6-18-04 - KeySpan Park, Brooklyn, NY

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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 12:55:43 -0400 From: Karen A. Cullinane Subject: Brooklyn - Keyspan Park 6/18 Although the 17th was a decent show (basically because of the Maze > Frakenstein and the sick Possum, as well), I literally started crying on the subway ride home from the show on the 18th. Here's a few reasons why: 1) I was in the 2nd "row" of the madness on the field. There were few other girls and the guys who were in the front were rude, pushy, and selfish. I have never seen anything like it. In addition, since when were there SO many 15-year-old boys at shows? Being young is OK - I went to shows when I was 12 (not so long ago), but these boys were just immature and obnoxious and copmletely oblivious to show etiquette. People got there 2 hours in advance to stake out seats and these kids got there right before the show started and just pushed to the front like it was OK. No no. No, Boys. 2) There was a group of drunk mid-life crisis fans behind me who didn't seem to really be phans. The biggest asshole in the group kept drunkenly shouting, "Trey, I love youuuu! Play Gotta Jibboo! Mike, you're the man!" And when everyone around him gave him looks like, "Shut the fuck up and let everyone around you enjoy the concert," he would respond in a hostile way and call everyone "Young'uns." And oh yeah. He was yelling this during the hour-long intermission with about half an hour to go. But I think the highlight was when he took off his shirt during Stash and started pumping it in the air and screaming, smacking everyone around him with his meaty elbows. Then he proceeded to yell, "I won the Coventry contest!!! I WON! That's why I'm HERE! And these tickets are SO HARD TO GET!!!" It was then that I understood why he was there. And oh yeah - his friend pissed on the guy in front of him, which caused a huge fistfight in the crowd. Fun times. 3) JAY-Z. I was SO upset when I heard murmurings about him being there before the show. I thought it could not be true; there was just no way that Phish would go that far and let that happen. But he came out and sung two of the most angry songs possible: 99 Problems and Big Pimpin'. I'm not a feminist, but even I felt isolated and hurt by these two songs. Phish is already quite a boy's club so it's hard enough, but then these misogynistic and hateful "songs?" And seeing Trey HYSTERICALLY laughing made me want to punch him in the face. It wasn't funny at all. When Jay-Z came out, all of a sudden the crowd went CRAZY. I seriously thought I was going to get trampled. There was just such unbelievable hostility in the faces around me and I definitely was not imagining it. Even the girlfriends of the boys at the show knew all the words and were spitting them out excitedly while hopping up and down angrily. The crowd seemed more excited to see Jay-Z than to hear something beautiful like "Cars, Trucks, and Buses." I kept looking at Page and trying to send him mental messages like, "How could you let this happen? This is disgraceful! You should have told Trey to go fuck himself because this was definitely his horrible idea." I didn't come to the show expecting to listen to a musician I have absolutely no respect for. And I was disappointed that the majority of the crowd around me (except for one kid with dreads who looked at me and asked, bewildered, 'What the hell is the name of this song?') dug it. This alone definitely ruined the show for me. 4) The encore. I was just as upset when they played "Bug" as the encore at Boston. You can read my Boston review to see how I feel about the song if you really have nothing better to do, but it's a total cop-out, basically. Plus, couldn't we have been surprised? Tweezer Reprise was so predictable. Basically the thing about the show besides Jay-Z that upset me the most was the fans. They were just awful. I've never considered myself an elitist, nor do I now, especially since I know others agree with me. But it just seemed like most of those who were there, at least around me, were only there for the drug scene or because tickets were trendy due to how hard they are to get. There was no love or respect in the audience like there used to be. No sharing. Smiles were rare. I thought it was bad a couple of Nassau shows ago, but it's only gotten worse. A lot of real phans did not get to go to the Brooklyn shows because of these inconsiderate and undeserving, horrible human beings and it really upset me. I don't know if the issue is money or what. All I can do is hope that Mansfield, Jersey (but I doubt that one), and Vermont will be better. Oh - and about that: what the fuck is up with people charging $600 a ticket? That's so mean and horrible! Whatever happened to the old-phashioned love of the music? After Friday's show, I completely understood why Phish is endingit - and it quite literally brought tears to my eyes. ************************************************************************* Karen Cullinane
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:57:36 -0400 From: Jeff Gallo Subject: Phish show review Date: 6/25 From Jeff Zool Subject 2nd night Keyspan After a little search & barter mission in the lot we were all able to land field seats ( 7 ), Surprised we found that many people looking to trade field forstands when the feeling out there was field sounded so much better. It did!!! 1st night was great (see the set list) great 1st night of show opener. 2nd night, not so nice. Unfortunately we were still walking induring AC/DC, Too bad, that one sucks to miss. camel walk was good to hear. I do not really care for stash anytime especially before my buzz kicks in and in the1st set...... Anyone need a beer! anyone have to take a shit? CTB-- not bad, not great.. what else do you ever say about CTB Carini- used to love Carini, still do but post hiatus carini has been in heavy rotation Character Zero rocks.. Old fashioned rock song Tweezer I am always hot/cold with..... I was somewhere in the middle. But I always love the Reprise> You know it's coming. oh by the wayquick set I think at this point so/so 1st set but again I can discount how killer the field was.. Plenty of room to rock and it sounded great + you had beer vendors walking close by for beers. Hello Phish did you fall asleep back there.. Intermission way to long. 2nd set Wilson cool, not great, but nice DWD not a favorite but they can have some great jams with this one.. I always say that. Not my favorite but by time the song ends I have danced my way through it... Credit phish all the way I am notmuch of a Rap guy give or take some songs, some artists ( love snoop).. But I thought Jay Z rocked... 99 is a great song, and C'mon, Big Pimpin.. Can you finea more funnier, cool, song to hear.. x10 live.. Kudos to the Boys for Jay Z Chalk dust-lacked it's normal kick your ass mentality HH, Usually I saw HH enough said. But not this time. lacked funk, very short and did not finish.... Thumbs down on HH Taste..I know every song can'y be a gem, But Taste! Ugghhh.. Bug-- bad timing Reprise, it was good.. 2nd set also short... all in all I though Brooklyn was a pretty good stop, if I only saw 2nd night I would be a little disappointed. Highlight most of the 1st night solid and then Jay Z Jeff Zool Fairfield CT
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 20:57:22 -0400 From: David Vogt Subject: Phish Show Review 6-18-04 After 13 years of amazing shows, I have chosen the Friday night Keyspan Park show to provide my first review. Instead of critiquing each Trey lick/Mike bass "bomb" of each song, I have chosen (in a nod to Spinal Tap), to summarize the Friday night show in two words "Shit Sandwich". The set-list was uninsipiring, short, repetitive and just plain flat. Considering this was the last NYC area perfomance, the show was no better than seeing an average Phish cover band race through key standards like Hood and Tweezer. The show felt like the band had a yellow taxi cab waiting with the meter running. Get in get out and collect a check. This was my last show before Vermont. I hope they do not mail it in like the Lakers did in games 4 and 5 and diminish their legacy. David Vogt Darien, CT
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 10:58:50 -0400 From: Brian Bond Subject: Phish show review Very disappointed in the selection of songs here. My last Phish show was just not as memorable as I would've hoped I guess. The band played songs from their last 3 albums frequently. A few oldies but clearly nothing of the "pull out" variety although Camel Walk is pretty ok (it was played in Vegas however). Crowd just didn't seems as into it.... Show was very short..they left the stage at 10:30 (after a 45 minute break by the way) when the night before they left at 11:00. Jay z came out for 2 songs. Quite frankly, I don't dislike him or his music...but this was Phish's last night playing the area EVER and couldn't see throwing away 2 tunes to JayZ when clearly most phans wanted 2 more Phish songs. I just guess it was time to end for the band and this show out of the many, many I have seen really showed why it should be over. They had absolutely no care in the world for what the phans really wanted. Goodbye guys it has been phun, just not tonight! Brian
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 11:05:54 -0400 From: Brian Bond Subject: Phish show review 6/18/04 to add to my previous email.. I have never seen a crowd at a Phish show more stunned and unreactive for more before the encore!
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 13:03:37 -0400 From: DnnsConroy Subject: Phish Show Review 6-18-04 6-18-04 Keyspan Park TIME FLIES WHEN YOU^^RE HAVING FUN!!! Friday night^^s show at Coney Island was definitely the shortest in duration of any Phish concert I have attended, but I am very pleased to say that it offered me a total 180-degree reversal from my experiences on the previous night. Not that Thursday was horrible (you can read my review here on phish.net) but there were several moments, especially later in the show, where the band and the crowd were drained of all energy. Not so on Friday!! This show was all about high-energy and having fun. I was in the stands again (vs. the field) but this time I found seats that were closer to the stage by about 100 feet and it made a HUGE difference. (I hereby take back some of the more negative things I said about the venue in my review of Thursday^^s show.) I will always love AC/DC Bag as an opener. For me it^^s got that perfect vibe, perfect amount of crowd participation, and you know the guys will give a solid performance every time. To my ears the rest of Set One maintained that positive and fun vibe, offering us lots of opportunities to sing along. This was not a mind-blowing set by any means, but it was definitely very satisfying and all had a good time--the band included. I think we were all surprised by how short the first set was (even more surprised to learn that it really wasn^^t as short as it felt), but I^^d much rather see a short/happy/solid set than a long/dark/meandering one where the guys run out of gas before it's over. Set Two again offered us a familiar, solid, crowd-pleasing opener in Wilson ("CAN YOU STILL HAVE FUN!!!!")-->Down with Disease!!! Are you kidding me??? For my tastes this was the best DWD ever! The tempo was brisk, and Mike was so unbelievably solid it was sick! I was totally ecstatic. Seriously, that one offered me enough excitement to last weeks. Then just when I think things can^^t get any better, JAY-Z walks out!!!!! The ballpark totally erupted!!!! AWESOME!!! I^^m really, really, really looking forward to re-living this part of the show again and again once I can get my hands on a recording. I^^m getting goosebumps just thinking about it right now. After Jay-Z the excitement continued with a rockin^^ Chalkdust Torture. The guys went off for several minutes on a crazy jam during this one, to the point where I totally lost track of where the jam started, until somehow Trey and Mike connected flawlessly back into Chalkdust! They got me...it^^s so great when that happens. Hood was Hood--nothing too spectacular until the unexpected and early transition into Taste. I was intrigued by this, wondering if they would allow us our chance to "feel good about Hood" on the other side of Taste. Alas, while Taste (w/ extended jam) was indeed fantastic, they never did go back to complete Hood, choosing instead to quite suddenly slam on the brakes and exit stage-right. Already?!?! You could read the stunned expressions on our faces. Folks in my section of the stands started predicting encores, many of us hoping the guys would essentially serve us a third set, offering not only a Tweezer Reprise but maybe a Hood Reprise of some sort. I was totally expecting about 30-40 minutes worth of encore. When the band reappeared and went immediately into Bug, I sensed mixed reactions from the crowd. I personally think it^^s a great song, but deep down I was hopeful that they were really just setting us up to get nailed by a sick Bathtub Gin or Y.E.M. or something. Instead they chose to follow the script by delivering an excellent Tweezer Reprise and calling it quits. (Loved the fog-machine effect during Tweezer Reprise. Do you think C.K. makes that call, or is it pre-planned?) Surprisingly, the entire show was finished before 11:00PM (unlike Thursday when the Divided Sky encore didn^^t even start until after that). We summoned the biggest cheers we could in an effort to bring the guys back onstage, even though the nature of a ballpark concert means you see the band (with entourage & film crew) walking across the left field grass toward their dressing room with no signs of turning around. Sadly, our cheers were instantly transformed into a collective sigh at the flick of a switch, quite literally, as house lights were turned on. Regardless, I walked away very, very happy to have been at this show. It was certainly memorable for me. And did anyone else think Mike delivered one of his best performances ever? It wasn^^t just DWD, it was everything. Maybe he was inspired by that dude^^s sign on the field: "Dubya loves Phish...[over]...Because Mike drops BOMBS!!" See you at Saratoga PAC!!! I can^^t believe it^^s almost over... Dennis Conroy (Brooklyn)
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