love Phish as musicians and a band can appreciate the setlist, and can easily overlook any mistakes that happened. One more thing, if you didn't get in the show then shame on you. I would have walked 50 miles for this one. And don't blame me, blame all of the ticketless f#cks in front of you. Phishyman2@yahoo.com Macon, Ga
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