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Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:58:24 -0500
From: Andrew Katz akatz75@earthlink.net

Wow.† Holy Shit.† Sick.† 

Whoever saw last summers tour and decided to pass on this one are making a BIG mistake.† Ive never
heard any music like this in my entire life.† Its obvious Trey loves UIC.†

The band was extremely tight, and Trey was much more prevalent than last year. †He composed,
directed, led, followed, and laid down licks I havent heard from him in several years.† It was
such a joy to hear them all play together.† Jennifer is very, very talented as well (in case you
didnt know that already), but she definitely shined last night, soloing with Trey at certain
points in the show.†

The 1st set was definitely to be respected, but the 2nd set something strange happened, and it was
very, very special.† Trey had his way, and then some.† I really only remember the highlights,
which includes the opener Last Tube which lasted at least a Ĺ hour.† The Mr. Completely (which is
a song I dont really care for) was out of this universe.† This song went into forbidden
territories and unknown realms of darkness, then found its way back to the beautiful rainbows and
waterfalls, where it belongs.† I have a† completely new respect for this song.† Trey did some
phenomenal conducting during this number as well.† There were points in the show where things
really slowed down and some of the jams seemed to be going nowhere, it was as if they were just
grooving through time, carving their way into the future, but then they would take off like a
fricking NASA Space Shuttle, full throttle.† Then came some song about the Moss Growing or
something, I think it freaked everyone out.†

Trey and the band definitely had their fun with their adoring UIC audience.† But each time one of
the grooves came to its low point, Trey would begin his hand signals, and within a few minutes
time, they had that venue rockin and grinding until we couldnt take any more.† And then, guess
what..they kept on going, and going, and rocking, and funking, and going and going.† Im not
exaggerating here either, it was some of the sickest, most intense music and noise I have ever
heard.† All the practice and time they put into rehearsing has totally paid off.† The band is

CK was hot as hell, we cant forget about him, he is a mastermind and has his way of integrating
sound and light into one complete entity, absolutely amazing.† Kudos CK.†

Now, the goods:† The band comes back for the encore, which took a good 8 or 9 minutes (longer than
normal).† They all walked onto the stage, and Trey immediately says hes going to sit down and do a
number for us first, solo.† Ok; cool, Ive seen it before and was looking forward to what he had in
store.† Little did I know he was going to create an energy level in that Pavillion that I have not
witnessed from a single person, ever.† So, its Trey, just Trey, sitting there with his acoustic
guitar, in front of thousands and thousands of people, tuning up; the crowd is silenced.† Then, he
breaks into Chalkdust.† Now, this is not one of my personal favorites, heard it a million times,
BUT, to see and hear it in this context was very, very strange.† It brought a new light into
everyones eyes, and pretty much made everyone smile in complete awe and enjoyment.† It was very
cool.† He jammed the entire song, then, all of a sudden, I hear it .DA DA &DA DA
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilsoooooon.† Wow. †Very cool shit.† I know in my mind I was getting a little
upset b/c he was totally teasing us, and you could tell he wanted it, he loved it, he loved
playing those songs last night.† Then, finally, the band comes back and they bust into Alive
Again.† Ok, Ill take it, cool song.† But then, the horn section left stage, as they had several
times throughout the evening, and all of sudden Trey starts throwing in Stash licks, I picked it
up right away, by about the 3rd one, everyone else had caught on and the began.† I swear to god
for a minute I thought I was hearing Phish, it was so tight, and it was Trey playing it, it was so
real and so amazing I wanted that to keep going on forever.† It didnt.† And the show ended.† I
could barely walk when I left that place.† The band gives you some jam, some more jams, some funk,
some more funk, and then some more jams and more funks!† Honestly, be careful, dont bite off more
than you can chew, b/c Trey and his band will be sure to fill you up and then some.†

Next up Deer Creek.† Oh boy.† Strap on your seat belts, again. J†


Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 09:48:15 -0500 (CDT) From: Kevin Stephens KevinStephens@webtv.net Subject: TREY 6/6 UIC Pavllion Review It's now Saturday morning, two days after the show. My ears are still ringing, my feet are still sore from 3+ hours of non-stop dancing, and I still got that big shit-eating grin on my face. UIC - what a venue. Located in my home town. The site of my first Phish show in June of 1994 (and oh what a show!). 3 night Phish run in November of 1998 (Smoken'). Like I said, what a venue! I won't get too wordy here. I just want to let people know that they are really missing out if they don't get their asses out to see these Trey shows this year. This band is as tight as a virgin with her legs crossed. I've seen shows on all of the Trey tours so far, and none have come close to what I experienced last night. The horn section was on fire, Trey was half conductor/ half mega rock-star, and forget about that crazy nut Cyro Baptista. He jammed out all of the songs. Mr Completely had to push the 40 minute mark. They were exploring territories that I didn't know existed, but I am glad that I got a chance to visit them. ...... and then there was the encore. Is Trey jonesing to start playing some phish again?? A full Chalkdust acoustic with Wilson (pointing to himself) teases. 1 minute of Stash during Alive Again complete with audience clapping. I think that he is! So I'll hopefully see you on Phish fall 2002 tour (could another UIC show happen). But until then, catch the coolest rock star out there. For some odd reason, there are tickets still left. Stephs
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 17:15:39 -0500 From: William Hrdina whrdina@hotmail.com Subject: REVIEW- Trey- UIC 6/6 Trey Anastasio-- June 6, 2002--† UIC Pavillion I always love going to the UIC, it^“s a good-sized place and I saw my first Phish show there in November 1994. The show contained the first glow-stick war ever and a Thanksgiving Harpua, needless to say the place has a special place in my heart. There^“s a great moment on the show Family Guy where Stewie (the baby with tyrannical tendencies) is in a day care center and he plays a bunch of kids against one another. "Dance puppets dance!" He yells at his hapless victims. This is exactly what Trey is yelling at his band, although the hint of evil inherent in Stewie is entirely missing. Trey, in a manner we have never seen from him (or anyone) before has total control of the band, often while simultaneously wailing on the guitar. He^“s James Brown, Count Basie, and the good ^—ol Trey of old, all in one package. He does it with hand gestures, facial expressions, and my favorite, the good old-fashioned fist pump. I^“ve often wondered how different Phish would have sounded if the Giant Country Horns would have stayed with Phish instead of only doing a single tour. Well, after 11 years I finally have my answer. I^“ve seen every Trey tour since 99 and NEVER has he come even close to the cohesion he is exhibiting on this tour. He has absolute control over everyone, even when that control exhibits itself in letting everyone do their own thing. It^“s also clear that Trey is getting antsy to return to Phish. There were four or five times last night that Trey ditched the horns and played for ten or fifteen minutes with just the basic Phish setup, guitar, keys, drums, (Plus an extra guy- the percussionist, Cyro Baptista really does add quite a lot to the mix.) and bass. If these snippet moments are what we have waiting for us when Phish returns, I cannot wait. There was a passion in the jamming that I didn^“t realize was missing from Phish until I heard it in Trey^“s playing last night. The Last Tube reminded me of the smoking Antelope they played at Deer Creek way back in ^—97. I think the key is the partial (not total) return of the character I lovingly call "Rock Star Trey." You know, the Trey that is apparent when he^“s making that poor guitar scream like a demon from hell. That Trey had backed off for a while in favor of servicing the groove that he was creating. In fact, I would argue that it was the Oysterhead experience that brought this particular incarnation back to life and I for one am happy to see it. Now we can have both. Trey wails, and the super-funk groove remains. If there is a heaven, this is the music that will be playing. (At least in my heaven.) The fact that he played Chalkdust and teased both Wilson and Stash was just icing on the cake of one of the bast performances I have ever seen. My only complaint from last night would be the over-excited security. You would have thought that we were attending the First Annual International Terrorist^“s Convention. I got my balls grabbed and the guy stuck his hands into my shoes. For Christ^“s sake man, it^“s a concert! I know we^“re supposed to be more security conscious and everything, but enough is enough! I won^“t get to see Trey again until Bonnaroo, but the performance there is as good as last night^“s I would pay $100 just to see Trey again. SEE ya^“ll there and have a good show. Bill Hrdina whrdina@hotmail.com "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 14:22:27 EDT From: CassidyOne@aol.com Subject: Review for Chicago Chicago - UIC Pavilion is the only show I've seen on this tour -- only one I will see, but I've seen enough of Trey solo to know that as a performer and as a collaborator he just keeps growing and filling it all out. In fact, last night I suddenly realized who he reminded me of: Ricky Ricardo the Cuban bandleader; he plays, he sings, he dances, he jokes ... he conducts a large group onstage into doing exactly what he wants them to do, and he makes it look slick. But forget Trey -- pardon the blasphemy. What about Jennifer Hartswick? She pulls double duty on horns (trumpet & tuba) and back-up vocals and the woman flat out WAILS! Two songs from last night come to mind: Cayman Review & Mr. Completely when Jen showed she knew how to use her breath for more than just blowing wind into notes. Her voice is an excellent harmony to Trey's and she has no qualms about making the back-up vocals entirely her own. She sent shivers down my spine. As the only female in the midst of a lot of guys, she certainly stands out ... as a consummate musician in the midst of a lot of other consummate musicians, she shines even brighter. She put a wah-wah on her trumpet for God's sake! She ain't no ordinary horn-blower. I'm a serious Jennifer Hartswick fan and I would like to see more comment on her performance - we all know Trey is a god, let it go. My only other comment about last night's show which was quite good but what happened to ending the songs? concerns the lights. Chris, or whoever is running them this time out, how the HELL do you get that stained glass effect?? It's been blowing my mind for 12 hours now. Great show, wish there'd been one more night here. debz
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 12:06:32 -0500 From: Dan Conroe drconroe@hotmail.com Subject: Trey Review 6/6/02 Chicago Last night Trey threw one hell of a party in Chicago.† This show was all about boogying down and having a good time.† It had it's moments of extreme intensity and others where things didn't quite click†but as a whole, this was a great time with Trey seeming to enjoy himself more than anyone.† † I had been fortunate to catch a show on each of Trey's†3 previous solo†outings and each oone proved to be different than the last.† A lot has changed since Trey hit the road with just Russ and Tony back in 1999.† The UIC†Pavilion was†a reasonable†venue for this show.††Some legendary shows†have taken place here dating back to Phish's 3†day run there†in 1998 and more recently, a badass Panic show on Halloween and a couple†SCI shows†not more than two months ago.† The sound†in the venue leaves a lot to be desired but†the lot scene outside always proves to be a good time.† Inside, the floor and lower level seats were pretty much filled up but the balcony†was nearly empty.††I understand why people might have skipped this show based solely on the $35+ ticket price.† Hey, Trey's got a big band to pay!† Those who did shell out the money set themselves up to have their minds blown!† Let's get down to the show itself... † About 45 minutes after show time,†Trey and his buddies take the stage.† Trey was†grinning his grin and pumping his fist right†away.††They busted right into Push On†'Till the†Day.††What a†perfect way to open the show!† The band wasted no time and tore it up right†away.† This version was well over 25 minutes and set†the energy that lasted through this smoking first set.† By the time this song†ended,†it was clear that Trey's shit eating grin was contagious and the crowd had caught the disease. † Cayman Review was next.† This is a great booty shaker and it had me getting down from the start.† I want to take a second to tell all those that haven't seen the band on this tour that the added percussionist, Cyro Baptista adds SO much to an already large band.† He's an absolute madman with a ton of toys.† He was all over the place†throughout the show and†is a lot of fun to watch.† This†Cayman Review was not as jammed out as the version played at Alpine Valley last summer but it was still a pleasure to hear this tune. † Burlap Sack and Pumps followed and the funk continued STRONG for the third straight song.† Cyro gave drummer Russ Lawton a little help on this one.† † Next, Trey gave us a moment to catch our breath with Flock of Words.† I enjoyed this one from my seat and listened to some great melodic flute playing by Russell Remington.† † The energy was brought right back up with Money Love and Change.† I never fully appreciated this tune until last night.† It was smoking!† The horns were†sounding good all night but they got their chance to shine during the jammed out version of this song.† Our star, Trey was raging on his guitar throughout this set and he took it to a new level during this one.† Trey was dancing, the horns were dancing.† Hell, everyone was dancing hard.† This one closed the set after only four songs but left the crown feeling euphoric.† † Set II began with Trey taking the stage and immediately getting flashed by a pair of breasts up front. He responded by showing all of us his nipples which†I feel was only fair.† The crowd loved it and Trey pretended to unzip his pants to show his red-headed stranger. Thankfully, he kept that to himself but this was a classic Trey comical moment.† † Everyone put their privates away so the music could begin with the rager Last Tube.† I have seen this one played at every Trey show I've been to and I love how this song has evolved from a simple groove into a monster!† The jam was hot, long, and experimental.† The band never did find their way back into Last Tube which happened a couple times during this set.† None the less, this song can do no wrong. † Every Story†Has a Stone came next and didn't quite do it for me.† I don't have much else to say 'bout it. † Trey picked up his acoustic for a short, beautiful Ray Dawn Balloon. † Mr. Completely hit us in the face next.† This one is guaranteed to be intense.† Trey conducted the band in all sorts of directions on this one as they moved further away from the song and into some hot horn solo's and Hendrix guitar licks.† The jam had it's ups and downs but Trey was having fun which meant that I was too.† And they ended it there.† This set was not as strong as the first and†I couldn't help wanting more after Mr Completely.† † Then came the encore!† What a weird show. † Trey takes the stage with his acoustic and tells us he wants to play one song that he loves before the band finished the job.† He tunes up and then busts right into... Chalkdust†Torture!† The crowd went nuts as this was the first time he has touched†a Phish tune on this tour (First Tube, Sand, Jiboo, excluded).††Who knew that an acoustic tune could get people moving like this but†after all, it was Chalkdust.††The Captain launched into the†opening chords of Wilson which threw the crowd into a frenzy.† As we all yelled†"Wil-son", Trey pointed to himself.† If Trey is Wilson, then†Wilson is my kind of evil†ruler! †This madness proved the obvious fact that the fans are itching for Phish and I get the feeling that Trey is too.† There's no rush though... He really is enjoying†the opportunity to do something like lead a ten piece band.† The acousic Phish madness reminded me of†Trey's first tour when he played a full acoustic set.††That was the real deal! Alive Again ended the show with some power.† This is a great tune for a big band and I thoroughly enjoyed it.† Trey threw some dirty Stash teases here in the got the crowd clapping like the days of old.† Overall, this was a damn good time.†I do wish that Trey†played more covers with this band as he did on previous solo tours.† He always picked the best tunes but his own songs†have really come together.† Trey was having more fun that I have†seen him have in a long time.† This man loves performing and he can get a crowd fired up and his band fired up.† Sorry to be so long-winded in this review but the show is still fresh in my mind.† Go see†Trey on this tour!† See ya'll at Bonnaroo.† It doesn't†get any better than that.† Shout†out to Corey for another†blowout at the Pavilion and to†Jess, Gabe, and†Ill Will for what is about to come.† God help us!
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 13:14:59 -0500 From: bgrono1 bgrono1@uic.edu Subject: UIC pavilion review This really isn't a review, but more of a plug in general for Trey and his band. Anyone who missed last nights show at UIC (it wasn't sold out) should be kicking themselves right now. Trey is absolutely on fire, as is the rest of the band. Trey was really playing with inspiration last night, and couldn't thank the crowd enough for all of the support. He looks like he is in really good health too. Very high energy, lots of jumping around the stage. The horn section was phenominal with lots of dueling going on between Trey and individual members. The new percussionist adds a new dimension of sound and comedy that is just great. I am so happy I went to that show, and yes, i do think that Trey is beginning to get the Phish itch. C'mon Chalkdust encore with a Wilson tease, plus Stash teases(with clapping) in Alive Again. I just wouldn't be able to describe in words, so trust me. Go see Trey!!! Last night was such an uplifting night. Oh, the sound and lights were perfect too! Hoping for a fall Phish tour............. Bryan
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 10:23:38 -0500 From: mike manning pigpen422@hotmail.com Subject: this is my 6/6 REVIEW dan, summers comin' so i'll give a review =) First off let me say that last night was excellent!! Somewhere near 25 min. for a 1st set opener "push on till the day", sure, yeah right. the crowd was ready from the get go. The pavillion was fairly full, the floor and lower level nicely packed and a semi-full 2nd level...high energy all around. The rest of the first set carried on very nice ending w/ trey stating that "they were just warming up"! The burlap is quite the tune these days as it seems to sound quite different each time I hear it. The conducting is awesome, trey can hold a note on the guitar and instruct the band members as to where they are going next, sick i say sick!!! Anyways there were so many different sounding grooves last night it was ridiculous. Very very fast paced grooves, gruvs that slowly slowed down to nothing and then WHAM back into that gruv again. SICK I SAY SICK. 2nd set...Last Tube!!! to open this one baby just gettin warmed up. A nice ray dawn balloon and an extremely well played and quite long Mr. Completely that completely blew me away. all in all the 2nd set was even more ragin' than the 1st as is expected most of the time. =) Encore? did somebody say Encore? I am sure that there is plenty more of this stuff to come as the tour progresses but let me just say Trey seemed to be havin a good ol' time last night. Maybe it was because he was laughing while playing CHALKDUST TOURCHER w/ WILSON teases???? did that happen? oh yeah baby that SH!T was da' BOMB fo' sho' though. Just trey and his acoustic and madd fans lovin' every second of it. DADA DADA WILSON, DADA DADA STASH??? what he teased stash in the middle of Alive Again. yes, yes he did. well i hope to see you all at creek and boogie down. yes summer is comin' and that's my review. 11-17 peace out! madd dawg-
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