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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:12:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Andrew Farbstein farbs_1999@yahoo.com
To: dws@gadiel.com
Subject: 7-10-94
Obviously, this review is a little late.  But, it was my first show and
nobody's done a review, so I thought I would just give a quick blurb. Before
this night, I had only heard one Phish song in my life.  I only went to the
show because my friend needed a ride.  The song that I actually knew was FEFY,
which I did not hear until this past tour. Anyway, the scene was crazy,
although now I wouldn't think so, but hey, it was my first Phish show and I
was still in High School.  Once inside, I immediately recognized that this was
not a normal concert.  I saw more drugs then I could've imagined, and I've
never seen such happy people.  Anyway, since I didn't know much of the music
back then, I only remember a few songs.  The ones that stuck with me were
Horn, Peaches (I actually knew that one because my friend loved Frank), Stash,
and MFMF.  These were the songs that got me into Phish, and they are still
favorites to this day. If anyone seeing this actually has a tape of this show,
please email me.  I would love to hear it.

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