4-15-04 - Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV

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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:40:29 EDT From: Turtles916 Subject: Phish show review: B-dogg 4/15 all i'm gonna say is mike gordon is the only one in the band that can still pull it together out of the whole weekend trey only excited me during twist and pebbles and marbles the meatstick thing was quite trendy and immature. well anyway Set 1: sloppy and out of time buried alive why did they play it? ac/dc bag was good i liked it. the crowd seemed catatonic during it though this was definetly one of the best songs the first set had to offer, limb by limb was a suprise but trey's voice is starting to do weird things and this song sort of proved it, it seemed like it was played really mellow too. the moma dance hasn't been sounding too good since the post hiatus but it followed up good after limb by limb i won't lie i was pumped up. then they went to old home place which sounded good thanks to gordon. roggae,water,all these dreams totally killed the good streak of songs they had going and turned the first set into shit. stash sounded great but was to short and strangely went into timber ho which sounded very loosely played bad song to end that set with. set 2: 46 days i don't really like this song so i went for a walk. i came back when i heard drownded which started hard but started getting all tripped out. it went into 2001 and dwd through that whole thing i was smoking my bowl kidding around with my buddy saying"these old men are totally having acid flashbacks" all those songs had a trippy and ambient sound very spacy, i actually liked that portion of the show. free had some rough guitar parts in it which ruined it for me cause i;m a perfectionist and it was starting to make me cringe. Scent of a Mule rocked thanks to gordon,and page's funky solo i didn't get that whole jay-z thing i was just laughing at it i thought i was losing my mind. when i saw phish play this as an encore i think it was in philly i'm not sure people where booing, this version was played different man this new albums' gonna suck hard if it has songs like this on, i don't remeber crowd control cause i was sitting down sleeping during it. the Slave was very slow building and quiet standard good closer though, i was sad because i knew it was the end when the started the song. the new lighting guy sucks, trey wasn't going off at all really his voice is falling apart, i don't wanna complain but my heros are just getting old i quess I WITH THAT ONE GUY WHO SAID JUST STICK TO LISTENING TO THERE GOOD STUFF ON CD AMEN TO THAT. E: snekin sally was a suprise for the encore i don't care for the song but i like the funky drawn out bass jam which was replaced by these retarded raps trey made which made no sense (i think thats why i was laughing so hard at it) i think treys gonna through a hip stage.
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:03:49 -0700 (PDT) From: andrew fessenden Subject: Phish show review 4.15.04 vegas phish 4-15-04 las vegas. having become a recent resident of the fine city of las vegas, I was more than estatic when they announced these three shows at the Thomas and Mack. I spent some time in the lot beforehand and miracled several people, as someone had unloaded 9 extras on me at no charge for buying their fri and sat tix at face. Needless to say, it was fun to put smiles on the faces of those who got the miracles. For some reason there seemed to be an abundance of cheap or free tickets, which I found strange since I could not score them here in Vegas the day they went on sale because I did not arrive at the box office at 6 AM. Go figure. I breezed into the show with no hassles about 15 min before showtime and settled into my customary spot behind the stage where I like to dance at the thomas and mack. the acoustics are nothing to write home about, but they are far better behind the stage than anywhere else in my opinion. The opener, buried alive, was unexpected to say the least as it was the only post hiatus version other than the madness that ensued on 7.15.03 in utah. It was a short version, clocking in around four minutes, but trey rocked the hell out of it and dropped it right into AC/DC bag- and a seriously high energy one at that. Trey kept the pocket deep and his melodies funky, using a lot of sustain during the jam portion of the song.DC clocked in at over twelve minutes, and it was never monotonous.A short pause and we get limb by limb, which suffered slightly from treys vocal problems (which were evident throughout the night). It seemed like he had a sore throat or something- (there were no problems with his levels thru the pa system) Once the jam settled in, however this version of limb by limb was NO JOKE- as trey just kept hitting us with mind bending arpeggios and amazing melodies syncing perfectly within the time signature. It was a rather long version, clocking in at over eleven minutes. This gave way to moma dance, which produced some of the funkiest music that phish has ever put down. Page and mike really stepped up on this one, and fishman kept the pocket deep for them to go to town. the part before the lyrics clocked in at nearly five minutes, and the song in total clocked in at fourteen minutes... and the pocket was very reminiscent of fall 97 tour and the advent of black eyed katy in Raliegh, NC. Towards the end of the jam trey really turns the jets on, pushing the envelope of funk until it was bursting open with sick and dark runs of sustain up and down his guitar. Fish, page and mike followed suit, speeding up the tempo and turning it into a hardcore rocker.At the conclusion of moma we were treated to a nice version of mike singing old home place, which was welcome due to trey's voice needing a break and the rest of us needing a break after the madness that was the last half of moma dance.From there they kept it low key with a really tight roggae, which is always nice to hear. Trey had some really nice melodies during the jam sections and it sounded like his voice was gaining stregnth little by little. A dark star type of jam (i dont know how else to explain it) developed out of roggae and eventually settled into water in the sky, which gave us all a chance to take another needed breather. My only real gripe with the show was that they followed this with all of these dreams- which I felt was not a good pick considering the previous three tunes were in the same vain (except perhaps portions of roggae) as all of these dreams. It was a well played version, however, and the song itself is growing on me a lot with repeated listening. They quit messing around after about four minutes of all these dreams and launched into stash, however, getting us all back into the moment rather quickly. I like my stashes under ten minutes, and trey kept this one really hot for about nine with some good guitar work and unique vocal phrasing before seguing right into timber HO! And this version was in my opinion in the top three ever with sacramento 96 fall and dayton fall 97 being the other two. Evil, dark, and nasty, it was everything you want from the song. The jam into the reprise is so amazing it must be heard to be believed.Timber closed the set, and had everyone around me just amazed at how this band is actually getting better with age instead of the other way around. I personally felt they were slipping hard in 99-00 and the hiatus was the best thing ever for them....In my opinion they are at the absolute top of their game right now.After a set break beverage and smoke, I hit my spot for the second set. The opener was 46 days, which is not one of my favorite new tunes- but this version was played a little slower and a little funkier than normal, giving it a nicer feel than other versions I have heard. They stretched it out for around eight minutes before launcing right into an amazing version of Drowned. now I know I have not been critical of this show at all, but it was really that good!!! Page nailed the vocals on drowned during the intro and the jam developed into a cool ambient type of feel with out the annoying loop pedal presence. Page led most of the way during the jam, with trey mostly comping on rhythm. Towards the end of the song they began speeding up the tempo again, seguing effortlessly into 2001. A funky, but not spectacular version was hampered by its legnth (just under six minutes) so the jam never really came into full fruition. The DWD that followed, however, was again, one of the best versions I have heard post hiatus with perhaps the exception being nassau last fall. Almost seventeen minutes and never stagnant, the jam constantly evolved throughout the course of the song. The boys are doing an amazing job lately with keeping the jams fresh and different- something I feel they were getting away from in 99 and 00. The free that followed was absolutley epic, and must be heard to be believed. Trey's voice problems were evident during the opening lines, but the jam inside was some of the deepest minimalist funk I have heard during that song ever. it reminded me a lot of the version from the HSBC show back in fall 1996...nearly flawless. Mike really turned on the juice around four and a half minutes into the song- making everyone in attendance feel a little like Ron Jeremy :) if you can imagine. I can not stress enough- get a copy of this show at all costs. What followed free was different, to say the least....A nicely done scent with the russian dual jam seguing into a funk backbeat....and then Jen Hartswick comes out. We were all scratching our heads needless to say when trey began spitting Jay-Z's "girls girls girls" along with jen, and pretty much nailing it! It was a surreal sight to say the least, especially when trey says the line "yo put your number on this paper so I would love to date ya, holler at ya when I come off tour"- shit was priceless. hell, the whole thing was priceless. His vocal cords were shot, but he gave it a hell of a good try-i would advise critics to listen to the real song and attempt it themselves. His main problem was not cracking up all the time! It was one of the coolest moments in phishtory in my opinion due to the comedy factor. Right out of "girls girls girls" they resumed the russian dual jam and finished scent.Secret smile and crowd control followed, both new songs that arent quite doing it for me like stuff such as scents and subtle sounds, which I love. Crowd control has a "drowned" feel to it and Secret smile has a jam reminscent of wharf rat at the end. A nicely played slave ended the set. What could they possibly do to top that show? A super hot sneakin sally- thats what. Complete with a sick ass "play it leo" funk jam in the middle. The lyrics of that song never fail to amuse me- I crack up every time i hear them as it reminds me a lot of my old life. A fitting end to an amazing show, they trailed into a vocal jam to end the show. And it was definately one for the ages. namaste' fez namaste_fez@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:12:02 -0500 From: William Hrdina Subject: Phish show review 4/15/2004 Thursday Night Vegas My first Vegas show after 10 years of seeing the band and I gotta say I wasn^“t impressed.† The lot was pretty cool even though there weren^“t nearly as many people as I thought there would be in Vegas.† For the first time I wasn^“t just there to see the show but I also had my first novel Portal, self-published, to sell and found quite happily that I was correct that socially conscious sci-fi could sell on a Phish lot.† I got three tix for 20 bucks each which was really nice, this 42.50 a show thing is ridiculous, they need to play more and charge less- these are rough financial times and the high ticket prices are unnecessarily painful. †† The whole show was general admission, a nice touch, but I agree that it was immediately obvious that Chris Kuroda is crucial as the lighting would be just that much off the entire show. † They started with Buried Alive and it was immediately obvious the sound sucked. And I was straight in front of the stage albeit in the balcony.† Still, the sound was as bad as in the World Music Theatre here in Chicago and that^“s reaaaally bad.† I don^“t know if the sound was screwy down on stage too but something was definitely going on down there.† Even though it sounded like a bad old analog tape the ACDC Bag that followed was great until the end when the sound deteriorated even further.† Trey said something about an annoying sound, but I couldn^“t be sure what he was saying.† He played a crazy distorted note that made me think they were going to bust into BBFCFM but it turned into Limb.† The rest of the set list featured the band playing pretty, but very slow jams that sucked the life out of what was initially a very loving crowd.† It wasn^“t terrible, but it wasn^“t really interesting either.† The Stash>Timber was cool, but very mellow and again the sound was ick. Second set was a huge improvement.† The sound was 100% better and it must have been apparent down on the stage too because the whole show had a lot more energy. †Lights were off badly on several occasions.† 46 Days was nice. †But the highlight was the 2001>DWD>Free>Scent run which was more than worth the price of admission.† Jenn came out and jammed with Trey with a sloppy but fairly humorous rendition of Jay Z^“s Girls Girls Girls before returning to finish the Russian influenced portion of Scent.† Then they played Secret Smile and Crowd Control the first time I^“d seen either live and gotta say, I think Trey^“s using his best material with the solo band cause yuck.† I actually thought Crowd Control was a bad Cheap Trick cover.†† They ended with a pretty but standard Traffic Light and encored with a nice Sneakin Sally with a vocal jam that featured the cococut song ^”They put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up^‘† I^“m pretty sure I heard Trey saying ^”The sound was screwed up^‘ during the end of the vocal jam but half way through traffic light the sound dropped out again and I couldn^“t be sure.† After Miami, Vegas was a let down.† Oh well, everybody has rough days, they^“re still the greatest band in the world and I^“ll be there with bells on all summer.† Bill Hrdina Bill Hrdina
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:11:44 -0700 From: Tim Etter Subject: Phish show review 4/15/04 ††† My thoughts about this show, during the show were - Trey is really sloppy. After the show, my thoughts were - Trey was very reckless and it actually worked at times. He went to another place and time during AC/DC Bag. He wasn't on the same planet as the rest of the band. †But during Moma Dance, he grooved it back together. Stash wasn't the best version of that song ever played but it got abandoned for a triumphant Timber Ho! What a way to close the set! ††† I went to the show Thurs. night totally pumped with anticipation for what ever would happen. They could have played the entire new album from beginning to end, and if i've never heard any of the songs it would have been fine with me. ††† Waiting for the second set, I half-expected to get the Giant Country Horns. It wouldn't be a dissapointment if they didn't show up though. 46 Days had a nice tone, and†then Drowned was the fire that erupted though the Thomas & Mack. I've seen better Also Sprachs, DWD is overdone, but Free drove a spike right through your soul. In a minute I'll be free, and you'll be splashing in the sea. Scent of a Mule is one of my favorites at a show because of Mike Gordon, however, I could have done without the Trey-Z. It was funny for about 15 seconds, then it was embarassing. Slave was a good ending to a strange night. Trey wasn't as high as he was during the first set. Sneakin' Sally was a funky encore. I thought they stretched the vocal jam on for a little too long, especially hyping Fishman's new magic suit. But the "Lime and a Coconut" jam made it more enjoyable. ††† My overall thoughts upon exiting the Thomas & Mack were that I had a really good time. I've seen better Phish shows, this one had many highs and lows, just the way all Phish shows do. But I never once thought "Can I get a refund?", because I just saw the best live band on earth, and it was only the beginning.
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:17:50 EDT From: Amyadeleincail Subject: Phish show review Set 1 Buried Alive> fun AC/DC Bag----- . OK still getting started but pretty sloppy. Limb by Limb----- kinda boring, at one point, Fishman looks really angry about the sound and started beating the drums with a look on his face that said, "Trey what are you doing?" Moma Dance------ alringht even though trey missed the last notes of the bag or limb, can't remember which one, so they had to play another verse. Old Home Place------ I ran away to Charlottesville where I worked in a sawmill tool- kinda fun being from Virginia. Roggae- whatever Water in the Sky------- kinda gay All of these Dreams -------the rest of your lifetime, devoid of a care, if you keep your eyes open you will find yourself there not really enjoying the show. Stash> ......slightly mounting a comeback. Northeasters really enjoyed the TH! Timber Ho! For most of the first set I couldn't hear Mike's bass. Thought that maybe it was because we were behind the stage so I walked around to the front but it didn't sound much better there. Set 2 46 Days------ interesting Drowned> thank you page 2001----- still a little dull Down with Disease------ slightly lost Free----- one of the highlights of the night Scent of a Mule> Girls, Girls, Girls*> trey has no business as a rapper, couldn't hear any of the words to the song and at one point Trey 'Plugged' Jenn's late night show which made me sick!!!!! I Couldn't believe that they were trying to sell tickets right there on stage. Jenn is a†good musician and†she should have†played the trumpet instead of what went down which was pretty depressing.† Scent of a Mule Secret Smile ....IM bored Crowd Control ........ Slave to the Traffic Light .....a slight comeback, still not on point, I just like the tune. EncoreSneakin' Sally Through the Alley> Vocal Jam Sneaking sally was pretty fun though it still wasn't tight at all. I had lost my voice from Booing at that point and spent most of the aftershow looking for the cashier to hand them my ticket so that I could get a $50refund. The lights were horrible all night, almost nonexistent, and I agree with the overall review: "all three shows were an ode to CK"
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 09:04:50 -0700 From: Dan Tracy Subject: Phish show review 4/15/2004. † Fucking phenomenal.†
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