2-24-00 - Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 11:47:38 -0800
From: The colfax Colfax@ccinet.com
To: Dan Schwar dws@protos.lifesci.ucla.edu
Subject: Fw: Roots review
So Trey's in town we hear late SUnday night.  From Monday until right up
until it was time to leave work, all of us called in our connections to make
sure we could hook up as many of our posse as possible.  Everything came thru
perfectly and we arrived at about 5:30 pm.  We're in the VIP tent with our
passes, eating, drinking, being mary, er merry and Trey walks in.  Black suit
on a black shirt.  Lookin pretty sharp.  We start to get all giddy, it was
quite sad.  We ask if we can bug him for a moment.
He signs some shit, we take a picture or two.
>It was truly sad.  Most of us work with I work with celebrities ALL THE
TIME.  Big names and stuff.  Even if I'm a fan of theirs, it's not a big
deal.  But this is what I said to Trey as I handed him some stuff to sign.
"New Years. God man.
>New Years. Thanks. New Years. It was (heavy sigh)"  I think he was a little
sketched out.
We were truly a mob of idiots but fuck it man, he's the king.
And he proved it when they got into the studio.  TINY place.  Stage with
bleachers surrounding it.  VIPs got to stand on the floor between bleachers
and stage, so we spent the entire time with our belly on the stage in
Trey's corner.  I could've lunged at him and grabbed his knee.  He fucked
with the crowd a little.  It was a very Trey friendly crowd, mixed with BB
fans (older people).  They played the BB KING song "I wanna Rock you (all
night long)"  Not sure of the title.  BB was good, but Trey really shined
and the crowd kept feeding him.  I met Trey's guitar tech, so after
>the first run of the song, we talked to him for about 20 minutes outside.
He said that Trey was really humbled to be playing with BB and was
very nervous about it and felt like he wasn't worthy.  Can you image?  You
>kind of sense that he was letting BB make the first moves and then getting
>comfy with him.  Trey did his homework too.  When we listened to the
>soundcheck, we couldn't tell the difference between BB and Trey.  Totally
>mimicked his style and everything.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We had a
>friend with a Dat, so hopefully he got it.
>So we go back in and resume our place at the stage.  They play the same
>a second time.  It was HOT.  This was the best run thru.  They did some
>improv on the guitar and such.  It was great, I don't remember Trey's 2nd
>verse, but it was something about rolling up the wacky weed and how it
makes him feel oooooo so good.  Classic line.
>LONG set break.  This one was like 30-40 minutes.   Some moron
>comes out on stage and lets these idiots from the audience get up on stage
>and tell really horrible jokes.  So after about 8 I couldn't take it
>anymore, so my dumb ass gets up and tells a pedophile joke.  Before he
hands me the mike he keeps going "is it clean? make it clean?"  I just smiled
winked at him.  Hee hee.  I got a smattering of applause I'm sure and then
I started trying to pump the crowd a little and then I ran over and touched
the Langudoc and headed off stage.  I think the girls were eyeing me
lustily after the joke. heh heh.
>Third set rocks pretty good too.  Trey plays a little somewhere over the
rainbow before
they start up.  We yell out Virginia Beach!  The camera was on a track on the
front of the stage so for the last part, it was right in front of us,
blocking our view of Trey.  Camera fucking ran out of film and they
scrambled to change it.  Really weak.  It was the camera with the close-up
view of Trey, so they didn't get his hands at all towards the end.
Lucky for us.  The place clears out for the most part.  Trey comes back and
does like a 10-15 minute jam basically sticking to the same song they
played, but jamming it up a bit for the cameras.  Then he gave out about 10
picks, grabbed his guitar and headed for LAX.  We were hoping it'd get too
late for him to make the flight, but evidently not.
I guess that's it.  I got George Clinton to sign my cigar bat.  It's made
of dark wood and I handed it to him to sign during one of his photo ops.  He
goes, "what is this I'm signing?" and some chick next to me goes, "Oh my
God George, it's a bowl."  He goes "right on my man" and this is the funniest
part: PRINTED HIS NAME.  Hilarious. I go, "You can hit it if you want to
George" but he looked pretty fucked up already.  I was showing the bowl to
an old black lady later in the night. I can't remember why I was talking to
her, but she was hanging on my arm and I was walking her to her car or
something.  When I showed it to her she goes, "Oh you'll have to retire
that apparatus and find yourself another smoking companion."  Funny, fucking
So in probably the unfriendliest Phish town in the country, we managed to
mob the poor mothefucker, and it looked like every head from a 5 hour
radius made it up for the show, so it was good to see some serious
Hopefully he wasn't too sketched out by it and he'll come back.  It was oh,
too cool.  And I hope those Jody from San Diego got home ok. Couldn't find
'em after the show.

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