7-15-03 - West Valley Amphitheatre, West Valley, UT

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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 19:40:37 -0700 From: eric tipton Subject: Phish 7/15/03 review from Phish.net: 07/15/03 - USANA Amphitheatre - West Valley City, Utah Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar, Theme from the Bottom, Saw It Again, Poor Heart, Two Versions of Me, Secret Smile, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove Set 2: Mr. Completely* -> Low Rider > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Buried Alive -> BBFCFM > Ha Ha Ha > BBFCFM > Mr. Completely > Spread It Round*, Walls of the Cave, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light Encore: Sleeping Monkey * first time played As soon as the summer dates were released, I proclaimed Utah would be the show of the tour hands down (little did I know just how close I'd be to the truth). Of course, being a mid-week show in Utah and coming off of the Gorge run, tons of people would skip it. I would say the pavilion was about 3/4 full and the lawn from what I have read was about 1/2 full; and this place only holds around 15k I believe. Tony, Malcolm, Lee, Z and myself made the trek from the Gorge all on 7/14. We hooked up with Chris and he had a hotel booked that night that he very graciously shared w/ all of us. The next day we moved on to another hotel a little closer to the venue and proceeded to party down and get a little laundry done before we headed over to the venue. It was really hot out so we were in no hurry to get to lot before 6pm. That and we weren't sure what kind of security presence would be about in the lots, considering this was Utah. There was none at all. Free for all. We pulled in close to 6pm drank some beer and went into this brand spanking new venue that had only played host to one show before Phish (at least that was what I was told). I had a crap 300 section pavilion ticket thru PTBM. Myself and another phooker (billymudge) promply upgraded that to DFC 200 section. I liked this place, no roof, great scenery w/ the Wasatch mountain range right behind the stage and a nice intimate sized lawn. I guess I would equate it to Chula Vista, just not as big. Onto the show: First set: AC/DC Bag: Personally, I think anytime you get a Bag opener it means that something is definitely up! This most assuredly was the case on this gorgeous July night in Utah. The Bag was pretty standard and tight throughout. Sweet opener that primed us for the rest of the night. Yamar: Nice, this is the penultimate Phish summer song for me, so light and happy. Was it just me or did the "Play it Leo" by Trey seem way off? Like the timing was really off? Either way, good Yamar; nothing crazy like the one from IT; just good solid band jamming here. Fishman was really going off on the wood blocks around 5:40 or so, love the wood blocks! Theme: Sweet!! This is a song I was totally sick of by the end of 96, I caught it at every third show it seemed and it never really changed much. But now that they have scaled it back to once or twice a tour, it makes it much more enjoyable. This version made me remember why I liked this song so much back when I saw it for the first time at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 95. There is so much tension building in this song that when they finally climax it can be quite intense as was the case w/ this version. I Saw it Again: Blah, not a big fan; so friggin' repetitive. I like this on tape for the most part, not in person though. Heavy metal Phish here. Poor Heart: Standard, still the crowd ate it up. Two Versions of Me: Did they really need to play this again so soon after just playing it at the Gorge? Personally, I liked the Gorge version more specifically because it was segued out of that hot Piper. Still my second favorite of the new tunes. Secret Smile: Seriously, stop playing this fellas, it's not good unless I am spun to the moon and need a really sappy/slow song to bring me back to earth. TAB, you can have it. Yuck. This was only one of two drawbacks of the whole evening for me. Mike's: As my good friend Joey Lawrence would say, "Whoa!" Very good Mike's Song, nothing terribly outrageous, just nice solid band jamming once again. This one wound down somewhat quickly w/ a really killer segue into > I am Hydrogen: Ah, classic Phish you have to love H2! Segue into > Weekapaug: Bring the love Mike! A nice jammed out Week that lasted just over 12 minutes. What a way to close out a romping first set, you could tell that the band really meant business and was intent on showing why you should never ever skip a Phish show in Utah. I mean, didn't people learn after 11/2/98 DSOTM? Setbreak - First Set highlights: Bag, Theme, Mike'sGroove. Bill and I spotted Malcolm just after first set closed out and he told us where we could find them so we moved back into the 300 section on Mike's side where I had a whole aisle all to myself to dance in. Little did I know that I would need every inch of that aisle 'cause I'd be running around like a madman w/ what Phish was about to lay on us!! Second set: Mr. Completely: As the opening notes rang out, this just sent me into outer space baby! I was jumping up and down like a little kid. Most around us did not seem to have a clue what this was. I never, ever would have expected Phish to play this. Everytime TAB plays this bad boy, they jam the living hell out of it so I assumed we would get a 15 minute or so version. Wrong. What lay before us may well have been THE jam of the summer tour. I can't really begin to even explain the places this jam went. At around 14:50 Page really starts to lay down some funky riffs w/ Trey playing some rhythm behind him, ahh the funk! Around 25 minutes or so they begin patiently working back to the original theme of this song. Excellent overall job by the band to be able to bring this back around, but wait what was that I just heard?! At around 27:45 or so Trey is repeating a few chords that to my ear sounded like Low Rider. Two minutes later this does come to fruition seguing into > Low Rider: Woo hoo! Dare I say this Mr. Completely>Low Rider outplays the Ghost>LR from 2/26. Then at 3.5 minutes, no it can't be, it can't be, fuck; it is!!!! Segue into > BBFCFM: Finally at my 67th show I am finally hearing Big Black Furry. Unfuckingbelievable. As some of you may know, our tour partner Lee made a sign for his run from Phoenix > Bonner Springs. I believe this was the first venue that actually allowed him to bring it in and by God did the band ever take notice. Lee I sure hope you see this and comment on it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. A quick romp through this punk tune lands in > Buried Alive: Amazing segue into Buried. At this point I was running up and down the aisle pretty much screaming like a banshee. I have only seen Buried Alive like 3 or 4 times and I think I'd be fine w/ seeing it every other show I like it that much. This was very short and segues right back into > BBFCFM: OK, holy shit. This setlist is starting to look like something straight out of 93 or 94 with the segues, unreal. Segue into > Ha Ha Ha: Good Lord the band is just having the time of our lives and so are we out in the pavilion just eating this all up. Segue into > BBFCFM: Just when you think it cannot get any crazier segue into > Mr. Completely: Now that is what I call a sandwich, one that only this band could possibly even think of doing! What got into the band tonight? I sure would like to know becasue this show is quickly becoming one of the best I have seen since 97, no exaggeration whatsoever. I still cannot believe they came back from whence they began, and they still aren't done w/ the segueing madness!! > Spread it Around: All of us are pretty much just looking at each other w/ mouths agape at this point. Sounds like a new tune. Just 4 minutes into this I am thinking to myself, this is the worst song Phish has every played. Well maybe second worse compared to Jennifer Dances. Actually they may be tied! [smile.gif] Seriou sly, it's like the four of them got together before tour, sat down and said: Let's make a song that is a pop song guaranteed to become a radio single. Because that's what this crap sounds like. Soo repetitive, soooooo cheesy. Crap. This would be my second and last drawback of the night. Walls: This is another song that I think I would rather hear on the tapes vs live for some reason or another. This one however really rages but still found me taking a geezer breather in my seat. Golgi: Hell yeah I saw you! This ticket stub will stay w/ me forever. Slave: Bless you boys! Just when you think your out, they pull you back in! This is my second favorite Phish song, just a tad behind Divided Sky and this version did not dissapoint. I don't get to hear Slave near as much as I'd like (like I did in '97) so anytime I hear it now it just melts me. This song means so very much to me. I was going thru some pretty rough times at the end of my college career at the end of '97/beginning of 98 - Slave was always the song I would pop in at those times to try and bring me out of the darkness. Enough of that though - this version was pretty solid, a few very minor flubs can be heard but for the most part it's very solid. The wave of emotion I was riding throughout this set climaxed here in Slave. This is the reason I spend so much time, energy and money on Phish right here. Because there is nothing else that I know of on this planet that can make me feel like this (at least that I know of yet) - no drug, no girl; there is nothing like an amazing Phish show (that for Me) just puts me on top of the world. Encore: Sleeping Monkey! Ha ha, nice! I hadn't heard this little ditty in a long time! It made me think back to 12-6-97 when I saw this as an encore also, Fishman climbing up on his kit and crooning to us all! Gotta love this song and the quirky abandon it has to it. Great way to end the night. Second set highlights: Mr. Completely sandwich, SLAVE. This show was completely out of hand, some thing really got into the boys tonight and it showed w/ this spectacular show. Thank God I was not at home in front of the computer watching this one unfold! On the Tipton-o-meter this show gets: 9.5. This show was completely (Mr!!) over the top. Here are some pics of the now infamous sign, way to go Lee - you are the man my friend. Z, Lee and Tony: [31792799.jpg] Lee and Me: [31950786.jpg] Off we go to Kansas, stopping at my place in Denver to pick up my friend Pat who would see the rest of tour w/ us. We saw the car in front of us narrowly miss hitting a big deer about an hour after getting on I-80. Bonner Springs (holy letdown Phish!) review coming soon. peace, et
ate: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 21:09:00 -0700 From: Tim Etter Subject: review of 7/15 West Valley In the back of my mind, I knew that the possibility was there for Phish to play an exceptional performance in Salt Lake. I live in Las Vegas, so I had to get tickets through the lottery. When I got my tickets, I called my buddy, Kevin in Salt Lake to say I was coming up. He said, my friend, expect the unexpected. Utah will be the tour-buster, everyone skips Utah to go to the midwest. Believe me, the show did not disappoint. The venue itself is brand new. The venue staff was clueless. I could have wheeled a keg into that amphitheater. The crowd was very mellow, unlike Vegas where everyone was more into getting their buzz on. The first set was incredible. I felt sorry for the boys, they had to stare into the sun for the entire first set. For me the highlight of the first set was a rockin 'I Saw It Again'. This was like they were trying to send a message to those who weren't there, with a mean Led Zeppelin tone. They lost a little momentum with the two slower songs. When Mike's>Hydro>Weekapaug came around, they needed to wake up the audience. Second set was altogether different from the first. They jammed a Trey tune (Mr. Completely) for about 30 minutes then out of nowhere came a Low Rider jam. When I've heard them play a low rider tease, it's usually just that, a tease. This was the entire song, only nobody sang (who could?). Then came the comedy for the night, with Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars. Jon Fishman took over. Then into Buried Alive, then BBFCFM, HaHaHaHa, BBFCFM, and then Mr Completely? It all blended in together, I need to look at the setlist again. The next tune they did was completely unkown, 'Spread It Round', I don't even remember what it sounded like, I've gotta get the tapes. Walls of the Cave sounds better and better everytime I hear it. It was a good placement. Golgi Apparatus was refreshing to hear, although I got bad advice from my friend to drink twice as much Utah beer, you have to go to the restroom twice as much. Slave to the Traffic Light was a perfect set closer. I thought they were gonna end the set long before now, what a treat! The encore was 'Sleeping Monkey'. Kind of a surprise but it fit in with the show. Last time I saw that one played was in Vegas for Halloween in 98. They quickly followed it with a 'Tweezer Reprise', which I thought would have been perfect here. Oh well, in my opinion, Phish was on fire. Get the tapes and you will see
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:12:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Todd Ahrens Subject: utah 7/15 review This show rocked. I've seen over 300 shows since '90, including every nye/horn tour/halloween/red rocks/japan shows since then, and this show was definately one of the very best shows I've ever seen. In my opinion th best since the hiatus. It reminded me of big birch 94 or darien lake 2000, in that it was a small show, uncrowded, and even though the whole vibe was super chill, the crowd was raging. Every song is sick, really super sick. I'm super glad my plane had a layover in SLC and I just decided to leave the airport and not get back on the connection. I count myself lucky to have witnessed this bomb drop. Get the tape and hear for yourself.
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:49:43 -0600 From: JAcob Sims Subject: utah review, 7-15-03 I typically do not write reviews, but this show cannot go without recognition. First off, the new venue is just spectacular, the archetecture and acustics are amazing. The stage isdesinged toblend inwith the wasatch mountains behind it. The lot scene was very chill, no overpressing securtity and there was allowed camping. Anyways the afternoon started with the soundcheck, the boys were playing really well as a nice crowed gathered to listen, I heared my first Scents and Subtle Sounds during the check, which is a good song. Trey acknowledged their good mood and excitment during the check when he waved to the crowed and simply said "UTAH" ACDC BAG, great opener and verywell, This song has always been one of my favorites, and therefore never dissapoints. YA MAR, my wife and I love this song, I have not heared it since Big Cypress, so we were very happy to hear it. The sun was begining to set and this song fit perfect. THEME FROM THE BOTTOM--After many big songs being played at Shoreline and the Gorge, I had a feeling this one was coming. I never wanted to bring it up to anyone, because I really wanted to hear it. This was really played well and only testified to us that we were in for a great show. SAW IT AGAIN--total rock song, I always like this song everytime I hear it, good placement and kept the vibe going POOR HEART-another great tune--I never complain when I hear this TWO VERSIONS OF ME and SECRET SMILE--these are nice songs, especially 2 Versions, my mind needed a breather after all the great songs, this was great placement. MIKES---all one has to say here is Mikes in the first set--whoa. When they went in to this I turned to my brother and said this was worth waiting in the rain forfour hours for tickets (we both missed out on the lottery). Mike was playedvery well as was Paug, I will never get enough of these tunes. First set totally rocked every song was played perfectly, noflubs, theboys were very tight and right on with one another. The second set was pure bliss, The band could not have planned this out, everysong segued into one another like it wsa natural, best music I have heared in years. MR COMPLETELY-They teased this during the sound check, but I honestly did not expect it. Thirty minutes long, I really thought they were only going to play this one song, I would havebeen happy. This song was awesome really it needs a listen as does this whole show, from here the insanity snuck in> LOW RIDER, another song from left field, verycool, nice groove> BBFCFM>BURIED ALIVE>BBFCFM>HAHAHA>BBFCFM> MR COMPLETLY..that says enough, pure improv with everything souding so natural and played with purpose, lights were insane, life was insane> SPREAD IT ROUND-a new tune, and very cool, I though it sounded rather poppy, but at this point thatswhat was needed, I really liked and I hope it becomes one of the greats, the jam was sweet and the band seemed to enjoy it as well. WOTC--this song was played great every version gets betteras it gets played more. This is a great Phish tune. First time I heared it live in person, and it sounded great. GOLGI--I though that was going to end it and I was satisified, who can complain aboutgolgi--"I saw you"..but no SLAVE--another tune out of nowhere and right on point..This put an exclamation point on an epicset and show. No flubs perfect music. Encore--Slepping Monkey--I havealways loved this song and it sent me home happy. Trey wanted to play another tune it seemed, but mike left the stage with Trey getting ready to start another one--classic, and just like that it was over. I will say, after forking over the high price for the ticket, I was really skeptical. Phish has always been there for the phans and the ticket prices are a little high this tour. I will say that I got my$45.00 worth, and I am reaffirmed that Phish rocks, thank you!!
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 17:21:30 -0500 From: Sean C. Colin Subject: Review SLC 7/15/03 Review 7/15/03 USANA Amphitheatre Salt Lake City, Utah After reading numerous reviews of shows past as well as Summer Tour '03, I am inspired to contribute with some thoughts. I am also hoping this will provide some spark because I am waiting anxiously to see what the rest of you thought of this show. This was my first show since Shoreline in 1999. I would have to say that the last set of Phish I saw was one of the most amazing displays of music I have ever seen. I really did not know what to expect for 7/15, but was excited all day to see the Boys. The USANA Amphitheatre is a brand new facility here in scenic (not really) West Valley, Utah. My first impression of the venue was it's lack of character. Perhaps once they get some trees planted or some sort of landscape it will be better. The status quo is a venue in BFE surrounded by gravel parking lots. I arrived around two hours before 7.30 and was stoked to see a rather healthy lot scene. The lot reminded me of Shoreline, one major league lot and minor league for the rest. It has been a hot summer here in Utah and like anything else it was toasty. However nothing like Cricket in Phoenix. I was amazed once I entered the gates to see the lack of people. The crowd was indicative of Fall '98 when those of us who attended witnessed a special treat (Dark Side of the Moon, E Center). The lawn seating is great and is relatively close to the pavilion, really rather intimate I thought. Set I : AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar, Theme, Saw it Again, Poor Heart, Two Versions of Me, Secret Smile, Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug I was delighted to see the first set take off IMO. Again this was my first show in quite a stint and I thought Trey was slaying it. I love Ya Mar as a first set pick me up and the Theme had a nice tenor that kept the energy flowing. After reading the reviews of the tour up until this point, I would go along with the first set meltdown after Theme. I am not super familiar with Saw it Again, 2 versions, and Secret Smile. This was a good spot to sit down. Poor Heart is fun for a relatively short tune, but I needed something else. I never get tired of hearing Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug. I don't feel like my ears are overly critical, this is to say this Mike's was better, or worse, uninspired, or et cetera. I think it is a rad sequence of music. Overall the first set left something to be desired. Set II : Mr. Completely -> Low Rider > BBFCM > Buried Alive -> BBFCM > Ha Ha Ha>BBFCM> Mr. Completely > Spread it Round, Walls of the Cave, Golgi, Slave, E : Sleeping Monkey The second set again dipped into unfamiliar territory. Mr. Completely, new song, never heard it before. I always love when Trey and the boys dive into something quirky and unexpected. Low rider was hilarious, segueing into BBFCM. BBFCM is another tune I get a kick out of. I was glad to see this live, as I would classify it as a rarity these days. Again Phish getting after it like you may not expect. BBFCM is Phish punked out for me, it makes me laugh, this is why we spend hours listening to this band, so dynamic. Spread it Round, another new song. I enjoyed the intermingling of the jam. Lyrically the repetition is very Caspian like. Walls of the Cave, another great jam into a rocking Golgi. I love the musical crescendo the band created with the second set jams, then crash into a tune like Golgi Apparatus. Slave was a nice second set closer. I was stoked to hear this since I had not heard it in at least four or five shows. Page sounded great, crisp and driving piano licks. I give sleeping monkey 5/10 for the encore. I really would have liked a funked out Moma Dance or Antelope, Tweezer, NICU, or Loving Cup. The '03 Shoreline shows featured some of these so you never know. The second set was worth the price of admission. I also looked around and noted that the crowd had swelled considerably since the first set. Kuroda killed it with the lights and I thought the jams were super. When I watch Trey specifically, it never ceases to amaze me at how much sonic bliss he creates with such subtle playing. I really like Mike's new sound also. He seems to have bold, wet sound these days IMO. At the end of the night I gave this show probably 7 or 8/10. Some of my phellow phriends ventured to the Gorge for summer '03 and commented they felt this show was one of the better of the tour so far. I wish I was at Bonner tonight to wet my appetite for Alpine and Deer Creek. I am so glad to see Trey, Mike, Page, and Jon doing what they do. Just some thoughts from a phan after a long hiatus from the scene. I tend to not be very critical of the dynamics of the music, hearing flubs, missed changes, and et cetera. Thank you for reading and I wish you good spirits and health for the rest of the tour. Sean-boy Slc, ut scolin@voile -usa.com
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 12:54:16 -0700 From: Jeff Hytoff Subject: 7/15/03 I have never written a show review (and usually don't read most of them because I find that the people writing them usually have no clue due to inexperience or other factors) ,however, I noticed there were no reviews yet for what happened in Utah on Tuesday night and I can't resist... I really didn't know what to expect at the lot/scene because I figured many people would skip the venue and head to the midwest but it's summertime so you never know. The lot was nice, no extras anywhere (plenty on sale at the box office as half the lawn was filled and about of the pavilion seating was full. I went to the show with 3 other people (none of which have never seen the band perform live and only one of the three had actually heard a tape. It was refreshing because they didn't know what a classic tune was as opposed to a new tune. Now to the show... No security in sight just some strange girl who was offering condoms to people in the middle of a thick ACDC Bag opener...on to Yamar (nice tune always to hear during a summertime first set)- 2nd real treat after the Bag was Theme. My friend had mentioned that this was a song he would love to hear (since this was one of the songs he has heard and liked a lot) and there it was...jammed out beautifully as always!! Saw it Again, Poor Heart, and a few nice new tunes lead up to the first of many blowout jams....as the sunset faced the band and the gorgeous mountains surrounded everyone there, I figured a Divided Sky was perfect for the setting and was pleasantly surprised when Mike's Song had arrived. It arrived alright...fully jammed out to the max into the gorgeous Hydrogen into a 20 minute Weekapaug that lasted so long that it was now dark outside. What a way to send us to a setbreak!! Now the sick crazyness begins...Mr. Completely* -> Low Rider > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Buried Alive -> BBFCFM > Ha Ha Ha > BBFCFM > Mr. Completely > Spread It Round*, Walls of the Cave, Golgi Apparatus , Slave to the Traffic Light - holy cow!!! The first 50 minutes of the 90 minute set was Mr. Completely* -> Low Rider > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars > Buried Alive -> BBFCFM > Ha Ha Ha > BBFCFM > Mr. Completely- with some of the finest work these guys have ever done. I have been to so many classic shows that I can't sit here and say that what I heard was the best single show but what they did the other night has to rank in the top 15 that I have seen. They were on FIRE! Mr. Completely->Low Rider made up about 35 minutes of the classic segue in which the band seemed to reach new heights of awareness and growth...the BBFCFM was an unexpected delight which lead to a slowed down shorter version (one verse) of Ha Ha Ha that I have never heard before on any CD/tape or live in concert and that lead right back into BBFCFM. Throw in a Buried Alive in this and everyone should listen to the madness once the CD is available. Before we knew it they were right back into the Ghost-like jamming of Mr. Completely!! I just sat there shaking my head as did everyone in the audience...completely in awe of what we just saw. I was lucky enough to check out some historical caves just hours before the show and I think the band might have visited the same area because a 25 minute full out jammed Walls of the Cave followed a very nice new song entitled Spread it Round (soon to be an audience favorite in my opinion). Golgi was a nice flash to the past (although it was very fresh to my friends who had never heard it). The only way to end the amazing night was with a song that has always been a favorite and one that was rumored to be shelved...As the stars and mountains surrounded us on a beautiful night the Slave never seemed as if it would en never left my face as I looked up and once again sent my thanks to the man upstairs for giving us this band and that wonderful night in Utah! What else but the high pitched sounds of Fishman's vocals would follow as Sleeping Monkey sent us back to the lot after one of the best shows I have ever seen! Peace and love, Jeff Hytoff jhytoff@rfpexpress.com
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:10:24 -0400 From: Piper2Twist@aol.com Subject: utah review hi pholks. Just to start, anyone who says that the shows are boring or contrived is not listening. Even though Phish may not be jamming like its '95 or funkin it up like '97 they are in a new space that kicks ass. Their new style of jamming is both intriguing and interesting. Anyone who skipped DSOTM Utah and this show will surely be there next time. Phish has made a statement about playing in Utah and it will kick ass for years to come. And yes, the music in the second set was as goos as the setlist looked.Anyone who thinks Phish can't pull intense shit out anymore is dead wrong...Now for the show: AC/DC BAG: great opener. Just as good as the shoreline bag from a few nights ago. Some great funky jamming. YA MAR: Tell 'em what it is! Great. Love it when Mike sings. trey did some nice light soloing through the end. THEME:Yes! I was hoping for anything off Billy Breathes. The romping, turning jam at the end built and built. SAW IT AGAIN: Standard. I sat for this one. POOR HEART: Same heart, different night. 2 VERSIONS: New song. Not quite sure what to think yet. I think all of the new songs I've seen so far in '03 need some germination time on stage. The crowd was intent on listening closely to this one. SECRET SMILE: A Trey song. Again it was hard to gauge because I had nothing to compare it to. Everyone seemed to like it though. MIKES>HYDROGEN>WEEK:Judging from the tour, these songs are back in full force. They tore it up at Shoreline and tonight kicked ass also. The chords right before Hydrogen been different these past two times. happier, more upbeat and the weekapaugs have had a techno jam at the end (apparently because Mike has been listening to a lot of sound tribe lately.) Great set closer and a foreshadow of things to come. SET II MR COMPLETELY> One of my fav songs from Trey. I was wondering if they would ever play this. The way the songs just turns and rolls is great for Phish. they fucking romped through this and went into... LOW RIDER> as the jam melted into this, people started freaking out when they realized it was this song. Totally random. Mike brought the bassline in really subtly and then the band piled on top of him. They haven't played this in tears. Great cowbell. Then into.... BBFCFM> Why do I try and kill you? Sick. cause your a... BURIED ALIVE> WTF?!?!?!? At this point most people were losing their shit. Phish still hadn't stoppped playing since the set opened...They haven't played this in years it seems, and it rocked...and then back to... BBFCFM> More insanity. Still going. Nothing outlasts a second set of Phish...Then... HAHAHA> Makes sense stuffed between the big black furry creature...and to finish the sandwich...> MR COMPLETELY> I called this halfway through Buried. I just knew they were going to wrap everything back up. Just like the Dead and their 'Playin sandwiches'. This is circa mid-nineties Phish jamming. An hour without stopping, and still going into... SPREAD IT ROUND: More new stuff. Seemms to be the theme of the tour. This was a nice breather after the sheer insanity that preceeded it. Get the tapes. WALLS: A new arena anthem. The end just goes and goes. GOLGI: I saw you!!!! SLAVE: Great closer. Everyone needed something old school to wrap up this epic night. S MONKEY: better than some encores, lamer than others. Would have liked something a bit more rocking, but after that 2nd set, who cares? there is a lessont o be learned here: Don't miss Utah! Ever!
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