6-6-09 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA

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from Nicholas Sinopoli date Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 3:55 AM subject 6/6/09 comcast center mansfield (great woods) Comcast center will always be Great woods to me and pulling in I did not know what to expect, but from the start of the day until we pulled out of the lot what a great time. We arrived really early to avoid some of the traffic that can happen at great woods but never happened on this day. Lot scene was mellow and fun security and cops were being really mellow unless you were an under age drinker. As we got into the venue and got a drink missed first 2 songs then nothing came on and it was ok but the show started for me with back on the train then gogli which were both great versions. With the energy high they kept it going with fast paced sparkle and gotta jiboo, then slow it down with always fun lawn boy. The next song a new one ok but, taste, makisupa, and caspian to finish was nice. Start ofsecond set 7 below cool jam good energy. Fluffhead sick with scent to follow was awesome combo, going that good then bring out heavy things? Now to be fair heavy things can be ok but after those 2 songs kind of a let down. After heavy things kick it right back with harry hood and possum just unreal,with bug to end great set. Encore was amazing contact which is a treat followed by a killer julius just awesome!! After the show slow getting out of lot with the usual traffic but all and all a great day!! Nick Monday june 8th 10:00
from Tom date Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 1:02 PM subject phish 6-6-2009 Gotta preface this review with this. This was my 44th show. I have been seeing Phish on and off since '95. I do enjoy the new tunes, but I wouldn't miss anything not played from post hiatus up to this tour. It seems that the past couple of CDs have been all but left out of the sets, and I gotta say it is welcome. Although Undermind is a good recording, I really wasn't looking forward to any of it live, except for Scents and Subtle Sounds and Access Me. Round Room songs just aren't enticing to me except for Waves, but that was overplayed just before the split, so I don't care either way. I was looking forward to a nice Sand/Jiboo funky jam from Farmhouse, anything out of the typical setlists not yet played like Fluffhead, Tube, BBFCFM, Fee, Funky Bitch, Llama, Sparkle, Lizards, Mango, or Wedge. I was pleasantly surprised what we were treated to! I do enjoy Stealing Time, but it was an odd opener. Would have preferred Julius there, Llama, or Halleys Comet, but...it is a great tune! Nothing was goog, just not something I would hope for. Back on the Train, Golgi Apparatus, Sparkle were all well played and enjoyable. Jiboo was funky and HOT, loved it!!! Enjoyed the loop delay JAM! Lawn Boy is always cool, Let me lie was good, and both Makisupa and Caspian were quite enjoyable. Thought set one was very good, even though Golgi should have been the closer. Seven Below was a real bummer to me as an opener..until the JAM, which was REALLY GOOD. I called Fluffhead earlier in the day, and to actually hear those first few notes still knocked me back a few inches! AMAZING! Fluffhead all but made the show for me. Anything else was icing on the cake. Scent used to be a fave of mine back in 96-7, and it was nice to hear it back...from the bathroom. Thank GOD I rushed back for Heavy things! Please Trey, retire this song, or at least make it an occasional mid 1st set song!!! HOOD. HOOD. WOW. Not the best version by far, but after 6/2 and the space->blah ending I was actually kinda unhappy to hear the intro. But ya know what? NAILED IT! Best version I have seen since, well in long time! Trey has been murdering poor Harry alot in recent history (listen to Hampton, Coventry - WOW!), but he was ON last night! Possum was energetic, thought it was the closer. Bug is well Bug...well played, decent closer. Contact was very nice to hear, my first since the Went, and especially good since it was one of two encore songs. Julius - I also called, and it was a really well played version. Overall, a highly energetic show, with few errors. Setlist isn't a true indicator of a good show, and this is an excellent example. B+

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