6-23-02 - Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN

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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 15:05:59 -0500
From: Linda Wendland lindaandfran@hotmail.com
Subject: most boring show ever!

after the previous 2+ days of wonderful music at the bonnazoo, this show
was a complete let down. what a horrible way to wrap up what was the most
wonderful musical event of our life. from the gospel, the funk, the rap,
the jams, the bluegrass, the late night throw downs, the early morning
jams (oh my PARTICLE), the big bands and the little ones, BONNAROO was
great. phil & friends really got the crowd moving with some good vibe
music and the dj that followed tore it up. too bad trey had to take the
stage. in my humble opinion, phil & friends should have closed it out
with a three setter. hell, anything would have been better than the trey
band experience. the music reminded me of a gerbil in a running wheel,
giving its all to go round and round and round and round, without ever
getting anywhere. super boring and a waste of talent. take it for what
it's worth.

Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 17:39:26 EDT From: JLand45871@aol.com Subject: bonnaroo review hey all - trey at bonaroo was good  - i liked it - i didn't have any expectations of any reunion or any special guests or anything crazy - just standard big band jam stuff - as for the whole trey this trey that debate: first off, i am so very happy to see that trey doesn't fit in the jam scene anymore - frankly, i don't care - you can have your wannabe phish bands all you want - and guess what, none of them will ever do anything remotely close to what phish did in their prime - we all have to remember who the genious behind phish was - who wrote you enjoy myself, reba, foam, david bowie, split open and melt, gamehenge,  maze, the list goes on and on and on and on - granted, the other musicians in the band made their own incredible contributions and at times amazed me more than the masturbating guitar player who i love so dearly - all guitarists of trey's caliber are egomaniacs - get over it - even guitar players that suck are egomaniacs - every guitar player has to be a egomaniac - it's part of the show - trey is doing what he wants, and if you guys don't like it, i bet he don't care one bit -  - it makes me sick to see a band like string  cheese incident headlining a show at alpine valley - they are not even interesting - they don't take chances - all they do is smile and build to a climax until the crowd goes nuts and start a new song and do the exact same thing -these guys and a lot of other bands in the jam scene owe a lot to phish - now people are gonna go and support their music and badmouth the man who opened the door for all these other bands - i've seen a lot of jam bands, most of them only once - none of them can play a show in which they explore almost every genre of music - none of them made me feel close to what i felt the first time i saw phish fall '95 - i hope that trey has to start playing even smaller places than he did this summer - that will keep the scene that i don't ever miss away from his shows - trey is not playing shows for people to follow around and hit every one - he is not doing anything close to what he was doing with phish, except the same great guitar work - people have to separate him from the jamband scene to appreciate his work - and if you can't do that, go somewhere else - i know he is still gonna have fun - i mean, did you notice the smile on his face this tour - the last time i saw that was a while ago - alright, i'm done ranting - if people in the jam scene liked music as much as they thought they actually did, they would be open to everything from pop to punk to hiphop to metal to alternative to to classical to big band jam jazz  .................................. open your ears and open your mind - later all p.s. - i hope that we never see another phish show again - worst review ever
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 17:03:17 -0400 From: Carlton LaPan clapan@elon.edu Subject: trey bonnaroo review Well i thought that Trey absolutely rocked on Sunday night, and i just do not understand all these negative reviews. People complaining about Trey directing the band, it is called the Trey Anastasio Band for a reason. He is using the band like it is an instrument he is playing. We were there to see Trey. How many of you would actually go and see, or let alone have heard of these people, if they were not in Trey's band. This new project is a big band with Trey as the leader, similar to what Miles and other jazz grates have done in the past. And the complaint about the lack of energy in the crowd I totally disagree with. Where I was the energy was off the scale. everyone who was around me was loving the show. grovin and smiling and screaming. Also, don't you remember Trey thanking the audience at the end of the first set for all the great energy. And then there's the complaints about Trey not bringing any special guests out. did it ever accrue to you that Trey was the last act and just maybe the other musicians had already left. I know for a fact that Les Claypool had a gig that night, so there is no sense in complaining that Trey's ego got in the way of a special guest. And the music was just rocking. every song was long as tits, and taken to so many new and wild places. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is just mine for whatever it is worth. Thank you Trey for the great music and the great time. You did Bonnaroo justice.
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 16:47:15 -0400 From: Lee Schwartz Lee_Schwartz@appforge.com Subject: Trey rvw > 6-23-02 - Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN Here is my short rvw of the Trey show at Bonnaroo. I have to submit this b/c I disagree with the negative comments about Trey's 'roo appearance. First, the obvious > Bonnaroo was awesome. My 2 highlights > 1) WSP + Steve Winwood on LOW SPARK!!! and 2) Galactic late night show kicked ass!!!! Now, about the Trey show. I personally enjoyed it. I have seen Phish many times (20 to 30) and have seen Trey once (ATL Fox Theater). >From my point of view: *Trey is having fun and recharging his batteries, let him have his fun. *The Trey Roo show was pretty damn good. It was better than I expected. I liked 1st set better than the 2nd set. *If you thought the crowd was tired, well, they should've been, it was a long crazy weekend. *There was some conducting by Trey, but who cares, he was having fun and it still sounded good. *Sand was hot! *If you went to Roo for a Phish reunion, then you set yourself up for a big disappointment. There was too much good music that led up to that show, give it a break, all in due time. *Trey and Band were playing there ass off to prove to the crowd that they have a good thing going on. My recommendation, go download the Trey show from Nugs.net and listen to it. It is damn good music. And, it is only audio, so you won't be 'offended' by Trey's conducting : ) Think about this, if you had never seen or heard Phish then you would've thought the Trey set was really good. Lee in Atlanta
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:07:30 -0400 From: "Blair, Paul" Paul.Blair@dep.state.fl.us Subject: review man. i agree with a lot of these reviews. trey didn't close the deal sunday. he really had some moments in that show that i thought were absolutely incredible but, for the most part the energy wasn't there. trey was completely wasted and it showed. it almost seemed at times he didn't realize he was performing in front of an audience. i understand it was the last show of the tour, trey wanted to have a good time and had i been in his shoes, i might have acted the same way. i mean, he should be allowed to hang loose every now and then and ham it up and just have fun but i felt like he was at times just completely turning his back to the crowd. i was shaking my head as he rambled on and on about what an incredible weekend it was (as one reviewer pointed out that he wasn't even there for most of it). i don't know what happened there but i hope he's reading some of the reviews. drifting was amazing though. there were a lot of moments that really ripped but man, trey was not on top of it for the majority of the show. i need more perspective. i need to hear the cd's. he does really keep a tight leash on his horn section and i imagine they probably don't feel to great about that show. trey trey trey. i ain't mad atcha. just remember how important you are to so many people and when you slip on a huge stage like bonnaroo a lot of folks take it very personally. who among us wasn't expecting his show to blow the roof of the festival? it was the culmination of the weekend. shit, i was wishing bisco or galctic would come up there and take over. i don't know, i'm NOT being too critical, i know most of you feel the same way i do. it ain't the end of the world. trey will be fine, he didn't go off the deep end and the next time he plays for us, i'm sure it'll be amazing. i thought he put on a horrible show in tennesee 2 years ago with phish, then he completely blew me away the next 2 nights at lakewood. it's rare that a musician means that much to people and can cause people to get that pissed about something as frivolous as a rock concert but, trey has given us so many moments of pure joy that when we see him more or less making an ass of himself and not living up to expectations it seems much worse than it actually is. i will look back on his performance and probably laugh, as i have done a few times, then maybe shake my head and feel genuine concern for the future of phish. i'm a musical snob. phish is the end all for me. my tastes in music are superior to most folks and the musicians i love are all geniuses in their own right. i try to keep phish and trey on a pedestal but it can be hard at times, especially when trey shows us his humanity. miles was a controlling an asshole. ever heard live zappa? you think trey talked too much at bonaroo? let me turn you on to some live zappa. one thing we've all come to realize over the years is that trey is a professional. he's also just a man. bad shows happen. i've done some pretty stupid shit while high that i regret (granted not in front of 75000 people) but i always manage to get by. oh well, bonaroo was phenomenal. trey's show was just a small piece of a magnificent puzzle. for me bonnaroo will always be about the entire experience (BISCO!) as i imagine it will for everyone else. let's keep everything in perspective and do it all over again next year, but someone, please keep trey away from the acid.
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 00:09:05 GMT From: powderandblueskies@juno.com Subject: Bonnaroo Trey review I first saw Phish at the roller rink show in Buffalo 9/91 and I had a great time at Phish shows for over ten years. The Bonnaroo show Trey put on was the most boring concert I ever saw, hands down. Trey is a legend in his OWN mind. If people would stop taking drugs for five minutes and listen to his music they would agree and stop inflating the ego of this musical joke. I used to like him but enough is enough.
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 17:02:28 -0400 From: brad.worsham@clarkconstruction.com Subject: bonnaroo trey review. I go a little off with a bunch to say just in general about the lead up to trey and bonnaroo, would love it if you posted this. The first moment I saw the lineup announced at bonnaroo, even before Phil, trey, and all the rest were added, I was so stoked. Upon the announcement of that second batch of bands added, I bought my ticket immediately. This festival was going to be the ultimate jam band musical experience. For the price of going to 4 big shows, 2 if you bring a date, you get to see approximately 7 full big shows, more smaller shorter shows than you can count on all your digits, and dj?s laying down phat beats on any song you could imagine when the bands weren?t on. Not only was this weekend going to be nonstop fun, hopefully it will put to rest one of the most argued about question between fans: Who is Better? Widespread? String Cheese? Phish (Trey). The obvious answer, though unclear to many jam band music fans, is none of them. Each of these bands and all the other bands in the jam band culture bring to the table an evening of hip-grooving music that you get down to, usually longer than any other type of concert you might attend. It?s true that the bigger jam bands offer a more complete production with tripped out lights that dance to the music, and sound that can vibrate your soul. For those people that take the attitude I like widespread, and don?t give SCI or Trey/Phish a chance, shame on you. This is true for all the other combinations of bands, me personally I love SCI and Phish/Trey and I hadn?t really given Widespread a chance. I really enjoyed their shows, but I had to miss most of Friday to get 10 feet from the Keller Incident. However, I knew I had tickets to see Widespread in July, so I still get the opportunity to enjoy a full show. What is comes down to is ?Jam Band? Music is music, it doesn?t matter whose playing, as long as it lends a groove that you can smoke some pot to, and just get down and dance, then who the fuck cares who?s up there playing. You could dance through an entire show getting down without even opening your eyes; who cares who?s on stage playing the notes. If you don?t particularly like the style of one band, then don?t listen to them, and don?t knock them either. Other people in this family enjoy them, so why start written arguments about it. There is no right answer. This is the attitude I brought to bonnaroo, ready to see many bands I?ve seen before, and check out what I?m missing in the scene. In my opinion, every show that I saw except ONE, completely exceeded my expectations. The entire festival seemed to go off without a hitch, except for sound problems with Superjam overpowering Norah Jones, and moe.?s ridiculous jamming being way too quiet (At one point the crowd outside the tent attempted to chant ?Turn it Up? in unison) . There were few arrests, approximately .025% is you assume 75,000 people attended, and few injuries, mainly foot problems. The bands attitude towards bonnaroo was simple. They have 75,000 people to attract them to their music, and their only competition is their friends, who they obviously wish the same fortune to. Given that the smaller bands, only taken in a literary view, had to ?compete? against three other bands, they had the chance to attract up to 20,000 people each. This is amazing exposure to the smaller bands, and at the same time can rid the argument of who is the best band. As I saw it, everybody was getting down to everything. You might have a favorite, but you can still say that all the other bands kicked serious ass. I?m sure people will go see some of the bands again who they had never seen before (Bought tickets to see Karl Denson days after bonnaroo, will be my first non-bonnaroo Denson experience). Obviously due to the amount of exposure to fans that every band will get here, they want to put on the tightest, jamming set(s) of music they can play. Just think that Jurassic 5 played a kicking set to a bunch of hippies. Who would have thought? Over the entire weekend, there were musical collaborations that you only dream about, which truly shows you how much the musicians themselves were enjoying this opportunity, and obviously how they would totally plan all their tours around this festival again. This amazing never before thought of festival led up to the grand finale, in my opinion, to Trey closing his tour with a crowd the size of his age old festivals where Phish just absolutely rocked the house. I had relatively good seats to start the show, right in front of the screen on the right, near the soundboard. When Trey came out, I was so excited. His first set up to Last tube was absolutely kicking. Push On, Money Love and Change, Cayman Review, Mozambique, Sand, Drifting. At this point I was really thrown off by the fact that he had pulled out basically every big song they play other than First Tube. Those are by far the tightest groove-friendly songs in the bands repertoire. I didn?t exactly understand at the beginning of Last Tube how he was going to top himself, because all the jams, in my opinion were sick. Despite my blistered feet, aching legs, and sunburned body, I was getting down, and the entire crowd was with me. When last tube started to jam out for a little too long, the group I was with decided to make our way out of the pack of people (much easier to do right before set break which we knew had to be coming, rather than when everybody is sitting down). My group made our way out, walked all the way to the bathrooms, two out of the group left as they had to catch a plane, we bought a pretzel, and finally trey ended the long drawn out last tube. Just a little too long in my opinion. I was excited to hear Trey say they were going to take a SHORT break. It was already 11, and by the schedule he was only due to play till 11:30. Obviously, he was going to go over, and with a long pretty much tight funky close to two hour set, who knows what was due for the second. Anyone would think that he had to top what he had just done. I would hope all people turned off by Phish or Trey were thoroughly impressed. With the music on stage, and Kuroda on lights (Widespread?s lights paled in comparison to Kuroda, he is an absolute genius), how could you not be impressed. I made my way towards the back right in front of the back speakers so it would be nice and loud. I noticed that many people were leaving. I?m sure most people wanted to beat traffic (as did I, moved my car like 50 feet from the exit earlier that day). Despite my intentions to make a quick get away, Trey played an insane first set and I couldn?t wait for the second. His first set was one of the best sets I had heard this weekend even with the long drawn out last tube. No first set his tour (by song) was better than this one, a lot of these songs were second set songs, and no first set was longer. Curiosity was brewing in my head as to what he could possibly do to top his first set. At this point the thought of Phish reuniting actually existed in my mind. If not that (which I most likely thought), definitely something wild like Phil Lesh with a Wolfman?s, having been done before, or a Claypool appearance with an Oysterhead song or potentially some Floyd. Trey is the closing act of an amazing weekend, so obviously he should pull out the stops, right? Thirty minutes after I thought Trey would come out, apparently 45 minutes is a short set break, the band makes its way towards the stage. Trey looked as if he had too much fun backstage. Night Speaks to Woman starts. I love that song. Getting down in the back, lots of room, and so many people are going crazy way back in the back. 40 minutes later there are just masses of people leaving. For those of you diehards that decided to be as close as possible, you obviously missed this. When you say 75,000 people were there at the encore, I would strongly disagree. Finally Gazebo starts, sure it?s a good segue, but what is that song? Then into Mr. Completely, crazy lights, but once the senseless jam starts, I leave. I couldn?t take it anymore, obviously Trey was wasted drunk, and would rather conduct than play. I head out of the stadium with my fingers crossed and the mentality that nothing special will happen. Trey inviting each member of the old band to play at shows throughout his tour was a special way to start mending whatever wounds still hadn?t healed from what I think was somewhat of a bitter breakup. There was no reunion necessary because although it would have been picture perfect ending, bonnaroo was not the time or place for this to happen, too obvious. Just think of Phish?s 1998 Halloween Performance vs. Days later at the E Center pulling out Dark Side of the Moon and Smells like Teen spirit. It took me twenty minutes to leave the venue and thirty miles outside of Manchester at the third hotel we attempted to stay at (obviously many other people had left before me), I laid to rest. I couldn?t wait till I got home, 10 hours away, to see if my leaving was an incredible mistake. Immediately upon arriving at home, I got online and see that Mr. Completely was the last song of the set and the encore was an acoustic Wilson, Bathtub, and Alive Again with the band. Sounds really awesome, but from reading reviews, I?m glad I left, and I?m sorry for those of you who stayed. For the people who thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought 75,000 people were into it, you were packed in like sardines right in front of the stage and didn?t realized that masses of people had left, and trey probably couldn?t tell due to his intoxication, nevertheless he was having fun. I feel like his show was a tease. Out of any show during his tour, the one he shouldn?t fuck up is bonnaroo. People would trade two to three tickets to see the finale show on a Phish run, and you would think Trey would follow suit. Considering every other band you saw this weekend played a hands down awesome show you Trey to just put the cherry on top, and wisk people off to their cars as if this entire weekend had to have been a dream. Trey had a bunch of people in front of him that had never seen him, therefore you obviously need to stick pretty close to the line and just play an overall tight show. Basically he just set himself up for the unbelievable first set he played. I feel sorry to diss Trey cause I absolutely love seeing him play. His fingers can play music that clicks with me perfectly. Bonnaroo wasn?t ruined because of Trey?s final set, but I wish it didn?t get to the point of making me leave early. Brad
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:43:12 -0500 From: Bob Rafferty brafferty@prodigy.net Subject: trey- Bonnaroo review Upon reading these reviews and many others from bonnaroo I've found their to be a huge spectrum of opinions on the TAB show.  I actually questioned whether or not I was at a totally different show after I read the crap being spewed out by what I know amounts to a very small percentage of people in attendance. Throughout the last couple of TAB tours I have been reading numerous interviews with Trey and the one thing that really struck me about this show was that it was the most forward, true, overjoyed, and thankful "Trey" that I have seen,...ever. I think that alot of the first timers were really put off by Treys conducting, but who can doubt the effects produced? This show was in my opinion and everyone else I have talked to, the absolute highpoint of the weekend, just like it was supposed to be. The first set was absolutely the best all tour (as it should have been), with notable moments being .....everything?  I have to say that the Last Tube was probably the high point of my weekend up to this point. The second set was in my opinion about equal with the first. NSTW was I think the longest of the tour and slowly slid into a really beautiful  atmospheric kinda jam that eventually wound into a perfect gazebo. This is the point where many fans (not phans) got all ticked off... because Trey was being Trey. Mr. Completely was off the hook with Trey just tearing into it with one ferocious lick after another. The encore was fine with me (after all Page and Mike had specifically said that their would NOT be a reunion in previous interviews) and I actually really enjoyed the Wilson and Gin. The crowd participation was awesome. Alive Again rocked and wrapped up a fantastic show. Trey more than proved himself and his band to be absolutely legit with a superb show that made more bands than just widespread mediocrity look like rookies.   -thanks to everyone involved, I will be looking forward to next year. Hopefully they can give the KWI or Moe an appropriate venue.....such as the arena or stadium? Wow, what a great idea!
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 15:59:30 -0400 From: vinnie vinnie@ameritech.net Subject: Bonnaroo Trey Review Hey there..     Well, as most of you, I've been to many many Phish shows, and many Trey shows, and I have to agree that Trey wasn't on.  In another review, someone said that at least he had Phish to bail him out when he was in a slump.  With this band, they are looking for direction.  I thought that the jams were pointless, and self indulgent.  I know that is harsh to say, but after seeing all that great music all weekend long, where other musicians were having a great time, and being able to play with one another, Trey was not the high point that I really was expecting.  I really thought that he would have come out with other musicians during the day, and maybe have some special guests with him as well.. WSP was able to bring people up all weekend long.  I'm not a huge WSP fan, but I thought that they were ON both nights.  Someone else pointed out that it seems like he was taking credit for the whole weekend, which I thought he was doing to.  It makes me wonder..  seeing that Phish could sell out the something the size of the Bonnaroo, (i.e.. The Ball, The Went, Big Cypress) do you think that they would ever do a festival like that will almost 60 bands, or are they too greedy and self centered to host something like that.  Not to go back to WSP, but I believe that this was the biggest thing they've ever done, and look at them, they've been in the business just as long, and had no problem with playing with other musicians, and really keeping it real.  I thought their energy, and professionalism was fantastic.  I'm not bitter about Trey at the 'Roo, seeing that I got to see some great music all weekend long, I just thing that Trey wasn't what I was use to with Trey shows.  If people had their choice, and the roo was the same weekend as a Phish fest.. what would people choose.       vin cleve, oh (hope to see Phish at 'roo two)
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:27:27 -0700 From: Raymond A. Koeth rkoeth@acero.com Subject: Trey - Bonnaroo review I just spent the last half hour reading reviews and it was very amusing to see how polarized the fans are about Trey's show at Bonnaroo. It appears that one either absolutely loved it or was totally turned off by it. I have to say to all people - good for you for having your own opinion and for expressing it. Let me set the stage by saying that I am a huge Phish and Trey fan and have seen about 30 Phish shows and 3 Trey solo shows. And I've probably watched Bittersweet about 25 times (what a great freaking documentary). As far as my own opinion in regard to Sunday's show, I definitely have to say that I have never seen somebody be so self-serving on stage as Trey was Sunday night. This is not my review of the actual music played, just my opinion about Trey's antics on stage. I totally get that one of the things that made Phish so unique and so popular with all of us was their willingness to take chances and not to be "normal". With that said, I didn't have a problem with Trey being different Sunday night and trying some new things. But, his constant directing of the other musicians in the band, his light sabre thing (ugh) and the way he conducted himself on stage were all ridiculous and over the top. It was not in conjunction with the spirit of the event at all, and I think it is very telling about where the band Phish sits right now. Anybody that was wondering why they are on hiatus, I think Trey spelled it out. He wants total control and he gets that by having his own band. Trey, dude, get a grip on yourself. You are an unbelievably talented musician, but not too many people want to go see you do gyrations with your guitar and act as a director for other talented musicians. For christ's sake, lead them with your notes and let them play! I guess I have made the crossover into my review of the music itself. I thought that was the worst of the 3 Trey shows I've seen and that there was a total lack of energy. A very small part of the lack of energy can be pawned off to the fact that it was not a "Phish" crowd, as another reviewer aptly mentioned. It was a good cross section of fans of the many other talented musicians that played throughout the weekend. But, the people that were in attendance of this festival were all music fans (obviously) and were ready and willing to get into a good groove, as long as the music allowed. Unfortunately, for the most part, Trey didn't allow it. Let's face it, what makes the genre of "jamband" music so cool is that the artists can go off on tangents individually and/or collectively and make it seem as if it was all planned. Some of the best grooves you can get into at a Phish, Moe, WSP, SCI, et al are when they explore new areas. And how many times do these bands have somebody acting like a freaking director to achieve this? That's right, none! Its downright ridiculous. If Trey needs to tell somebody in the band when they need to play, then get rid of them and find someone that can do it intuitively! I thought the best Trey show I saw was the one I caught on their inaugural tour. And I say that because the show wove its way through all on its own. They have definitely gotten better as a band, but I just can't stand seeing Trey be so dominating over the other band members, as if to say "You couldn't play shit if I didn't tell you how to do it!" Trey was doing this in the Cleveland show I saw about 2 weeks ago and I really hoped it was some weird thing that only happened that one night. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I really hope that if Trey does another tour, he cuts that out and focuses on getting into a good rhythm with his bandmates. Peace, Ray
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 02:29:46 EDT From: Amandablaney77@aol.com Subject: trey at bonnaroo i hate to say it, but i was very disappointed with trey's performance at bonnaroo... not only was it the LAST show of the festival, but it was the LAST show of his tour, and frankly, he could have done something MORE. just hearing about some of the setlists & some of his antics at other shows (conga lines and dancers) in the tour, i was let down. maybe they were tired... i don't know... but i know i was worn out, (but hopeful), & still managed to dance to the mediocre sets of trey and his band. all throughout the weekend, there was rumor after rumor of a phish reunion. everytime i waited in line, whether it be for the porta-potties or for an over-salted, soggy pretzel, there was talk of someone seeing mike, or fishman, or whichever messiah would make the reunion possible. regardless, there should have been some kind of all star jamming going on. the show that kicked ass the most, in my eyes, was the late night galactic show on saturday night. THEY brought out les claypool and a handful of other talented musicians from other bands. i thought FOR SURE that les would join trey of all people on stage, but he was too busy making his head bigger i guess. i must admit that i lost some respect for trey that night, and have since, replaced some of the cds in my car with those of the bands that really impressed me, such as galactic (who always ROCKS my world), karl denson, and surprisingly, les claypool's frog brigade. trey, deflate your ego a bit and come back to us, please...
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:46:46 -0700 (PDT) From: daren jones bbfcfm@yahoo.com Subject: trey 06/23/2002 I just what to say a couple of things. First set rocked, it seemed like the band was a little nervous at first but they warmed up. Sand was great and Last Tube was Fucking sick. Second set was completly different, Night Speaks was pretty good and then it just kind of got weird. I've seen Phish about 80 times and that band needed a break. I've seen Trey's band 17 times and I have to give trey credit they are so much better this year I was shocked. For people to talk shit about second set and how he rambled on about how cool the scene was your probally one of thous kids that was in the front row for The string cheese accident. Trey is a performer he demands respect he like to control things and thats exactly what he was doing. He was having a blast. No Phish kid should be embarassed because trey didn't play his best show ever but the show was good, I had a blast. I think it was a great way to finish an excellent weekend. Daren Jones
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:29:01 -0400 From: "McCormack, Steve" Steve.McCormack@sciatl.com Subject: Trey REVIEW 6.23.02 What can I say that hasn't already been said about Bonnaroo? Great bands. Great movement. Unspeakably great weekend. The only blemish for me is these scathing reviews of Trey. I realize everyone has opinions, but I can't believe how widespread this slander is. Amid all this bashing of Trey's ego, I almost have to laugh at the egos of these reviewers who think Trey should just be locked in an aquarium to play YEM for them over and over for the rest of his days at the push of a button. Where does the ego problem lie that we think Trey's music is ours and should be played on our terms only? And if he has developed an ego, has it not been earned? He is one of the greatest guitarists & composers in the history of good times. Look at song credits: he was the biggest part of Phish, and now we hate him for being a bigger part of his own band? It's just plain wrong. As Phil closed down a great set it was clear that the whole weekend had led up to Trey. Panic had trouble getting off the ground to kick things off Friday night and while their second show wailed it was tucked away in the middle of a weekend loaded with hungry bands and top notch jams. Now was Trey's at bat. When Trey brought his band onstage, he was jumping around like a little girl; I wondered right off if this was "Gay-Trey" I had been hearing about since the hiatus began. However, it soon was clear that "Rock Star Trey" was in the house. The entire set, top to bottom, was super-tight and super-rocking. At one point during Caymen Review, Trey eased over to Cyro & the patched cow, and they all started messing with the others' instruments, slapping at each other, grabbing each others' hats, and the jam got a little quirky before Trey turned back around to the band falling perfectly back into the song. Sand was menacing by the end with sounds like dragons breathing and various other aural components I never could identify before a perfect segue into Drifting. Set closer was Last Tube and was the best I have seen -- climaxing with Trey strangling his guitar and the rest of the band jamming in perfect synch with Kuroda's dazzling lights. As setbreak began, I was shocked to see that the set had lasted nearly two hours -- not once had I felt it was long-winded. Second set was equally rocking. He opened Night Speaks with a little guitar solo to set it up, and then the band smoked it for about 1/2 hour. It was odd to see Trey conducting, just to see anyone conducting at a rock concert, but it was fresh, too. I have always enjoyed seeing Trey take a show over -- even when he would take over Phish jams and conduct them along. This is Trey at his best, improvising on a large scale, not just on guitar. This is his band, and from that respect they should be his puppets. This is Trey's music, and to see him now, conducting and all, it is the truest witness to improvisational musical genius any of us have ever seen. Next was Gazebo, which I enjoyed but was thankful it wasn't still hanging out there as a choice for encore. This was a breather before the wall of sound that is Mr. Completely. The opening notes of the song were pure adrenaline cascading out over the 70,000 Bonnaroo-worn fans. This stretched out as usual, and I was very happy to hear it. After the largely woebegone tempo of Phish's last few albums I always enjoy hearing the energy again. He closed this with a feedback solo which he looped while stepping over to conduct his band for the grand finale. As he kept his horns firing their little repeated bursts, in admittedly too long of conclusion, "Gay-Trey" took over again and began also conducting the crowd in what has now become the infamous "Megalomaniac Maestro Trying to Lead Phans to Phreedom with all his Horny Puppets" incident.  He was totally hamming it up, and at that point it became hillarious. Everyone around me was laughing at the whimsy. Each time the crowd cooperated Trey acted so emphatically pleased he was clinching his hands together and smiling so big (ala Flanders when Homer asked him to read him the Bible). He did it repeatedly, getting more and more jubilant with each time. Before this I had not believed that Phish would be the encore, but this just seemed so silly, and Trey seemed so "I know something you don't know" that I began to ponder the possibilities. For the encore, of course, Trey came out and did the unthinkably evil deed of covering Wilson & Gin after rambling on about not wanting to ramble on. I say ramble on Trey. His voice cracks me up, and it was obvious he was partying along the Bonnaroo mentality. He was so giddy and joyful that I truly by this point thought Phish was going to come out, and I wasn't alone; when he motioned for his band to come back out, 70,000 people gasped (I know you did, too). The only bad thing about Alive Again at that point was that it wasn't a Phish reunion. It was still a good rocking version. The whole show was excellent, false expectations aside. Every version was very cohesive and dynamic, keeping every song interesting. Trey's new emphasis on flute and percussion is welcome and will help pave the way for even more landmark journeys down even more unexplored highways of sound. ROCK ON TREY! YOU ARE STILL MR. COMPLETELY!
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:13:42 -0500 From: Timothy Braun tbraun@uiuc.edu Subject: 6/23/00 Bonnaroo review I've never written a review before, but due to the widely mixed opinions on this page, I feel I have to say something about this show. I've been to 53 Phish shows and 6 Trey shows, so I think I have some perspective here. I also don't expect to see Phish until summer 2003, so it's not like there was a huge disappointment for me when they didn't step on stage for the encore. Let me start by saying that Bonnaroo was great. I'd seen a Panic show before and not been impressed, but these guys were ON this weekend, especially Saturday night. I've been listening to all the Panic I can get my hands on this week as a result. Disco Biscuits, moe., Galactic, Phil & Friends w/ Bobby, and everything Les Claypool touched were all incredible. I'd seen all these bands before except the one-time Col. Claypool Bucket of Bernie Brains. Each of them put on a show that equaled or exceeded what I'd seen from them previously. There was clearly an energy to Bonnaroo, having so many great performers and willing fans in one place. It was great to have a chance to hear other bands that I haven't seen before, like Ween and Bela Fleck & Edgar Mayers. It was also wonderful watching artists traveling from one stage to the next, often right through Centeroo. Some of the great music produced by these combinations never would've happened without this kind of event. Then came Trey. His first set was actually quite good, with a rocking Push On and several other fun songs. His second set, however, was a disappointment to say the least. The jams ended up in strange, undancable places. His little rock star stunts obviously didn't fit in with the audience. And the encore simply sucked. I was at the 5/4/99 Murat Theater show where the audience sang part of Bathtub Gin spontaneously with a very humble and amazed Trey during his acoustic set. It was an incredibly beautiful moment, truly showing a close bond between the performer and his audience. As far as I know, that's the first time anything like that had happened. At the 7/26/99 Deer Creek Phish show, I felt that the amazing Bathtub Gin was being played to the same people who had been in on that moment at the Murat a few months earlier, similar to how the Alumni Blues at Alpine 7/24/99 was for those who had seen Trey in Madison that spring. I was at the 7/18/2001 Red Rocks show, where Trey again played Bathtub Gin to a very appreciative audience who sang along without prompting, and it produced another very special moment. At that show, too, the jams were much tighter and the music simply much more fun. The shared Bathtub Gin was simply evidence of how Trey had truly led the audience through an amazing evening with his music. At Bonnaroo, however, it felt very forced and didn't fit in with the audience mindset at all. Trey had to repeatedly try to get them singing again by waving his hands and singing bits and pieces himself. It almost cheapens those earlier moments, to realize that Trey was using them to try and boost his own ego further. His speech about how "we" had Oswego in the face of Woodstock '99 was depressing. It minimized the impact that the rest of the band had on him then. The last set at Oswego, with Wilson, Smoke on the Water, Cat Scratch Fever, Icculus, and Quinn the Eskimo depended on all of them, not just drunken Trey (who nearly fell off a security horse about 20 yards away from my van later that night). A few nights later, at Star Lake, Trey was totally out of it and it was Page who rescued the show (and did a fine job of it, I might add). This current band depends too heavily on Trey, and when he stumbles, there's nobody there who can rescue him. I've seen Trey Band put on some incredible shows, and some lackluster ones. But up until now, Trey seemed humble, thankful, and grateful that the fans allowed him the freedom to try something new. Here it almost seemed like he was trying to take credit for the entire weekend, when he didn't even play with any of the other performers. He didn't even come close to the quality of some of the other shows. It was a sad display. -Tim Braun Urbana, IL
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 03:20:56 EDT From: Powdermon@aol.com Subject: REVIEW Review:bonnaroo 6-23-01 Trey from: Todd Loveless powdermon@aol.com Man I can't believe all of these negative reviews I have read!!! Were you acctually at Bonnaroo or listening to all those Panic Heads cry about Trey closing the festival?? 1st of all this weekend was the most amazing weekend of music this planet has ever seen!! I am not gonna write about all of it but have to tip my hat off to a few of the greats throughout the weekend: Particle, Moe. Cheese, Karl D, Robert Randolph, WEEN, and of course Bobby back with Phil with all of us singin to "Tennessee Jed"!!! Now to the Trey show: I saw the 1st 6 of the run last year and all the shows in my opinion were great eventhougth there wasn't much change in any of the shows, but I knew that going into them, except the 2nd set 2nd night of red rocks, Trey Jam fest. Now I saw both Vegas shows and saw a totally different band there, Trey taking the jams way out there and the band backing him with sweet inprov. So now at Bonnaroo, I thought the 1st set was JAMMED out, ripping, with maybe around 100,000 thousand people, however it was the most unenthusiastic crowd out of all the Trey shows I have seen. Then the 2nd set, this is where everyone is bitching, Night Speaks was sweet and yes very long, then Gazebo, then a way long drawn out Mr. Completely, all throughout all of this Trey is everywhere, drawing shit out, getting wierd.....Then comes the babbling, then Wilson the Bathtub then Alive again, ok we all know this.....but what the fuck is everyone bitching about??? I get the feeling everyone was looking for the same, the norm, that is what everyone was bitching about last year. Yeah this is improv music and what I saw was a great muscician who was having a fucking great time, playin with the crowd, who was buzzzed like the rest of us, tryin out new shit, back in the day that is what Phish was all about and all Jam bands on that end, some shows don't work out perfect, sometimes your football team trys a new play and fucks up and they loose the game, SO FUCKIN WHAT!!! Then he was kinda babblin but who can blame him, he was stoked at how cool this event was and was tryin to tell everyone that he was blown away, and so what he played some Phish songs w/o the band?? He wrote the songs, Winwood played Low Spark with Widespread, I didn't hear anyone cry about that one...then everyone said it ended on a low note, just the opposite, Alive Again ripped!!!! I saw so many people passed out that missed that whole show, yes I was tired as hell and partied really hard that wholle weekend but you gotta rise above it and take it for what it is....for everyone that I partied with saw the magic and realized how sweet this whole thing was and that the Trey show ripped in a different way than shows in the past, not the best show but totally different, and that is what the hell it is all about, if you want repetitive and the norm go spend $200 bucks and see the Eagles play a two hour show!!!!! Sorry but I thought Trey rocked!!! Rock on Trey....and to all the Utans see you at Particle and Karl...then in Colorado for the Cheese shows!!!!!! TODD
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 08:51:53 -0400 From: michael mcguan mcguan.2@pop.service.ohio-state.edu Subject: Trey's show at bonnaroo Wow, that had to be the most self-serving, egomaniacal display I've ever seen a musician give. Trey should absolutely be ashamed of himself. The first set was fine; I had the feeling that maybe he wanted to play a normal set and then give the audience a treat during the second set. But then the second set came and things went horribly wrong, culminating in Trey's attempt to direct the band and audience as when to play or cheer, respectively. You have to be kidding me! Then Trey rambled on and on about what a great thing Bonnaroo was, etc. Um, excuse me, Trey, you just got here. If you were here at all this weekend you would have seen band after band jamming with EACH OTHER, in the true spirit of a festival such as this. I certainly didn't expect to see Phish com out, but maybe Les Claypool (especially after what Les said at his Frog Brigade set)? I was standing next to a couple of Widespread Panic fans who had never seen Trey. I explained that it was definitely different than Phish, but that it would jam nonetheless. Boy, was I embarassed. I spent the remainder of the evening apologizing to the Panic fans on Trey's behalf. By the way, I had never seen Panic before this weekend, but they absolutely kicked ass! They came to play, and it showed. I wish that they would've closed the festival out instead. Michael McGuan
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:26:59 -0400 From: Dylan enigs@swoo.net Subject: Trey at Bonnaroo Before I review this show, I should comment that the last time I saw Trey, it was at SPAC last summer, and he was so far away from me all I could do was pretend I could see him. The show was decent, but nothing spectacular. you could tell the band was still getting into their own. So, fast forward to a sweltering hot day in Tennesee, we were all riding high on the wave that Phil Lesh and Bob Weir threw us on, and a DJ scratched it up for an hour while Trey got his shit together. From the first second Trey came out, the place exploded into cheers. After minutes of applause, he launched straight into an energetic Push On Till The day. Everything from that point on was fresh and upbeat, Money Love, Cayman Review, and SAND. Sand was just absolutely insane. I don't know where in the field the rest of the reviewers were, but I was front and center for the entire show, maybe that had an impact on me. This Sand just went on and on, it twisted, turned, and was the best version I've ever heard. Drifting was spot on, an emotional, heartfelt performance. At the end of Drifting, the band said they were taking a quick break (which almost felt like a half hour). So Set II starts, which didn't pale in comparison to the first but didn't exactly exceed it either. After Mr. Completely, the band left the stage, and Trey came back out after a few minutes with his acoustic. Now, I don't know what everyone's problem is at this point, but I hung onto every word that he told us. The man was opening his heart up to us, people. All he wanted to tell us was that he was having the time of his fucking life. He was having so much fun, he couldn't explain it. If you really know Trey, you know he's a horrible speaker. And then, the first riff of Wilson. The place fucking exploded! I was a few feet away from the person that yelled, "You Are" to Trey right before the "Wilson!" chant. To this, Trey just laughed and nodded his head with a grin. We sang the rest of Wilson, and he went into Bathtub Gin, which everyone responded to. We carried on the "Do do doo"s for, like, 5 minutes after the song while the band came back out and finished with Alive Again. Basically what it comes down to is this. What you saw at Bonnaroo was Trey being himself. Whether you were ecstatic or pissed at him, you were probably dancing along. The essence of Trey's motivation is the fact that he can climb on stage, do whatever the fuck he wants, and leave, and have his fans love him for it. And on a hot night in Manchester, he did exactly that. And I know I still love him for hit. -Dylan
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:17:16 EDT From: Markmez@aol.com Subject: Bonnaroo review response In response to the questions about the "Trey is Wilson" comments;  A lot shirt has shown up at several (mostly non-Trey) jamband shows in the past year, with the words "Trey is Wilson," meaning that it was Trey's selfishness that ruined the beautiful Phish scene (i.e., Prussia).  Clearly Trey got wind of this, and earlier in the tour he made light of it, also saying that he was Wilson.  He's just having fun with the whole thing, the idea that people hate him for it, and I for one think it's pretty cool that he's able to be so cool about the criticism.
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 23:35:13 -0400 From: Matt Kersner mkersner@bhsusa.com Subject: Matt Kersner: Bonnaroo Review First off, i wanna say what an incredible weekend of music and good times Bonnaroo turned out to be. Besides the heat in the early morning and afternoon everything was perfect. Not only did i get to see some of my favorite bands but i also was able to catch performances from bands that I never heard of or heard little about...and it was great. It was everything I had hoped for and the days kept getting better as the weekend moved along. As the phil and friends set ended, which bobby ripped up by the way, i found myself eager for trey. It seemed that the whole weekend came to this moment when trey was gonna come out and treat us all to a great show to close out this amazing festival. After the DJ set ended and Trey came out the crowd went nuts... it seemed that all 70,000 people felt the same way as I did, just waiting for trey to treat us to some great music to close out this amazing festival. As the first set started with Push On 'Til the Day the energy was at an all time high for the festival. I found myself caught up in Trey's guitar licks as the energy grew more and more. As the set continued the energy didnt slow down at all... it just kept growing, coming to a heavenly climax during last tube to close out the set. UNBELIEVABLE, this was my first trey show of this tour and i must say that this band improved greatly from last summer. The jams are tighter and more focused and the energy was going through the roof... trey just didnt stop and it was great to hear that guitar again. Now, i want to say that i have never written a review before and the second half of trey's show made me feel that i had to say something. As the set started everyone was feeling the vibes, waiting for something great just as the first set seemed to promise. Night speaks went smoothly until the end where trey and his band of puppets seemed to drift away from the music a little. In the past at the trey band shows i know he did some cueing of the horn section and the rest of the band, but this was ridiculous. He might as well have played every instrument for himself, he was pretty much telling each musician exactly what to play and when... this definetely brought down the energy a whole lot. As at the gazebo started i felt good to hear that the crazy out of touch night speaks was over and this beautiful song was being played. Hopefully this will reset trey's thoughts on what was going on and he'd pick it up after this. And he did, with mr. completely the energy picked right back up and everyone was loving it... that is until the end. Trey not only took control of his band again at this point... but he tried to do the same to the audience as well. It was horrible and it carried on for way to long, when it was over the band just left the stage... i was speechless, i couldnt understand what happened. How could trey end the festival like this... i just hoped the encore had something to pick this place up and end it right. Now i want to say before i review the encore that unlike many people at this festival i DID NOT expect phish to come out. There were rumors flying everywhere and i really didnt think that phish would come out at this huge festival. It would have been great if they did, but i didnt look at it like that. As trey came out alone for the encore and sat down with his acoustic, i was excited. Maybe he'd play a couple acoustic tunes he HASNT played before... but then he started talking, and talking, and talking... he didnt stop. Not only was he continuously talking but he was babbling about nothing. It was the worst thing ive ever seen, he could barely get words out. In all my time of loving phish and all the band members including trey i have never felt any negative feelings towards them with anything they've done... including the hiatus, up until this point. I felt pissed at trey, why was he doing this? why cant he talk? What is he doing? finally as he stopped talking wilson began... it was pretty cool ( The "i am" comment came from trey hearing someone in the crowd shout "you are" right before everyone yelled wilson by the way) not great though, then bathtub started and it only went downhill from there... it really seemed like something was wrong, something was going on... and it wasnt right. I was really upset... as trey motioned to the side for someone to come out the crowd went nuts, everyone thought it was going to be mike, john, and page... i even got the feeling for a second, but it soon passed as trey's band of puppets took the stage again, ok... whatever atleast trey is done with his acoustic, maybe he'll rip out something worth the terrible encore up to this point. Alive again, nothing special and it really seemed like the crown wasnt digging it at all... i cant believe this, trey blew it... i dont know what happened during set break but it wasnt right. I had an amazing weekend met a lot of great people and saw some truly unbelievable music... I advise everyone to check out Robert Randolph, he is sick, as for trey: I love ya...but stay off the crack and cut the strings off those puppets of yours, its getting ridiculous. Other than that i hope to see everyone at the 2nd annual Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. next year. Matt Kersner
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:19:45 -0400 From: "Jensen, Gregg" JensenG@scott.disa.mil Subject: Review: 6-23-02 - Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN WORST SHOW EVER, and I'm serious.  Mindless jamming, just a bunch of repetition, sustain, & total nonsense on stage.  I understand it was their last night of the tour and probably were loose but we were pumped for Bonnaroo and Trey seemed more concerned with being cute and fucking around than playing a kick ass show.  How many times do I have to endure the light saber guitar act??  Didn't he exhaust that shtick in 99 with Phish???  I GET IT TREY...FEEDBACK.  He started off with Push On Til The Day and just rocked...awesome, lots of energy but after that the show just disintegrated.  What was up with that Alive Again to end the show???  WEAK!!!  Weak choice & weak version of a weak choice. Bonnaroo could have been a time to showcase his talent and show the entire community that he is indeed the man, instead he was outdone by bands like Panic and SCI (both of whom I am not a huge fan). Oh and hey...LOSE THE NEW PERCUSSIONIST!  The only thing he contributes is noise on top of noise, oh and comic relief antics.   Sad a roo
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 14:52:18 -0500 From: aaron pollack apollack@hotmail.com Subject: review thank you, mike, for giving what i thought was a realistic portrayal of what went down in manchester on sunday night. the festival was fantastic, the people were great, and it seemed like even though people were dragging a bit they were ready to be sent out on a high note. the first set was pretty ripping, although it seemed like trey was a bit left of center (tired from the road, drunk, something else??? etc..) i didn't really know or care as those conditions had been in effect during a number of fantastic experiences with trey. the first set was what the weekend was all about. good music, fun times, and lots of jammin getting the crowd going. then comes the second set............ trey does his rock god thing with the opening solo. alright, i've seen this before. then rips into night speaks to a woman, one of my favorites from the album. this went well for a while and then seemed to dwindle off into the more self-indulgent jamming that critics of this type of music criticize. after a long, long, night speaks the batton comes out for at the gazebo. at this point i was getting a bit irked as trey seemed to be calling all the attention to himself in some sort of a "i have 75000 people wrapped around my finger" type fantasy. the funnny thing is, i really thought the best parts of the show so far were when the band got to go nuts while trey was dancing around playing his cow bell or going off on one of his "i'll play one note every thirty seconds" tangents. so this goes on for a bit and then it's into mr completely. now i don't even really like this song much live, but at this point i was looking for anything along the lines of a tight, rocking song to send me on my way. so we're trying as hard as possible to get into completely when the damn batton comes out again and trey went off on another "everyone loves everything i do" digressions. after about five-ten minutes of this i was honsestly feeling insulted.  the weekend was so fantastic, the music great, the musicians and the people seemed to be really connected. now we were being treated to trey, the rock god, swooping in on his tour bus and bringing us all up to jamming heaven (sarcasm intended). he gets up there and talks about how great the weekend was when he wasn't even there then, through his music, seemed to alienate the community feeling that was so prevalent throughout the weekend. i'm really sorry this review sounds so bad but i have to say it as i talked to numerous other fans who felt the same way....... so we struggle to get through his amadeus bullshit for twenty minutes and hope to god for some sort of a guest in his encore. that was the weekend, right, commmunity among musicians and fans. but no, we get trey blabbering for a while about how great the weekend was and how truly truly thankful he was for being a part of it. by this point i think that he felt he was espousing some heavenly jam knowledge down to the masses. the sad thing was we already knew what he was trying to say, more so then he did, and at this point were just looking for some music to dance to with our thousands of new friends. then he breaks into the acoustic wilson and bathtub that really reflected how the crowd was feeling at the moment. i looked around to see numbers of confused looks, bent over bodies, and a number of empty spots from where people had left. the songs seemed an empty attempt to create the community and feeling that phish could and, much like phish, the feeling was only about 1/4 there. so we head for the gate and hear alive again. i think this song was a good way to end the night. trey singing about his newfound glorious rebirth musically while thousands of fans were headed for the gate. i am sorry this review was so negative but i believe it had to be said. i saw trey at uic and thought it was a good show. i love phish more than anything and now, more than ever, i realize that trey really is only one quarter of what phish was. i like his new music but that is what it is, new. it doesn't have the history or strength that the music of phish did and to me this new band is like starting from scratch.the show at bonnarro was a huge step back in my mind that will take a while to recover from. i think many others feel the same way. hopefully he realizes that before he alienates all of his real fans and winds up with a bunch of teenyboppers and/or mindless followers who were screaming about how awesome it was to watch trey bounce around like amadeus on acid. sorry so negative, still love ya trey!!   aaron 
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:53:33 -0400 From: Roger Shannonhouse RShannonhouse@e-matinc.com Subject: Trey at Bonnaroo I read the only review posted so far, and just wanted to say that the person who wrote that must have been in a different section than I was, because the audience (including the Panic kids) were really into Wilson and Gin, and it sounded to me as if the audience would never stop the whistling and humming of Gin, Trey certainly didn't need to encourage them to continue........I do agree that the whole conducting of the band was a little much, but I've been seeing Phish and Trey since '94 and I guess I used to him constantly hamming it up, it's what he does best!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't seen any show this tour yet, so I was really excited for this one. I must say that these guys have started taking all of these songs to completely new levels. I saw several shows from the previous tours and none compare to the improvisational levels that this one went to.
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 14:35:47 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Crawley greatful_71@yahoo.com Subject: Bonnaroo Review Well, I feel like I need to write this to get some perspective on an incredible weekend of mucic and good vibes. Bonnaroo was everything I was expecting and more...I saw 9 complete shows in 2 and 1/2 days...would have seen more, but it took us 14 hours to get in and I was dead...so I slept and only went to the late show the first night. Saturday was awesome! Sunday was perfect! Clouds coming and going and coming back! An afternoon shower that lasted about 15 minutes that acted like a giant mist tent! Sun goes down and so does the temperature...What could be better? Trey was getting ready to play! I've been to 15 Phish shows, 4 Trey shows (1 from each tour)....so I've got some time invested in this. This is what I'm all about musically. I love it! Most of my close friends love it! We were pumped! Trey, Bonnaroo, 75,000 to 80,000 people...a bunch of folks who don't know that need to hear what Trey is doing...how awesome it is...how it can touch you like nothing else can....and what do we get? About the most bad ass 2 hour first set you can imagine. Set 1: Push On 'Til the Day, Money Love and Change, Cayman Review, Mozambique, Sand > Drifting, Last Tube Everything in the first set was amazing! All of the jams were laid out perfectly...on fire! The last peak note that Trey played in Last Tube made me see stars...it blew me away! A must hear set! Then comes the second set.... Set 2: Night Speaks To A Woman, At the Gazebo, Mister Completely I was glad to hear Night Speaks to a Woman...and the accoustic jam to open the song was great...I'd say this version lasted about 40 minutes...it went on forever...good...but a little too long. Then the "long hair" started to come out. Trey pulls out his batton and started playing conductor for At the Gazebo...the music was nice, but it seemed a lot out of place at this rock concert. During this part, it stopped being the "Trey Anastasio Band" and became "Trey and his musicians." I love the vibe of the first and HATE the vibe of the second. This part started to suck the energy out of the crowd where I was standing...then came a rocking Mr. Completely...that picked things back up....and then at the end of the song...the batton comes back out...OH NO! The guitar is no where to be seen, and he's standing in front of the horn section telling them..."you play this" and the horns wail!!! then he turns to the crowd and waives the batton..."Scream!" and proceeded to try to get the horns and the crowd to play...cheer...play...cheer... but the crowd wasn't as excited about this as Trey wanted them to be...but he sure kept on trying...by the end of the song...a lot of people were confused at what was going on and were kind of just looking at this guy and his batton cheerleading 80,000 people, and not doing that great of a job at it. It was weird. But hey, Trey's about taking chances...he sure took one. They don't all work out. Setbreak and Encore.... E: Wilson* , Bathtub Gin* , Alive Again This was the worst 20 minutes I've ever shared with Trey Anastasio. It was painful to watch someone you love just not be the person that you thought he is...or expect them to be. I've always experienced Trey as the Rock God that he can be...but it was long gone when the acoustic guitar came out. These guys can't sit in a vaccum...they know that the world is dying to see Phish play again...they had to know that every Phish fan in the room wanted that to happen...it didn't have to happen, but we wanted it. It was the biggest concert ever, and what a better way to end it than to have all 4 of the guys in Phish give us a 3 song encore..people were sitting in with everyone all weekend long....it didn't happen...which was fine...but what happened wasn't. Another thing to remember is that this wasn't a "Trey" or "Phish" crowd. It was a very cross section of the scene..and the scene has grown a lot since Phish has gone on hiatus...It doesn't appear that Trey knows that the scene is not all about Phish and him in particular....this encore in a different setting would be very appropriate, but here it was almost sacreligious. OK, so were all a little down about the silly way 2nd set ended...and then Trey comes out and starts talking and won't shut up...and he teases himself about talking too long...and keeps on talking...the crowd actually started to tell him to shut up and play (remember it's not just his crowd...there were a lot of fans there that don't even like Phish) I love the guy...and I wanted him to shut up and play too...so what does he play...not one of the "Trey Anastasio Band"'s songs...but a cover of a Phish song...a bone thrown to those that love Phish...we don't get the band, "but hey I'll cover them for you"...If Phish would have played those songs....this would have been a different story, but it was one man and his guitar...and only about 1/2 of the people there were singing along...and they were disapointed...no energy at all... Then came the Wilson comment...Trey was laughing, so what we need to take from it I don't know yet...but he actually said "I am Wilson!" What the fuck is that? Aren't we supposed to think Wilson is a bad guy? Does that mean that since you're playing a Phish song by yourself...the name of which is Wilson...that you mean that you are Phish? I heard Boos at that point. I just had to sit down and wonder what was going on in my music world. Next Bathtub Gin....accoustic and alone...and he almost had to sing it alone. On a number of occasions he had to wistle to keep the crowd singing with him. I bet he was glad for that song to be over. Then too little too late...Alive again...seemed like they just wanted off of the stage...no energy, everyone was just shocked at the way this great show was ending.... For me...I had a great weekend...every show passed my expectations...even the 1st set of this show was better than perfect...but the end of it makes me nervous about the future. I know I wasn't the only one that felt weird about the end. I hope something can help clarify the "I am Wilson!" bullshit. I hope Phish can overcome....I hope our leader hasn't bought into the hype that he's the only one that matters. He does matter, but he's not an island...and what was so cool about him is that he never acted like an island, until this night. But an island is what I saw finish up Bonnaroo...and I'm telling you...it was sinking. Someone please save it! Mike Crawley
these are reviews about other peoples reviews, and general comments
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:33:48 -0500 (CDT) From: Kevin Stephens KevinStephens@webtv.net Subject: I was not at Bonnaroo, but.... I am sick of these negative reviews. First of all, would you even be submitting your sorry ass 2 sense if you were never touched by this genius. 2nd!!!!! any sorry ass loser that needs to be to talking shit that Trey has a drug problem better look in the mirror (or mind their own business)!!!!!!! I am soooooo mad right now that I better not continue. Anyhow - would you young losers stick to Da Disco Biscuts and not trash a legend. Speakin' of legends. I'd like to pay my respects to the best bass player of all time - John Entwistle of The Who. Although I am sure that none of you "hip kids" that hated Trey at Bonnaroo would appreciate good music - The Who are the shit! I had the pleasure of sitting 3rd row center at Rosemont Horizon on October 31, 1995 (when they played Quadrophenia by The Bloody Who) - what were you "Kids" that submitted all these negative reviews about 10 then????????? Rock on for your true fans Trey, Stephs
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:25:55 -0400 From: Matt Lewis matt_lewis222@hotmail.com Subject: Review for the guys with Reviews of the Reviews All I can say is: Right on guys. You are the only ones setting the record straight. I felt the need to say something to all of these snooty kids, but judging by their comments, they are probably too ignorant to understand or even care. I had an awesome time at Bonnaroo, with the only downside being the people who walked around with the attitudes expressed in the negative reviews here. The real phans know better and maintain themselves w/ a much greater respect for the music and themselves. Hopefully, these guys w/ all their problems w/ the way Trey conducts himself will get bored and move on to something else soon. Thanks for keeping it positive guys...really. I hope to see you at some shows in the future. Phish would be better but I will see Trey anytime anywhere. Peace.
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:19:51 EDT From: BIOSMELL@aol.com Subject: I've never heard such a bunch of whiners! Trey is having fun and enjoying himself, which seems to be a whole lot more than you guys are doing. I enjoy his sense of adventure and screwing around, and if you actually watch his direction of the band it is pretty cool. Like any adventure into the unknown, sometimes you can take a wrong turn that doesn't exactly take you where you wanted to go, but as long as you keep smiling and having fun then you are heading in the right direction. Its all about fun which boils down to all about attitude. Yours personally. If you can walk out of a great weekend all pissed and cranky (maybe you should have gotten a little more beauty rest) because something didn't go your way maybe you should check your attitude and expectations. El Jefe de Biosmell
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:43:06 -0700 (PDT) From: Jen Malfet jmalfet@yahoo.com Subject: response to bonnaroo trey reviews I am in agreement with mostly eveyrone that trey was a bit ridiculous with his incesscant babblings.....I am in complete disagreement though with the people who are complaining about his message that he was trying to get across....the overall message he was trying to send over and over again was a thank you, and a heads up to us, the community, and a pat on our backs, who cares if he had just gotten there? He knew about Bonnaroo---so for him to say what an awesome thing the weekend was was an honest thought, and people who are bashing him for that--you should be ashamed! but, yes........he was way over the top, way fucked up, but who are we to judge him for things he does? He is a musician, he is there to provide music.......which he does, and in all of my experiences with him, it has been GOOD music. Sometimes it's better than others, but it is always good. As far as Trey conducting........I loved it! I didn't feel like a puppet, I felt like part of Trey's music! He is expiramenting and having fun with this band, and I think he was trying to have fun with us. not all are going to like everything he does, I am sure that at some point I will dislike something, but I didn't find his conducting of the crowd to be an egotistical act whatsoever, he was trying new things...remember Phish back in the day? New things are what makes that band great,a nd last time I checked, Trey was a member of that band...but, I digress........I saw him a couple other times before Bonnaroo, on this tour, and while the show he plaed at 'roo was VERY different than the others, I still think it was good. I enjoyed it, and everyone around me seemed to as well. As far as Phish coming back and playing..........I can't understand how people could have expected that to happen, and then be disappointed and even mad when it didn't. I feel like it would have been wrong of Phish to ocme out and play there.......it wasnt the time or place. and just because other bands had people sit in with them doesn't mean trey has to.......and if you notice, the people who sat in with the bands were other performers at bonnaroo......it would have been a slap in the face, I think , to the other incredible artists at the festival if phish were to take the stage and overshadow everything that we had just seen that weekend.ANd you all know that if trey had special guests come out and play that weren't members of Phish, there would still be negative reviews about it. You can't please everyone, and I think that by just playing alone, he did the right thing. I didnt really think of that until after the show was over, and after I listened to what Trey said--because before that, I wanted Phish to play too...but I didn't expect it......Wilson and Bathtub were fun, and maybe it was the area I was in, but people went ape shit when he played the duh-duh duh-duh to start wilson, and people were silent and listening, HAPPY to hear it.......as well as during Bathtub, I dont thikn that trey had to whistle to have us go along with it, people where I was wanted to sing along.....basically, it ocmes down to a crowd of 90,000 people......not eveyone is going to love it, and not everyone is going to hate it.......as far as people leaving durig the encore, to assume that people are leaving because they are pissed off that Phish didn't play, and that they were disappointed with Trey's set is a little much. If you remember, which I know I do, it was a long and hot and busy weekend........we had so many choices of excellent music to listen to, as well as late nights and hard partying..... and I for one was worn out......I was ready to leave on Sunday before Trey even played.......I stayed though because I wanted to see him badly enough, but keep in mind that I am a Phish fan, and more importantly to the festival, a Trey Fan.......not everyone there was-----a  lot of people were way more interested in other bands than they were in Trey......if it had been Panic closing the show I would have bounced early as well, or if I had chosen to stay, would not have been as interested as I would have been normally because I don't know Panic well, nor do I really enjoy what I do hear of them.......so while some of you may not have liked Trey's show, behavior or mannerisms, I understand, I just wanted to shed a new light on the subject...... oh, and as far as the one guy who said he was embarassed and spent the rest of the night apologizing for Trey to all the Panic fans.........since when has music become about apologies? were you personally responsible for the way the "panic fans" felt after hearing Trey? Yes, maybe they disliked his speech, but I felt that other than the repetitvness, what he said was right on...and if you had to apologize for the music, thikn twice.........because I don't thikn that you had anything to do with it---- if Trey would have played what the "panic fans" thought to be the best show in the world, would you boast about it? not trying to start shit, but come on.................and personally, I though that the Sand and the Last Tube were just stellar..........
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 15:11:41 -0400 From: Alex Zbik To: dws@netspace.org Subject: trey-bonnaroo disclaimer:this is my first review i have ever posted so dont think i make this a habit, but i had to speak up.(i have seen over 50 phish shows) i am shocked to be reading these reviews. i really dont know where you people get off saying the things that you do. i have been to my fair share of phish shows, so i think i am able to post my review, but it really isnt a review as much as it is a complaint about the other reviewers'. first off anybody expecting phish to come out for the encore and then were dissapopionted b/c they didnt, well that is your fault. if you know anything about phish and trey you know that they only pull out all the stunts when it is not expected ala Dark Side in Utah when everybody went to Vegas. Me personally i went into the show with not the highest expectations seeing only 1 show from all of his previous solo tours and hearing his new cd, i wasnt going into the show expecting the unexpected, i was just excited to hear trey's famous languedoc and maybe dance a little bit. with that said trey blew me away i thought he totally rocked. songs i didnt really like going into the show became my highlights of the show Money Love and Change in particular. he was only scheduled to play from 8:30-11:30, he came on 8:30 but the first set didnt end until 10:30 a 2 hour first set, are you kidding me it was great. i will admit the 2nd set wasnt as strong as the first set but once again it was expected he pulled out all the big guns in the first set: Sand, Last Tube, Push on till the Day. i had never seen him orchestrate his band before nadi thought it was pretty cool, sure it may have went on for a little while but i found i amusing. all the comments that everybody else in his band are his puppets all i am going to say is if it wasnt for him his bandmates would be playing in fron of 15-20 people instead of a 100,000 people so i am pretty sure they dont mind being directed by him, i dont konw them personally so i cant speak for them but my bets would be that they dont mind. sure it would have been cool for him to bring out some other guests maybe dj logic, bobby, phil, k dilly, les but first off it is pretty hard for somebody to hook up and play with them, they are already an 11 piece band and 2nd there wasnt really time, trey played in maryland the night before so there wasnt any rehearsal time. as for the encore, the whole speech thing, i will admit he sounded like he was on some kind of drug ie:speed or coke, he was definetly talking a mile a minute, but to each his own, its none of our business. now on the actual content of the speech i heard most of it before at deer creek 99 he pretty much said the same things about festivals like bonnaroo getting no respect b/c of woodstock 99 hes right he makes a good point, he might not have expressed it the best way, but we all got the jist. trey never talks so i was fired up getting to here him talk for so long, i enjoyed it. the encore was good it was good to hear some phish tunes alive again was pretty solid. all in all trey really surpised me, he was better then I expected. he wasnt by any means the highlight of the weekend, but then again i wasnt expecting him to be. TREY IS WILSON.
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:08:57 EDT From: Frieky@aol.com Subject: Bonnaroo How can people be dissing on trey?  He wipes the floor with Widespread Panic.  Are you kidding me?  Trey is the coolest rock star around, as wellas the best musician.  Just enjoy the music and stop being so fucking analytical.  The reason Phish didn't come out is because they would be embarassed to share that moment with people who couldn't quite appreciate their music, like the people who prefer Panic to Trey, or the people who think Trey's band sucks. 
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:42:32 -0400 From: Bryce Lauro askbryce@attbi.com Subject: Trey At Bonnaroo To all of you with the negative thoughts on Trey and his band at Bonnaroo: I feel that since Trey's show at Bonnaroo was so horrible and his antics caused embarrassment for you to the point that you had to apologize to the WSP & SCI fans for his behavior and he never should have closed the show and he babbled way to much (about things you knew more about than him?) and he is now calling himself Wilson b/c he is the only one that matters (you are such a fool, MC) and he is an egomaniac and his band is a bunch of puppets and he is going to loose his following to the point that it is just a bunch of tiny boppers anyway....All of you should be the first to go! PLEASE stay the hell away from future Trey shows. And I pray that sooner than later you will begin to "get it" and fully appreciate Trey for who he is and what he brings to the table...and at that point, you would be welcome back. Bryce
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:50:32 -0700 (PDT) From: Mike Crawley greatful_71@yahoo.com Subject: Trey post Bryce, Thanks for your post...the passion that this music creates is an amazing thing. I hope you and everyone else knows that I didn't post what I did to piss anyone off, to disrespect Trey or to say that I think Trey sucks...that's not it at all. Up to that time in my Phish/Trey life...and it's been going on for 7 years now....I had never experienced a negative vibe...nothing but bliss at the hand of Mr. Trey Anastasio...but I honestly felt horrible about what I saw during the last 20 or 30 minutes of the Bonnaroo show...and I didn't know how to handle it. Trey means too much to me to not try to vent my frustration and hope that someone would be able to help clear it up for me, to give me a different view of the same event, to give it more perspective...I needed to know that I wasn't crazy...that others had the same types of crazy thoughts that I had. I needed to know that some people were getting down and loving it all. I know that the REAL answers to the questions I raised in my review is NO! Trey doesn't think he is Phish...he doesn't think he's an island...but to me he acted like it, and if it didn't come across that way to someone else...then I'm glad and I want to know why. Isn't that the point of these reviews? Not to pick fights with each other or tell each other how stupid they are...but to say "you saw or thought that?" "No man, I saw it this way...." I think it's what sets the Phish and Trey scene apart from all of the others...because there are emotions involved with this music...people care enough to get pissed off...people care enough to get concerned...and people care enough to tell people who caught a negative vibe that it's all good...it may have not been "the shit" for you this time...but it will blow you away the next time. I may be a fool...but Sunday night I thought about everything I put in my review...and I could tell that other fans had similar reactions....I know I probably think about it too much...but if you're going to be into something...you might as well get off on it, right? If I didn't have the conversations I've had since I wrote that review...if I didn't get to read reviews like yours that tried to set me straight...and set it straight for everyone else...I'd have given up and been a casual listener and not a music lover...these posts helped me get over the shit I was thinking...so I can move on and get the fuck down the next time Trey is "Kind" enough to kick my ass with his guitar! I may want to kick his ass if he whips out the batton...but that's all good too. One more thing....I didn't want my review to be posted first...I just sent it out and it worked out that way...also, it drove me crazy that it was the only one posted for so long...I was dying for some to tell me I was full of shit! Obviously...they posted more reviews....and the people were out there to tell me what I wanted to hear...TREY ROCKS! This review posting thing has been an interesting experience...and it has really made me appreciate this community even more... You may not care to have read any of this...but I felt that I needed to say this to someone! Also, I'm going to CC it to the review board since they are posting responses to posts...this has been a very cool healing experience. These review boards are for phans...not for the Artists...and I'm more of a Phan now than I ever was before. Peace... Mike Crawley
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