'2009-08-14 -

2009-08-14 -

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from Nicholas Sinopoli date Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 11:09 AM subject 8/14/09 Hartford Hartford is an intresting venue. We arrived early and parked in one of the main lots, which at best are intesting. The day was really hot. The mood on lot was good, but very mellow. The cops and security allowed vending of all kinds! As the sun went down we headed into show, this was bad news the line to get in took over a half hour to get through. Phish went on shortly after we found our spot on lawn. Punch opener is awesome way to start a show. Ac/dc bag and Nicu back to back were really tight and jamming. After this 3 song combo i thought they would slow it down a bit, but instead kicked it up a notch with forbin/mockingbird, this was a total surprise to me and loved it!! The rest of the set of birds, lawn boy, stash, i didnt know and zero were great (with a new song middle of road in there). Set 2 was just as great, this set felt like it was just one long jam that came in and out of songs. Dwd>wilson>slave, piper>water in sky what a jamming start to a set. The funk came out with ghost>psyco killer both funky and super tight! Then they went into catapult followed by the big bustout of icculus. Yem always ends a show in grand fashion and this version did not dissapoint. Encore of guitar weeps is alright not my personal favorite. All said this was an amazing show!! After the show the lots were still going strong!! Nick
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