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Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 18:24:19 -0500 From: Matthew Miller godotnut@hotmail.com Subject: Review of 6-5-03 Here is my review of last night's show in Chicago (6-5-03): I've seen a lot of Phish (I stopped counting after 60 shows) and a lot of Trey (maybe a dozen shows--at least one of every tour), and let me tell you, last night was the hose, pure and simple. Everything worked. The new songs are absolutely fabulous, and Jennifer has stepped up to the plate to offer a new depth of soulfulness and sexiness to the band that Phish has been lacking for a while now. Indeed the only thing I can think of that was bad about the show were that A) it made me wonder if Phish can ever again be as good as this (and yes, I agree that they are different and beyond comparison--I just want to dance as hard as I did last night at a Phish show again!) and B) that Chicago fans are among the rudest and least appreciative of all fans and give the midwest a bad name. I know that not all of you Chicago people are like this, and I apologize to those who aren't, but man, the last 4-5 shows by Phish or Trey that I've seen in Chicago have been filled with coarse, lackluster, and unimaginative people.† I wish to thank the band and the fans who were in tune last night--all of us--and express how grateful I am to have been a part of the specialness that happened. That show literally changed my life. And I know some of you out there†understand what I mean.
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:14:02 -0400 From: Bradley R. Kopsick bkopsic@LearnLink.Emory.Edu Subject: TAB Review - Chicago Theatre 6/5/03 6-5-03 Review After a solid first night, I was looking forward to seeing what Trey would pull out to close the Chicago Theatre run. It was clear both nights that he loved the atmosphere at the classy Theatre, and it was fun seeing him play there. Again, Trey wore a jacket. The band came out around 7:40^Ň Night Speaks: And ripped into Night Speaks without any hesitation. Stretched out nicely with some great moments between Trey and the horns. At one point Trey was ^”dueling^‘ with Jennifer, note for note. Also, some cool Dazed and Confused teases/quoting from the night before. Fun stuff. Mozambique: Nice groove, and also included more Dazed and Confused teases. Seemed to expand and take on a different feeling than a lot of the Mozambiques I^“ve heard. Drifting: One of my favorite TAB songs, and this was a delightful, even beautiful version. I never really thought about it first night, but the lights really weren^“t doing much. I don^“t think CK is back there. I could be wrong, but there was almost nothing going on with the lighting. Not that it hurt the music, though. The Way I Feel: I knew it right when Tony started the bass line up, and I nearly shit my pants. People have complained that this is where the set got spacey and lost energy, but I tend to disagree. This type of funky, slowed down grooving is always a pleasant part of the show for me. Just like Every Story, but ten times better, IMO. I was shaking my ass off. Olivia: Didn^“t think it would close the set, but still got everyone rocking. Nice strong work from the horns. The jam just kept shredding until no one could take it anymore. I feel like this set is underrated. Again, it has been said that it was too slow, starting after the Night Speaks, but it was grooving and to the point. It was similar to the first set last night, but it was definitely more interesting and with better jamming. First set: B+ Set break: About 40 minutes tonight. People sharing their mixed emotions about the first set. Last Tube: Knew it had to be played during the two-night run. Obviously, not as juicy as the 40 minute UIC version from last year, but still very solid. Towards the end, the band totally fades out and leaves Trey soloing for a couple of minutes. Trey seizes the opportunity, and eventually leads into Cayman Review: Played at a high energy level. The crowd was definitely into it. I^“ve seen a bunch of Cayman^“s that stretch out, but this one was short, sweet, and to the point. First Tube: Called this one before the show, and it got some serious treatment from the band. As the song was building and building, Trey kinda lets the air out of it slowly, and it quiets down. For the next ten minutes or so, Trey leads the band through uncharted territories for a First Tube. The playing got quiter and quieter, but then gradually built its way up again. Fun to watch and hear. Undermind: Wanted to hear this new one, and the horns blew me away. The little ^”Mexican Hat Dance^‘ segment put a huge grin on my face (well, there was one there already, so I guess it just got a little bigger). Cincinnati: The only repeat from last night. Again, I love the horn intro, and it is a fun song. I love when they stop and then start it up again. Black Dog: For as high energy as the Dazed and Confused was from last night, this Black Dog totally blew it away. Jennifer was literally everywhere around the stage, singing the lyrics with an intensity I^“ve never seen from her before. The crowd was rocking hard as well. The song is a lot of fun with the horns. Sweet and Dandy: Fun song, had everyone dancing with no regrets. After jamming for a while, Trey picks up a mini-drum and proceeds to lead the band on a march through the crowd. The band walked a foot or so away from me, and managed to keep the beat perfectly the entire time. When they emerged onstage again, Trey brought a girl out of the crowd and started dancing with her. They really cut a rug, and the fun just didn^“t seem to stop. Overall, this show rocked. The last 3 sets of the 4 in Chicago just blew my fragile little mind. Hopefully, TAB goes on tour this fall or next spring. Can^“t wait to see them again. Second set: A- Overall show: A-/B+ The quickest thing that you learn about TAB, Phish, or I guess anything involving Trey, is that the unexpected always comes true. You have no idea what is going to happen next. It^“s that air of uncertainty that won^“t let you get away from this guy for too long. He is the perfect match of incredible musician and pure fun. Watching him compose the band is worth the price of admission alone, IMO. There are off shows, of course. But for the most part, Trey brings it every friggin^“ night. Please get the tapes of this show. Maybe more so than last night. Again, this show probably takes the cake over last night in terms of overall energy and also musically. But it's close. And look out in Burlington this weekend. Trey for President, Brad K
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 04:42:26 -0400 From: JRiordan35@aol.com Subject: Trey Anastasio Band 06/05/2003 Chicago Theatre review It will be debated about which night was better (and I suspect most people will say tonight, but there are good reasons to say last night IMO). But anyway the second set tonight was THE MOST energetic of the 4. Totally flying high after setbreak. I'm so glad they did too, because the last ~25 minutes of set 1 got fairly weak, and I was a bit bummed about that. Night Speaks: One of my favorite TAB songs, great opener. It was about 20 minutes of solid jamming, with a few good breakdowns as it went on, with Trey leading everything. At the end, Trey played a big Dazed and Confused tease, to our delight. Mozambique: OK, I really love this song! Intro was standard, with a few missed notes by the horn section, if I recall, but not bad by any means. Then they jammed it out differently than usual. Trey even teased Dazed and Confused again, which was funny. Drifting: It took a while before they started this. Trey talked to everyone, I suppose making sure of what they were doing. This version was about 12 minutes long. Pretty nice. The Way I Feel: We left a few minutes into this to get to our real seats, which were balcony, dead center, 3rd row (though I just danced at the rail in the 1st row!). This is one of their weakest songs IMO, and it wasted a lot of time (15 minutes at least). Olivia: Pretty good instrumental, though at this time I was still feeling down from the previous song. So, I never really got back into this set fully. Set 2: Now we're talking!!! Last Tube: was short (relatively -- certainly not 45 minutes like last year at UIC!) but to the point. Tony laid it down heavy, and everyone else came through. Cayman Review sorta was segued into via all these blues riffs by Trey. He was playing solo for a minute or 2 before the song actually started, and it was perfect placement. When Jen sang about "shakin' that thang all over town", the balcony sure was shaking! People were getting their boogie on, but man, it felt like an earthquake up there. First Tube: Started out normal, which I'm not complaining about -- at this point the crowd was REALLY pumped. After a while though, instead of going into the closing "climax" section, they just kept jamming, going places I'd never heard from this song. Trey had some sick loops going, and they were playing so fast, it was chaos. Everyone needs to hear this set! Finally they brought it down, without doing the normal closing to the song that I alluded to before, which was probably appropriate since it didn't fit with what they went into. Undermind: The horns on this song rule! And though I couldn't make out all the lyrics, they sounded good. The song was so upbeat, keeping with the spirit of the set. You gotta love the "Mexican Hat Dance" horn tease too! Is that always part of this song? If not, then it was extra awesome. If it is, well, Trey just has a really fun song on his hands there. Cincinnati: I was a little surprised at the repeat of this from last night, but the horns sound so good that I certainly didn't mind. Trey seemed really into the conducting. As the song neared its end, I noticed a guy come out from behind the horn section and tape a piece of paper to the front of the stage. I was hoping it'd be a new cover, but I didn't have any problem with... Black Dog: I thought Jen nailed the Dazed and Confused last night -- she really rocked tonight! Jen came up to Trey and sang facing him, and danced along with him. The crowd was going nuts singing along, and the band rocked this to its fullest. Afterward Jen and Trey were hugging each other and Trey kissed her a couple times. Encore: Sweet and Dandy: They pull this off so well! As someone else noted before me, it felt like a great choice for the Chicago Theatre. Finally the band stepped off the stage and marched down the left aisle. I think they went around through the lobby and then they came back up the right aisle. I think Trey had a cowbell. People really got a kick out of the whole deal. As they came back to the stage, Trey brought a woman in a white dress up with him! They were dancing like they knew each other! The band kept playing while Trey and the woman got closer to each other, eventually hugging and Trey giving her a kiss. Trey then took her over to Jen, whom she hugged. She hugged each band member as they were leaving the stage. Then she stepped back down. What a thrill for her! Fun to watch too. See ya at Alpine, John
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