5-26-02, Mountain Aire Festival, Angels Camp, CA

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Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 20:19:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Matt Benson bens1164@yahoo.com
Subject: Mountain Air Festival

After seeing Phish between ten and fifteen times I
decided to give a Trey solo show a chance.  I was
definitely not let down with both days of Mountain
Air.  The venue was so chill. Lax security and
enforcement.  Beautiful weather, in a beautiful place.
All in the name of music. Trey had the band in high
gear and hitting on all notes.

Day two: Phantastic. I thought the stage was going to
lift of from all the energy.  Highlights of the show
were the 20 minute Mr. Completely, 32 minute Last
Tube, 15 minute Push on the Day, and 25-minute encore.
Trey didn^“t want to stop playing. He was having so
much fun. Trey was dancing on stage like I've never
seen. Totally loving the music. Animated as heck.
Every song was well played.  Phriends, you must check
out a show.  You won^“t regret it.  Spread the love and
dance like no one^“s watching. ^÷BurdCO.


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