6-15-02 - Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, VT

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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:04:18 -0400
From: John Michael Goff jgoff@weny.com
Subject: Essex Classix. - REVIEW

I hope I added something worth reading with this review.
Thanks again, and Keep up all the great work.
We need you kind folks!

I must first say that the Essex Junction show revived my soul.
It seriously did.  I was impressed with the synergy of the entire cast.
The last time I had seen Trey "solo" was at Cleveland's Playhouse Theatre
where tix were being given away.  (No solo index fingers in the air at that
An eight hour trip from Elmira, NY and our spirits were running high despite
the typhoon-type conditions.
Once arriving, I was extremely impressed with the complexity of the sound.
It carried so much "umph" and depth. The review I read previously on this
page mentioned that he/she did not necessarily dig the Vermont Youth
Orchestra pieces.  I, on the other hand, found them very well placed.  One
thing that kept this show great was the constant cresendo to decresendo in
musical patterns.   The "Tube Top Flop" was excellent, though confusing to
me on whether or not this is a regular or an improvisation.  Also, The
"Money, Love, and Change" was great for me, and what else?  Mark Knoppfler
would be proud:  "Sultans of Swing" played so deeply with all that
percussion.  I think Mr. Knoppfler may get a whif of this and hear how it
was meant to be played.   Lastly, I recall one of my favorite Phish Boots:
Beacon Theatre of 1994.  This show played with the Giant Country Horns has
not left my deck since I acquired it. (Though, "Suzy" is fast-forwarded now
and again due to redundancy) . This show with the horns had the same depth
and emotion that this concert had for me. I have a feeling that when and if
I acquire this Essex show, it will also not leave my cd deck for quite some
time.  Last note:  Since this show, many friends have rubbed in the fact
that I hit the show in between Fishman's and Gordo's unannounced
appearances.   This is what I say to all those who feel it necessary to have
more than one original member on stage at the same time in order to produce
a killer sound.    "Turn on Your headlamp, and find your way out of the
cave." Maybe we can all meet at the entrance of that cave on November 17,
2002.  Think of me at Bonnaroo.  Boycott Veal!

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Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 21:20:01 -0400 To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Essex Review Well, What a wet weekend. I guess a few nice weekends in the northeast is bound to give us a wet one, especially in this semi-drought we are having in the northeast. So the show was rainy and muddy and a little cold...DANK more like it. Wooo...I love to be in Burlington...being from NYC and all it is kinda too big here and I really appreciate the whole small town experience. Nice. Anyhows, the show... Just to get something out of the way, I have seen Trey's band at the Palace in 1999 and was blown away at his ability to rock on a steady groove and experiment with his guitar making all sorts of cool sounds. In the next year I caught a few shows and realized what a nice full sound his music can have with a horn section. Woo...and I love Jen's trumpetting! When the next tour came around I was impressed with the further layering of song composition. It seems I can listen to many facets of a groove, from soft flute to driving rhythm, to twangy guitar to all sorts of percussive shaking, dinging, and clashing....Cyro is awesome! It is sort of like a rich tapestry of sound, analogus to say a Renior Impressionist painting or a Jackson Pollack, in the vein that the mess of colors/sounds both blend together and act independently to make an effect. You just got to hear Mr. Completely, such a nice rhythmic jam...and Last Tube kept my legs moving out of control....The whole Vermont Youth orchestra arrangment ws nifty and a little hokey...it was a little too emotional and classical for my rock concert experience...but nice nontheless Song of the night in Essex had to be Mozambique with James Harvey...such a kick ass dance song... Lastly, that vibe was back...it seemed that many just want a Phish concert to go to. I know many who are satified with Trey's shows, Phil shows, the random mix of festivals, and String Cheese....but I could see all those shows and still not have that peak musical experience such as the thrill of a Mike's Groove or Bathtub Gin...but I could feel it, especially in VT, that somethings got to give... 11/17/02 ? See you all at Radio City Brendan
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