7-7-03 - Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 19:30:35 -0700 From: eric tipton Subject: Phish 7/7/03 review Malcolm (EyesoftheWorld), Tony (Tony), Lee (LMSYEM) and I did not leave our hotey til after 6pm. We figured the lot would be slim pickings w/ the temperature hovering around 110-115. Not too mention the lot is on black top. Got to the lot. Nothing going on. There is definitely a security prescence in the lot here. Drank a couple of beers and headed in. I tried bring a pack in to no avail. Had to check it at guest services. Malcolm and I had 8th row Mike's side, nice seats. Set 1: Stash: Nice opener! You have to love when they open a tour w/ a big gun like Stash. Nothing to crazy here clocking in at 11 and a half minutes. Good jamming just nothing mind blowing. Sample: Eh, at least it keeps the energy up. A couple of minor flubs by Trey. Billy: Nice breather, well placed. Waves: Very tight, could have been jammed out a little more but was good. Spices: Phish debut of this TAB song. We figured we wouldn't hear this til Shoreline after Trey's little speech after playing this at the Warfield a couple of months ago. I really liked Page's playing during this. Other than that, not much to say about it. It does have some decent jamming potential but this one was just 8 and a half minutes long. Anything but Me - Breather #2. I like this tune but at this point the momentum is nowhere to be found. Bowie - Holy flub Trey. Between 21 and 30 seconds in the intro it's almost like he dropped his pick on the ground or something. Ouch. But they do find the groove shortly thereafter. The ending coda is sick w/ Trey just making his guitar scream at the end. Dirt - Wierd placement. I love this song; love it - but wierd placement. Gorgeous rendition, nice vocals by all. Possum - Great buildup in the intro. A typical high energy Possum cranks everyone into a frenzy. Really good Possum. Setbreak - First set highlights: Waves, Bowie (once it got going at least), Possum Set 2: Birds: Good opener, gets everyone on their feet and moving. This one gets pretty funky around the 5 minute mark and stays that way for 3 minutes. Wolfman's: Heavy, dark and spacey. You can really hear Mike's new bass tone, I like it alot! You can also really hear a new tone from Trey too - very heavy/chunky if you will. Segue into something that is not familiar at all > Scents and Subtle Sounds: Debut. Very good segue into this by the way, pretty seamless. I really liked the lyrics and the jam segment that follows; very Hood/Slave esque. I loved it and personally think it is better than anything on Round Room. TMWSIY: No, it couldn't be! I was thrilled considering this was my first in 61 shows! Segue into > Avenu Malkenu: Of course this is another first for me and it did what I expected: flat out rocked. Mike just tears this up and again his new bass tone is very evident here. Walls: I felt like this was the highlight of the set along w/ Wolfmans>Scents. Great jam that does not let up for a good 15 and a half minutes. Segue into > Prince Caspian: D'oh! I liked this song in 95 when it was a 6 minute tune. Now it's a 10-15 minute Trey wank fest. Encore: Character Zero. [/B]Double D'oh [/B] See wank fest comment. Well, I kind of figured this show would be rather mediocre. This is the third tour opener I have seen and it seems pretty consistent that they lack a bit. Back to guest services to claim my stuff and the lot for a beer. Back to the hotey to party it up and get pumped for Chula Vista the next day. This show gets a 6 on a scale of ten on the Tipton-o-meter. peace, et
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 07:02:27 -0700 (PDT) From: Ryan M. O'Malley Subject: 7/7 Cricket Pavilion Review So, Phish is back on the road, and they're playing with more enthusiasm and gusto than ever. I just got back from the first four shows in Phoenix, San Diego and San Fran, and I must say that for the most part these shows have been the closest thing to the old days that I've seen in a while. They played with a level of excitement and freshness that truly reminded me of when I first started seeing them back in the fall of '96. 7/7/03 Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ Set 1: Stash, Sample in a Jar, Billy Breathes, Waves, Spices#, Anything But Me, David Bowie, Dirt, Possum Set 2: Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother > Scents and Subtle Sounds#, Man Who > Avenu Malcanu, Walls of the Cave, Prince Caspian Encore: Character Zero Notes: # first played First of all, let me say how freakin' hot it was on the 7th. I'm a Mid-western boy and I've been to some scorchers at Deer Creek and the like, but I've never been to a show where it was so hot at show time. Being that the lot was blacktop didn't really help either. The first set of this show was perfect for the evening, in my opinion. It was highlighted by a couple of nice jams, but for the most part, just allowed the boys to stretch their legs again. The Stash opener was nice, but seemed like Trey cut it a bit short. The next songs (Sample, Billy Breathes, Waves, Spices and Anything But Met) really let the boys get their barrings. I've been to three tour openers now, and with the other two I've seen a horrible horrible show and also probably one of my best ever, so it's a toss-up. I was glad to see them getting acquainted again here though. Good short tunes to let them begin feeling each other out again. As the end of Anything But came around, my buddy called out a Bowie. Sure enough, the high-hat started. Other than a flub at the drop-in part, this was another solid jam, although seeming to be cut short. My other buddy called the Dirt that followed, as they always seem to play it in the dirt-encrusted city that is Phoenix, AZ. This was a piss-break for me, but it sounded good from the bathroom. The Possum that followed really helped pick the crowd back up, and got them ready for what would be a ragging second set. This was the least crowded of the four shows that I saw (or have seen in years for that matter), so during the break we took a seat on the surprisingly empty lawn. My guess is that there were only a few hundred people on the lawn at any one point. Nice time to check out the venue though. The Birds second set opener was really appropriate considering the tranquility of the first set. I hadn't heard this in a while, so it was good to get the dance on again. The Wolfmans that followed was probably the strangest I've ever seen. The jam started over the traditional chord pattern, but late in the jam it went into a hard, distorted jam led by Mike and his distorted bass. This jam settled and segued into what I think is the best "new" Phish song I've heard in years. Scents and Subtle Sounds is a fantastic new song. It has three or four very distinct parts, highlighted by a dissonant intro portion and bright four-part vocals at the end. The crowd seemed to agree with me as well. The Man Who>Avenue Malkenu was probably the highlight of the show for me. I haven't seen this since my first show in fall of '96, and I just love Malkenu, so I was thrilled. They played both songs in the segue flawlessly too. Great bass solo in Malkenu too. The Walls and Caspian that followed were solid, but nothing too exciting to speak of. The Zero encore was also a solid jam to end a great show. I'm sure there are very mixed opinions about a tour-opener that didn't come out of the gates raging, but I found absolutely nothing wrong with the approach to this show. I would much rather see the boys get acquainted again by playing some simpler, slower songs, rather than trying to bust into a Reba or YEM and screw the whole thing up. While this is definitely a show for the mellow side of the Phish collection, it was a well-played, energetic show. Worth downloading for the Scents and the Man Who>Avenue alone. Thanks for your time and all opinions are welcome!!
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 01:48:17 EDT From: Timmccor@aol.com Subject: 7/7 phoenix review Well I'll be dam nabbed...... this Phoenix show was very unique I thought. Here is the setlist: 07/07/03 The Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ Set I: Stash, Sample in a Jar, Billy Breathes, Waves, Spices1, Anything But Me, David Bowie, Dirt, Possum Set II: Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother, Scents and Subtle Sounds1, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday> Avenu Malkenu> Walls of the Cave, Prince Caspian Encore: Character Zero To comment on the show, the 4 band members came out and teased the hell out of the crowd as if we were all puppets being controlled by the music. Trey purposely taunted the crowd it seemed like, to get them to all dance in unison during Stash and it worked. Everyone looked like freakin retards dancing to a song that shouldn't even be danced to. There are only the few musicians in the world to ever be able to have that kind of 'power and controll' on the audience like Trey. For all we know, the band could be making fun of everyone there and nobody would even notice it even. I guess being a musician myself I seem to pick that up. So the show was cool and I thank Phish for comming to Phoenix again. On a 1-10 scale I would rate that show an 8.5................ and to all those CORPORATE HIPPIES out there...... get a freakin grip on reality man...... whatever happened to the days when people would go to shows and ACTUALLY pay attention. It would be cool if everyone would sit down and just watch Phish play and pay attention. peace out, Ryan ps- what's up with lighting the lighter flame before the encore..... I mean shit.... the 80's are over man..... Phish needs a new fan base.
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:49:13 -0400 From: Mrkious@aol.com Subject: 7/7/03 Phoenix review Step into the Heater (or, who^^s got my miracle Aquafina?) Phoenix 7/7/03 M. Ryan Kious There^^s a kind of madness that exists among those who live and work in the valley of the sun (Phoenix to you and I.) They seem to simply ignore the fact that it is too damn hot, every day, for about 5 months out of the year. I think back to the day after the Phoenix show in 2000, it was a "mild" 99 degrees when a resident mentioned to me, "fall is in the air." Madness I tell you. The same madness I attribute to that over heated denizen is surely the same mental illness co-workers, family and friends must think I possesses in spades when I tell them that I am, indeed, going to Phoenix, for a concert, in July. Weather and Phish bias aside, it was tour opener time gain, which means giddiness, rustiness, and surely even some crankiness (raise your hands high jaded oldbies!) The weather was as advertised, and the crown was small. Phoenix might be the only tour stop where water is the most sought after thing in the lot. The Stash opener brought back memories of my first Phish show, also in Phoenix some 8 years ago. I remember that Stash opener being particularly mind blowing, while this one was rather short and fairly standard. Perhaps the hot weather would be the difference tonight. Sample in Jar kept the crown moving, and Page really seemed to want to stretch his vocal chords a bit. Billy Breathes was sweet, and highlighted what must have been some practice on vocals and harmony over the gap between winter tour and summer. I was surprised at how happy I was to hear the opening notes of Waves. This tune is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine, and apparently others, as it was well received by the crowd. This one was fairly standard, but I just love this song^^s potential. Spices was the first new song of the night, and this one sounded like a work in progress. I had heard the Trey versions from his spring tour and was looking forward to hearing it this summer. Presumably it will be in full form by IT. Anything but Me seemed poorly placed here as the energy seemed to lag during the spacey Waves and untested Spices. However, Fishman^^s Bowie drum harbinger started up and got the crowd back on its feet. Bowie, like the Stash opener seemed a little flat, and ended without much of a jam segment. Dirt was played well, and the vocals and whistling on this version were as good as any I^^ve heard. The Possum closer got the crowd rocking once more and left hope for some higher energy in the second set, as the first one seemed a bit tired. The Birds of a Feather set opener was airy and not really rocking. This song would have faired better in the middle of the first set then as the much needed energetic second set opener that it wasn^^t. The opening notes of Wolfman^^s brought salvation for the energy deprived, while the jam that followed finally hinted at the new sound that seemed to be developing throughout winter tour. At a few points about 10 minutes in, the boys sounded downright like electronica, and left me wondering how this type of jam will sound come August. Scents and Subtle Sounds, (or Colors in the Void as we were calling it that night,) has the most potential of any of the new songs I heard in Phoenix or San Diego. There^^s some nice sounding composed parts, some spacey jam segments, the basic requirements of a potentially good Phish song. TMWSIY>Avenu Malkenu was an old school treat for many, (though many around us didn^^t know what they were hearing) and Gordon really nailed his bass solo in the later. Walls of the Cave was played to death during Winter Tour (like so many other songs in Phish^^s catalogue to come before,) so it should come as no surprise that this song is rapidly becoming Phish^^s signature piece and was the best played song of the night. The intro featured brief solos from each band member, with the lights framing each one. The composed parts were played with clarity and precision, and the jam was nothing to sneeze at (or sweat at, as the case was.) Caspian was it^^s normal, vilified self, though the energy seemed to be higher later in the show than it was earlier. And the Character Zero encore was great to hear and see, as Trey really loves playing this song. Phoenix was hot; the show was mild and short. Perhaps the 111-degree heat had something to do with the sluggish tone of the night; perhaps the boys are still knocking off rust from their two-year hiatus. Or perhaps Phish, like their fan base, is suffering from a shortened attention span, and like their fans, waiting with anticipation for the next big thing.
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 11:36:59 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon Stine chefbigjon@yahoo.com Subject: Cricket Pavillion Review 7-7-03 Ok, summer tour opener and my 8th show of all time.It was hot, to say the least, over 110. The lot was scarce, not a whole lot going on and there was definitely a presence of security there. They need to stop playing cricket pavillion, every year it has gotten worse and worse.Ten bucks for parking, are you kidding me??!! 8.50 for a beer??? I swear I would rather drive to Tucson and see them at Pima County Fairgrounds(like in 99) then deal with this trap again. Anyways, I think that sums up the vibe. I think everyone was hot and pissed off or something. Now for the show...First off I saw them twice in Vegas in Febuary and musically speaking, they seemed a lot tighter. With a few exceptions. Stash opener was a nice surprise, short and sweet but nice. Sample sounded pretty good, better than the encore I saw in Vegas this year. Billy Breathes???? Two shows in a row here in Phoenix, is this the only place they ever play this song? Just sucked the wind out of the crowd with this one, like always. Waves was cool but they definitely could have taken it farther.Spices, haven't heard this before, I guess it's a new one, I remember it being very interesting, waiting to hear this on the tapes again.Anything but me...come on, we needed some energy, not this.I just do not like this song. Daid Bowie, my third in a row ended great but damn, the beginning was so messed up I thought they were going to restart it. If they can't remember how to play this one right, they need more practice before they go out and hit the road.I swear, Vida Blue sounds more like Phish than Phish sounds like Phish right now.Dirt was nice and Possum raged. I can't wait to hear this possum again. Set Two opened with another one of my favorites.(j/k) Birds of a Feather. Actually, I liked this version, as it jammed a little and they seemed to be taking this one in a new direction.Wolfman's Brother(3rd in a row for me again) was alright, the jam might have been the highlight of the night, Mike's solo in this was tight.Scents and Subtle Sounds, another new one, was definitly cool. This song has mucho potential, if they practice it. When I first heard the opening to TMWSYI I was just thinking, Havenu Makenu, please!!!! And I wasn't let down. This was played out of no where and definitly got me rocking finally. This went right into Walls of the Cave and that was hot too. Prince Caspian though, set closer??? Are they this far out of ideas that they gotta end the set with this?? I wouldn't have been so pissed if a bomb was dropped in the encore but Character Zero???? Come on, this is a tour opener, not some mid summer tour stop in the middle of Iowa..(no offense meant). Overall, I was pretty dissapointed with this show. 50 bucks a seat now is ridiculous if they are going to play so uninspired. I'm sure the tour will be fun, but I'm looking forward to seeing other acts that I discovered during the original hiatus. From the looks of most who were there last night, they will, or already are, doing the same. By the way, it kills me to write a review so negatively, because I love these guys, but please boys, get your shit together.
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