4-17-04 - Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV

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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:58:50 -0700 From: geoff ecker Subject: Phish 4-17-04 show review ami the only person at this show that thought trey was incredibly f'ked up?  i mean, didn't anyone else see him FALL off the trampolines while trying to do the bouncing routine with mike?  and that his acknowledgement of it is what led into the ever-so-repeititious meatstick debacle?    don't get me wrong, there were definitely some great points in these shows, but when you're too wasted to jump up and down on a trampoline (like you've been doing for 20 years!)...?   maybe they'll come back to the west coast again before 2005 and i can try to give them another opportunity to blow my mind like they've been doing for me for 10 years....
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:23:16 -0700 (PDT) From: -name removed- Subject: Phish Review 4/17/04 04/17/04 Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, NV 1: Soul Shakedown Party, Halley's Comet > Tweezer, Ginseng Sullivan, Horn, Sample in a Jar, Piper -> Frankenstein, David Bowie 2: Meatstick, Pebbles and Marbles > Prince Caspian -> Simple > Friday, Ghost, You Enjoy Myself -> Tweezer Reprise E: Wolfman's Brother, The Squirming Coil 41st show for me, caught the last two nights in vegas. i was about twenty feet in front of the board and in the middle. The soul shakedown -was my first and set the tone for the concert. people were excited and ready to get down. the halleys- started off standard and then had a pretty awesome jam that was very tight. it seemed to be flowing well but trey cut it off into... tweezer-the beginning of this jam was ultra funky and had trey/mike interplay that really got the crowd goin. after the rather mellow tweezer jam and little discussion the band rocked ginseng sullivan-everything sounded good with this song, trey was really movin horn- love this song, one of my favorite ballads and trey nailed the solo, which i was pretty happy about Sample in a jar-kind of an odd placement but raged nonetheless. really built the tension. piper-built up very fast and had a little spacey section and raged again..trey brought it shakily> frankenstein-i'm not sure if they wanted to play this faster adn this is the only song i really could have used kurodas lights. Bowie-nice bowie. jam segment was excellent, they really veared off and had a couple nice little melodies but brought the energy back up for the endjam. Security at T&m was generally very lax. they cut off the area to the floor about 15 minutes before second set so you had to hurry back if you wanted floor. Meatstick-they looked like they were having fun, mike was really thumping away and they didn't really jam on it long. Pebbles and marbles-they really jammed this one unlike any other pebbles and marbles. a very nice jam segment led by trey and then ended by page. got spacey> Prince Caspian-trey was noodling around in this rather standard caspian(didnt really understand choice since it relied so heavily on treys strained voice) but then noodled into simple- pretty short standard simple Friday-i thought this was the most poorly played song of the night. some missed changes in the composed(which this song relies on) and i thought the jam hung too much on the chord changes and trey wasnt getting very creative. Ghost-a nice jam, nothing too special, they got it back into the ghost theme at the end which was pretty cool. YEM-strange version, they were definetly having fun. composed section was played decently and the tramps segment saw trey jumping all around. the jam was ridden with meatstick dances and breakdowns. it ended in a real spacey jam that segued loosley into Tweeprise- with trey saying "step into the meatstick" and other meatstick references you could tell they were having a blast. they seemed a little lost initially but found there way together eventually. E: Wolfmans-this was a pretty funky version, got a little out on the jam and then back into main wolfmans theme. the crowd was raging at this point.... Squirming coil-nice closer, didn't hear too many flubs (on a song treys flubbed since 94) and the jam was great, the interplay with the band and pages solo was just long enough and then they let page took over who really brought the crowd down and extremeley thankful. -BJ-
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:48:58 +0000 From: Abe Philip Subject: Phish show review 04-17-04 OK, i first wanted to say that i heard a lot of people complaining about the absence of Kuroda. Well, i know i was there for the music. Dont get me wrong, i do NOT take Kuroda's magic for granted. There were times during the show where i could definetly witness the need for him, but im glad DMB's light guy filled in and the music was wonderful. This has been a long step forward from thier after hiatus tour in Feb. Ok, Soul Shakedown was a great opener for the last night of the run. it got everyone in a great mood. And Halley's Comet is always good to hear. And they jammed out Sample in a Jar wonderfully. David Bowie, now i know there are a lot of triumphant fluid crazy versions of Bowie out there (like 10-05-00 and many others) but this one was such an improvement since even the summer Gorge Bowie. this had a long jam and the intense stop start ending was very enjoyable. (this was one moment i wished for Kuroda.) Here we go second set. Meatstick is a very fun and chill song to see and hear. i for one was glad they played it. it really gets the crowd involved. Pebbles and Marbles as well is a good song to hear and see live. they did a nice flowey jam to it. and Simple is definetly a favorite, (as almost every mike song is.) but oh Friday? man, i wished that they played Two Versions Of Me, if they wanted a newer slower song. Friday is definetly bathroom time. But they seemed to love this song because they did a nice length jam at the end, but i cannot get into the vibe of this song. Oh well, small part of a great show. Everyone around me was calling for Ghost and they got it. A very ambience feel throughout the song also, very nice. And then YEM, absolutly wonderful. Phish seemed to be having so much fun during the song also. During the trampoline part Trey seemed to have a blast. and i loved the NEVER ENDING MEATSTICK. it was fun and unexpected and really got everyone grooving as one again. man, and Fishman is such an amazing drummer, one of the best currently out there. and Mike, well what can i say, i havent got enough good things to say about him, (the Boogie from the night before, man Mike grooved it.) and the tweezer reprise with the "wont you step into the meatstick" was hilarious. a great show. and the encore had a pretty good Wolfmans, not the best ive seen but good. and then, yes! Squirming Coil. oh how wonderful. and after a blistering mind propelling version, Page and his brilliance as an artistic piano player eased everyone into the night. i could not stop hugging my beautiful girl and all the nice people around me. thanks guys for bringing elevation and happiness to the much in need town of Vegas. And thank you to all the kind wonderful people we met in line and in the lot and on the strip. you were all wonderful. much love and kindness from us both. AandD
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 22:05:47 -0700 (PDT) From: Raymond Brown Subject: Phish show 4/17 4/17 was the only show of the run and I can't tell you how excited I was to see it. The lot was chill, the crowd was chill, even the personel was chill. I was set for an epic night. The opening of Soul Shakedown caught me offguard and the vibe felt right on. But somehow it got lost after that. All of a sudden I became aware about how much I missed Chris at the lights. It was a song by song show. I realized there was no segues, no rhythms, and no groove. It began to feel like the whole night was a struggle. Reading the setlist is deceiving. It reads like a powerful show driven by the scene that Vegas provides, but don't kid yourselves. It's a decent display with brief examples of what Phish can do musically, but this is not a good show, not talentwise, nor visually.
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:39:53 -0700 (PDT) From: patrick omalley Subject: Vegas Reiview 4/17/04 Saturday night the venue filled up very early. This may have been due to the cold wind and sporadic rain in the lot or maybe people were really excited to see what they were going to play after the previous night's experiment. By the time the lights went down the crowd was energized and ready for fun. Soul Shakedown was a great way to kick off the final night of the run. Halley's was a first for me so of course I enjoyed it. The tweezer was uninspired but Sample rocked harder that ever! Probably the best played song fom the two shows I saw. The crowd was into Piper and having fun with a ton of glowsticks but the lighting guy ruined the mood by keeping the lights on the stage. With the mood ruined the band kept the jam short. Trey fudged the beginning of Bowie but recovered in a big way. The true sign of a good player. The setbreak seemed like it lasted 2 hours with section 104 dancing the Meatsick. Second set opened with the Meatstick and I wish that would have been the end of that. Pebbles took a whlie to get going but eventually took off. It's Simple, it's not Friday because it's saturday. Page was really feelin' Ghost and I finally got a YEM after 17 shows. Trey switched into goofball mode when the trampolines hit the stage. Then it was Meatstick, Meatstick, Meatckick. Why don't you step into the Meatstick, do the Meatstick, time for the Meatstick... to go away. You know, I was originally down with the Meatstick, but enought already. The encore was super. Wolfman's was solid and Squirming Coil was a perfect resolution to the weekend. Overall I thought they were entertaining and had a few gems. We learned that the band is not Phish without Chris and that he has to return as soon as he can. Thanks for a fun weekend Pholks. P.J. O'Malley
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:55:54 EDT From: Amyadeleincali Subject: Phish show review 04/17/04 Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, NV 1: Soul Shakedown Party, Halley's Comet > Tweezer, Ginseng Sullivan, Horn, Sample in a Jar, Piper -> Frankenstein, David Bowie 2: Meatstick, Pebbles and Marbles > Prince Caspian -> Simple > Friday, Ghost, You Enjoy Myself -> Tweezer Reprise E: Wolfman's Brother, The Squirming Coil         The T&M was firing on Saturday night, ready for the action.  Everyone waiting in line for the show was screaming in advance and running around the inside of the venue> trying not to slip and fall as all the spilled beer/water on the floor created a slippery scene.  I found out the first few nights that you could do ANYTHING you really wanted to do in the place.  NoOne really cared.       Lights down a reggae vibe commenced, but it took awhile for us to figure out that it was a Soul Shakedown.  We were ready for something special.  The Halley's Commet>Tweezer was really hot.  At one point Mike was stomping on the stage and I was sure IT was gonna happen.      A little slower into the Ginseng, and the Horn brought everything to a stop.  The Sample was solid, as was the PiPer>Frankenstien.  I even enjoyed the Bowie as Trey was wanking it pretty hard at that point.    This set was by far the best set of the three days and we were all ready to explode during the second set.  There was an unusually long setbreak.       I am not a fan of the whole Meatstick thing so I will not go into it.  I went and bought a few beers and went to the bathroom.  It really does not shock my brain, and it kinda reminds me of a bad song that is in the background of a slim jim commercial.  I guess I really just have a hard time stepping into IT.       The Pebbles and Marbles was a little spacy and still building to something BIG.  Caspian was also well played>Simple everything was still on schedule until the FRIDAY.  I have no Idea why they played this song at this point but it was completely out of place and ruined the vibe.  It was really hard to get back into the Ghost after being abused by the Friday.  The YEM>TweezeRepreeze was an effort to save the show but to no avail.  The constant Meatstick reminder was annoying. E:  Wolfmans, Coil really didn't do anything for me and we were already headed to the Casino.       I am still very disappointed about all three of these shows and have lost a lot of respect for this band.  I am sorry I don't remember his name, but the DMB light guy picked it up alittle on this night.  I liked how he used the spotlights, especially how he had four pointing straight down into the audience about twelve feet back from the rail.  I also liked how he looked out for those of us who were behind the stage for the majority of the show.  He used the backs of the amps and the box that contained Fisman's "music suit" to project spiraling images onto.    It really wouldn't have taken much for the band to up the ante and make some magic but it just never happened.  They were definitely on point this night, but I think that the choice of tunes that was played was just wrong for Vegas.  After having been lost in six or eight Casinos, I really can't believe that they never played a MAZE during the whole weekend.
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 10:53:56 -0500 From: O'Malley Ryan Subject: 4/16 & 4/17 Review Just returned from the Vegas shows.  This review isn't a song by song, but more a general analysis of the weekend.  First and foremost, these shows should be considered an ode to Chris Kuroda.  While the DMB guy did an okay job, these shows were testament to how important Kuroda is to not only the fans, but to the band as well.  The band was CLEARLY limited by what they could and couldn't do, and in addition to the limitations, the lights even messed them up more than a few times. Saturday 4/17: This night was MUCH better than last night.  It still wasn't on par with most good Phish shows, but it was a definitely improvement.  The first set was pretty good.  Starting off with the Soul Shakedown definitely helped.  The song selection seemed to have a bit more flow to it, and the lights weren't even close to Kuroda, but they were definitely a little more in sync.  The highlight of this night was probably the Sample.  Again, I never thought that a Twist or Sample would be the highlights from a Vegas run, but so is the case.  Sample was just rocking, and being that it is a more well-known Phish tune, I think the DMB light guy knew it a little better than the others.  Two LONG sets though.  The whole Meatstick teases through the second set were a little over-done, but it was fun.  YEM was good, but the Meatstick teases made it old quick.  The transition to the Reprise was abrupt too, and the Meatstick vocals in there were TOTALLY un-needed, but whatever.  It was a fun weekend.  Coil encore was nice and flawless, which is an oddity these days.  Overall, the weekend was fun, but I wouldn't even get the downloads.  Maybe Saturday night, but definitely not Friday.  Trey was in TOTAL rockstar mode the whole weekend.  Friday night, he was all over the place, and Saturday night he calmed down a bit, but was still on fire as far as dancing and wailing are concerned.  So, there's my analysis.  What I want to be known though is that Chris Kuroda is just as important to that band as any one of the musical members.  They were clearly playing without a member of the band this weekend.  So, hopefully whatever kept Chris away from this weekend will be resolved and he'll be back with them next time.  It's just not even close to the same without him.  Ryan M. O'Malley
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