6-26-04 - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:07:19 -0700 (PDT) From: Scott Blue Subject: Phish, Alpine, 6/26 my buddy told me that my review for 6/25 was too sappy and too over-the-top ^ oh well, i was THAT happy about 6/25 ^ it was for me, better than the 2nd day at the Went (yes, I did love it THAT much); it was better than Halloween ^95; it was better than the 7/29/98 Big-Gin show; it was better than anything I heard from ^94 (save for maybe 11/12/94) ^ and WHY?? Because the jamming they play now (read, 6/25, 6/26), is the work of masters ^ what the jams lacked in outright insanity (like in ^94) or permagroove-consistency (like in fall/winter ^95), or even space-funk (fall ^97) was made up w/ masterful, great-idea-lets^-do-it, execution..........these jams people, are the best jams they^ve played ^ i^m sorry, flame me as much as you^d like ^ but as much as i loved the younger, mid-90s Phish, i always believed they weren^t quite as good as everybody said ^ they were ballsy and reckless and beautiful, but they had a long way to go to reach God-like status, and yet, they^d already achieved God-like status by ^94 and ^95..............so to me, we lost growth in ^96, ^98, ^99 and ^00.........they^d started to believe their own press...........they were great, okay? really great. the best. but the jams i heard on friday and saturday were, quite simply, BETTER. More intense. More focused. More intersting. They had better flow ^ like a DJ at a rave..........dancing flow. Wondeful stuff. Saturday took a while to get going ^ I wasn^t really touched until we hit Stash and got that monster, major-key, jam at the end........the Zero was INSANE too........and I was hot for the 2nd set..... the Boogie that came out in set II was a funk monster.............and again, to me, this is better funk than ^97 ^ i can^t explain it ^ it^s just hotter, nastier funk, and far more rhythmically intense than the ^97-^99 funk. Period. A great Free, played perfectly w/ a great jam, a funkathon Ghost, and w/ the exception of the heavy-overdrive, guitar part in Hood, which Trey butchered HARD ^ another monster, 2nd set. But lets stop wasting time and cut to the real story ^ PIPER. I won^t waste time even trying to describe this tune ^ I^ve never heard a band play anything like this PIPER ^ drum and bass (i^m talking electronica folks) galore ^ this tune is SO tight and so hot and so CRAMMED full of creative energy ^ a liquid-smooth version that does not bore and grind ^ it flowed like liquid, metal down a hot, steel, slide..........up and down; stop-start; HOT!!! And the last Possum I^ll ever see to end the show and my touring career w/ the band??? Screw the naysayers ^ these guys have never touched me this much in 8 years of heavy-duty listening. We had 10 monster jams in 2 days (doubt me, get the torrents my friends); Somebody said they were going through the motions......what??? Dig out your 7/8/2000 Alpine show if you want to hear, ^going thru the motions^, please!!!! Thank you boys ^ we^ll miss you.
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:39:56 -0700 (PDT) From: David Miller Subject: 6-26-04 Alpine Valley Review Alpine Valley, WI 6-29-04 - My 60th show We got to the lot around 2:30pm and we were the first hundred or so cars there^. They really packed people in and I felt bad for folks whose cars weresandwiched between two others with no escape until they pulled out. Great venue overall but security was out of control. They were more like the US Army on House to House searches in Iraq, busting people left and right, I felt bad for the folks next to us that got their entire large ziplock bag of nugs taken away but they weren^t being too responsible passing a bowl around in broad daylight. They were lucky they didn't get arrested and locked up. Thank to Alpine for the plentful and clean porto-johns during the pre show.On to the show.. SET I Access Me - Fun song but bad choice for an opener^this might be the first and last time they play this song so I guess that^s cool but the song isn^t very good^has a neat country tinge to it but very short and too new to get the crowd going. After sitting and waiting for 5 hours for the show to being, this was not my idea of an opener^what happened to Punch or Buried Alive? Scents and Subtle ^ Nicely played, wish they had a couple more years to develop this one^sort of has that ^You can feel good about Hood^ jam, mellow stuff here.. Trey leads this jam and it goes in the same direction for the first 8 minutes and then tapers off when the lyrics come back^much like Hood. Stash ^Saw this in NYC (more on this later) so I wasn^t so psyched to hear it, plus they aren^t playing this song like they used to. Stash used to be the Tweezer of the first set, with crazy explorations of sound, now it is much like the album version. The jams goes on and on and peaks without much exuberance^. Moma Dance ^Another song I heard in NYC^I was getting a little bored at this point. Then Divided Sky^Another song I heard in NYC^I was happy for people (like my fianc) who have not heard this before but Divided Sky is beautifully composed and I appreciate it but becomes boring to me after hearing it so many times. Wilson ^ This is getting ridiculous^the 4th song in a row that also heard just last week. I consulted my friend Josh and he said ^well that^s what you get when a band doesn^t practice for a few years^ but I said (after Dinner and a Movie, Curtain with, Rift and Glide on this same tour) they have played a ton of old material. This Wilson was only 4 minutes, not much happening here as far as extended jamming is concerned. Funky Bitch ^ Always a pleasure to hear^Nice organ work from Page, he really took this one over and nailed it. Character Zero ^ Why didn^t they open with this?! That would have gotten the place rocking and got the show of to a decent start^solid hard drumming form Fishman on this one^Trey had some nice effects going too. Overall this set was probably the weakest 1st set on tour. One of the weakest sets I have ever heard live^There just weren^t many moments of bliss here^I was hoping for something memorable in set II, this was my (and probably many other folks^) last show ever! SET II Boogie on Reggae Woman- Very nice^let^s get this party going^very funky version. Mike is on FIRE!!! during this one, the base line form 3:00 minutes -6:00 is pretty much a solo^ Page is on the mini moog and organ and playing with a fever^Sounded very Phish 97^ throughout! At around 6:00 the jam begins.. Really thought they were going to go into ^Let Me Take You to Funky Town^Ԡ But that part kind of tapered off after a few bars and they I would not label this as ^Alpine Valley Jam^ or whatever the Phish people want to call it, the theme of Boogie on was there throughout the entire song and it was only 13 minutes long^anything over 20 minutes I could see labeling it ^Darien Jam or Pittsburgh Jam, etc but this jam did not warrant this label. At around 8:00 the jam becomes more rocking and natural sounding^.Trey is playing straight electric guitar without much effects, Page is on piano and Gordon has switched off the funky bass. At 9:45 the jam is in full gear^.literally raging here^(one notch down for the Piper Jam from SPAC) that was an explosion! This was raging rock music, not much funk here until^.12:30^.they bring it down a little and Trey is definitely leading this one^he knows exactly where he wants to take this jam^ Ghost - very smooth transition here, the funk has been resurrected^not as natural as a perfect segue but darn close^Standard opening^.from 4:00 ^6:00 minutes the jam kind of meanders a bit. Around 6:05^Listen to Mike and Trey^.They both are playing really fast notes, sounded a bit like a light machine gun, they are definitely playing off one another and it works quite well^.Trey brings the jam up a notch at 7:55 with some sizzling high pitched guitar licks^in the background Page is making some really cool spacey fills. Sort of like a space ship coming in for a landing^The band is not even close to being out of control or even spacey but there is an ambient/funky element happening here^.very ghostlike^9:30 Trey with some more great guitar effects^.this time incredible use of digital delay^not the usual high pitched long looping sound but very short subtle bum bum bum effect! Still a very mellow jam here at 11min..Page is back on the organ and breaking through this morass of sounds^At 12 minutes Trey does some really cool octave-bending jamming^.At 12:45 it was beautiful and lasts for a few more minutes. This is what I hope to hear at every show!!! Thank you for playing such an inspiring jam during my last show^.The crowd was really into it here and we all knew that the band had finally reaching that higher level we all know and love. The Boogie>Ghost was 29 minutes of bliss^ Ghost kind of ends and Free begins Free ^.I wouldn^t call this a true segue but they band did not stop playing. This was only song I was very psyched to here after the NYC shows because it was so well played there^.they are loving this song right now and most definitely will play Free in Coventry^.I think Trey was getting kind of emotional during this one, his voice was cracking a bit^maybe I was the emotional one^.Nice placement after too very funky songs^4:00 Mikes gummy bass kicks in 5:00 Trey comes back with some licks of his own^Mike and Trey are going at it..Fish bangs in at 6:00 and keeps it moving^the jam is slow moving right now, with Trey playing very subtle tones^nice smooth funk happening now^7:55 more nice licks from Trey^he is choosing his notes wisely here and not just playing faster to get the jam moving^just playing a few tear jeaking type notes^bluesy and funky here..Mike still squirting the bass line out. 9:45, Jam heads to the closing refrain^Page is going nicely on Piano now^ Friday Unexpected and surprisingly GOOD placement here^After Phish Jams about 40+ minutes, Friday was a great breather^This some was played with great emotion^. (I would have loved a sleeping monkey or horn but Friday did just fine) 5:15..I really like the guitar part here, it really translates well with the lyric and overall tone of the song. Piper Another one of those ^we are clearly enduing this song but we are not going to stop playing altogether^ segues. After hearing about (and finally hearing ) the Piper Jam at the SPAC (probably the jam of the tour) I was expecting something good^.5:00 Fishman is wailing away, Trey is playing the breaking effect on his guitar and things are sounded pretty good. Fishman is really keeping good pace with this one^.He is blazing with great rolls and fills^(5:45 ^7:00) It is ALL Fishman at 7:45!!! He is just kicking it here^Trey and Page are playing some fast moving notes. Crannnang Baaaanggg. Baaaanng from Trey^Dun dun dun duuunnnn from Fishman^cool baaang from Trey and stutter step rifts from Fishman! 10:00 Sounds like Birds of a feather for a few measures^11:30^jam slows^light jamming still excellent playing from Fishman, very spacey acid jazzy stuff happening, Fish is just banging and Trey at 12:25 just finds this great effect^.sort of harsh sounding but really innovative here^14:30 jam moves into more rock territory and becomes more familiar. Fishman ruled this Piper. I have to listen to the SPAC piper again, I^m curious to see if Fishman has this much influence. Overall, a very strong interesting piper. 16:00 the FUNK somehow returns but^^.the jam ends and just tapers off^.very bizarre they could have really gone off hear but Hood was next.. Hood ^֠ Hood was Hood, good but nothing out of the ordinary^. E. Possum - ^Your end is the road^ glad this will be my last live Phish song^I love it! Great 2nd set 2nd night at Alpine...I enjoyed it immensly. Enjoy Coventry^it will be historic, musically emotionally and culturally, sad that I am not going to be able to make it. Wanted to thank Andrew (Gadiel.com/phish) , Dan (http://www.phish.net/reviews/) Ihoz.com (not sure of your name) thank you for setting up this incredible database!!! I have consulted it so many times during so many bustouts. Also, wanted to thank the countless other people who have took the time to run phish related websites, post show reviews, put up setlists, initiate FLAC feeds etc. Bye everyone^be well and keep listening to enlightening music. peace -David Miller
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 15:39:03 -0500 From: Bill Mutter Subject: Phish show review 06/26/2004 After the last 8 years of going to Phish shows and witnessing my final show at Alpine Valley I thought I'd put my two cents in with my first and last review. I will not be doing a song by song review but more of a quick summary. Set One: Great Set!! Stand outs for me Stash and Moma dance but all and all a solid set. Oh and let me just say what all you "wanna be" guitar players don't ever say. Good playing TREY Set Two: Very Nice but a little short. Boogie on was jammed more than I have heard well...ever. Free and ghost were tight and welcome in the set as well. Encore: Possum. The First song I ever saw live and now will be the last. I like everyone else was hoping for more but, hey it was a tight possum. Extra note: Fishman druming was incredible. He is the most underpraised drummer in the buisness today.(In my opinion of course ; ) Let me just say one last thing about Phish and there fans. I came into the scene not ever hearing the band before, not knowing about there loyal fans or anything. I was won over by incredible music and a fan base that was respectful and welcoming of newbies. Thats what I will alway remember about Phish. Those of you that think you have any right to bitch about Phish and the scene and the price of tickets and theTrey and Dave tourEtc.. should be ashamed of yourselfs. You know what ended the fun.YOU. Phish does not control the concert tickets Ticketmaster and Clear Channel do so if you don't like high prices do something about it. Iheard one person saying Trey is an ego maniac and its his fault because he has sold out. You know what, NONE OF YOU can do what he does and for so long so you are not in any position to complain. We are here to have a fun and an experience not bitch about Trey flubsand rising ticket prices. Those few people sucked to life out of Phish. I shouldn't matter what they play for this tour at all. Just enjoy it while it's still here. Trey, Mike , Jon, Page. Thank you for taking chances (even if theysometimes didn't work) Thank you youfor putting in over half of your lifes for the enjoyment of others like me, and most of all Thank You forshowing almost all of uswhat "Jamband" really means. So good bye to Phish andgoodbye to the truephans and over all great people I have met at shows in the last 8 years. You have,in ways, made me what I am today.Always a fan! Pharewell. Peace, Brady
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 08:40:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Ryan O'Malley Subject: Alpine -- June 26th Okay, this was my last Phish show ever, after seeing somewhere in the 30's since the fall of '96. I made it to the Friday night show too, so I after that show, I considered this one a bonus, as the night before rocked the house! So, here's my last Phish review: Access Me: I thought this was a great way to open the show. I'm sure some disagree, but this song is fun and short and new. It's bouncy too, so it just started to get everyone moving again after what had to be a long night for most. Scents: Same segue as is on the album out of Access. I personally like this song better when they have the first part in there, but you just can't beat the jam at the end. Very Hood-esq. Made me feel happy and glad to be with my family for one last show. Good version. Stash: Another great tune. Great version as well. If you check phish.com, it says that Trey and Mike adjusted their mic stands in jest. I saw this, but to me it just looked like their stands needed to be adjusted. If someone can explain the joke, please let me know. Moma: Good funky Moma. Not the best that I've seen, but again, I was glad to see it one last time! Good stuff though. The Divided Sky: They've been playing this song a lot more frequently than they used to, which I don't really like because I put this up there as one of the most special Phish songs ever. But to hear, again, one last Divided Sky at sunset really got the tears flowing. They played it flawlessly too. Just a GREAT Divided, start to finish. No mellowed out jam or anything. A Divided the way it used to and should be. Wilson: Heard this a lot now, so it's hard for me to get excited about it, but it was good. Funky Bitch: I saw Mike in the parking lot the night before and someone yelled this at him as he drove by, so it was fun to hear them actually play it. Good solos by Page and Trey. Character 0: Good stuff. ALWAYS a rockin' tune. Great first set closer. Keeps you wanting more. Set 2 Boogie On: The title pretty much explains it all. I'm not usually a huge fan of this song because I get tired of the one chord jam at the end. This was not that though. They got off the boom-chick jam and into some serious funk. I don't think I've danced that hard in a while!! Good stuff. >Ghost: I'll always take a Ghost because it's one of those tunes where you never know what you're going to get out of the jam. Another GREAT jam here too. Carried the funk out of Boogie and put it right into Ghost. >Free: Heard too many of these too, but this was AGAIN funky as shit. I think they took the funk pills at setbreak because, man did they come out with some serious shit-your-pants funk in this set. Friday: The first line of this song says it all "I crashed I burned". Yes you did! Why? WHY?!!! Totally ruined the mood. SO disappointing to hear this. You could almost hear a collective groan through the crowd the very second they started this. It was like hitting a brick wall at 80 mph. I almost cried I was so disappointed in them. >Piper: Still to disappointed in the Friday to get excited about this. I can't explain in words how much that ONE song killed this set. I've heard a lot of Piper's too, so that didn't help, but DAMN THEM for playing that Friday. Hood: Okay. I'm back. Feeling good about Hood! Yes!! No better way to end my Phish career than with a Hood in my opinion. Great Hood too. Thank YOU Mr. Minor. >Possum: After the Friday, I really thought that a Wading encore was in the works, so when Trey started the Possum riff, I was one relieved phan. Good Possum and a very fun way to walk away from the whole thing, as it was one of the first Phish songs I ever heard on tape. Overall, I would rate these shows very high on my scale (which has become very critical lately). The energy and tightness that once was there was back again. They are obviously not holding anything back on this tour. They are leaving everything on the table, playing with a vibrancy and love that you would expect from a last tour. I will inevitably feel an emptiness once this whole thing is over, but I am so glad I got to experience it one more time with my family and friends. Thank you Phish for everything you've done for me and every other phan around the world!! Ryan
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:24:16 -0400 From: Jason Wheeler Subject: Phish show review Alpine...6/26/04 This was about my 22nd/23rd show- cant exactly recall and in my opinion this may have been the sickest night I've seen! They had energy and I was feeling every tune they played. In a way, it was almost depressing to have it close for me- this may have been my last show and I feel like I lost a little something. On the other hand, it has been a truly magical experience over the last 6 years and I will surely miss it. Phish has brought a lot of joy and pleasure to the phamily over the years and any true fan should be grateful for the gift and wish them well with their lives and their solo careers, if they so choose. Any way... Access>S&SS- super sick for the new album- just goes to show where they could have taken some of the new material. I was really into it for hearing it only 1 or 2 times before Boggie>Alpine Jam>Ghost>Free- this was a highlight for me through the whole DeerCreek/Alpine week- I could not believe that shit! Truly amazing- in boggie on trey slipped on the 2nd verse, fine with me- saw a little smile and they made up for it with the most energetic jam I think I have ever seen! This was seriously hot shit. Ghost was rad- I love this tune and was calling for Boogie and Ghost all weekend so I was pretty stoked to hear this. Free was beautiful as usual- a heavy jam, trey go into it pretty deep and you could see them in the trance. Divided Sky- GREAT GREAT GREAT!- WHAT THE HELL! This was the best divided sky I've heard in a long time- there was a big pause before the swooping, melodic work on trey/page section- when trey was standing there I could just feel it- they played like it was the last time that they would ever play these tunes, ya know? There was a real intensity, and honesty in the music this night. The gods must have even smiled to this one- I made some real strong mush tea and snuck it in- by this time I was on cloud 9 and really pheeling the whole experience- jus being part of the music lets me realize how important what Phish did really was, and still is Friday- a good tune- they got heavy and very involved here- it was a good come down for a few- a little relfection Funky Bitch- props! They stuck it perfectly. I love the blues so this was a treat Character 0- awesome- I have heard this tune a lot but it still is great! Mikes>I am...> Weekapaug- yeah yeah yeah! Heavy shit. This was a great section in the show- I could see weekapaug coming- mike had a slight tease throughout the show here and there if you listen close Possum- this was great! Probably the last tune I will ever hear, unless I can find a decent priced Coventry ticket. I really enjoyed this as an encore tune and was so into it at the time..."Your end is the road!" To phish- thank you from the bottom of my soul- I am so grateful to have experienced the things I did over the years on the road, with phriends, in the lot, the shows, everything- it was all positive and it all had its place and reason. All good things must come to an end some day I guess. I hope everyone else had as good a time as I did- the lot sucked but Deer Creek was nice and friendly- good beers .good buds. All in all this was the shit- enough said Peace to all you heads and stay in the scene- MUSIC IS MAGIC, MUSIC IS TRUTH AND WISDOM
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:32:37 -0500 From: Peter Runge Subject: Phish show review - 6/26/04 This was my 4th and final Phish show (I saw the two Alpine shows last year and this year). This may not be very impressive at all when compared to a veteran 'head but I love Phish just as much as all of you. I may be only 14 but I really do understand the boys. I really do. On to the review... Friday night was amazing. It was easily better than either of the Alpine '03 shows and the second set was the most important 80 or so minutes of my life up until Saturday night. No one was sure what to expect except for a huge effort from the boys. I heard a few Fluffhead rumors (but I'm pretty sure they're saving that for a huge breakout at COVENTRY) and other interesting guesses but the opener turned out to be Access Me. I love Mike's songs and this is no exception. It was very upbeat and fun. A nice opener. Not much different than the Undermind version. > into Scents. Nice. I love SSS and this was the best version that I have heard yet with possibly the exception of the debut (7/7/03). It was incredibly beautiful. However, it seemed that a lot of the crowd wasn't into it. How could you not love such a beautiful moment? Anyway, it was possibly the highlight of the set. After a lot of discussion, Trey stepped up to the mic and said something along the lines of "we figure the more time we spend between songs, the longer we'll be out here tonight." This recieved a huuuge roar of applause from everyone. They were having a great time already. Stash was slower than usual and everyone nailed the composed section. When the jam started, Trey was playing these really nice bluesy licks. It got kind of old though and the jam didn't sound so nice anymore. I didn't like it that much until suddenly something changed late in the jam. Everything fell into place and it felt so good. Suddenly it turned around and was sooo good. Trey almost hit the peak but they missed and decided to bring it home. An average, almost great Stash. The energy was climbing. After more discussion onstage and Trey and Cactus rearranging their microphone stand things, they funked right into Moma. The intro was incredibly surreal. So funky and perfect. Trey's solo was the best I've heard in this section of the song. Everything was perfect. But then, when the jam should have started, Trey just played a few seconds or improv and then dropped back into the Moma riff and brought The Dance to a close. What??? It was going so well! Oh well... it was good until the sudden ending. The energy was still climbing. Dvd Sky was so beautiful. It's my buddy Dave's favorite song and it was the tune that turned me onto Phish in the first place so it was great to see at my last show. The composed sections were played very well and with emotion. The quiet section was incredible. It soared as did the jam. Trey peaked us right back into the theme. Great Sky. The crowd erupted as the boys started up Wilson. This was a standard version with no jam to be seen. The post-blat boom solo by Trey ripped though. The energy at this point was peaking. > into Bitch was oh so timely. Everyone was on their feet dancing like no one was watching. Page's solo was groooooovy and Trey's was inspiring. The energy had reached the roof as C.Zero kicked in. A nice way to close the set but nothing over the top (the C.Zero I mean). Overall, an average set I suppose. It had it's moments though, that's for sure. We knew something big was coming our way. Everyone was excited; the boys were obviously having a good time and so were we. It was many people's last show so we knew they wouldn't just play another standard set. When they took the stage and started talking, we knew they were ready to drop the first bomb. BOOGIE ON!!! Man, they nailed it! Mike and Page funked like this was his last day on earth and even though Trey missed some lyrics, it felt like a true effort. I don't know why livephish.com has the Boogie On jam labeled as a separate jam because it isn't. It's just the first time that they've jammed Boogie On since (I think) 9/18/99. Incredible. The jam kept building and building until all of a sudden the tension was released and the pavillion practically collapsed. Trey was going insane and the whole band was peaking. It was incredible. After that they seemed to drop the jam down into what I call the victory laps. They did 'em yesterday after the 7Below jam peaked and they did it today after Boogie On, Ghost, and Piper. Just like the frosting on the cake. It -> perfectly into a slow Ghost (which Al called). The Ghost was surreal. Trey just grooved as Page, Mike, and Fish funked around. Finally Trey entered and they started messing around with all sorts of crazy rythms and themes. The peak of the jam was so inspiring. They stuck with a theme for quite a while and they kept increasing the volume and slowly speeding up. Before we knew it, they were all wailing and the place was bouncing! After the peak they took it down into the victory laps again. This time it became ambient for a second before the -> into Free. FREE!!! We truly were. Everyone had their hands in the air. We were all one with the band. Quite the moment. It was definitely slowed down and I loved it. Mike's solos in the jam were deeeep and funky. They broke it down a few times too. Page was funking around as well. When Trey entered, he was just playing some simple yet perfect fuzzy riffs. Before we knew it, the jam was far out and Trey was making all sorts of noises. When they returned to the jam we're used to, Trey wailed out the peak and everyone followed. Man, they sounded so good! The return to the theme was as good as it ever was and the ending was wonderful. The best version I've heard of Friday was up next and provided a great breather. Piper got a huge round of applause. It felt like a beautiful wash of light and sound. They were like one united jamming machine that kept speeding up... faster and faster. The verses faded in perfectly and were right on. When the jam started, everyone was into it. They kept grooving and grooving. The jam was mindblowing. Fish was so incredibly, undeniably on fire! Trey was ripping out rythms and chords that I've never heard out of him before. Mike and Page sounded incredible. This was exactly like something that I've heard Trey talk about; riding the wave. And they nailed it. They were jamming as one. Wow. The peak was incredible. Surreal. Whoa. And then after a few victory laps they dropped right into Hood! EVERYONE LOST IT! Hood was played so well and beautifully. It didn't cover any strange non-Hood territory. Just straightforward Hood-hose. I loved every second of it. For many, the encore would be the last song they would ever see Phish play live (myself included). Possum was a great pick. Everyone was jumping up and down and dancing like crazy. This Possum got leveled by a semi! Jesus! Incredible energy and peak. What a way to go out. Thanks Phish
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:14:53 -0600 From: Erik Steffenson esteffenson@careerpros.com Subject: Phish show review 6/26/04 it is my responsibility to review this show because of some kind soul that got me in the left gate at alpine. i didn't have a ticket for alpine so i used my deer creek ticket and was denied once. the second time i tried, the instant i was denied, some kid crashed the gate and knocked the turnstyles over, thus letting me slip in! the security pounced on him and threw him out and i got in!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE! I OWE HIM THE BIGGEST DEBT OF GRATITUDE! anywho . . .let me backtrack to the lot. security was HORRIBLE! they busted one of us for selling water! give me a break. other than that it was great to be around everyone for one last show. i began my phish experience at alpine and it was a perfect way to end it = i traded some nugs for a cap which treated me very nicely;-P drank some heady beer, was surrounded by all of you guys, and got in for free! on to the show. . . this was my 26th since my first in '98 and the boys never once ceased to amaze me. by the time i got in, they had just finished S&SS (damnation! i missed access me, i love that tune cuz its mikes quirky way about his voice that makes it one of the coolest tracks on the new album) so what!! stash started up and then it was ON!!! the first set couldn't have been better, funk, divided sky, blues, and rock! what else could there be? set 2!!! holy cow the jam from boogie on was so intense then they found their way into GHOST! holy cow again!!! free was amazing and i will never figure out how they found harry hood in the midst of that piper jam! good lord what a day! ups, downs, jams, ups, and then to top it off 2 hours of traffic to get to the damn interstate! classic! i was there with my best phriends in the world! what could have been better! see ya'll later and enjoy coventry everyone!!!!! eRIK sTEFFENSON
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:23:31 -0500 From: Justin Bulla Subject: alpine 6/26/04 review Okay, my first show in 4 years, my fiances first show....both our last.....kinda sucks but oh well. From the setlist you would think okay, fairly average show, no bust outs like you would think, but the setlist does no justice. they wanted to jam tonight and they did. on to the show. Access Me: I was thinking a bluegrassy tune for the opener but wasn't sure about this one, but would you classify it bluegrass? good tune, but missed a lot cuz the place was packed and i couldn't get back to my spot in time. Everyoen seemed to enjoy it though. Scents: I like this song, 2 in a row from the new album, and I believe they are in this order on the new album. Good tight version, well played. i like the new album stuff. Stash: Hell yeah, gotta love it. real good version, very tight jam. solid all around. Moma Dance: I have seen a few that say they don't like this song, but I love it. Nice and funky, can't go wrong. Divided Sky: The energy started picking up with this one, mike and trey were jumping up and down almost like trampoline stuff. very good tight version, my fiance loves this song, and who could blame her.....good stuff here. Wilson: Can't go wrong with wilson, except it seemed kind of rushed, maybe it was just. The "Can you still have fun" part was awesome though, kind of symbolic but the boys should they still have fun. We got the asshole wilson out of the way, why not the----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------> Funky Bitch: Hands down, my favorite cover they do. I just get so pumped by this tune. I was bouncin around like a little fuckin school girl on this, good and tight again. Character 0: okay, its a normal phish show now, they closed a set with character....suprise suprise. oh well, i like this song, always have and always will, i don't give a shit if it was/is overplayed as a set closer, because it is a good set closer. Set II Boogie On: What the hell is going on in this one. Sick bass opening by Mike, almost weekapaugish. I think trey flubbed the lyrics but i could be wrong, anyways this jam got so hype, i think on the "LivePhish" download site they are calling it the Alpine Jam or something. But it was killer, very energetic. The boys were just feeling very energetic and pumped. Sick Ghost: The aforementioned jam lead into ghost and i about soiled myself. I love Ghost and was hoping for it all night. The jam had me so tranced previously though that i wasn't even sure if trey had the boomerang flowin on this one, but i think he did. A nice Jam ensued out of this one as well, but i am having trouble gaining my memory on it due to some slight inebriation. I just remember great energy and just good tight jamming. Free: Shit, I love this song to, it was funny because my buddy loves this because of how sick mike's bass sounds during the jam. side note: i think mike got some new kind of envelope filter or added another component to that liquidous sound he gives us...i liked it though!!! The jam was full of energy, i don't think you can go wrong with this song ever, its so good live. Friday: I know a lot of people don't like shit off Round Room, but i dig this tune. Great version of it, they jammed out the ending real hard, it got real loud, kind of like a Lifeboy or waste ending. Like they didn't want it to end and wished it was friday again to do it al over. Piper: Okay, my fiance had a called, Moma, Divided, Wilson and of course this tune. She loves it and why not?? good song leads to a great jam, i remember some glow sticks getting goin but didn't get too many..........yet. The song was good and tight all the way into.......... Hood: You can't say anything about Hood, just awesome, may rival hood of Creek 98. Glow sticks flowin but not as big as i thought it would be. Encore: everyone thought they ended early so people were hyped for maybe a 2-3 song encore, but nope.....the one was just fine............. Possum: good version, good jam, good night!!! This was a great show, lots of energy and enjoyment, i would get it as fast as you can. Great jams and great times. During the encore I was watching the screens and just happened to notice Trey's face smiling and laughing during the "Possuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm" part and just picked up on his feeling, like man these tunes are fun but its time to go. You could almost sense what Trey was talking about during is announcing of the end, the whole nostalgia of it all and things aren't getting played for music but just getting played. I had a great time the past 8 plus years of seeing the boys, but its time to move on. Thanks so much. They are ending doing what they love............touring, But their "end is the road" may it be a great ending. and the hell with bad reviews. if you really love em' you shouldn't give a shit what they play or how they play it, there is always some kind of magic in the air when you are there so just enjoy and let them enjoy it.
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 09:57:44 -0500 From: Jeff Subject: Phish show review 6/26/04 Alpine This was my 32nd show. Boogie On > Ghost > Free was the finest segment of music I've ever seen. Throw in the unbelievable Piper and Hood, and this might be the best set I've seen them play. I'm so proud that they delivered in such a big way at my last show. Thanks to everyone everywhere for everything. Peace, Jeff
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 16:40:19 -0500 From: Blaine Hubbuch Subject: Phish show review 6-26-04 Last night i witnessed Phish at their best. They played their last night at Alpine Valley to a capacity crowd and sent everyone home smiling.I've been seeing the band since 1995 and have seen some wonderful,inspired performances, but last night had some special magic.The weather was cool, the skies were sunny, and the music was flowing effortlessly from the band. The overall theme in the music for me last night was the blues. most of the songs had a bluesy element and Trey's guitar tone was beautiful and soaring. The rest of the band followed suit and kept the music tight, clean, and crisp. The music was truly inspired and the energy was constant. I'm not much of a song-by-song reviewer, but i will say this. If anyone is considering getting the downloads for this show, you should get it for the Possum alone. Quite simply, they nailed it! Earlier in the night, my good friend was commentingon how this might be the last time Phish performs some of these songs, and after the Possum encore, i turned to him and said that they can go ahead and lay Possum to rest 'cause it can't get any better. We both smiled and then sighed. I enjoyed the entire first set and thought itcreated a nice tone for the rest of the evening, but the real meat of this show came in the second. The opening medley of Boogie on Reggae Woman > Ghost > Free was unexpected and unbelievable. The Boogie was bouncy and sweet and got everyone up on their feet dancin' right away. Ghost was solid in the middle and Free went off the charts. It was powerful and bold and beautiful at the same time. That's why i like the song i suppose 'cause it wraps all those elements into the song in such a subtle way. I suppose it's hard for me to describe, but i'm sure some of you know what i'm talking about. Finally, to end the second set, with Piper > Hood was some nice frosting. I will never forget this show and will never forget the good times Phish has provided. They are simply the greatest rock-n-roll band of my generation. Thank You Phish! Blaine
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 14:17:30 -0500 From: C.Edgin Subject: Phish show review Phish 6-26-04 This was my 60th and Final show! After Fridays GREAT Show I had some high hopes for Saturday, but then Phish played and proved why they are calling it quits. They played Access Me to open -nice followed by Scents and Subtle Sounds- boring not as good as on the album. This was followed by Stash, Moma Dance Divided Sky Wilson, Funky Bitch.None of these songs really stood out but the set was improving, Maybe this show has hope. Character Zero closes the set. I hate Zero. The 2nd Set was the worst 2nd set I've ever seen. Boogie On opener this was the best part of the set kind of sad because it's a cover song. Kudos to Stevie for writing a great song. Then Ghost> Free not quite the bust-out I was hoping for! Then Friday happened it was the single most crowd disappointing song they have ever played. They crowd went dead! They went right into Piper (boooo) Then Hood to close the set. Not feelin very good about Hood! Possum would be the encore Nice version. This show in my opinion was in the bottom five shows I've ever seen. The First night was in the top 5. A tale of two bands! I will miss those guys but Alpine 2nd night made it a little easier to say GOOD-BYE!
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