6-4-09 - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY

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from Andy Balducci date Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 5:58 AM subject Phish Show Review 6-4-09 Jones Beach Wantagh, NY So ok Divided Sky opener...so sweet! Especially after this being my 1st show in 5 yrs so I got a bit teary eyed especially being 5th row. But... One thing I noticed, since hampton the songs (and this is based on song times) were no longer taking there epic dives through time, like a 7 minute mikes song at hampton? Hmmm. Having not heard anything from Hampton I was curious were they just destroying the songs in such a beautifulll chaotic frenzy? No.... that's not what was happening...at all in fact. I felt as if I were listening to a studio album. Yeah ok, they were tight as everyone keeps saying, great ( and I appreciated the positive adjective to describe the lack of experimentation) but I think they excitement that ensued was all cruise control from shows passed we had seen and were expecting to see and while we were all so happy to be there. (Disclaimer: JB was my 138th show, so I've been around, JB 94 was my first fyi.) Idk It was like I mentioned they were just going through the motions. I saw trey at Roseland and Philly and he melted both rooms down it was sick!!! Not once did I feel that feeling for one song, dont get me wrong I had a good time but I truly felt as if for that show at least they have become characateurs of themselves (did I spell that right?) at least as far as the jamming was concerned they almost felt obligatory. Time Turns Elastic, the first song ever that I found myself yawning at and just wanting it to end!!! Im sorry but that song is lame what is that song? It sounded so generic and the instrumental parts reminded me of any mid-level jam band out there, so after that they played waste, great song I love it. But usually after an epic Mikes or Antelope but not after a boring 16 minute time span new song, so for the first time ever at a Phish show I was bored out of my mind for 20+ minutes, Im sorry but there was no momentum going into Waste... at all. So for me so I just leaned on my chair contemplating is this really happening? I like when Trey was experimenting a lot more on stage and off stage . (sounds sad ok, but true) Maybe further tours will be different and I'll go to Hartford in August but if these studio almost obligatory jams continue well ce la vie because the feelings not the same infact it is getting pretty tame its just not that great anymore. My buddy who has been to the same amount of shows as me give or take 10 or so more was rolling on straight west coast Molly that he brought back and confirmed "YEAH IT WAS A GOOD SHOW BUT MISSING SOMETHING" are you kidding me??? When someones on molly a nuclear attack at that moment would be seen as a magnificent sign of reckoning and the changing of a new day so blessed to come our way. So to hear that from a long time ex tour-kid was significant as well validating. In summation: never had I seen an entire show lacking true musical energy,crowd energy was phenomenal all the phans rocked! But cruise control was set on this one.
from Christopher Bouchard date Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 2:46 PM subject Jones 6/4 Jones beach was a great show in a great venue. The whole scene was very laid back and people had no problem enjoying themselves from the beginning hanging out in the lots until after the end in the same place. The venue is great, it was my first time. What I liked is that it is a true ampitheater, seemingly no obstructed views and awesome sound everywhere. No booze inside, but the aisles are steep and someone could get hurt. Instead of going through song by song, just check out the setlist, and take my word for it that this band is playing as tight and cohesive as ever. Theyre on fire. Some of that funk that some people thought was missing during the Hampton run is back. Almost the entire time everyone around was rocking out and just amazed. After a lackluster 2003-2004, they really are bringing a new life and new beginning to the their legacy, what a great example that fate is bullshit and you can make what you want of anything if you put your mind heart and soul into it. I want to add just a little insight to the Time Turns Elastic issue. This is a song that obviously has a lot of work put into it. It definately has a new and different feel than songs past, and of all the songs played so far I think it is the most unique of the new ones and maybe out of place in the middle of a really rocking second set. I do think that it brings the level down a bit as people aren't really familiar with it and don't know the flow.. On the other hand, someone who has never heard YEM or The Curtain might say the same thing of those songs. It is a bit premature to conclude that the song doesn't deserve a place in the bands live line up. There are so many parts to the song and just as many oppurtunities to prove its worth if people dont beleive in it. I really hope it grows on me as the other classics have, they put a lot of great energy and sophistication into playing it. Anyway, if you can make it this tour definately go. They are so good and everyone is just blown away at the level they come back at after these years away. Keep up the great work.
from Perry Garvin date Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 10:11 AM subject 6/4/09 Review Time Turns Elastic was a lethal set killer in this show. And I don't mean this in a good way. I mean that for the entire excruciating 16 minutes the mood of the whole crowd sank lower and lower from patience to boredom to frustration to coping. I was at the very back of the venue and saw the entire crowd go from shimmying groovifying during Meatstick to a complete standstill. Literally - people were standing stone still, glassy-eyed, staring at the stage. Some people around me made valiant attempts to get into it and tried in vain to grab on to some groove but none ever came. The intention of Time Turns Elastic is good: complex prog song with unusual time signatures and complex, tightly-knitted musical sequences. This is found in early Phish like Divided Sky, YEM, Fluffhead, etc. Where these songs excel (and what makes them timeless) is that after the careful musicianship there is a payoff in an incredible riff (Divided) or extended groove section (YEM). With Time Turns Elastic, there's no groove to hold on to except for perhaps the end's cloying refrain driven by lyrics, not music. And that's the biggest problem of all - Trey just won't shut up. The lyrics go on and on and we all know that Phish is best for its instrumentals than its lyrics. Unless the lyrics are absurd. This song is just so damned self-serious. Phish needs to modify this seriously for live play or relegate it to a headphones-only experience. That's not going to happen on this tour but I don't think we'll continue to see this live on in its current form in 2010 and beyond unless Trey's already huge ego is now so big that he can't see the black blot that this song really is. Oh - rest of the show was fine. Not great. No segues. No real tight jams except on Ghost and YEM. But they are just starting off, so I give them a pass.
from Stephen J. Luise Jr. date Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 5:09 AM subject Phish show review WHAT A SHOW! Band was playing so tight. They sounded amazing! What a set list! Regards, Stephen J. Luise Jr.
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