2-20-03 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL

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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 16:05:59 -0500 From: Matt Allen mallen@hpidirect.net Subject: Chicago After some 800+ days since my last show at home in Atl. I could not have been more stoked to see the boys back on stage. We just happened to visit our old tour buddy in the Windy City the week the band was there - nice timing, eh? Unfortunately, that was about the only good timing for the show................... The first buzz kill was waiting in line to get in the show. After all the concerts and clubs that have recently had terrible accidents with large crowds trying to get out, you'd think they would have all the doors open as possible. But as a result, it took an hour to get into the show. We got the 2nd level just as the guys took stage so we scrambled to our seats that were off to the side & slightly behind Page and could see the lights reflecting off his bald spot! Ha! Ha! A Rift opener! My first since the steller Rift at Hampton Alive. This is one of a handful of tunes I would trade a limb to hear live. I was so stoked - but apparently so was everyone else b/c I couldn't hear a thing - so we scrambled to get closer which still didn't improve the sound too much. I was soooo disappointed! The sound was about as poor as when we saw Panic in the streets of Athens a few years ago. But that was in the streets of a city - it ain't supposed to sound that good. How I wished to be on the floor! A solid Rock n' Roll followed which kept the arena pumped. First time I've ever heard the boys finish this tune - it was pretty standard but very psycho at the same time. Guyute was a perfect fit here - they were much tighter than I expected with this jam - I almost lost my voice. Ahh, Driver - was a great time to slow down and listen to Trey's vocals - which I was glad to hear were much smoother than when he visited Atl. last Nov. And from what I've heard, much better than NYE. Waves - one of my favs off the new album - A friend that caught NYE said this one wasn't that great. But WOW - is he an idiot or what! This was such a beautiful, euphoric jam - the sweetness of Trey's guitar was jaw-dropping - I felt like I was floating. This was one of the biggest highlites of the set. I kind of felt this Simple coming - this was the first time I've heard this outside of a Mike's. It was more of it's own jam - Mike was viciously thumping and they rocked it right into Jibboo. Man the last time I heard a Jibboo in TN I felt like I was flying and I was worried that was a one time feeling. No way! This jam is the jam that just gets better every time they play it b/c there are so many ways to play on the beat to this song. They were total rock stars during this jam - and this was the peak of the night for me and for the energy in the audience. I moved to a better location for the 2nd set to get that mindnumbing sound I couldn't hear in the first set, but to no avail I still couldn't hear the beginning of Tweezer or PUnch. I don't know if it was the crowd that sucked the life out of me or the poor sound. But it was like there was cotton in mine and everyone elses' ears. This was one of the best Tweezer's I've heard - they took it to three different levels from what I can remember, and I remember thinking what's wrong with this? Is everyone here deaf? This is an amazing jam but with the exception of the lucky folks on the floor, the crowd was not paying attention and was having their own little conversations. Punch did draw the energy and crowds' focus back. This was a tight version. FEFY came along - this along with Frankie are my fav chilling tunes. Trey's guitar was singing perfectly and I again felt as if I were floating away. Seven has got to be the coolest and most unique tune on RR - this was the newbie I really wanted the most. The first 3 min. or so of the jam seemed difficult for the band to bring together - but as always they pulled it off into this jam that was like no other I have heard. Instead of peaks, it had lots of plateaus that were long (a good long) and slowly ea. plateau climbed higher. Unfortunately no one else there seemed to notice - the crowd and energy were nowhere to be found. I have never felt like sitting at a show before, but I came damn close here. Pebbles was even more amazing than I had thought, a very sharp build - but it had the same blah effect on the crowd. Had the sound been better, I think the roof would have blown off the arena. The encore was one of the best I've heard (or could almost hear) - it brought the energy back - but still not to the level of the first set. Golgi was nailed, and Anything was sweet. I did notice Fish laid a bit of a slower beat than usual during the Tweeprise- but that may have just seemed that way from the dismal energy of the set. I think the guys are much tighter than they were in 2000 - but they seemed like they were holding back a little. This was the strangest feeling I've ever had at a show. I knew this was an amazing show - but the missing energy made me feel like I missed a wonderful expericence. Note to the newbies on tour - it's not about the songs you want to hear b/c each tune is a new version for the books. So enjoy each one like it is your first one! And stop talking and shouting obscenities during the show! Matt Allen
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:00:39 -0600 From: tmlplus tmlplus@ameritech.net Subject: Phish 2-20-03 Review I'm ever amazed at the variance in opinion about these shows. It still blows me away how two people can see the same show and have opinions on either end of the spectrum. I personally must admit that I've heard the board from 2-15-03 and I was disappointed that it didn't live up to my memory of being there, as I worshipped and praised it in the Thomas & Mack Center Lots on 2-16. So now I don't even know if I want to listen to the discs from the Allstate Arena show, because I definitely loved this show and was telling people afterward that up to that point it was the best show of the tour. I don't know what to make of the Cincinnati reviews and I'm going to wait on AUD taped shns for the rest of the tour.   So let me just say this about Chicago 2003, I hope you had a buzz on, 'cuz I'm pretty sure the band did!   Let me begin: Rift - Unless this song is played perfectly, it's a frustrating waste of time, and this was far from perfect. Rock & Roll: Decent, loud, relatively contained within itself Guyute: Falls into the same category as Rift, but this version was played well enough to create good energy in the arena and I feel like I can actually see those notes being machine-gunned out into the stadium. Driver- Played in a manner that reminded me of the old, slow 1997 version of Water In the Sky Waves-Now we're talkin'. My second favorite song off the new album was stretched and pushed here from Round Room style to ambient to 11-22-97 Halley's style Trey freak-out. I l'm starting to like what Trey's doing with his effects this year. Instead of creating a bunch of those Ghost-style fade loops, he's now stacking riff upon riff then jamming on top of that, and I feel that for most of these jams, the band is backing it up and more. Evenutally it wears a little thin but that's where the non-sober part of audience experience comes in. Simple - The jam just kept gettin' out there, regenerating after the basic outro solo from where the vocals cease (Sim Bop & Bebaphone, Skyballs & Saxscrapers...) Jiboo - Way, Way Way out there!  I definitely loved this in the moment. Not sure how it will play back, but I was in a different universe for the 20 or so minutes this was going on. It was a nice universe.   The setbreak was of average length for this tour, which still too long, but I had a chance to sneak into a lower deck seat to enjoy the lights for the 2nd set. Yes!   Tweezer- Sick! Trey actually played the organized part correctly, correcting his Hampton brainfart of 1-3. Then it went for a ride. I was really diggin' the band's groove and teamwork, even while Trey was stacking the layers and sniffing the ethereal. PYITE - The beginning part sounded great and overall it was played just well enough to bring it nicely into- FEFY - Up Yours if you think this song sucks the energy!  I love this chord progression for soloing, and unless Trey's hitting bad notes, which I definitely don't remember him doing, this song is flat-out gorgeous. The new ballads are destroyed by this song. I think Trey is doing his best soloing work on these types of songs right now, as the organized chord progressions keep him focused and challenged in a good way. The Frankie Sez from 2-15 was another example, and could have honestly been the best song of that night in retrospect.   Seven Below- Here we go again!  I like the rudiments of this song and I'm amazed how they build the jam from this tricky little groove. I get tingly and touched more than Michael Jackson visiting the Vienna boy's choir.  While Trey did stay out there a little too long perhaps, I thought the other guys created some great music in the meantime and provided an organic, lively canvas for Trey's Krylon Slo-Dry spraypainting ear candy. This sucker had many good rocking moments as well and kind of made the jamming on the following Pebbles and Marbles seem redundant and a little tired. I thought the P& M from 2-16 was definitely better, but I still enjoyed this one none-the-less.   Encore Break - Get out your lighters! Golgi: Oh Yeah!   I'm normally not a big fan of this song, but it was played so well with so much enthusiasm that it kicked ass. It's nice to hear any of their complicated songs get played so well right now. Anything But Me- Third time's the charm here, as Holiday run and Vegas versions sucked ass bad. I like the melody lines of this song and I'm so glad they pulled it off here or it would have brought down what was a great encore for maybe the first time of this tour. Tweeprise. I thought this rocked extra hard, as Trey recorded the opening riff into a loop that was playing during the ascending notes of the build up to "Won't you Step Into The Freezer!"  Hearing it like this made me feel like it might be the best one I've ever heard. It was so thick and solid that biting it would break your teeth.   So I definitely left with a great feeling, as did everyone in my party, which includes some very critical and picky phans, all of whom have great memories of a beautiful Thursday night in February.   Thanks for this forum.
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:03:54 -1000 From: Matthew Breen staticme@hotmail.com Subject: 2/20 Chicago Phish Review (short) Let me say this was the worst Phish show that I have ever attended in my career of god knows how many. The only thing that was enjoyable was the improved light show. The jamming included some kind of hideous frequency that left me with one of the biggest headaches of my life. And for all you bitching like me out there, we are to blame also. Right off the gun in Rift for the "silence contagious in moments like these" part, everyone went absolutely apeshit. Now i know not everything is as it seems, but this does not seem to be a sign of an in tune audience that the band might be motivated to play a great show for. They might be testing boundaries, limits of sound, etc. but I would have to argue that many points of this show wouldn't even count as music, just noise... or just Trey being a pissed Wilson (whoever said that before, thanks for the laugh...)... I want the Icculus Trey back!! Then I think to myself, charging as much as they are for tickets, and even charging for their live show downloads eliminating them from free downloads on internet sites like furthernet, what has become of Phish? A new generation is coming up quickly and the older phans have to try a little harder to help the intuneness come.
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:57:49 -0500 From: "Guzaski, Mike" Mike.Guzaski@bovislendlease.com Subject: Chicago Disappointment Not what I wanted to hear. Too many peaks and valleys. Started strong, but even Guyute has lost the momentum built during Rift and Rock n' Roll. I feel as if I have been overloaded with Antelopes and Guyute's, which seem to be Midwestern played songs since 98, but understood. I was hoping for a mammoth show that never came. The Simple into Jibboo really was the moment the show ended for me, as the second set took off with Tweezer, and floated in that atmosphere where a dripping Split Open could have came out of the emotion of Punch. I was in the back of the stage, and was hoping to be a part of the colorful back drop of Split Open jam like the one of Madison's Kohl Center on 11-6-98...the 2nd best Split Open (only to 12/31/99). But as my hopes were released into the opening sounds of FEFY, my energy never returned the rest of the evening. A shame, because the Seven Below, and Pebbles and Marbles were great, they should not have made for the bulk of the 2nd set of Chicago! This is Chicago, not Normal, IL....Chicago! The encore further carved the disappointment into my recollection of getting shut out by mail order, or Phish cyber ticketing, resorting to Ticketmaster, and nearly coming up empty, and then...a weak showing in the windy city. With ticket prices skyrocketing, and this Phish show wavering on mediocrity, no matter how much anticipation and energy of their reunion can offset some of the pain, Widespread Panic is becoming more and more of a likelihood with having to become more selective of expensive show tickets. I forewent Galactic on Friday for this at the Vic, and in retrospect, am second guessing myself.   Are the days of Chicago area indoor shows like U of I '97, UIC '98, and even All State 99 and 2000 gone? I live for a full show with CK, and while he kept his end flying high, the band did not work with him. Sorry to see the 2 Cincy's looked sobbing with what I wanted.    The people I came across were possibly the meanest and down right rudest "phans" I have ever encountered as well. It's a shame the time away did not shake this from the tree.
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:13:18 -0800 (PST) From: Jeff Salinger curiousliza@yahoo.com Subject: chicago review Rosemont was a real scratch your head kinda show. Terrible crowd control getting into the show, bizarre parking arrangement, way too hot, terrible sound during the majority of the first set and a general crowd malaise seemed to have stacked the deck against the band.  None of that, however, was Phish's fault.  First set highlight was a mammoth Jiboo, where they finaly seemed to plug in to each other.  That was it for the first set.  Totally uninspired guyute, simple and waves, and a perfectly predictable rift and rock and roll rounded out a painfully average first set.  Page and Fish seemed really energized -- Mike and Trey were persona non grata.  And 2 out of 4 ain't enough. Major improvements in the sound boded well for the the second set, which included stellar versions of fast enough for you and 7 below.  But when you're talking about a stellar version of fefy, you know you haven't caught phish at their best.  Tweezer got a little lost and Pebbles, though with periodic flashes of brilliance, lacked cohesiveness and staying power.  It's rare to leave a show without at least one absolute highlight -- or at least, without one song that at least rivals the best you've ever heard -- but this show was just such a rarity.  i've been around long enough to know (first show in '89) and seen enough of these to be critical -- and phish didn't make the grade tonight.  that's too bad.  fortunately there's continental arena and the nassau coliseum next week.
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:19:43 -0600 From: Eric Haugee eric.haugee@senate.mn Subject: 2/20/03 review 02/20/03 Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL I: Rift, Rock and Roll, Guyute, Driver, Waves, Simple, Gotta Jibboo II: Tweezer, PYITE, Fast Enough For You, Seven Below, Pebbles and Marbles Encore: Golgi Apparatus, Anything But Me, Tweezer Reprise ___________________ Reading all the reviews of the last Thursday's show, I sometimes think I was a different show. Maybe its because I was sick with excitement and anxiety walking into Allstate, and they coulda pissed in my ears and I would have had a good time. After hearing the Holiday Run, I was agreeing with most that their time off hadn't been evident in thier playing yet, and they didn't really have a "2003" sound (no surprise after only, what, 9 shows?). I haven't heard any of this tour yet, but I think I got a good idea of what that sound might be in Chicago. Evil. Dark. Proving Trey *is* Wilson. I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet. I guess I should have known when I saw the tee at the merch table with Trey giving the bird. Or maybe it was because Trey was wearing his Wilson shirt. Or the growling effects during Simple. And the lunges Trey took at the audience. Even 7 Below, which was "slow" by some people's standard (I prefer ambient), had its moments of hell. I loved it. And they have improved. This was so evident by the end of Guyute. Without having heard the tapes yet, it sounded like they nailed every note. Some people have said the energy level wasn't too high. What?!? I do think the crowd fizzled a bit when they launched into FEFY, but cmon they had just wrapped up a ripping PYITE, and the break was needs besides. I was glad to catch my breath. What it seemed like to me is there were a lot of wasted kids there, and by the time they launched into 7 Below, people were preoccupied. Granted I was a little disappointed when the crowd didn't go apeshit over the first notes of that song, but its one of my favorite on the new album. In any case, I loved hearing where they took it. I guess the only downside to the show was the lot scene. Where the hell were the vendors? Lets see, it was veggie burritos or...veggie burritos. And mine was cold, despite the guy's assurances they were hot. Also, it was way too warm and smokey inside the barn. Ever heard of vents? While the show doesn't compare to the last couple times the played in Chicago, I don't think it was nearly as dreary as some might have you believe. Their "new" sound--at least as displayed in Chicago--was fresh, inspired and a relief. I had an amazing time, and that's all that matters. Eric St. Paul, MN
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 19:12:14 +0000 From: David Polkow polkz@hotmail.com Subject: 2-20-03 chicago review Hey Dan, I've really enjoyed all the work that makes up the awesome phish.net.  Thanks.   This is my first Phish review.....   Chicago 2-20-2003   Chicago was my 18th show and 1st and only of the tour unfortunately.  After being blessed with two fantastic unforgettable nights in Hampton earlier this year, I was jacked to see Phish in Chicago -my sweet home.  Seeing numerous fantastic shows in Chi-town by the boys, my emotions were running high for quite some time.  I guess the best words to describe mine and others feelings about this show was excitement and anticipation.  I could barely stand the exitement the day of the show.  It was 50 degrees outside that day with bright sunshine-best day of the year by far for weather in the windy city ----beautifull!!!  Nothing less than a smile on my face since the moment I awoke the day of the show-YES!  So, we journied down to the venue, and after sitting in a little bit of traffic we finally arrived in the lot around 5.  We all exited my car to the sight of a 747 flying right over head rumbling the whole area WOOOOHH!!! we all yelled as a chain of yells followed throughout the lot.  Me and my best friends chilled at my Honda and kicked it with some nice folks.  As far as the shakedowns: pretty unimpressive.  We walked through them and it seemed like their were very few vendors, just a lot of wall to wall people.  After the temp dropped about 30 degrees we decided to make our way into the arena.  Little to our knowledge we didn't expect only two of the 8 doors at the south gate to be open.  That sucked.  We waited in line with about 500 people for about 30 minutes. It was getting a little tense because the 8:00 hour was quickly approaching and all of us couldn't get it.  We finally got in with a camera, and as we were walking in the lights went down-- here we go!!!  Set I: Rift: very nice opener, really fun start to a highly anticipated night of great Phish music.   Rock-n-Roll: Love it, Page sounded extraordinary, and everyone was starting to feel it, I knew we were in for a special treat tonight.   Guyute: Nice Suprise, but welcomed it with open arms- I love to whistle along, nice jig as always   Driver: First time I've seen them play this. I thought Trey sounded better than usual vocally.  Maybe the night off between Denver and this night helped his voice   Waves: Okay, I'll accept this, but two slow songs in a row???    Simple: Nice version, called this one, nice placement   Gotta Jiboo:  Sounded pretty good, Trey missed a couple of chord changes, and I thought it was a little long for Jiboo, I wanted the set to end with something else. Set break:  I told my girlfriend they are going to rock out the second set....   Set II: Tweezer: Oh Yeah baby, here we go!!! I called this one and was really pumped to hear it.   P.Y.I.T.E:  I thought the crowd started to come alive with this first Punch of the year.  Very nice lights.  The night could of  taken off with this song, but the boys had other things on their minds I guess-they put on the brakes with Fast Enough.   Fast Enough for you:  It was a nice version, but I decided to use this time to go and find my friends, walking around on the second level, I heard a lot of people talking and not really into the song.   7 Below:  I was kind of hoping for a Fluffhead at this point, or maybe a Meatstick dedicated to the Meathead that jumped up on stage, I don't know if they got pissed about that, but it sure kinda seemed like it.  Nice experimentation with this new tune.   P&B:  Nice jammin with this one, but I thought Hampton's version earlier this year blew it away.  I was suprised they ended the set with this one.  The guys looked at Trey at the end of the song probably thinking one more, but Trey took his guitar off--doh!   E: Gogli:  Nice surprise, I wasn't expecting this one at all, but it was really fun.  Anything but me:  Not too happy with this call, with a Suzy here, they could of redeemed themselves for somewhat of a dull night in my opinion.   Tweezprise:  knew it was coming, but it was cut a little short, I wonder if that was because Trey was whacked in the face with a glowstick?  The rock-star ending by Trey throwing around his guitar was cute, but nothing new.    Overall, the show was good, but I wouldn't rank it in my top ten or fifteen for that matter.  I felt the show was lacking the phunk and the energy that I was expecting.  The crowd never really seemed to get going, and the band totally feeds off of that energy, so maybe that had something to do with the night.  No glowstick war, no crowd participation, dull.  Looking forward to a summer tour.
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 13:57:21 -0600 From: Mike B craziskier@hotmail.com Subject: 2.20.03 review WOW. I was a pretty big phan until last nite.  But now... I am a manic for phish.  i cant get enough.  i have downloaded over eight shows in the last 2 days and plan to continue this path.  I am only 16 so it was my first show but it was amazing everything from Pebbles to Tweeprise i was trilled to be attending such a show.  I fear to go on because I feel I cannot give the show the credit it deserves in writing.  so all im going to say is thanks for the great show and PLEASE, PLEASE come to alpine valley this summer.   Mike
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 16:24:44 EST From: PrintDDD@aol.com Subject: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL Over two years had past, and I was finally a few hours away from seeing the boys in action, once again. The lot was full of smiles, sunshine, brews, and music. Being a regular at Allstate, I have never seen such a scene. The show was another story. For weeks I was ranting and raving how Rift was the song I wanted to indulge in... FIRST SET opener. My first in twenty-six shows. Then came rock-and-roll giving Page a chance to show Chi-Town how much his voice soars. The Guyute was not a surprise but rocking as always. A sweet and settle Driver appeared in a set that was dominated by fast paced jams. I started to find myself not a big fan of Simple but the version in Chicago sure made me change my mind. The band proceed to throw a furious Jibboo which got the crowd raging before set brake. The second opened with an outstanding Tweezer (thanks to Mr. Kuroda behind the lighting) and into the song of the night PYITE. The only word to describe this is energy. Energy from the crowd that led into the band. At one point Trey was jumping up and down only to see thousands of beloved phans copying every step. This is where I found a drop in the intensity level as well as the playing level. They proved to hit the right notes on the every so smooth FEFY but keep the slow pace into 7 Below. A long slow jam sent many phans into their seats as they were getting restless by the feedback and slow loops Trey was giving out. What seemed to start off as a classic "Phish" show turned into a Trey maybe I am too messed up, Page, Mike, and Fish what the hell is he doing type of show. But then I came to my senses and felt goose bumps arise once again as I realized that I am finally back seeing the mother ship of all bands explode into the scene once again. And I knew there was a reason why I had a "ticket stub in my hand". Golgi, with help from Kuroda once again, set the frenzy crowd into high gear. Anything But Me was an outstanding showing of how Phish and Tom have brought their lyrics to another level. The Reprise was expected and thunderous as always. Trey ended by throwing feedback at the crowd and extended his head out to everyone, every section of the crowd. He was even throwing kisses off his guitar to some lucky someone's in the front row only to finish up holding his guitar above his head as the crowd went crazy.. What a god, a king, a total and complete master of all master musicians. Not one of the best shows I have been to but was good to see the boys back again. Loved the dude on stage for 7 Below and cannot stand the punks throwing glow sticks at the band. Please stay at home, with you shady pals, and listen to your Rave music. I can only hope the summer tour is packed with dates, great sets, and lots of fun! mad
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 23:30:41 -0500 From: jb jb004@mchsi.com To: dws@phish.net Subject: Allstate, Chicago, Ill Ok, Here we go, Show # 13 I am a long time phish and dead head.  I canot go to a lot of shows because of family and work but I will say I am up to date on all.   Rift:  Great opener, good melody and sounded strong and tight. Rock and Roll:  I farted when I herd the boards from Page.  Just don’t over play Guyute:  Can not go wrong.  Great jam.  I was on cloud nine could not wait for the rest. Driver:  Nice, nothing else to say. Waves:  Did not expect,  Nice also did not give me bumps though. Simple:  Holy shit, its about time.  This song did it for me it took me to a new universe. Gotta Jibbio:  I thought here is a repeat of past years but the jam was so crazy and out of control it gave me a new insight to the song. Tweezer:  OK,  the rift was great but I really got into the jam, it took me to another universe. PYITE:  Fucking great, just what I needed as a older phish phan. Fast Enough For You:  Good song sounded great. Seven Below:  I have listen tro this song on disc but Holy Shit this is a new era of jamming, keep it up. Pebbles &  Marbles:  Don’t stop I have an erection.  My blood is so thick I cannot breathe.  I am so excited I canot stand it.   Golgi Apparatus:  Nice touch,  I was singing like a fool. Anything But Me,  I accepted it because I knew what was coming. Tweezer Reprise:  Just the way to send me off back to Indiana.  I loved to be blessed by Trey’s guitar.   LIGHT SHOW:  Kris is defiantly out doing himself.  If he keeps this up, I will have to commit mysrelf.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:20:40 EST From: LilCaboose55@aol.com Subject: 2-20-03 review 2-20-03 Allstate Arena        This was my first show of the tour, which is unfortunate, but i was fortunate enough to see this show.  It was the a show, just as every PHISH show is. It was a spectacle.  And what a spectacle it was.               Set 1-Rift, Rock and Roll, Guyute, Driver, Waves, Simple>Jibboo Rift-I did not expect to hear this at all, not to mention as an opener. I love this song, it just gets me goin. Real nice work and an especially pleasing solo by Page. A nice way to get things started. Rock and Roll-Is it just me or do they keep rocking this song out better and better.  The jam was really rock star Trey style.  His note were piercing and began sending shrieks down the rows.  It felt everybody around me was playing guitar and we began channeling everything to Treys guitar. Nice...real nice. Guyute-One rocker after another, a chain reaction of a jamming vehicles, with the boys driving and all of us on lookers playing the role of the passengers.  I was really felling this one.  Everyone was on, IT was one instrument controlled by four. And the preverbial IT was controlling all of us. Driver-And drive they did.  I love this song and it was a well needed breather for them and for us.  Waves-This song is just great.  It relaxed me, I felt like i was swimming in a sea of people.  The fliud jamming was like water pushing against my viens forcing me to breathe in all the music. I was left breathless. Simple-I was now breathing and ready for this.  It started off just like normal.  They brought it a very loose, "simple" type jam with lots of loose ends. Ambient in a sense.  but those loose ends started to tie knots around us and we being pulled into a dark jam. Very slow and off putting. Menacing lights and even more menacing sounds. Jibboo-Not a big fan of this one.  But the jam threw me through a loop.  It was a little funky and fun. It culred up and down and then back again. At the end Trey played a little of DIvided Sky. His last four notes sounded like the composed section.        Set2-Tweezer, PYITE, FEFY, 7 Below, Pebbles and Marbles Tweezer-Nice start to a great set.  Average great tweezer as for as tweezers go.  I really enjoyed after the break. PYITE-This one got the crown goin.  Fists pumping through the air. We had found our anthem for the night and we were not going to let it go.  Trey was just on fire this set and it was appearant to us all.  Nice work. FEFY-I enjoy this song alot.  It was just fast enough.  Everyone was sharing in its bliss of wonder, wondering were it will lead us to next. 7 Below-Pebbles and Marbles- This was the highlight of the show to me.  I didnt move for the entire duration of these two.  My body was lost in the crowds of people but my mind was focused. Fixated on letting the music take me.  I cant describe in words where i went, where i was, where i was going.  The band was doing more than making music, they were making memories.  They did more than hose, they were locked.  Four doors of music opened all at once but yet, locked open? My body was still but my mind stepped through. They went above and beyond with these two.  They were locked and i was locked, but never was anything more open. E-Golgi,Anything But Me, Tweezprise Golgi-I love this song. it hit the spot. nuff said Anything but Me-Not what i was looking for. Tweezprise- It showes us it was the end. I dont think it matters what i think i want to hear before the show.  It wouldnt be the same if i got what i wanted. I helped create music with them. Everyone else there did the same. we becomed locked.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 13:37:00 -0600 From: df djMurray25@hotmail.com To: reviews@walfredo.com Well, I'll be brief.  Last night was my 40th show and my first since the hiatus.  Maybe I had built it up too much in my head, but I was rather disappointed with last night.  The first set was really strong with good grooves and a solid setlist.  The venue itself was horrible.  It took an hour to get in the door and all the seats my friends and I had were taken.  So we had to snake someone else's seats, which got us some bad looks.  The second set started great.  The first three songs were really strong and had the crowd into it.  But after that, the crowd seemed so flat and bored that it bored me.  All I wanted to do was do lay down.  I've never sat down during a Phish show, but last night was a first.  I don't really blame the band, I blame the crowd.  I was born in Chi-town, so I was excited to get to see a show hear.  I felt that everyone just sucked, they were rude, and had no idea what it really means to be a Phish Phan.  I've never seen so many people pushing and shoving, cursing people out, and screaming stupid obsenities during a show in my life.  I beg of the phans to keep it real, keep it old school.  BE KIND!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:39:57 -0600 From: David Arndt darndt@koziebear.com Subject: 2-20-03 Allstate Review 2-20-03 Allstate Arena The first set was great, even though the show started almost 30 mins late. The jam sessions were long and very tight. Guyte was an incredible; Trey^Ys guitar loops were insanely deep. As usual the sound in Allstate Arena was less then desirable. The amount of feedback and muffled acoustics were over whelming at times. The second set was a mess. Page^Ys piano was off key, and off from the rest of the band. You could see the tension in the band was high. I'm not sure if I'm being too critical, but I've seen PHiSH enough times to know that they were not at their highest capacity. Either way I'm glad to see the boys are back. The new songs are great. Pebbles and Marbles I feel will become a live staple much like Guyte. Nobody is perfect so perhaps I just heard it wrong. Naked Dave
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:11:55 -0600 From: Todd TTeer@msn.com Subject: Allstate I'm a long time Phish fan, so this is not intended to offend anyone.  The show last night was nothing short of boring.  The jams were long and completely uninspired.  Wow, I never thought I would be saying that about Trey, but that's what I'm saying.  I was hopeful, and anxious, but thoroughly let down.  Even Tweezer fizzled out.  I mean f -i-z-z-l-e-d out....  Long, drawn out rhythmic daze...  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......  Maybe I'm growing out of that silliness, but I have been to Phish shows where they rocked my soul.  This new Phish didn't have the build-up, didn't have the climaxes, didn't keep me interested.  More power to their future.  I'll still check them out, but if they don't get some inspiration, I'll be off this particular bus.  The good thing is, there are plenty of quality "busses" running these days...
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:32:27 -0600 From: Nick Timme kittenpuke@hotmail.com Subject: 2-20-03 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL To be honest this is my first phish show. I do have a vast collection of live phish stuff and tons of albums but I was really looking forward to seeing them live. Unfortunatly I didn't plan very well on traffic and got to the door at about 7:20 then with the huge freaking line outside I didn't get in until half-way through Rift, which made me sad. But when I finally got to my seat, about the begining of Waves I felt like the set ended very strong. Gotta Jibboo totally rocked. It was very long but I loved every minute of it. Tweezer was a very good opener and had a good jam in my mind also. Probably the only other good thing to come about of the second set, other than Tweezer was Punch You In The Eye. That really had the crowd going. But I completly agree that after Punch the set died. Pebbles, yeah ok. I was really looking forward to Wilson, maybe a good Mike's/Hydrogen/Weekapaug, or 2001. If they had finished that set with a really tight rockin' groove the crowd would have been much more into it. But Pebbles kind of went no where. Now keep in mind I really like Round Room, but with a mellow ending to a set where everyone seemed to be dead anyway kind of made it all worse. Golgi was good in the encore, but I would have also liked a longer Tweeprise. Also Page did seem to be very off. I mean several times they kind of handed the melody in the jam off to Page and it didn't sound good so they just quickly went back to Trey, but admittedly it might have had something to do the sound. I can't really comment on the Phans. People seemed to be much more polite than when I saw Dave this summer. All in all it was a mild first experience with live Phish. I know I'll go back though if they come through this summer or fall.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 01:41:57 -0700 From: CHRIS RANKIN jackstrw21@msn.com Subject: 2/20/03 Review Let me begin by saying I usually don't write reviews but after this show I needed to vent. After hitting Vegas and Denver I was pretty psyched to be hitting my hometown Chicago for the first time in a long time (1997 at the World to be exact). Vegas and Denver both had incredible energy from the crowd, but from the beginning I felt the crowd was nowhere to be found in the Horizon, plus the sound was horrible in the venue, it needed to be turned way up. Anyways here is a song by song breakdown. Rift: Great opener, but from the first note I was scrambling to find a new seat because I couldn't hear a thing! Rock n Roll: I always love this song no matter what. Guyute: Must admit I didn't want to hear this again after Vegas but I was still groovin'. Driver: Very pleasant suprise. I enjoyed this sing along. Waves: Starting to get many repeats from Vegas, but still fun. Simple: One of the highlights of the night, the jam was amazing. Gotta Jibboo: Not much has been played off Farmhouse so I was shocked by this one. It made me feel like it was 2000 again. Second Set: Tweezer: Things started great with this one, good jam, a bit mellow. Finished off with a return to the main theme played slowed down, I think it was like how the album version ends. PYITE: Another highlight, intro was short which bummed me out, but otherwise the crowd was diggin' on this one. Fast Enough For You: Loved this for personal reasons, my first since '95! After this the crowd was lost. Seven Below: I really love this song, but for some reason they took it out really far and no one seemed to be into it. First time in the four shows I've seen where I looked around at the crowd and no one was dancing. Pebbles and Marbles: I thought for sure this would tear the roof off like it did in Vegas, but again the crowd seemed lost on it. I think the band was feeling it too, because they didn't draw out the "pebbles and marbles like things on my mind" part like they previously have. Encore Golgi: Standard, but fun, still missing the crowd energy. Anything But Me: Bad placement, an already boring crowd didn't need a slow song. Tweeprise: Finally some people started to come alive, but it was too late. Oh well. All in all I still enjoyed the show, but next time Phish comes to town I hope we as Chicagoans can represent the windy city with a lot more enthusiasm. See you this Summer.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:29:26 -0800 (PST) From: D. Gurevitz dtmchitown@yahoo.com Subject: 2-20-03 Review First - the scene - Way too hot in the arena!!!! Plus - for the first time, I encountered mass seat scamming in the 200 levels - Phans are becoming MORE RUDE!!!!!! Plus - when did not showering become a pre requisite for a show (I havent smelled people that bad since 1990 Dead shows) NOT TO BE RUDE BUT COME ON - I'D RATHER SMELL 3 DAY OLD PASTA ALL NIGHT THAN RANCID BODY ODOR!!! Set 1: Rift - great opener - Rock And Roll - crowd began to get more and more pumped - Page sounded very nice. Solid # 2 slot. Guyute - Ive heard this tune live soooo many times - this one was good, not great. Driver - Trey vocally sounded excellent - his summer tour kept his voice in fine shape. The band sounded tight on this one. Waves - My first one - I thought it was excellent - great jamming!!! (Round Room will stand the test of time live) Simple - Excellent - For me -Highlight of the first set! A little short but still sweet. Gotta Jibboo - Not bad - but there could have been 50 cooler set closers - It didnt need to be 18 minutes but it was still groovy. (How about a 6 minute Jiboo and a 12 minute 2001 next time?) Set 2: Tweezer - Excellent - nothing to say here but excellent set opener!!! Punch You in the Eye - again excellent - sounded tight - could have been longer though. Fast Enough for You - Sounded Beautiful - my highlight for the second set. This one alone makes the show worth having. Seven Below - My first one - I very much enjoyed it - clean and tight! Perfect length, good jammin - Pebbles & Marbles - Very nice jam - I heard this way too much during Trey's summer tour - Looks like it is becoming a staple during tour now. Personally - i thought it should have been shorter and they should have thrown in one more before the set closed. Encore: Golgi Apparatus, - short but awesome! Did not expect it!! Anything But Me - nice, but should have been skipped in favor of a much longer Tweezer reprise Tweezer Reprise - awesome but way too short. SHOW WAS GOOD - BUT NOT GREAT - ALSO, WAAAAY TO MANY 13 AND 50 YEAR OLDS GOING TO SHOWS JUST BECAUSE ITS A HOT TICKET!!!! SORRY FOR THE NOT SO GOOD REVIEW - BUT HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!
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