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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 12:12:20 EDT From: Bonnelll Subject: Phish show review 08/12/04 camden my wife and i flew in from las vegas to hang with some friends down at the jersey shore, and of course see our beloved band.the lot was pretty chilled out, and everyone seemed pretty respectful, and mellow to me.after hitting will- call and getting our tickets, second row page side, we settled in to what i will describe as a well rounded, fun, jamming good time. set one had all the classics and just hearing the yem ghost did it for me, i also loved pebbles and marbles, and thought trey not only played it well, but his voice sounded beautiful.set two was the highlight of the evening for me, lots of loose fun, smiling jams, trey never looked happier., the piper raged, julius was full of posetive energy, nice rock and roll, and at the end of set two they did this ambient jam and all four members stood perfectly still for about the last five minutes, they looked like wax figures, which i had'nt seen in a while, it was epic.... thanks phish, the phish crew and all the cool people who were sitting around us, what a great time,. worth every penny,. peace jimmy ford las vegas nv.,
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 23:51:16 EDT From: PnKFld82 Subject: Phish show review - Camden 08/12/2004 ††††For those of us who were not fortunate (or from what I have heard, fortunate) enough to get to Coventry, Camden marked the "last time" many people would see Phish onstage together. After seeing the boys on the waterfront every time theyve played there since 1998 I can honestly say that this was the franchise night for Phish at†the Tweeter Center. From the lots to the lawn, the opener to the closer and everywhere in between, this night was the most non-stop, purely and consistently intense show Ive ever seen or heard. ††††Right from the get-go the emotion and energy was so thick you could slice it with a knife. Wilson was†played to perfection, followed by a very thicke YEM (my first live) into a dually thicke Ghost. The animation of Mike and Trey during the Moma Dance was a treat, and they all defenitly seemed to be on top of thier game during the first set. By the end of it I didnt know if my body could handle another set but as it turns out, it could. ††††Now although I have only seen (in comparison to other Phans) a small amount of shows in my time -†and this may sound cliched as hell - but the second set of this drizzly night on the Delaware has my vote for one of their best of all time. Simple yet exciting, extended but not tedious, high voltage and just plain good ol' fashion phun. A hypnotic Piper followed by a very funky Sally. Phenomenol versions of Cavern, Limb and Julius†set me up for something sick while the Rock and Roll knocked me down. Can I just say at this time that Page McConnel is so underated in his singing ability, and Rock and Roll really proves that point. Scents, while a good song, isnt one of my favorites, but whatever the hell they did at the end of that (and I really do wanna know "what the hell they did at the end of that?") sollidified in my mind the reason I fell in love with this band. My only quable for the whole night lies with the song choices. While Wilson, Frankenstien, and Lawn Boy are Camden fav's, ya think they could have pulled some others out the hat for the LAST SHOW THEY PLAY THERE!!!!† but hey, I aint complaining...
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:25:41 -0400 From: SG Productions Subject: Phish show review 8-12-04 Anyone who thinks this show rocked must not have anything to base it on. I've seen week shows before but this was the worst and I've seen plenty of shows since 3/21/92. I also listened to Coventry on fm radio and the Glide had to be the single worst performance of a song by it's composer that I've ever heard. What a disappointing end of one of the greatest bands. -Mike Burlington, VT
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 22:06:20 -0400 From: Ted Kupchik Subject: Phish show review 8/13/2004 From: TK1††† † I never post.† Thought I never would.† I honestly hate the way a Phish show is always analyzed by know-it-alls.† Being that it was the last show for alot of us,† I had one thing I had to share: † THE END OF THE SECOND SET WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! † Forget about song selection, it kicked ass.† I found myself shouting that no other band in the world can do what they were doing in that spot at that moment.† That organized chaos of loop delay and feedback is a sound that is all Phish. † Peeps are ranting and raving about good show, bad show....who fucking cares.† This is the end, at least for a long while.† Sit back and enjoy it!† Everyone is going to be forced to find something else† Guess what; it might not be that easy!† † Everyone who blabs about shows not being that good or worst ever, or shit like that are going to be the first ones to complain when the boys are not around. † I can't speak for anyone else but all I can say is that what I saw to end the 2nd set last night absolutely blew my mind!† I will miss the boys together more than I can ever say, but at least I won't have to hear from the legions of comic book guy types anymore. † Best second set ending ever!
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 16:41:49 -0400 From: David St. George Subject: Phish show review 8/12/04 Hate to be disagreeable here, but I beg to differ with the other reviews, specifically Set I. I actually found it depresssing, particularly considering the magnitude of the circumstances surrounding the tour. I began seeing Phish in 1990, went to numerous special shows(Thanksgiving in Portchester anyone?), and generally worshipped the band up to the Hoist album. That is when the lyrical content became earnest, at times "relationship based", and generally pretty insipid. My opinion, of course. Anyhow, since 1994 I've pretty much been out of the scene. Went to see a show at Hampton with old friends/fans for nostalgia sake, had a good time, and that's pretty much it. So, when I heard about this final tour, I figured, what the hell? One last time with the band that helped create so many special memories in my life... The first set was some of the most uninspired playing I've ever seen or heard from the boys(with the exception of Delaware in `93). Trey was clearly UNHAPPY, at least to my old, jaded eyes. We were on the lawn, so I kept my eyes glued to the big video screens to watch the interaction between the guys. I never saw anyone smile or grin, ever. There was no real flow to the set, and it really seemed like the band(Trey particularly) was just going through the motions,† trying to maintain to the end of the set. Sorry to be so negative here. I truly am. But that was the worst "Maze" I have ever heard. All in all, the band was just flat. I liken it to a couple who remain married for the sake of their children, regardless of how miserable they are. Again, I don't know all the particulars regarding the band's demise. This is just my interpretation of what I saw on stage. It's a different scene now than it was back in my era. Yeah, I know I sound like an old-timer at a Dead show. The point I'm trying to make is that a new breed of fans call themselves Phishheads now, and they are easily entertained. They go to get completely ripped on bad drugs, hoot and holler, scream and yell, make asses of themselves, and annoy all those around them. Some of them are no doubt reading this now, completely oblivious. This type of fan thinks†ANYTHING the band does is just great. It seems that there are alot of this type of fan permeating the scene these days. Reading the reviews of this show seem to only†strengthen†this belief. The†band seemed to rebound a bit†during the second set, thankfully. "Julius" was STRONG(remember, I don't like "Hoist"), as was the set ending ambient jam. Does that song have a name? It reminded me of My Bloody Valentine and occasional Yo La Tengo. It was just stellar. Man, if that's the direction the band was(or could have) taking... It was great to hear one final "Lawn Boy". Thanks, Leo. While I love "Frankenstein", an original would have been more satisfying. It rocked, nonetheless. Anyway, my two cents..
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:21:53 -0700 From: "Pomeroy, Matt" Subject: Phish show review - 8/12/04 I flew out from California for this one. This was the best way imaginable to say goodbye. The set lists in my opinion couldn't have been stronger (love Julies, Ghost and Rock and Roll) and the energy was out of hand. Trey was all smiles, all power. He was bouncing off the walls with excitement. What a show! I remember thinking after the first set that I could leave right now, because they played so tight. The second set was even better with that Piper, Sneaking Sally and Julius. Simply amazing! Thank you Phish for 11 years of good times!
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 10:28:14 -0400 From: Ted Kupchik Subject: Phish show review 8/12/2004 † From: TK1††† † I never post.† Thought I never would.† I honestly hate the way a Phish show is always analyzed by know-it-alls.† Being that it was the last show for alot of us,† I had one thing I had to share: † THE END OF THE SECOND SET WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! † Forget about song selection, it kicked ass.† I found myself shouting that no other band in the world can do what they were doing in that spot at that moment.† That organized chaos of loop delay and feedback is a sound that is all Phish. † Peeps are ranting and raving about good show, bad show....who fucking cares.† This is the end, at least for a long while.† Sit back and enjoy it!† Everyone is going to be forced to find something else† Guess what; it might not be that easy!† † Everyone who blabs about shows not being that good or worst ever, or shit like that are going to be the first ones to complain when the boys are not around. † I can't speak for anyone else but all I can say is that what I saw to end the 2nd set last night absolutely blew my mind!† I will miss the boys together more than I can ever say, but at least I won't have to hear from the legions of comic book guy types anymore. † Best second set ending ever!
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 08:06:21 -0400 From: Steve Blanda Subject: Phish show review Final Days at Camden † ††† Everyone seems to be ragging on Camden.† I know its unplessent, but the Tweeter Center isnt' all that bad.† This was only my second Phish show and I have seen them both at Camden so I know no different.† I have seen a couple of dozen concerts here over the years and have grown to like it.† It has a flow for me. † ††† I didn't start getting into Phish until a few years ago when I was about 21 and I began to find myself musicaly.† And I am pretty upset that I arose just to see the last days of the Phish era come to an end.† I seemed to have missed†the growth and the happy days when an end was no where in site. ††† ††† The show did lack.† They came out kickin in the first set, but left us with a 40 minute intermissinon and a pretty weak 2nd set.† I thought the show would go on pass midnight, but ended about 11:30.† So that was disappointing.† Can't say that I didn't enjoy the little bit of rain we got, and was hoping for more but didn't get it. † ††† They played some of my favorite songs, Maze, Wilson,†Moma Dance, Cavern.† And I have been dieing to hear Pebbles and Marbles live ever since Round Room came out.† From the looks of it, the set list from maryland, the night before was looking much better. † ††† Since I missed most of the Phish movement I feel cheated by my own account.† And I pray they reconsider thier break in a few years and even if they don't release any new albums, please, please come back and jam with us guys.† I'm not done with you yet! † † Stephen Blanda, Jr.
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 13:28:11 -0400 From: Tn5950 Subject: Tweeter CEnter camden nj 2004 Phish, Tweeter Center, Camden NJ 2004 For all of you lucky fans who actually made it in to the show, you missed the real show outside. As everyone knows plenty of people went to Camden without a ticket. Everywhere you looked people were there with their finger in the air. Luckily a bunch of us found a spot near a gate, opposite of the water near the train stop. It was not like being inside the venue, but at least we could hear. We were all just peacefully hanging out on a small strip of grass for the first set. Although we were being peaceful, Tweeter Center's staff was not. They were telling us to suck their cocks and all sorts of other profanity was used. We were also told if we crossed the street they would beat us up. Once the second set got underway we noticed one of the yellow shirt steroid popping security guards pull a guy out into the street and start screaming at him about how he was trespassing. Once the man stopped yelling in his face he tried to move on and leave. The security guard would have no part in this though, he grabbed the kid by his backpack and decided he was going to start throwing punches at the hippie. Shortly after, he puts the kid in a headlock and slams him head first into a light post and then into the concrete. The hippie is now screaming at the top of his lungs, sounding like he is in the most excruciating pain. Now I could be confused but arent these security guards supposed to be protecting us? Once this happens we all stand up and start heading towards it so we can help him out. The rest of the security staff comes out and creates a circle around the beat down and they start to stomp the poor kid. Now the police come in with approx 10 cars and a paddy wagon. No one was being violent except for the security staff, yet the poor boy was taken off in a police car not an ambulance. AS the police show up they start to scream at us and tell us we are trespassing, if we don‚^ņ^Ŕt leave now we will be arrested. We were all very angry but were not trying to get arrested. Shortly after the police showed up the ‚^ņ^‹chief ‚^ņ^‹ of Camden police showed up and told as all to leave. They would not let us give a statement as to what happened. My friend and I are taking action. This was totally uncalled for. We are sending letters to the NJ state attorney, Camden Police, NJ better business bureau, newspapers, magazines, and news stations. Most of all we will be notifying all bands in our scene and other scenes, of the situation that occurred. Hopefully after hearing of the shenanigans that went down, musicians will agree that Tweeter Center is not a worthwhile venue. In addition to that we are going to start a petition of people who will not attend the tweeter center ever again. We are calling out for any help we can get. If you were a witness you should definitely jump on this bandwagon. If you have any pictures or know who the kid that got arrested is please let us know. So please if you feel this kids pain, then start spreading the word. MatthewTN5950@aol.com
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 17:39:20 -0400 (EDT) From: Oliver Ely Pierson Subject: Phish show review - 8/12/04 Camden was the end of an era for me, which began in the fall of 1991 at the Somerville Theatre and stretched over 13 years, 50+ shows. numerous venues, lots of friends, good times, bad times. It was a fitting close for a band that has, for me. lost some of its fire but none of its spirit. I'll always remember Phish shows as good fun amongst old and new friends, a sense of wonder at the sound that four dudes from Vermont could create, and sheer excitement at the opening notes of a favorite song or the climax of a fluid jam. Camden somehow encapsulated a lot of what is Phish culture for me - a beautiful night , chance encounters with old friends, good song selection, some rich improvisation, bust-outs of a couple songs you didn't think you'd hear, as well as a few "why the hell did they play thats," and a crowd that was led by the example of the boys on stage into having a super night. We rolled into an energized but spread out parking lot scene, where the cops stayed mostly out of our way, and anything from glass pipes to parmesan sandwiches were around. We staked out some good spots about 2/3 of the way back on the lawn, dead center, and enjoyed the mellow surroundings. The first set was really stellar. Wilon was standard but YEM as number two was a real treat. It was played well, trampolines and all, with a sick Mike solo at the end. The vocal jam segued real smoothly into Ghost, which didn't really take off but was more just a taste of the rest of the funk to come. Moma Dance glistened with tight, creative soloing by Trey over Mike and Page's loose and funky line. A great version of this tune. Horn was an excellent song choice, one of my favorites, and Pebbles was pretty standard to close the long first set. No complaints on this one! Set II started strong with a rollicking Piper that got the crowd dancing. It almost seemed like the lights on the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware were flicking on and off in sink with the band's transitions in this tune. The next 3 were good renditions of fun tunes, especially the Cavern, which although Trey couldn't quite remember all the words, was a pleasure to hear. Julius was no surprise as I had heard it in the previous 2 Phillie Spectrum shows, and had said before the show, if 2 then 3. The last two songs were standard, and a bit of a disappointing way to close the set, but how could you care on such a great night on the lawn? Great to see Page get up and belt out Lawnboy followed by a rocking Frankenstein that left us pumped. A long wait for the ferry ride across the river provided us time to talk about favorite Phish moments, and I don't think it really sunk in for our gang that this was the last one...Those of you at Coventry are in for a treat I am sure! I found myself wondering what would fill the void that Phish's disbanding will create, but I'm sure we'll all find a way to keep sharing in the groove.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 14:26:36 -0400 From: "Davis, Joshua" Subject: Phish show review Show comments:† 8/12/04, Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ. Camden is not the place you would imagine as the ideal setting for Phish's final stadium performance.† I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I will not miss the place.† The drive in from the NJ turnpike, under gray skies, is something to bring your spirit down.† Once at the venue, however, it no longer mattered.† One truism of the phish experience has always been that the carnival is impervious to its immediate surroundings.†† I have not seen the band at all on this summer's run and so am not in a position to say how this show shaped up to other recent performances.† However, my sense was that this Camden night was as good as any that I have seen post-hiatus.† There was the right amount of balance of moods and textures that phans have come to expect:† crunching rock, funky grooves, dissonant abstraction, and a touch of tongue-in-cheek.† Highlight of the first set for me - and I doubt that many would agree - was the Pebbles and Marbles closer.† I hadn't heard this one performed, and know it only from the RR album, to which I am largely indifferent.† The cascading jam at the end was impressive, subtle at times, nicely layered, and appropriately wistful.† The rest was of set was high quality: Maze had some high points, YEM felt a little on the short side, Horn was something of a surprise. Set two took the qualities from set one and pushed them further.† The funk of Moma Dance was channeled into Sneaking Sally, which was a pleasure to hear.† The rock of Wilson was kicked up a notch higher in Julius and Rock & Roll.† And some of the ambient noise in Ghost was taken to its logical conclusion in the outro to Scents and Subtle Sounds, which reminded me somewhat of the tower jam at IT last summer.† Leo's Lawn Boy in the encore - replete with bass solo from Mike - added a touch of goofball to the proceedings, something modern-day phish lacked.† So the show nicely summed up for me the five or six prevailing moods that defined phish in the post-hiatus era.† I'm sure like me, many in the audience found themselves reliving the past.† And while the band couldn't possibly provide a "summing up" statement that is equal to burden, just merely doing it one more time and letting us sift through the memories was enough. Trey's announcement post-encore about the rain-and-traffic situation that was already brewing at Coventry made me a little less sorry that I would not be up there this weekend (I was at IT).† I salute those that will be, in it right up to the bitter end.† Cheers!††† -Josh Davis
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:09:12 +0000 From: Phil Jackson Subject: Show Review - 8/12/04 i have nothing to say except THANK YOU jon, trey, mike and paige! what a fabulous show - played with enthusiasm and gusto, and just like the first time i, you left me speechless. you are amazing musicians. whatever the issues are that may be bringing this to an end, i was glad to see them do exactly what they did every time i saw them. the music is what the music is every time; i never felt cheated in nearly six years of shows. i'm sorry that there is soon to be no more phish, but hope that everyone - band and phans - moves on to something even bigger and better, if that's possible. i look forward to voyeuristic show tomorrow night in the movie theater - virtually, my last show.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 14:03:46 +0000 From: Lawrence Lincoln Mercury Subject: 8-12-04 Review Camden at the Waterfront OK.† So here goes.† I would just the to start by saying that this was my 77th and phinal Phish show.† I saw my 1st show in 1993 and was hooked from the beginning.† Unfortunately, due to my being married and having to work now, I am unable to attend Coventry.† I have been to the Great Went, Lemonwheel, and Big Cypress, so I am no stranger to the big phestivals.† I wish everyone all the best and hopefully it stays dry enough up there.† Anyway, on the show.† First off, I live about a 1/2 hour from Camden.† It took me over 3 hours to arrive in the 1st parking lot I saw.† Couldn't wait to get out of my vehicle.† The police force directing people to these lots are† barely capable of tying there own shoelaces in the morning.† To get a job as a camden police officer, you must have only pass the 1st grade.† Anyway, enough about that.† After arriving, scarfing down a sandwich and a few tasty brews, I met up with a friend and we headed in.† We didn't have great seats, but they were dead center and the last row in the pavilion.† On the wall, proved to be a very interesting spot, due the overwhelming amount of wll hoppers that we encountered throughout the whole evening.† As we arrived at our seats, beers in hand the lights went down and I looked at my buddy and said, "Gotta be Wilson.† It†just has to be."† Sure enough†the 1st few chords hit and my buddy looked at me shaking his head.† Wilson was pretty standard.† After reading the reviews from the previous nights shows, my attention was focused on Trey and†I was trying to get a read on his demeanor.† He was smiling, swaying, pumping his fist, and generally ready†to have a good time.† Wilson ended and a brief pause ensued.....Holy S**T.† YEM.† Nice, i figured maybe they would close with this or even hold it out till Coventry...but the second song.† Played very well, with Mike dro pping bombs all over.† No one fell off the tramps and Kuroda was killing the lights.† The Jam was very tight and all members seemed to be firing on all cylinders.† As quickly as the vocal jam started...it ended with the thumping opeing bass line of Ghost.† the vocal jam was literally about 20 seconds.† Ghost rocked...the phunk was thick and the groove was....well groovy.† Nice version.† trey found his WAH pedal that was missing for a while.† At this point I'm thinking wow, nice 3 song opening.† I guess its time for the slow tune.† NOPE.† MAZE came out of the Ghost jam and man did they nail it.† The lights were spinning, Gordon was thumping away with his patented Head Bop(you know what i am talking about), Trey was swaying all over the place and really seemd to be having a great time.† Fishman was just doing his thing to keep everyone in line and the Chairman was working the keys as only he could do.† I was stunned at the 1st set so far.† Everything sounded great and the band was having fun again.† Ok, after maze†I was ready for a break, but No....Moma dance comes out.† I think†Trey had so much fun with the Ghost, that he needed to show everyone that his WAH pedal still worked.† Moma was nice and funky with Fishman throwing down so loud vocals.† Earlier in the show, I turned to my buddy and said that something from Rift was coming soon, and sure enough Horn pops out.††Not a big fan of this song, but nonetheless, played very well.† Pebbles and Marbles followed which is one of the better songs off Round Room.† Nice and tight†and left the 1st set†on a very high energy level.† Setbreak was setbreak as we scurried around looking for friends to no avail.† Oh well, back to the start of the 2nd set.† PIPER:† Nice, greta version.† Not too long and not to short with a bit of a funky fell at the end.† As this song grew towards†its end, I had no idea where i t was going.† Sounded funky, so I thought maybe Cities or something along those lines.† Sneaking Sally followed and Trey again showcased his WAH pedal.† Very cool jam.† I love this song.† nice and thick jam and right into Cavern.† INteresting placement and the transition into it was very cool.† Trey was up†there doing his little 2 step at the end and Gordon finally looked over to see him dancing and began himself.† All were having fun at this point. Limb X Limb started up and was solid from top to bottom.† Nothing really exciting just a good solid version.† JULIUS:††The most rocked out Julius I have ever heard.† the jam was great...the lights were sick and the boys were rocking...hence the ROCK N ROLL to follow.† They just continued the Rock and took†the show to a new level.††The energy on this night was unbelieveable and it never let down.† Closing the show was SASS.† Nice version with greta jamming and good energy.† Page,†Trey, and Mike all left the stage with their instruments looping as Fishman stayed on for another 2 minutes or so drumming to the delay loops left by the other members.† Finally after Fishman left, someone cam on stage and turned off the loops.††Prettty crazy hearing music being played and†no one on stage playing.† As the encore of Lawn†Boy started, you could se what they were doing.† Fishman had his turn in the spotlight, now it's Page's turn.† Nice version with Page giving a nod to Gordon (Cactus)†for his Bass Solo.† Following this was a rocking Frankenstein.† The energy level heated back up as all left the venue with huge smiles and cheers for the band we so love. The end of an era has fallen upon us and we are all left with a music void.† Even though the scene has changed over the years, we all still come to these shows for the same reason...THE MUSIC.† Tonight the boys did not hold back.† Over the past few years, you could see that the show lacked something.† Whatever was lacking certainly did not lack tonight.† I thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening and am left with a sense of closure.† I wish everyone going to Coventry a GREAT time and wish Page, Mike, Trey, and Jon all the best in their future lives... wherever that mey lead.† Good luck and i will certainly miss the band and there music... Ken
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 04:30:25 -0400 From: Shem Herman Subject: Phish show review CAMDEN----Ughhhh what a SHITHOLE! Yes all the stories about Camden are true, and it comes as no surprise, as it is defitnely what you could call the armpit of NJ...and that is saying alot!!! Ok, I'm gonna keep it as short and sweet as possible jejeje†so bear with me! this was my last PHISH show ever! My first show was HORDE '91 at JONES BEACH but my first "real" show was 12/27/92 in CT. Before i get to the show I'll just say i have NO FRIGGIN CLUE why the guys would choose Camden when it is literally 5 minutes from Philly which is a great city and has great venues, saw them there last fall tour and it was HOT!!! ††† The security, the parking lot( no shakedown that i could see) everything was a hassle! The venue itself is ok the sound is great I'll give it that and the view of beautiful downtown Philly peaceful and meditative. They were handing out ticketes ONE BY ONE for parking and the kickewr was that waiting to get in the STENCH in the WORST part of Camden no less makes the south Bronx look like†Bel Air...wow what a stench boy! We missed the†Wilson cuz†the process to get in was almost nazi like....they were some idiot gate crashers but security was already wack anyway to the show... ††† Missed WILSON†and made it to my "spot" on the lawn for U ENJOY which was a great version.The GHOST>MAZE MOMA was SIIIIIIIICK great choice of songs and well played. You could tell they wree all into it and again the sound was MASSIVE!!!†Tweeters sole redeeming quality†above all...amazing loud, crisp sound! Horn was nice to hear I got into Phish hard at that era so its always nice to hear it.† Pebs n Marbs closer was ok I†feel they coulda went longer or jammed it out but the first set was choice. ††††† PIPER ripped open set two and the energy was high for a RAVING Sneaking††Sally...one of my personal favs for the boys to cover. CAVERN again great to hear it,and a jamming version at that, as CAVERN was from MY era...I'm 27 but certainly consider myself "ol skool" Phish and although†its not my fav old song...wll played lots of smiles and facial expressions from the boys!! The Limb was good as was the Julius...the kicker was the ROCK N ROLL another amazing cover and what energy!! Of course their new "hit"( yeah right!) slowed things down and the jam was intense, lots of feedback and the cool part was seeing the boys leave the stage while Fish pounded away! I do like Scents but would of rather heard an older slower song....I was checking for a bunch of thangs, including the rumored Bobby and Phil appearence as†they had played the nite before. Oh well nothings perfect at leatd not in Camden, NJ!! ††† Anyway I'll say the encores were good but nothing amazing as they coulda REALLY capped off a†PHINE show! ††My good bud JAM( another ol skool head his first being Wetlands 1990!) REFUSED as ticket for the reasons I mentioned about this spot earlier! At first i thought he was NUTS!! Man your gonna miss some of the last hrs of PHISH cuz you hate Camden? Well, how on the $$$ he was!! In his words " I don not wanna go out with Camden as my last show!" Well, me myself & i I wouldve been there regardless BUT I'll say with certainty†I will NEVER go back there again, unless its to see them tear down Camden and re build it for the yuppies, which will happen eventually gentrification of the nation! ††††††††††† To put it mildly, watching off duty cops( bees, those annoying yellow shirted beefy security) go around the ENTIRE crown looking for weed smokers...wow what a bummer! I mean, nothing better to do eh? Can't do anything BUT confisctae bowls and threaten people with jail and this n that! Look, I know they are doing theit "job" but they were not only rude n arrogant but really seemed to enjoy this...fucking narcs go to hell! This coming from ol skool anti authoritarian here but i digress! ††††SAD†but this WAS my last show and I'll just say this...have FUN people at Coventry be safe and be well! I will give the actual show a 8 but the venue and everything, except sound and view of Philly and waterfront, gets a stanky ass -1...boy does it smell there! REsidents of Camden who are into PHISH...PHILLY baby its the move!!! Wait a inute...there are no PHANS living there!!!!† This has all be wonderful... †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Shem H. Wash Heights, NYC†
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