7-11-00 -- Deer Creek - Noblesville, Indiana

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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:21:17 -0400
From: Dan Rapp danrapp@one.net
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: top line review: 7.11.00
With this post you'll get only the highest highlights of the show -- the kind
of stuff that makes you "need that tape."
It's going to be outshadowed by the "Chalkdust reprise," but DROWNED held it's
own in a set that could easily looked back on as "one of *those* sets."
Page kicked ass in a song that relies heavily on piano in certian parts.  No
disappointment here.  He comes through, with Trey delivering his share of the
Of course, CHALKDUST REPRISE and MOBY DICK are the truly unique aspects of
this show.
This is one of those shows that you'll want on tape, and if you were there,
then you'll *really* want it on tape b/c it was pretty special -- the band was
really having fun.
catch you on fall tour,

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:18:25 -0700 From: Ted Tilton TedT@telera.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 7/11/00 Deer Creek Review My phirst run at a review after seeing 38 shows, so here goes nuthin!! After a somewhat awkward but fun first night at the Creek, we were well rested with a lazy day at the campsite -- we reserved a spot at Timber Ho which turned out to be the best choice we could have made. If you could get past the occasional whiff of manure from the piggie homes in the Northeast corner, everything else about the grounds rocked. The owners did an exceptional job of keeping the porto-potties clean -- and we all know how key that is! But the best part was being as far away from the venue and Dead Creek as we were -- made for a very quiet evening quite conducive to SLEEP, and a refreshing break from the sound of those fucking nitris tanks. Great shuttle service to and from Dead Creek campground, but the best option we found for the show was to get in the car and drive -- we learned the hard way on night #1 that walking was truly painful and the shuttles were not as efficient at that time. Anyway, on to the show. SET 1 YA MAR: nothing too awe-inspiring. Just straight up and groovy, Leo, and got things off on the right foot. MOMMA DANCE: loved the funked up intro, as usual. It was apparent right away that Mike was going to have a good night, and his foundation for this tune got me into a trance early. Also thought Trey was listening particularly hard to Mike and playing some super funky counters to Mike's occasional alterations to the basic line. UNCLE PEN: great solos by both MG and Trey. Crowd was really into the country/bluegrass groove -- danced hard, and the lawn was firing up phatty's left and right. Of course, we added to the mix with a little Colorado-kighnd of our own. DROWNED: this one caught me by surprise -- I was expecting the boys to continue with a little more hoe-down or maybe dip into a tripster. But it fit perfectly and kept me groovin. One of the better songs of the night, and I noticed again the back and forth between Trey and MG. DROWNED/CHALK: w-e-i-r-d!!! We were laughing our asses off. Felt like something out of Spinal Tap! Fishman was tripping me out with his little "torture" echoes. Nothing I love more than to see the band having so much fun with a jam. CHALKDUST: always rocks every time I've heard it -- this one was particularly rev'd up, probably a symptom of the fun intro which preceded it. Trey was throwing out some nasty licks on the final jam. THEME FROM THE BOTTOM: one of my favorite cuts from that album, and I'd only heard it live once before. Very tasty playing by all the boys from start to finish. CAVERN: Come on Trey -- whattup wit the lyrics? At least he had fun with it. SET 2 2001: I was really ready to rock to something spacey, and the boys hit the nail right on the head. MG continued his fluid performance from the first set and set up Trey nicely throughout. CK, you are the man!! This tune always focuses me in on PM cuz I love that Rhodes sound so much. One of the better 2001s I've heard, and brought back serious memories of Lemonwheel. DWD: Nice, nice, nice. MG is da man! MOBY DICK: Oh how I loves da LZ jams. I knew the set was going to be especially fun when I noted Trey's ear-to-ear on the big screens. Nice abrupt switch back into DWD. Energy level seemed to kick up another notch on the lawn -- people were now officially done with the booze and the grass and settling in for the long shake. RUNAWAY JIM: Just what I needed to keep my bones-a-shiftin'. Again the Trey-Mike-Trey thing really caught my ear. It was almost as if Trey was trying to convince Mike that they were destined for craziness the rest of the set. Turned out to be true as they shifted right back into Moby Dick -- smiles all the way around, baby. I thought Trey was going to pop a vein! GBOTT: I had not heard this tune live since buying the CD and I was ready for it, as was my entourage. We jumped around like kids at the carnival. I was particularly anxious to hear what Trey/PM would do with the out-jam, as I always hated the abrupt ending on the CD. They did not disappoint! Love the patch Trey uses for the solo -- really digs into you deep and soulful. What? BACK into Moby Dick? Yowser. What? BACK into GBOTT? Freakin' HILARIOUS. You gotta love it. HOOD: The perfect song to bring people slightly back down to earth. Luscious jam after Mr. Minor -- I'm a big fan of the pretty piano to start the build. Sweet lights and glostick war, although I was hoping for more from the crowd. The pavilion was lame about participating, but fuck it -- it's all about the groove, and this one was superb. What? BACK into Moby Dick? Enough already!! HYHU -- LOVE YOU: Couldn't have asked for a better addition to an already hilarious set! Dude -- Fish was on it. He sings better and better every time. The Russell Crow thing was perfect as we had just seen Gladiator. The sprints around the stage and hammed-up bows sent us into hysterics! You gotta love em, folks. I was particularly impressed with Trey's drumming tonight -- he busted out a solo like I'd never heard! Trey, bro -- you missed your calling! MORE MOBY DICK -- YES! CHARACTER ZERO: I'm a big fan of this tune and was happy to hear it. Nice closer that rocks! FIRST TUBE: I thought I'd heard too much of this tune lately, but this version really sucked me in and it's obvious the band enjoys messing around with it. What? BACK into Moby Dick? Blaphm!! CHALK PRELUDE: The perfect end to a humorous and ultra-jammin' set. Trey's intro of "The Phish" was almost surreal, but sent the crowd off feeling like they had really seen/heard something special. I laughed and gloated all the way out of the venue. Not to end things on a sour note, but I was extremely upset about the behavior of Noblesville's finest when we got to the lot. Some dude was having a bad trip and six or seven cops were making it worse by pinning him down on a gurney. The security punks were yelling "step back! He's having a bad trip and might die, you idiots!" This showed their immaturity to the Nth degree and made me almost sick to my stomach. Was thinking there might have been a riot, as the crowd was extremely upset about how they were treating this dude -- hope he's alright. Keep on truckin' -- TT
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 20:51:30 -0400 From: David Granger dgranger@columbus.rr.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 7/11/00 ripass
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:51:24 GMT From: Travis Vande Berg travisvb@hotmail.com To: dws@archive.phish.net, rmp@archive.phish.net Subject: 7/11/00 Deer Creek Review Recap: Two plumb-tuckered-out Iowans (me via Chicago) in awe of a rawked out day one at Deer Creek prepare for day two (their last day, sniff). Ahhh... after a much-needed good night's sleep, Brian and I woke up to much cooler weather and the sound of what I came to discover was a Wetlands show from 1990. (Thank you whoever you were. I forgot to even get your names.) Grilled some brats and grilled cheese, drank some beer, and prepared for night two. Left a little earlier today because I wanted to be in the first or second row of the lawn which we did accomplish. (Note: Deer Creek lawns rock!) Found a nice patch of grass and waited for the opening notes of set I. A quick hello to the nice girls behind us from the Chicago suburbs (sorry - forgot your names). It was nice to meet you. You got your Fish song! SETLIST 7/11/00 DEER CREEK, NOBLESVILLE, IN I: Ya Mar*, Moma Dance, Uncle Pen, Drowned -> Jam -> Drowned Reprise, Chalkdust Torture Prelude, Chalkdust Torture, Theme from the Bottom, Cavern II: 2001@ -> Down with Disease -> Moby Dick -> Down with Disease Reprise, Runaway Jim -> Moby Dick, Get Back on the Train -> Moby Dick -> Get Back on the Train, Harry Hood*@^ -> Moby Dick, HYHU -> terrapin -> AC/DC Bag^^(?) -> Love You -> HYHU -> Moby Dick^^ -> HYHU, Character Zero E: First Tube -> Moby Dick -> Chalkdust Torture Prelude Reprise * Trey on keys @ Glowring war ^ Moby Dick tease in intro ^^ with Fish on vaccum YA MAR: "Pay it, Leo!" Yes! I've said it before, I'll say it again: Play it, Leo = great show. First song tonight. This is such a fun song and something of a rarity so it was fantastic to hear. I've got a hell of a lot more energy for this show than night one, and I'm ready to use all of it. Great way to start! MOMA DANCE: Great, great, sick version. I was getting down with the funk on this one. The whole crowd was into it. Fish's voice just keeps getting better and better and he did so well on this. UNCLE PEN: Don't get me wrong - I like the song, and it's always great to hear Mike sing, but I really wasn't in the mood for a bluegrass number here. We had the funk going, and this seemed something of a letdown IMO. It was over soon enough, though, and I heard the welcomed opening of... DROWNED -> JAM -> DROWNED REPRISE: Now this is what I was in the mood to hear Mike sing! Pretty standard rocking version that led into a great jam. The jam featured a short but excellent bass and drum jam by Mike and Fish as well. I'm never quite sure when to lable something a -> Jam, but I labeled this one because the jam lost all decernable Drowned qualities. Other setlists that I have seen don't label it a jam. Can someone enlighten me on the use of the "-> jam"? The jam eventually led back into a short Drowned Reprise with a false ending. Very nice overall. Really rocked out nicely. CHALKDUST TORTURE PRELUDE: I guess that's what I'm going to call it. This was just crazy-fun. The best way I can think of to describe it would be as sounding a lot like some kind of bizarre theme song for a '70-era TV show called Chalkdust Torture. As for lyrics, it was just the words Chalkdust Torture repeated over and over followed by a periodic "Chalkdust, chalkdust, chalkdust, chalkdust! Chalkdust Torture!" It was just incredibly fun, and Trey had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face for the entire thing. It was obviously planned and the band got a big kick out of playing it. Not surprisingly, it was followed up by... CHALKDUST TORTURE: The real deal. The band was still in fun spirits after the CDT Prelude and this version was rocking and fun. Great guitar work by Trey. The crowd was really into it as well and sang along with much of it. Dance fever, kids. THEME: My first time one. I was really excited to hear it and was not disappointed. It's just such a good song and it made for a really nice follow-up to Chalkdust. CAVERN: Eh? Cavern? A set closer already? Standard. Trey botched a lyric, but it was a nice way to end the set. It seemed like a really short set. Brian looked at me confusedly and asked how many songs they'd played. When I told him, he commented that it seemed short as well. After all, the sun hadn't even completely set yet. Set break was nice. It was a lot cooler than the day before which made it much nicer to relax. We met a wonderful girl named Tabatha from North Carolina, and we traded travel, concert, life, and moonshine (Carolina moonshine!) stories before some hugs and she had to go look for her friends. (If you read this, Tabatha, thanks for the bracelets and hope you had a good, safe trip home.) I was in exceptional spirits now and could feel that my newly aquired bracelet and so-far good karma were really going to pay off in set II. The lights went off and the fun began. 2001: Fuck yea! I called this 2001 -> DWD to open set II, marking the second time (12/31 afternoon Jim) that I've called a set opener. I wanted to hear three songs for sure at the Creek: 2001, DWD, and Runaway Jim - this was my set! ;) Brian looked at me near the beginning of the song and asked if this is what he thought it was. I said yes and told him that it meant that we were in for a great set. I was not to be proven wrong. Mike was PHAT! Dropping big old bass bombs left and right. Great version of this with outstanding lights. (Fantastic to see after my last and relatively lightless 2001 at Big Cypress.) I felt a segue coming after the last 2001 climax. Would it be? Could it be? -> DOWN WITH DISEASE: At this point, I became "phan-boy," jumping up and down, pumping my fist with an extatic "YES!" In this moment, I relived the awe, amazement, and joy of my first Phish show. It was fantastic! This moment was what Phish is all about. Great version that jammed out so well. I was so into it at this point, that most of the song is just one big joyous blur, but a great one! Then, unexpectedly, it segued into... -> MOBY DICK: More "phan-boy". ;) Brian, being a big Zeppelin fan, had a big ol' grin on his face, and I think at that point he was convinced that I was right about the second set being huge. Excellent drum solo by Fish and we were headed back into... -> DOWN WITH DISEASE REPRISE: Yea! I looked up and to my right across the crowd (we were second rock lawn just left of center) and got goosebumps. The whole place was just grooving down. It was motion everywhere I looked highlighted by CK's light. Simply amazing. Whew... they brought DWD reprise to a close, and I wiped the sweat off my face. RUNAWAY JIM: If I wasn't already convinced, this is when I knew that this would be one of "those sets". I've never had a show like this where I've heard so many songs that I had really wanted to hear coming in. Great Jim with an excellent jam that led into the crowd pleasing return of... -> MOBY DICK: Smiles, cheering, dancing. The band rocked out again. The drum solo part came up again, and Trey looked up at Fish. Fish thought about it for a second and passed on it, instead bringing the song to a close. GBOTT: Probably one of my favorite songs off the new album. Outstanding version with an ending jam that headed into (It couldn't be? Not again? Seriously?)... -> MOBY DICK: Rock and roll. No drum solo. Interesting but very nice transition back into... -> GBOTT: Short reprise. The band, especially Trey, is very humored with the whole Moby Dick thing, and the crowd is simply eating it up. HARRY HOOD: Yet another song I love. Moby Dick (surprise, surprise, surprise) teases in the intro - Mike first, then Trey, then Fish. Excellent version that featured Trey on keys for a bit as well as two (one rather weak and one solid, altough neither as cool as night one's Jiboo war) glowstick wars. Tonight you definitely *can* feel good about Hood! Jamming at the end led (by now predictably) into... -> MOBY DICK: Standard (hee-hee, that's crazy to even type here). No drum solo. I was slightly nervous that this might be it for set two, but no. Things were to get even crazier. HYHU -> tarrapin: Yes! A Fish (or, er... Russell Crowe!) song! Page started up HYHU and Trey took over the drums while Fish made his way to the stage. He had a discussion with the rest of the band as he decided what to perform. "I love this song" led into Love You. Fish's voice sounded *so* good. I know that most of the time Fish's songs are good for a laugh and the entertainment value, but he does Love You so well. It was really beautiful. He finished up and reached for the vacuum... -> AC/DC BAG: Okay, okay... I know that lots of people are going to look at my setlist and this write up and think I'm nuts, but I tell you this: I'm 98% sure that the band performed an instrumental version of AC/DC Bag here with Fish playing Trey's guitar part on vacuum. If this wasn't AC/DC Bag, it was *damn* close and almost certainly contained heavy teases of it. After the show I thought that maybe, just maybe, I had imagined it, but I heard someone else in the crowd comment on it. Did anyone else here this? Please let me know. Anyway, the vacuumized Bag finished and Fish put the vacuum down before continuing with another verse of... -> LOVE YOU -> HYHU: One verse of Love You followed by a very short HYHU during which Fish bowed and may or may not have run across the stage (too much to remember by this point). Suddenly, HYHU led into... -> MOBY DICK -> HYHU: Moby Dick with Page playing the lead guitar part on keys and Mike and Trey hammering along. Fish introduces the band and then reintroduces Trey giving him the cue to bust into the drum solo. Goddamn! Trey was all over the drum solo! I was absolutely in awe. It was just amazing. A little voice in the back of my head wondered if, in this set of craziness, this could possibly lead into a rotation jam, but it didn't and the band headed back into HYHU during which Fishman went nuts. He did no less than six laps of the entire stage, arms raised, bowing. He grabbed an inflatable cactus from someone in the front row and leaned it against Mike, stopping only to "Vanna White" his new art work to the cheering crowd, before continuing with his laps around the stage. It was absolutely crazy! Fish returned to drums, the band settled down a bit, and headed into... CHARACTER ZERO: Ah... the set closer. It had to come sooner or later. I'm not a big fan of Character Zero, but at this point, it didn't matter as I danced and danced. No segue into Moby Dick (a noteworthy point in this set :). The band left the stage and the cheering was deafening as we prepared for what was almost certain to be an incredible encore. FIRST TUBE: I like this as an encore song (consider this my addition to the favorite encore thread). It's got good, solid dancing groove and energy and keeps the crowd going. Nice version which led into... -> MOBY DICK: There it is again! The band is obviously really enjoying this, and I expected it to finish up the show. The band had different ideas however, and started playing the crazy theme to... -> CHALKDUST TORTURE PRELUDE REPRISE: How's that for a song name? :) The whole place erupted as we all sang along and danced. Trey was laughing on stage and chimed in a couple of thank yous from the band (and Russell Crowe), introduced CK and some of the rest of the team, and gave us a unique send off: "We're 'The Phish' from Burlington, Vermont. If this wasn't enough and you want more check out our book and movie!" followed by some laughter. I think that this was in joking reference to the Phish write-up in the Deer Creek upcoming events program, but I'm not sure. WOW! This was the most fun Phish show that I have ever been to. It may or may not have been the best musically. I don't have any idea. I was simply having far too much fun to even care. A first set with a wacky Chalkdust Torture variation, a fun Ya Mar, and my first Theme followed by a second with a seemingly personalized setlist featuring 2001>DWD, a Fish song, and a reoccurring Moby Dick theme! Outstanding! Brian and I were both blown away. MEANINGLESS RATINGS: **Note: Probably even more "objectively" meaningless than usual as they are most definitely distorted by my personal *enjoyment* of the show.** Set I: 6.5/10 Set II: 9/10 Encore: 8/10 In closing, I'm very saddened to be writing this review today in Chicago instead of preparing for night three at Deer Creek which will almost certainly be fantastic. Brian had to work tomorrow in Iowa so we were only able to do two of the three nights. Have a good show to all those going tonight. And to everyone else, I wish that each and everyone of you can have a show like I had last night where you are so utterly blown away and have so much pure, amazing fun that you relive the first time. It's so great to have been a newbie again for one night. May you all be granted the same! If you have any comments or anything about either of my Deer Creek reviews, please feel free to drop me a line! Thanks for reading, Travis
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:04:08 -0700 From: Greg Peeler harpua13@theglobe.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Deer Creek 2 7/11/00 Deer Creek II Words for the day: (Everybody together now)"CHALKDUST TORTURE....." Every now and then they drop a bomb on you. One of those shows you remember forever and people talk about years later...OJ, Gamehoist, Wipeout... I consider it a special gift from the band, a true treasure that only happens about once a year, if that. Wow, boyz and girlz, this was it. This was da bomb. I took like three days for me to get my head back on straight (I think it was the rain in Columbus that brought me back) after this. Four shows from the end of tour and It didn't matter what they played to me after tonight. Heres how it went down. It started on a good note as the showers they predicted for the area never materialized. Looks like someone was smiling on us tonight. Spent most of the afternoon lounging by the water at the edge of shakedown and talking to random kids, I love meeting random people at shows and shooting the shit with them, you meet so many interesting people from other parts of the country. I never did find the people I was trying to hook up with even with cellular tech, oh well, I found some peeps I knew inside. Not wanting to miss a second of music I went in early for me at 7:00 and whiled away on the lawn until they hit the stage at the usual 7:35. I love Yamar as an opener, especially on sunny warm days. Dancing the calypso in the sun, an offbeat way to start a show that was a little out of the ordinary. A great big dive into DA FUNK was on the plate next. The notation on Gadiels page is right on, sick sick sick, I was all about Moma and they are finally getting it to the point where! it can consistantly be as good as Black Eyed Katie used to be. This one was better. The kids ate it up, absolutely ate it up. Now for some Bluegrass as I get yet another Uncle Pen this tour, OK, I can live with that a little better than i could in Raliegh and the lawn is dancing up a storm. Then IT happened, the whole night changed course and nothing was off limits. The boys kick in Drowned, the place just explodes, and they respond. Another case of the band using the crowd as an extra member, when they are on, everybody is in sync and as one we give the band a hose right back in their faces. This Drowned was absolutely incredible, the jam just flat out raged for a long long time. The energy was just insane, building and building, a must have jam. After some awesome start/stop jamming (mmmm...start/stop jamming) the band ends up the tune kinda abruptly. Psych, they start back up again of course, I was actually ready for it, and end up in.....what the hell!!!!! Ive heard this before!!!!!!! "Chalkdust Tortureeeeeeee!" I recalled this immediately from the 12/10/94 Santa Monica encore where I had it labeled as Chalkdust Reprise. Needless to say I went out of my skull. It did help that I new exactly what they were doing. It was really really cool, just a good old rock/roll riff with the words "Chalkdust Torture" over and over into a buildup that has them (mostly Fish, I think a couple of the others may have taken a turn, forgive if Im wrong on that:) ) saying "Torture...Torture...." before bringing it around to the chorus again over and ove runtil the crowd is in an absolute frenzy, dancing laughing and saying "Whafuck" all at the same time. Naturally, the band slams into a superenergetic CDT immediately afterwards and everyone goes "whoa" as they take up a notch, great CDT. Then they decide to bring it down a little, for me though, Theme isn't a bringdown. For a low-key song it gets pretty intense, nice placement as well. "Keep whats important and know who's your friend" always! Top it off with a good old raging Cavern and man, nice energetic set. I needed a break afetr that. After the standard 50min smokeout, it's time to go. Anecdote! : I'm sitting on the lawn chilling and it's getting about that time. I turn to my homie and say "Watch this, Im gonna make the band come out. Within 5 drags of lighting this cigarette." It took three actually :0) Did it again the second night in Polaris too! hee hee. A phriend had called 2001 to start set two. I agreed with him so it was no real big shock when they dropped 2001 to start set II, although it did sound like DwD for a sec (foreshadow) long intro, but a relatively by the numbers 2001 which ment simply great. When they dove into DwD I admit I was slightly disappointed but uh...that changed. This DwD was the best Id seen them do and possibly one of the best Id ever heard. Trey was an absolute madman. He was ON, this was just a rockout from the get go and they extended it for a long time, Im not sure for how long but I guess about 17-18 minutes. Trey is hanging over the lip of the stage making rock and roll faces at the audience just feeding off our energy, once again band and audience are in perfect sync and the music just mutates into this all-encompassing force. My oh My, they are playing better as a band then Ive heard in years. And I don't really like that song that damn much! Or should I say didn't. After a while in the mid! dle of this amazing jam, Trey whips the band into Moby Dick. Third time ever to my knowledge. It took me a second to figure it out so i had to literally tell everyone within a five foot radius what song it was because nobody else knew. Geez, anyone out there have LedZepp 2? Well, now things got REALLY out of hand, Fish takes a drum solo (second one Ive heard him do this tour!) and Trey seamlessly leads the band back into DwD as the crowd completely loses it, delerious!! Then they start up Jim, awesome placement! Jim is Jim through the jam, but of course thats not the point tonight as they take it back into Moby Dick at the end and again everyone has a good laugh. I love GBOTT and this one was no exception , what a groovy tune. As they wind the jam down, what else should happen but...Moby Dick. Well, duh, of course why would anyone ever expect otherwise? Ah man, at this point I had to just laugh hysterically and did for the rest of the night every time they took a dip back in,! it completely cracked me up. Amazing, everybody is looking at each other with this wide eyed ear to ear grin (more so than usual) ...and then they drop into Harry Hood. Whoa. Man. Cool ass Moby Dick teases in the extended intro had everyone back on the ground, but when the song broke into the jam it was back to serious dancing for a while. Or at least trying to. Now I take up some space when I dance, but I totally watch out for other people. Especially when I don't know them. It's much more socially acceptable to bounce off a phriend. I also tend to dance with my eyes closed espcially to the post glowsicks Hood jams and Slave, thankfully I had my eyes open when the drunk fratboy types next to me (eating E for the first time as well :O( ) decided to have a hoedown in everybody elses dancing space, really rude to have to swing each other into pelple dancing around you, I was seriuosly about ready to stomp this one kid who couldn't understnd why it was wrong to knock into oth! ers who didn't really feel like slam dancing. Even after I very nicly explained it to him. I mean I used to do that shit at Bad Brains and Agnostic Front shows when I was a kid so I don't think he really would have wanted to get itno it, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. Anyway, the now standard dive back into Moby Dick leads us to the only Fish performance of the Summer. This was just sheer madness, I love Syd and I love Terrapin, most of the others got the deatils down right, the whole Russell Crowe schtick, Mike's Cactus, many many laps around the stage, a reeeeaaaalllly long vacuum solo, and the de rigour dip back into Moby Dick with Trey doing the honors. WOW. Charcter Zilch was whatever by that point, back into Moby Dick again....nah, not this time and I didn't hear any teases either, I'll have to check the tapes for that again. The kids ate it up though, the energy level was at critical mass. When it ended it was a big round of "Oh ny God" and "Holy Shit" ! interspread with "Wow" "Awesome" "Amazing" "Best show Ive ever seen" on everybodys lips. You gotta love it pholks. Nights like this are why I spend all my hard earned money and vactation time to listen to Phish. First Tube was a good encore choice great song to dance to very satisfying, back into...what else..Moby Dick!!!! Into....OH MY GAWD...Everybody now...."Chalkdust Tortureeeeee" "Torture" "Torture" some really cool banter by Trey "Were the Phish...read the book, see the movie" and then finally were done. This was one of those shows where everybody walkout stunned and silent except for the ramdom cries of "Chalkdust Torture." As I said, every once in a while they throw one down for the ages. This was one of them. Pretty much the opinion of everyone there, the best show of the Summer. And we still have one day to go.
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 22:38:23 -0400 From: stephanie m Da Silva stephyd1@juno.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 7/11/00 deer creek review i love deer creek. you know the setlist. here you go: Ya Mar - great. well played and an excellent way to get everyone grooving. Moma- oh shit, it's the phunk. not quite as jammed out as lakewood, but who cares? i felt the uncontrollable need to break it down. Uncle Pen- i love this tune. bluegrass is wonderful. Drowned- i almost died when page played the opening riff. seriously. the energy was great and the boys didn't take it down the rest of the show. ->Chalkdust Prelude- i've read reviews that say it was planned, but i just don't believe it. i was in the middle aisle at the very front (next to F) and i heard and saw everything. once they got into the phunk groove, trey and mike stepped towards each other and met at center stage. they conferred for a bit before speaking to page and fish. when they started singing, i lost it. hilarious spontaneity. i danced my ass off while grinning from ear to ear. ->Chalkdust- i knew it coming. everyone did. it was great, esp after the prelude. absolutely ripping. perfect high energy first set jam. Theme- beautiful. my first since 10/26/96. i waited a long time and was well rewarded. the textural jam in this song is perfect for standing with you eyes closed and taking it all in. that is exactly what i did. Cavern- alright, everyone has pointed out the lyric flub. however, i really thought trey was going to sing the alternate verse. maybe he couldn't make up his mind (or maybe he forgot the words to the other verse). anyway. it's cavern and it's always fun. setbreak- congestion. that about sums it up. 2001- short, sweet, spacephunk. i was a bit disappointed when trey started taking it down but it's their band. they obviously knew what they were doing. ->DWD- OH MY GOD! i don't think i had ever danced so hard in my life. ripping, raucous, raging. but i never expected.... ->Moby Dick- SWEET JESUS! have you ever seen a white boy jump 10 feet high? if so, i bet you saw me. i've read what people have said about the moby dick thing but everyone missed one important thing. they played all of moby dick, but it was separated into six parts. each >moby dick picked up where the previous left off. ->DWD- right back into the insaneness that was DWD. trey, you are my hero. ->Jim- jim isn't one of my favorites but the craziness preceding this one made me dance. it's not my favorite, but i loved every second. but, just when i thought my brain was safe..... -> Moby Dick- i thought i was dreaming. no way. not more. Back on Train- okay, the craziness had ended. i settled into the "train groove". i remember wondering if we would get some extended improv for the ending. i guess you could say we did. ->Moby Dick- my brain. stop the madness. i think this is where i started to catch the same song six part thing. i think this was also where page said, "you guys like moby dick, huh?". yes page, we do. ->Back on Train- this was one of those shows. ->Hood- i have seen quite a few hoods in the last few years. unfortunately, most of them have been encores. i just think it's so much better in the last half of second set. this one was right there. perfect. just what i needed to chill out a bit. but alas... ->Moby Dick- it's really isn't getting old. loved it. HYHU->Terrapin- someone said the pavilion wasn't participating...where were you? as soon as fishman stood up, everyone lost it. this was too much. stellar jamming, moby dick crazyness and now fishman. i was expecting to wake up any time. terrapin was good (and contrary to what some other reviewers have written, this was not Love You). the vacuum solo was fucking incredible. talk about phunk. the best vacuum solo i've ever heard. did everybody see the inflatable cactus? ->HYHU->MD->HYHU- we got a drum solo from trey. fishman ran about six or seven laps around the stage. moby dick. maybe they are all jedis. Character 0- i knew it had to end sometime. i've noticed that people seem down when they hear this song. i hope everyone is upset because it's the end of the set, not because of the song. it doesn't hold any surprises but it is so much fun. First Tube- AHHHHHH! insane. absolutley fucking great. perfect choice to make sure everyone left happy. they did a stop/start at the beginning that was really cool and this song packs such a punch. i would have been fine to end it then but wait, there's more... ->Moby Dick- i figured it was coming. after all, they had only played most of the song. loved it. ->Chalkdust Prelude- did not see this coming. it was great. absolutely wonderful. trey wished all the campers a good time and said, "Don't do anything we wouldn't do". i didn't. this was the best show i've ever seen. i don't think i've ever had as much fun as i did that night. the other deer creek shows were good, but IMO, 2nd night was "one of those shows". really. see you all this fall. chris
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 19:18:42 -0400 From: "Ballard, Mark" mballard@mww.com To: "'dws@www.phish.net'" dws@archive.phish.net Subject: deer creek night 2 A crazy one... By now you've all heard about the Chalkdust Torture chorus, you've all heard about the Moby Dicks, Fish introduced as Russell Crowe (the resemblance is admittedly uncanny). However, the funniest moment for me was a moment I've seen before, but never fully appreciated. During Drowned, something about Mike Gordon stepping up to the mic and singing, "set me freeeeeeee... set me freeeeeee..." Something about that just cracked me up. Not to mention it was the most amazing version (musically) of drowned I've ever heard... Great show, and I didn't even get to the "heady" M. Dance, the "dank" 1st Tube, or the STDisease... peace to the sarcastic. marcus camby
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:22:52 -0500 From: Michael Gagliano mgagliano@home.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: deer creek 7/11 3rd show of 6 on tour and this did not disappoint! Yamar opener with Trey assisting on keys. C'mon!!!!! What a great way to start the show. Moma absolutely tore the roof off. Trey doesn't usually stray from the normal lead, but tonight he did. And boy did he! I can easily say the best Moma I've ever heard. I can live without Uncle Penn, but a perfect chance to catch your breath before a 20 min Drowned. I had been waiting for this. Gordon is no Entwistle, but he played like him on this one! What a great Who song that doesn't get enough play. Gordo is the man. How about bringing back 5:15?! I personally didn't groove like a lot of the others to the Chalkdust/Reprise deal. However I'm always open to new structures and changes. I loved the Theme. Well played with Page really bangin' away on the keys against Trey's soloing. Cavern was expected and also well played with no lyric miscues. The second set was smoking! 2001>Disease was 30 min of heaven. First the meltdown of 2001 with the light show blowing us away. Then your everyday massive Disease jam that ended up at of all songs Moby Dick. You must be joking! Moby Dick then became the reprise of most of the songs throughout the show. Fishman did about a 2 min drum solo that to me seemed rare. Runaway was perfect. Nothing fancy, just straight ahead music. Train was a surprise for the second set and I was a little disappointed they didn't stretch it out more. I thought the killer Hood that followed would end the set, but was relieved when Trey kept his guitar on for HYHU. Fishman did his thing while Trey did a nice 30 sec solo Moby Dick style. Character Zero was as expected as Cavern and was solid, complete with the Trey theramin solo. I was shocked to hear 1st Tube as the encore considering Antelope the night before. This was complete with Chalkdust/Moby Dick reprises galore. I think you get the picture. What can you say - another awesome show!!!!!!! 3 left
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:09:32 -0500 From: Matthew Tabaka taba0012@freewwweb.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: deer creek review for 7-11-2000 Setlist note Fish performed Terrapin by Syd Barrett not love you as previously reported, as his hyhu song. This show was wonderful. I saw the entire alpine deercreek run. Good times throughout. Yamr was our opener, I had hoped to hear it and as they say 'yamar the perfecgt sunny summer opener' last time i saw it was in this position on a sunny evening at darien pac in '97, that was a great night, this one would too. Danceing continued in the form of a very cow funky version of Moma dance. Uncle Penn was well received by myself and the playing seemed tight. Mike continued with what was his 3rd of the first four songs lead vocals, on a nice drowned. what continued was interesting to say the least. "chalkdust torture" anthemic, rock n roll with a catchy chorus, I can't even form the sound in my head because i've yet to hear the tapes, for me it was one of those moments(they just keep providing). then the real mcCoy came next. theme was nice I hadn't seen it since fall 97 so it was thought to be a good choice and it seemed well played ( as was the whole run, i felt that they seemed tight and they committed very few flubbs IMHO.) cavern was cavern set two: also sprach was awesome as usual the lights had them as a silhouette aginst a very cloud city bespin carbon freezing chamber backdrop, blew my mind. DWD my first since the went and I proceeded to dance my ass off. >moby dick( the beginning of some very hose like music for the rest of the night. It morphed suddenly out of trey's guitar as i watched on the video screen( i forgot how awesome deer creek truly is) DWD reprise exicted me into my first runaway in 16 shows, well played more dick. gbott was just as fine of a farmhouse choice as one could want in this spot, inspiration in hood more dick, hyhu>terrapin! (because we 'are the fishes and all do...") hyhu was brilliant>hyhudick>hyhu the madness continues. charecter zero was a good closer. first tube was actually my second in three shows but this was excellent i was certainly not complaing by this point in the evening. oh nomore friggin dick, the madness would not end oh and a little "chaldust reprise was all we needed. this show was a rager, keeper or freakin mind melt whatever you needed.
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 22:07:01 PDT From: Kevin Liska runawayfox@hotmail.com To: dws@gadiel.com, dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Deer Creek (show 2) review Kevin Liska (PhreePhish) 7/11/00 Deer Creek (show 2) review another show, hence, another review..... The rain in the morning was a but of a downer (much wetness), but by showtime, all is well.... they start at 7:35. YaMar (11:35)- now THIS is how you open a show! The dancing vibes caught all. Very well played. Momma Dance (10:40)- Nothing like some Earth-shattering funk to bring us groovin' along this show. This was all fuuunk. Way out. Very nice. Uncle Penn (4:15)- Our set I call for bluegrass. Blazing as usual. Mike keeps us on our toes as usual. Drowned (16:24)- ...and here's where the show starts getting interesting. Some very nice playing (it's the Mike show!), guitar soloing, and then a nice groundwork jam. Things start heating up and they do a start/stop section. Great!. then..... Chalkdust?/Chalkdust Torture (12:40)- ..after the start/stop, they go into a happy rock jam and start singing "chalkdust Torture" (just those words) over it!...Torture?....Torture...(louder) ....torture?...... torture!....etc. This must be heard by all! it was great spontaneous playing at it's phinest. Naturally this lead to the real Chalkdust, and a sick one at that! this set is shaping up phantastically! Theme (9:24)- always a nice blend in this one. The crowd always seems to melt to this one. I love it. Cavern (4:45)- very hard. A very good version (Hey, Trey only messed the lyrics up once!), thus ending our set. And a very nice set at that! set break? ya, i guess there was one, i don't remember it though... and here we go again... 2001 (13:10)- Ck, CK, CK... I gotta hand it to ya. You always bring down the house with this one (with a little help by the audience light show). Oh ya, and they 4 guys on stage gave us a great jam to throw to also! Very straight forward and...well....great! This then moves us to the usual bass feedback, which can only mean....> DWD (16:05)- A very solid version. Great jamming (thoughb mostly Trey going off) at it's phinest. THEN, about 12-13 min. into it, out of nowhere, they somehow end up in Moby Dick with some great solos by Trey, and then, in the name of all things holy, for about 30-40 seconds (more or less), we are treated to a short DRUM SOLO by Fish! In that short time, he did things I didn't think was humanly possible! Oh my dear God he is awesome! Of course after that they reprise the end of DWD capping off an all but epic jam leading us to...> Runaway Jim (11:24)- Let the jamming begin! They flew through the song quite nicely and then the jam took off. They switched between various tight and spaced out jamming ((some of) the best of the evening(?)) with Fish taking the normal beat and bounds of the song to great places. And for some reason, somehow ended again into.. Moby Dick!, with more Trey solos, though no drum solo. Great!!!!! Get Back On The Train (7:10)- So very much fun (and very dancable)! A nice tight jam got us going, and OF COURSE, we ended into a... MOBY DICK jam, with once again great Trey solos and much fun developing. (anyone notice a pattern here yet?) Harry Hood (14:30)- AH yes, the Hood. The intro (with OF COURSE, a MOBY DICK tease in the raggae intro) and body are nalied as usual. The jam is very nice as usual (Plus a bonus glowstick war! I never heard of two in one show before?) A great jam then ends with the final note leading us to, OF COURSE, (you guessed it)... a MOBY DICK jam.... more jams, more Trey, yadda, yadda, yadda.... (this is starting to get insane!...) HYHU>Fish>etc.>HYHU (9:20)- Oh yes. I could literally go on for pages about this. let me his the high points (the top 10 list): 1. Fish is Cameron Crowe (see the resemblance?) after his "best film role yet" 2. Fish sang something. 3. Vaccuum (oh ya!) 4. Fish sang something (very nice by the way Fish) 5. Mike gets a cactus 6. Fish gets silly! 7. ....OF COURSE.... a MOBY DICK jam which leads to a DRUM SOLO by TREY!!!!!!!!! Wow! he's pretty damn good too!!! AmAzing! 8. More HYHU 9. etc. 10. AHH! this was insane! i would say get the tapes, but they give this it's due justice! but lord it was great! And what to close with but, Character Zer0 (7:40)- Rockin way to end! (what!? no Moby Dick!??) Enchore: First Tube>etc. (11:15)- First Tube was great as usual. But OF COURSE... gotta have that MOBY DICK jam which then leads to...> the CHALKDUST INTRO REPRISE!!! Trey then goes nuts thanking everyone under the sun, and we end an epic show. The gamehendge show Gamehoist Halloween New Years the O.J. show The Moby Dick show... aww ya, this one's a keeper guys! (and we still have one left!!)......... (thank you, we are the Phish from Vermont!)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:53:45 EDT From: LRF8998@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: review of July 11, 2000 alright, this is my first review although my 10th show and i had to do one im not sure if words can explain how incredible this show was, but i'll try Set I yamar- a great opener, you could tell the crowd was into it and it was going to be a great show moma dance- one of the sickest ones i have ever heard, they played it so hard uncle pen- pretty standard version, good to hear though drowned-mike singing, he was right on and really nailed this one, the crowed really seemed to like it chalkdust chorus- somehow out of the drowned reprise, mike and trey started singing "chalkdust torture" in harmonic voices- the crowd started going crazy and singing along- then all of a sudden the jammed stopped and you knew they were going into... chalkdust torture- the crownd went absolutely wild and they jammed it very well theme- it was a nice cool down after a rippin chalkdust cavern- got the crown going again and jammed it out like they normally do Set II 2001- great way to start the second set, the vibe was awesome and they rocked this one DWD-good to hear and the crowd was really dancin...thousand barefoot children outside dancin on my lawn... moby dick-trey was great, getting the jimmy page guitar riff perfectly- then back into DWD Runaway Jim- i really like the way they have been playing this song lately and went really nicely into moby dick, again, which got the crowd jammin again Back on the train- i love this song and was very happy to hear it. didnt jam too long and pretty standard version, until they jumped back into moby dick for the third time Harry- great song to hear, glowsticks were flying all over the place and then the boys jumped back into... you guessed it... moby dick- then into HYHU. fish came out and trey took over on drums. fish grabbed the vacuum and the crown was going absolutely crazy. Love you- fish sang it and did the best he could, then busted out the vacuum and was going to town with the crown laughing and dancing the whole time. fish started taking bows in front of the crowd and they were going nuts. then he introduced page, then started running laps around the stage, while everyone else was playing HYHU- he probably did about 7 laps and the crowd went nuts everytime he passed by. it was the coolest thing i have ever seen, everyone was laughing so hard and dancing around. character zero- trey moved back to guitar and fish to drums, crowd was singing along and jammin as usual, which made the boys play even harder encore- First tube- i love to hear this song live, and it gets better every time. they probably could have played anything and the crowd would have loved it. they moved along pretty standardly until the jumped back into moby dick for the 6th time and trey was rockin it. Chalkdust chorus- out of moby dick they jammed into this chorus again and were laughing their asses off the whole time as was the audience i hope this review can give you some sort of a picture of what the show was like, but being there was the coolest thing i have ever seen
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 08:26:36 -0500 From: HORVATH_BRIAN@Lilly.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: 7/11 deer creek Ya Mar brought back memories of 12/4/99 and I was thinking we could have a regression (or progression in this case) to the mean tonight (for all you quantitative types) relative to last night. Yet, the jam was again flat. Did I worry? Not really, I was positive and I was rewarded all night. The first set was, in general, good if not pretty darn good. Drowned highlighted the first few tracks - Mike's affirmation of his inner strength is probably the best sign, to me, that the band is energized and concerned about the set. Gordon is stoic, but last night he wailed through Penn into Drowned and his energy was amazing. "To the Seeeeeeee........." Awesome. The cheeky "chalkdust torture" chants through the end part of the jam were funny, but you could again sense the energy was high. A decent Torture followed to the delight of the perplexed crowd. Theme and Cavern closed and were played decently - every track (with the exeption of the Trey on Keys jam in Ya Mar) was good and the Gordon Affirmation was a sure sign we would be moving in set two. The descriptions you will hear of set two will be sensational, extraordinary, uncanny, strange, funny, .....you know what, all true. In a year from now I won't think its the best set Ive heard, but it will be the best set Ive been too outside of NYE2K. We thought we heard a Disease opener coming on (Ya Mar - Disease openers 12/4/99) but 2K+1 was funky as hell and the lights were great. THen Disease which wailed on for several minutes to a pulsating crowd that seemed like it was just one object, like jello, moving together everywhere you looked. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nah....wow. You will hear it, or hear about it. It must have been good because they played it some more. Then some more. All were thanking any and all they usually thank when they are "at the right place at the right time" or just plain old get lucky. Moby Dick was played once in full, then teased after each track or weaved into (as in back on the train)....I hope you get clear tapes of the Trey fills. Then a Hood that was really good in the later stages, excellent soft jamming after the 'thank yous" So up to this point you were smiling, sweating, laughing, confirming with your neighbor that it was indeed a choice set. Enter "Phish, Live on Broadway" or something...Fishman sings Terrapin as Russell Crowe and the banter is high. Can a vacuum solo really be good? Yeah, tonight for sure it can. Fishman does laps around the set. Mike has a cactus placed in front of his genetalia. What is going on here?? Then a ripping Zero, and you knew it was to end. First tube fit in well as the encore and a little more banter by Trey. Really really good, man I mean good regardless of the fun stuff. Sometimes you get what you hope for. Brian Horvath
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:28:41 -0400 (EDT) From: Rob Mitchum rmitchum@umich.edu To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: comment on 7/11 DEER CREEK, SECOND NIGHT, SECOND SET, 1999: fishman takes giant inflatable penis from crowd, places on lap, and proceeds to make it look like it's playing the drums. DEER CREEK, SECOND NIGHT, SECOND SET, 2000: the song "moby dick" is teased multiple times. coincidence, or psychic phenomenon? YOU be the judge... -rob
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 05:40:35 -0400 (EDT) From: harpua weekapaug_groove@email.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Deer Creek 7/11/00 review Well, this was my second phish show, my first being last night. Anyway, for not seeing phish live before, I've got tons of shows on tape and CD-r, so I have a very keen sense of what awesome phish is compared to just good phish. And I also know how to review a show without telling my life story or what the scene was like before the show, blah blah blah, etc. etc. OK, with that BS out of the way, Deer Creek 7/11/00.... YA MAR would open the much better of the first two nights at Deer Creek. A very nice version. Nothing out of this world, just a good song to get everyone pumped for a kick ass night. MOMMA DANCE came next and had the standard 5 minute FUNK jam intro that got everyone grooving. Great version, not too long not too short. Definitely a fav of mine. UNCLE PEN was the 2nd bluegrass tune in two nights and was definitely better than My Minds Got a Mind Of It's Own. Nice soloing by Mike and by Trey. I dug it. No where else will you see people dance there asses off to a bluegrass song (and love every minute of it) while attending a "Rock" concert. DROWNED JAM was probably the highlight of the 1st set for me. I knew it right away and it surprised me as much as Buffalo Bill froim the night before. The jam was great. This is what music is all about. I danced my ass off! On a side note, how often do u see any concert start off with a 4 different types of songs. Calypso, Funk, Bluegrass, and a Classic Rock Song. Man, I dig Phish's diversity! DROWNED/CHALKDUST REP? was.....strange. It got a laugh from everyone. It was basically Drowned with the words "Chalkdust Torture" sung over it. It was fun and fishman started chanting "Torture, Torture!, TORTURE!" and then told every one to sing along. Very fun, very amusing. I loved it. CHALKDUST would follow the humorous portion of the 1st set. Very energetic version, as chalkust usually is. A good ole rock song and I loved it. THEME FROM THE BOTTOM was a nice break from mayhem and was played beautifully and I enjoyed every minute of it. CAVERN was not a surprising ending for a 1st set. Standard as far as Caverns go. Trey of course managed to screw up the lyrics, or forget them for a couple seconds, which of course always puts a grin on his face and a cheer from the crowd. Just a fun song and good energy to end a good 1st set. SETBREAK: Who cares? You talk to your friends or complete strangers. That's it. The second set was jammin'. Definitely kicked my ass. I was running back to my seat in the lawn when the lights went out and the spacy stuff was going on. I was the jerk that bumped into everyone as I rushed to my seat, but hey, I said excuse me every step of the way. 2001 was a song I had to hear and wasnt disappointed. Very spacey as most 2001s. They did the theme twice, but instead of jamming it and letting Mike take over , which I'd hoped for, they started wrapping it up after running through the theme for the second time and not surprisingly went right into..... DOWN WITH DISEASE was the one song I had to see. Not necissarily my favorite song, but one that just has so much energy it makes me sick. Words cannot describe how I felt but to say the least, the vocals, energy, absolutely great jam (w/ Moby Dick jam) and bringing back arouind for the closing vocals made my night. This segued into... RUNAWAY JIM, which I never expected to come out of DWD, but was great nonetheless. A very soothing jam, which was faiurly short if I remember right and ended with a Moby Dick jam (as did the rest of the songs in this set). So glad to see this song. BACK ON THE TRAIN was next, and was fun to dance to. Not much to say, I enjoyed it though. HOOD brought the house down with glowstick war for the second time tonight. I loved it and could not wipe the stupid grin off my face the whole time. The big surprise for me was next though. HYHU>TERRAPIN>MOBY DICK JAM>HYHU was insane. With Jon intorduced as "THE star from the movie Gladiator, Russel Crowe!!!" When u think about it, fishman does look like Crowe. It appeared fish didnt know what he was even going to sing for a while, as he shrugged his shoulders and finally stepped up to the mic. Sang terrapin>Vaccum sola and trey did a sweet drum solo. Fishman then pproceeded to take a cactus blow up from the crowd and place it by Mike and then threw it back into the crowd and took about 6 laps around the stage, with arms flailing wildly, then stopping and starting again. With constantly introducing the rest of the band. Just totally insane hysteria. Wow!!!! CHARACTER ZERO was a nice rocking number to end the set. Always liked this song, always will. ENCORE: FIRST TUBE is just an unbelievable bag of energy! Just unbelievable how much energy it releases. Awesom version, as most are. Didn't expect it since it appeared at Alpine, but so did Twist and Antelope the night before. This of course ended with another Moby Dick jam shich seemed to be the centerpeice of the whole show (kidding). Then went into the Chalkdust reprise thing again, which brought cheers and laughs from everyone as Trey introduced band and crew members and told the audience not to do anything that the band wouldnt do. Then introduced Jon as Russel Crowe once more and saying "Thankyou we love you so much. We are the Phish from Vermont (HUGE CHEERS!). Don't forget to buy the book and see the movie!" All the while laughing, he said some other stuff I forget but ended the show on a great note. This show was absolutely excellent. Not a down moment the whole time. No pointless jams like SOAM and Sand from the night before. Everything was full of energy and seemed to click perfectly. Who cares where a song was played at what point in the set. I'm good on deciding where a certain song belongs, as long as its played I'm happy. This show was about an 9 out of 10 for me. If anyone has it on CD-R anytime soon drop me a line for a trade or b&p. See you at Rosemont this fall. Peace. Ryan R.
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 11:04:31 -0400 From: James A Simpson jsimpson@painewebber.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: July 11 Deer Creek Review Love that modern technology (in the hands of good friends). Last night I was hoping and praying for a cell phone call from Deer Creek by my friends Rob Mottice and Todd Briggs (who, by the way, have been calling in the set lists from Deer Creek this year - you're in excellent hands). Normally I would be there with them as I am a native midwesterner and always plan my summer vacation around that part of the Summer Tour. However, this year my Director screwed up our department vacation schedule and I got screwed! Its hard to even talk about not being there after looking forward to it for a year, and getting mail order tickets for each show. That's when good friends come to the rescue and heal the wounds. Knowing that he needed enough juice in his cell phone to call in last night's set list, my man Todd Briggs still found enough energy to call me during the first set break to say hello and then let the whole crew say hi and tell me that there is an empty chair at the campsite in my honor. (Gone but not forgotten!) I asked Todd, knowing his battery constraints, to find an interesting part of the second set to call me for a little cell eavesdropping. Not ten minutes later my phone was ringing and I knew to mute the MLB All-Star game!!!! Phish started the second set with the funkiest 2001 I've ever heard. The first thing that went through my mind was Herbie Hancock's award winning album Headhunters. Maybe it was the roaming connection, but it sounded like Paige and Trey were breaking it down to its elementary parts. As they would break for the chorus, whoops and hallers would fill the air and you could feel the excitement of the crowd. I once heard Bootsy Collins describe funk as waiting till the very last possible moment to hit that note. Phish was taking a page right out of the same book. No doubt that last night's crowd must have been forced to shake something on their person because music played like that can make you do things you never knew your body could do. I for one was getting down right there in my apartment! Thank goodness for hardwood floors! I see that Todd had enough juice after the show to get that setlist to Andy, so all went well! What a list it is too! Thanks to some good friends I was able to share in it, despite being 600 miles away. Tell the crew that I'm flying to Columbus in two days and we'll be camping on the banks of the Olentangy River again to jam live with some Phunky brothers. Thanks again to Rob and Todd and of course, to the band! Jim Simpson
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 16:30:17 PDT From: matthew Jensen mjensen3@hotmail.com To: DWS@archive.phish.net Subject: hehe Just a note: As I was bummin' that I wasnt at deer creek I watched the latest Law and Order on NBC. The villain, murderer, and master orchestrator of the crime discussed in the show was a character named none other than Mickael Gordon. Watch out Phans! Peace
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 06:56:02 -0400 From: Brett Mullet bmullet@columbus.rr.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 7-11-00 -- Deer Creek - Noblesville, Indiana >DROWNED -> JAM -> DROWNED REPRISE > >Can someone enlighten me on the use of the "-> jam"? The jam >eventually led back into a short Drowned Reprise with a false >ending. Very nice overall. Really rocked out nicely. I'm not sure why its listed this way but the jam is 100% Down With Disease. If you have any doubts, seek out the Rochster 12-11-97 show were the Drowed seques back into a Disease from the first set!! It really should be listed as DWD Jam. >DEER CREEK, SECOND NIGHT, SECOND SET, 2000: >the song "moby dick" is teased multiple times. coincidence, >or psychic phenomenon? YOU be the judge... -rob This guy is onto something!! I think its neat I can say I saw Phish play Terrapin at DeerCreek. :-) That sounds real nice. Lots of crazy conceptual continuity pieces at the second night of Deercreek. The Chealkdust Torture Repirse is a classic. >HYHU -> tarrapin: Did anyone else hear the Moby Dick jam during the Terrapin Vacuum solo?? I swear Trey busted into MD and Fish was taking the solo along with it. It was nutty!! Cory (... cory@inorbit.com ... using someone else's email...) Ferber
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 11:14:20 -0400 From: Ben Meyer benji7@prodigy.net To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: What?! I wasn't at the show but holy shit! Is this set-list a joke? Wish I was there. Can't wait to see the reviews. See everybody at ALpine-Creek-Polaris. LOVE
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