5-28-03 - Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

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Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 14:42:45 -0400 From: Bernie Gillespie bernie@4league.com Subject: Trey philly/eFactory My friend called me up at 4pm and told me he had two extra free tickets for me and aftershow passes.  Wasn't planning on going to this one but I'm glad I did.  Rockin first set.  Trey was doing this dance during an intense jam where he was a plane or a bird of some sort with his back to the audience and arms in the air. He was slowing down one side or half of the band almost creating the doppler effect as the sound shifted with his movement.  Very cool.  Since I got the ticket for free I figured I may as well drink $40 worth of beer.   By the time the encore rolled around I moved up fairly close.  After Inlaw Josie Wales, Trey was sort of tuning up his guitty and I figured I'd mess with him a little bit so I yelled out "John LeClair!"  being a big Flyers fan and all.  Trey than said he heard me and went into this LeClair rambling on how the FLyers will win the Cup next year....LeClair will score 53 next year and win the cup for Philly.  This was followed by a loud Lets GO FLYERS chant led by Trey.  Trey looks like he's having a lot of fun.  I know a lot of my phish buds don't really care for the TAB shows.  I think it's great to see Trey having a blast and be totally in control of his solo band...note for note if he wants to.  Hell, I think he deserves it and I think he has a lot of balls. Black Dog was a cool way to end the show (with all the "how the west was won" hype.) I'm back into Zep like its 8th grade again.   Thanks Kevin, Lori & Brad for the tix...great time.  bernfiremon
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 16:04:27 -0400 From: Otto rotto@memphis.edu Subject: trey philly When the first set is rockin, the second set is sweet, and the oncore moves from sublime to straight ahead jamming, you know you have seen an excellent show. Trey at the Electric Factory, Killer show. The scene before the show was mellow but cool, with intermittent security annoyance.   The inside of the venue seems to have been remodeled somewhat, and we spent the first set on the floor. Trey came out hot and seemed very upbeat and happy throughout the show. The first set was hot, very tight, and the band built some excellent jams and got the crowd charged up. My friends and I all dug the first set, the vibe was rockin, and the band was digging deep for tasty jams. The only downside was some dude, one of the happless kids that drank too much and forgot that we were there to see Trey, not get puke drunk, yell WOOOOO ever five seconds, and talk during the music, (sorry for the mini-rant) anyway, this kid pukes right in front of the sound board, and then fell in it, nasty. The upside is that it made an Exxon Valdez type area of devestation that left those of us near it with more dancing room, as long as you didnt get too close.    Second set, cruised upstairs to the bar for a drink, seemed like a total madhouse from afar, but after stealthily making my way to the other side of the room, I actually found room at the bar, and proceded to watch the second set from there. On the one hand, I couldnt see the stage too well, except on the TV's, but on the other hand, listening to Trey jam the second set and the delicious oncores while sitting at a bar seemed very sureal, kind of aliceinwonderlandian, and was a cool life experience, it kinda reminded me of my early Phish shows out West, when they didnt sell out, and you could get real close, or see them in a tiny place, very cool. Trey seemed to be in a really good mood, as he was joking and telling stories. He talked about how he loved to do requests, but from the stage all you hear is jibberish. Both Trey and the band semed to be having a great time, and it came out in the music. In terms of the music, the second set was excellent, but from my vantage it was a more subdued experience from being on the floor for first set, but tasty nonetheless. Alive again had the crowd singing the chorus, Undermind was kind of spookily jazzish, and money love and change was bouncy hot. Then the oncores....O Dude!  Trey acoustic is a treat, it is real and unadorned, and it had me flash back to Jones Beach with Mike last year. Then some dudes next to me struck up a loud convo during secret smile. I considered letting the matter go, but this was Trey acoustic, and I'd had an amble amount of Yuenling's :) I turned to them, moved in to eyeball them, put my finger to my mouth and said, "Shhhh, Trey is playing acoustic" They looked at me in shock and amused bewilderment, I went back to listening, one guy started to talk loud but the other two chilled him out, and I enjoyed the song. I went over after the song was over and made a joke and it was all good. Gazebo was cool, but Black Dog rocked! Great closer.   Went out after the show to check out the scene, the sound of conversation and hiss of balloons. The cops came, and did their annoying tasks, and they were just about to leave, and allow us a few minutes to relax before heading home, when the ballon people opened a tank too soon. If they had waited five mins the cops would have left, but they provoked them, the cops came back, and predicibly now broke up the scene. Word to the wise, Know when to chill out. Headed back home happy and content, another gathering of cool people, with a few noted exceptions, another glorious night of jams. Long live the Jam scene! Thanks Trey!   Otto
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