6-2-03 - Fillmore Denver, CO

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 22:53:58 -0700 (PDT) From: Robbie Lefebvre bleachersfan@yahoo.com Subject: 6-2-03 Wow what a great show. I saw Phish at the pepsi center and the show was great, but I had more fun at this show(i had the flu at Phish). Trey seems so happy when he plays with this band, it is something else in his playing. He smiled through out the entire show and that smile was passed on to the crowd, it was a lot of fun. On to the show: Set one was amazing. Curlews was a great opener, the band set the stage for the entier night. Cayman was solid, got a little funky at times but was nice. Push on til day was great, the dance put on was a lot of fun to watch, it looked like they were having fun and i know i was. Every story was great, followed by an awesome Last Tube, I didnt think I would hear this one because it was played in San Fran(which is a great show, got off livephish.com and recomend that everyone does). Ether was good, dont remember too much of the song probably because what followed next. Dazed and Confuese was amazing, had a ton of fun with this song just listening to Trey and dancing with the crowd. First Tube was a great set closer, left me wondering what was next. Set Two Unfourtantely i dont remember as much of this set as i would like. Simple Twist up Dave and Money Love and Change were great songs. Both were taken to levels i that were unexplored by prevouis playings of these songs. The Inlaw Josie Wales and Secert Smile were great acoustic songs, made the crowd realize how great Trey is, with Phish or Not. Pebbles and Marbles is always great to hear, just let the crowd groove, and everyone i was around was pumped to hear this song. Encore: Sultans of Swing was great to hear, not expecting this at all, put their own big band twist on it, I really liked the version. Overall this was a great show. Before the show a fellow phan was in an accident, I wrote a witness statement and got him out of his ticket. It was not his fault but Denver police didnt see it that way until me and another person wrote a statement. If he reads this i hope he sends me an email so we can chill sometime and talk. Otherwise I hope all have a great and wonderful summer, and enjoy which everr shoyou go to. Robbie
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:50:28 -0600 From: Ian Mitchell ianmitchell14@hotmail.com Subject: Review - 06-02-03 TAB really has kicked off the summer this year and last year for the folks in CO. The Fillmore show was no doubt another great send off into the warm summer months and long summer days. We arrived earlier than we usually do to the Fillmore due to the early printed time on the tickets. I was glad we did, They came out about 7:30. Just enough time to catch up with a few friends and grab a beverage. Having it on Monday night made it tough, but where else would you rather be than the Fillmore on a Monday. I had claimed all week that the reason they were playing the Fillmore instead of Red Rocks was because in 1999 when Trey played the Fillmore he was barely audible due to the crowd noise and now he had a band behind him that I was sure would drown out those talkers this time for sure. Well, I was wrong. The first 20 minutes were quietly being drowned out once again. But, the band seemed to pause for a moment in between songs, and when they started up the sound really picked up as well. The music this evening was great! Curlews call was a great way to start off for my group because a few people had just started listening to Plasma, and since this was all they had heard, they picked up on the groove quickly, and didn^t lose it all night long. Cayman^s was good nothing extraordinary, Push on Til the Day just didn^t seem to have the umph it had last year, but my references were Red Rocks and Bonnaroo both of which had a tremendous amount of energy anyway. Ends in Stone was what I was hoping to get an ear full of that night, and the song was as wonderful as I knew it would be. The jam was worth every dime, I^m not sure but there was a TECHNO jam that I have next to this song in my notes, but it may have come before or after this that was amazing. I also love the sullen idea of walking through a grave yard, and watching people dance so hard during this one. Last Tube was a great way to get everyone moving. Even the bobble heads along the railings of the Fillmore were tapping their feet and a discernable swing could be seen in their hips. Ether Sunday was beautiful, but I am going to have to listen to the disc again to really appreciate Jenn^s growth on this song, it was just too beautiful at the time to really be judging anyway. When Dazed and Confused started I was in my usually dance mode (eyes closed and grooving) and I thought to myself, how in the world can Trey be doing those vocals? He wasn^t, Jenn was channeling, and it sounded beautiful. First Tube was a great way to end the first set, again I^ll have to listen again, but I thought this was an excellent version. During the First Set Trey and Jenn did a little dance number that I have to admit was pretty good, the shots at the end were cute and handing out the shot glasses to the crowd seemed like a good idea. The bars didn^t seem to be as busy this night as they are normally. (Mondays) The second set was amazing^with a few minor hick-ups. Simple Twist up Dave was great. Its not one of my favorites normally but this was just a great version that seemed to go on as long as the audience would keep dancing. Drifting is always beautiful, and the sea waves seemed to be washing over the entire crowd. I didn^t recognize Makes no difference for some reason on my setlist, but hey that^s why more than one person goes I suppose with a pen and paper. Money Love and Change the seeming standard from last year that just kept rocking, didn^t have that umph much like Push On Til the Day from the first set but it was great to hear, and it seemed a little slower and groovier (is that a word?). Cincinnati, may have some significance, but it seems to need a little work. It just didn^t gel, and seemed to drag on a bit. Josie Wales, and Secret Smile were great, but unfortunately the hick up is here. I don^t know what it is about the Denver Fillmore, or whether it^s the Denver Crowd, but people could just not shut their traps while Trey was standing there all by himself with the acoustic. Maybe I^ll have to suck it up one day and go to the front to enjoy just Trey. I keep hoping for that magical quiet that existed at the American Theater in 1999 in St. Louis. Now there^s a crowd who enjoyed every note from that acoustic guitar, but alas either the Fillmore venue just picks up every conversation, or too many folks just can^t sit still and quiet longer than a couple of seconds. Trey walked up to the Mic as the band filled in for what was to be the last song of the Set. Trey said something like, We^ve really been working on this one for you folks, and I hope you enjoy it. Or something like, I^ve been teaching them this one, I hope you enjoy it, either way, WOW. Pebbles and Marbles in Vegas was awesome, and this may not have reached those heights, but those horns sounded so good in it, I was drooling for more. WOW The Sultan^s Encore was great; the whole band are Sultan^s of Swing. I wasn^t blown away since we had seen it last year at Red Rocks, but I figured out that a lot of folks may have missed one night last year, and they should get a chance to see it too. Plus last summer musically was incredible, and a repeat of that is welcomed every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 10:18:43 -0700 From: mason keeling masondk2@hotmail.com Subject: Trey and his band at The Fillmore in Denver The Fillmore in Denver, what a perfect place to experience a Trey Band show. The vibe seemed super mellow, but as the lights dropped and the crew took the stage the light mumur of voices soon turned into a bit of a roar. The band really took their time with what they were playing, nothing was rushed and the textures were unbeleivable. "Curlews Call" set the nights pace instantly with a deep, heavy and slow groove(like walking through a knee high muddy swamp). But as the band moved into the more technical/ambient things such as "Every Story" the drunks made themselves known with their illiterate jarble. I swear I saw a bar across the street from the Fillmore. Couldn't all the drunken talkers have moved over there to finish their coversation about the Economics class they failed last semester!? Anyways, Trey and the crew didn't let it get them down and continued with such beautiful and pastoral sounds of landscapes from another world and time. I've seen this band play twenty times now and never has their solos been so clean and have so much direction and meanig. Love was certainly the theme this night with songs like "Ether Sunday"(thankyou Jenn for that solo!), "It makes no difference", and "Drifting". It felt like old times(2000 winter) hearing all three of those beauties in one night. And what more perfect of a second set closer could you ask for than "Pebbles and Marbles"? And finally ending the night with "Sultans", where they picked up that same groove from "Curlews" at the beginning of the night. The body of art made a full circle and ended with the same mood it began with. This is truely art folks. The real deal. But please next time, those of you who feel the need to drown out the beautiful intricate horn and guitar solos with slurred debautchery, save yourself forty bucks and go to the pub! Thanks and praise to Trey and his band you are truely amazing! Mason Keeling
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