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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:37:16 -0500
From: mik
Subject: review: Austin City Limits
We got our tickets from the radio station on sunday and went up to KLRU at
12:30 monday morning. At that point in time there was about 40 people
camping. The campus police were very cool about everything. During most
peoples slumber there was hit and run car wreck just of the waiting line, and
with everybodys help the plate number was given to the police. They started
handing out numbers for the people in line and somehow that day there was 151
people ahead of me. Chumps just showed up in the morning and cut that pissed
me off good. Once we took our elevator to the sixth floor everything was all
good. This place was great. I had a seat 15 ft. stage left so that i could
see Trey work his pedals. That will probably be the last time i will ever see
that. They took the stage and they almost looked tired and ready to go but it
didn't sound like it.  I called first tube to start off and they did.
Feedaback problem caused them to play it later on during the show, I was not
pleased with that at all. Show highlights included Piper,sweet guitar
Chalkdust and Horn guitar was also good. They then covered an album.
Farmhouse by Phish. Heavy things, Inlaw, Firstube, jiboo, Twist, and Piper.
Oh well something to do with t.v. i'm sure. Heavy crowd request for Possum
and also heavy crowd participation. My friend on the floor Yelled for Russell
Crowe and after he finished Fish smilled and introduced himself as Russell
Crowe. Lots of Trey talking and the sheer closeness made all the work to get
in worth it. Sound was great as my friend recorded it that should come out
A+.   Phish should look as good as they can on T.V. when this aires.    Peace

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:49:19 -0700 (PDT) From: Adam Rosenbloom To: Subject: 7/17 phish review usually when i attend a show, i dont bother writing a review. chances are, someone else will write about it and capture the feeling perfectly. this show was quite different. being one of only 400 people to attend this show, i now feel i have the obligation to let all know how special this day was. the craziness did not start on monday, but rather on saturday, when the KLRU-TV hotline had miraculously changed to update "an intimate recording of the jam band phish on monday, july 17". i especially enjoyed that fact that the speaker pronounced the bands name very loudly and clearly. otherwise, i suppose, people would have thought it was too unbelievable. the hotline also pointed out that those who wanted to attend the show had to listen to 94.7 for the announcement of when and where tickets for the show would be given out. after spending the entire sunday morning listening to 94.7 (more radio than i had ever listened to before) the dj gave us the news we had been waiting for. at 2:30, the tickets were announced to be released at the radio station at 3:00. as the radio station began to blare the new single "heavy things" people were frantically trying to figure out where the station was. the dj reported that many were calling in asking for directions. i truly thought i wasnt going to get there in time until i realized that i was leading a precession of about 10 cars down the highway to the announced location. as a white truck pulled up next to me at a light, i gave the driver a very phishy grin and nod, we both knew what each other was thinking. as we raced to the parking lot of the radio station and ran as fast as we could out of cars into line, i never would have imagined that i would get a ticket. the whole thing just seemed to unbelievable to me. but i was lucky, in fact, feeling lucky could pretty much sum up the whole weekend. i got my ticket, and stared at it for a good 24 hours. the tickets released didnt guarantee admission, they were only on a first come, first serve basis. but i was going to get in. almost directly after the ticket drop, we went to the communications building on ut campus to await the opening of the doors almost an entire day later. the scene began to accumulate, and everyone was scared they werent going to get in. i was almost at the front of the line, and i still didnt think i was going to get in. the moment of sheer excitement came at 11:40 on monday morning as the staff of austin city limits allowed phans, 10 at a time, to get into the elevator to the 6th floor, the studio. i must note that the austin city limits staff as well as campus police were amazing. they allowed us to spend the night on the campus, gave us water, and tried their hardest to let everyone in. about 30 people did not get in, some of these people camped out, but were cut in line by those like the previous review. the studio had a joyous air in it. as each group of 10 people entered the studio AND SAW HOW SMALL IT WAS, they all started jumping up and down. after a short introduction, announcing sponsors, etc., trey, page, mike and jon entered the stage. a quick note about the stage setup. page had his grand piano, an organ and only about 2 more keyboards, jon had a smaller drum set and the well known black and wooden amps trey and mike have were missing. (after the show, before we snuck down to meet the band, i noticed the boxes said "japan 2000" on them) though no real light show, there were several lights that were kuroda-esque, though didnt change during the songs. the show in itself was great but not spectacular. all songs were very tight. this may have been the best sounding show ive ever been too though. just having a band play in a SOUND STAGE was great. the only real jams picked up during piper and dwd. there was some lag time in between songs for chaning of tapes, etc, so trey was talking up a storm. in addition to what has already been reported, trey talked about how he hasnt been home in 8 weeks and was looking forward to in, jon introduced himself as the gladiator's russel crowe and trey mumbled something about how he was chopping all thier heads off or something, trey and jon chanted "bad, bad, brad (sands)" as he got on stage to fix the guitar pedal problem during first tube. it was also mentioned before sleep that they rarely played it live, but was going to give it a try. also, before trey told the story about how he saw the bela fleck show there, he cheered the show, saying that he was honored to be on the same stage as greats such as bb king, stevie ray vaughn and los lobos. the crowd was dancing and jumping around for the whole show, but really got going towards the end of the 2nd first tube. after the show, i had a talk with the cameraman who said that we probably ruined most of the camera shots because we were shaking up the whole studio. he said he hadnt seen that happen since stevie ray vaughn. after the show, as i mentioned before, we hung out beside the van that was to take them to the airport. a bunch of girls rushed trey, saying that they waited all night and they didnt get in. trey was sympathetic and gave them a hug. i think this did the trick and the girls were just happy that they got to meet the band. one small detail, mike likes to sit shotgun. trey wouldnt budge about rumours of new years etc, but he did say that it might be more than a year until they come back to texas. even though the show was in the middle of the day, we walked out of the studio feeling like it was the middle of the night and we were ready for some veggie burritos. it was an amazing experience and we all felt very lucky. see y'all in albany (camp festivus forever) rosiebum
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 14:54:17 GMT From: Anthony Abata To: Subject: austincitylimits Have to tell you about a show Phish did yesterday 7/17/00 at the taping for the tv show Austin City Limits. It was unbelievable! I found out about this show a hour before and I also got in for free The luckiest day ever. The scene: Everybody had to wait outside in the hot texas sun but it was worth it. Small venue, Small. They only let 450! people in. UN-freaking-believable! Phish played for two hours and it rocked. They came on about fifteen min after noon and played until a little after two. Here is the setlist from what I remember it is also not in the right order but here goes nothing: First Tube: One of trey's pedals broke and this version wasn't that good. But Trey promised that they would play it again later And using the magic of tv to edit it out. Git back on the Train Beauty of my Dreams Piper Gotta Jiboo: sweet! Horn Driver Sleep Inlaw Josie Wales: truly awesome in a small venue driver when the circus comes to town twist Down with Disease*: extra song Chalkdust Possum*: request from audience Character Zero First tube: by this time the crowd was hype and this version rocked They never really got down to jamming like a concert but Phish had the place stompin. I could feel the floor rocking beneath my feet. I feel so glad to have made it to this unforgetable experince.
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